Siririca no provador da loja

Siririca no provador da loja
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The other week, Rose and I went to a swingers club and seduced a woman into our kinky ways, this Saturday, they were coming along to one of our bi group fucks, Sue keen to see biguys fuck, was happy to join us, I told them to arrive late afternoon so we can get to know them better too. Sue looked stunning, her young figure making the most of the see though top and short skirt showing of her lines, her high heels made her legs longer than ever, I kissed her as she walked in, her hands went right to my naked ass and gripped me tight as her tongue found its way into my mouth.

Gary more than happy to have a drink and chat with Grant, as I took Sue into our bathroom, I showed her how to clean out her butt for better anal sex, also telling her what we had planned for them both, and left her to get ready, being nudist Grant was naked when they arrived like me, so Gary soon stripped of relaxing with us.

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Sue came out some time later smiling, her naked body now took Grant's eye, she sat next to him, her hand moved towards his cock as they started to make out. Gary was keen to try his cock in my pussy again, so I sat on his lap sinking his cock deep inside me, I saw Grant eat Sue's pussy for her, giving her the first of many orgasm today.

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Rose and Adrain turned up shortly afterwards, quickly saying hello and joining in, Adrain joining Grant and Sue as Rose helped me take care of Gary, soon Sue got her wish as Grant sucked Adrain's cock, right in front of her eyes, Gary saw it but looked away. Around 6pm the guys started to turn up, each stripping and joining in with us, by now we all had every hole filled and spare cocks left, so it was no surprise to see Grant lift his ass and take a nice stiff cock, Sue stopped to watch as Grant took it all and pushed back for more, quickly she moved under him sucking his cock while his ass was fucked hard.

Sue was really enjoying the bi sex, her eyes fixed on the cock fucking Grant, her pussy was filled with a hard cock which Grant took turns sucking as it went from her to him. Sue must have felt his body shudder as Grant had his first anal orgasm, then the guy fucking him gripped his waist hard, plunged deeper still into him and shot him full of sperm, I was even more surprised when the cock slipped out and Sue sucked it clean, then went up to lick the cum running from Grant's butt.

Gary had fun fucking Rose or me, then I slipped away and came back with our strap on, grabbing Sue from her fun put it on her and told Grant to knell ready for her, the look on her face was great, as I showed her how to fuck his ass, the 10 inchs vibe went right in and Sue began to work his ass,laughing as she did, saying how it felt strange being a man!

As Grant growned though his first orgasm with her fucking him, Sue began to pound him harder, her smiling face told it all, as a cock slipped up her ass, making her jump, now she was in the middle of two guys, Gary watched his wife in a new light, she was game to try any thing now. Sue was pulled away from Grant and sat on a cock, the one in her butt going back in, as more face fucked her, Grant took on two more cocks, to make up for his loss, I found three cocks to fill my holes and keep me happy.

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the night was getting better, as more guys turned up with hard cocks and balls full of cum. Gary was still busy with Rose, either fucking her ass or pussy, I told her some where along the night we had to play a trick on Gary, seeing Grant take two fresh loads of cum, the timing was right.

I gave Rose a wink, with that she sat on Gary's face, his mouth on her clit, as she kept him busy I said hi and went down sucking his cock, Grant knew what to do, as he came up behind me and took over sucking Gary.

Grant sucked him for some time, then moved around, his back to Rose, he slid his ass onto Garys cock, and rode him, when I saw Gary pushing up into him, I knew he liked what he was feeling, but he had no idea it was Grant.

After some 5 minutes or so, Gary started to pound harder, then with a loud grunt, blew his load deep into Grant's butt, just as he did, I moved and kissed him, Gary at first not sure then he moved Rose and saw Grant sitting on his cock, a look of pure shock then he laughed, a nervous laugh as Rose and I said "got you". Gary didn't jump up, but held Grant and finished empting his cum deep in his ass, then Grant turned and sucked Gary's cock clean, as another cock refilled his butt and fucked him as Rose carried on feeding Gary some pussy to eat, I went off to find more hard cocks to fill my holes.


Sue had seen Gary fucking Grant and moved over saying how hot it looked, and Gary told her he thought he was fucking my ass, thats when Rose said, see, its only differnt in your mind, any ass feels much the same once your cock is in it.

It was then Sue told Gary she wanted to see him fuck Grant doggy, knowing it was his asss when he pushed his cock in, and fuck him hard until he blows another load of seed in his butt, Gary looked a bit shocked but Sue's assertive tone left him in no doubt she was going to get her way.

Then Sue said "I'll make it worth your while too". The night was going well, we all had more than enought cocks to choose from, Sue taking heaps of hot cum from all the guys, being the newbie, then she saw Gary resting stroking his semi hard cock, after just fucking my ass, and pulled him towards Grant.

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She went down sucking his cock back to life, I worked on him too, now his cock was back to full size, Sue called Grant over, Gary went shy, but Sue once more said " do it for me please" then gave him a sexy look and gobbled his cock to the balls.

Grant knelt in front of Gary, cum running down his legs from the two loads he had just taken, Sue held Gary's cock, then Gary moved slowly towards the cum filled hole in front of him, inche by inche his cock slipped in, Grant working more in by easing back onto his hard rod, then it was fully home, and both began to fuck.

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It was good to see Gary grab Grant's waist and pull him onto his cock more, I slipped our strapon on, the 10 inche vibe went in as I knelt behind Sue, I had spoken to her when she got ready, so handing her the poppers she took a good sniff, just as I slipped the vibe in her butt, once the first inch went in the rest followed easy, her anal orgasms now started growing strongers with each thrust.

Gary was shocked to see his wife take such a large toy and enjoying it too, his pace picked up in Grant's ass, I was now ramming the vibe fully home and Sue was loving every thing she got.

She took some more poppers, with that I changed the vibe for my big 12 inch dildo, quickly that went right in, her body shaking as her orgasm hit home, I gave her a good hard fucking as some of the guys shot cum over her face and hair.


After letting her get comfortable with the 12 inch I asked was she ready for more, a flushed face looked at me and said yes, as Sue took more poppers I got our huge dildo, 12 inchs long and real thick, put it in the strap on, and told her to hold tight, Gary was in total shock now, he stopped and watched as I eased the tip in. One of the guys blew a wad of cum over the dildo, the cum helped lube it more, Sue growning with some pain as it opended up her anus like never before.

I told her to take several really good sniffs, just after she did, I put some pressure on the dildo, the tip went in, her head flew back as she screamed in pain and orgasm in one. I held it still, as she relaxed, I pushed again, this time 2 or 3 inches popped in, her back arched up as another orgasm hit, I held still again, then told her one more good sniff.

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This time I felt her body relax more, so with one hard push the rest of the dildo disappeared up her butt, Gary let out a wow, as Sue screamed, this time in pain, but quickly pushed against me holding the dildo in her.

Gary now started fucking Grant flat out, as Sue worked her ass onto the dildo, I held still letting her take control, as she thrust back she would moan, after several thrusts she stopped to sniff more poppers, then work her ass onto the dildo once more, each time now easier than before.

As Sue screamed out in a huge anal orgasm that was it, Gary flooded Grant's butt with his load, I pushed the dild harder still, Sue's butt lips wrapped around the base, as her body shook violently, then she fell forward, the dildo dropped out, but I wasn't finnished yet, my fist took its place her ass now open and wet, I went in easy.

Again Gary gasped in horror, his wife now had a fist up her butt, and was still orgasming, his cock covered in cum but still hard slipped out of Grant, I moved him over now his cock was at her opening too, my wrist was slimmer than the dildo, so I eased his cock towards her hole, he looked at me, I told him try it, he did, Sue let out a grown as his cock pushed in with my fist.

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Gary gave Sue a good anal fucking my fingers working his cock inside her ass, the look now on his face was priceless, as Sue good right into us fucking her ass, Rose and Grant kept the other guys busy as we concentrated on getting Sue up to speed with anal sex, although a few guys did fuck my ass while I was fisting Sue. With another really good sniff Sue gave one good hard push back, my arm went further in, we were held firm as she gripped us in her ass, shaking wildly in a huge orgasm, Gary also shook as he had a dry orgasm too, then Sue collasped in a heap her breathing fast and hard, her anus pulsing, she was spent.

Gary and I cuddled and kissed Sue her breathing slowing now her eyes glazed, when she could speak all she said was wow, what have I been mising, I laughed and told her a lot of other people have said the same after doing anal, Gary also said, he was converted now too at least as in fucking woman or guys butts.

We lay watching Grant and Rose taking cock after cock, I pulled a few cocks over taking four, to show Sue what a full house looks like one in the pussy two in my ass and sucking the fourth, as they all finished filling me with cum, I sat over Gary's face, Sue held his mouth open and I dropped 3 or more fresh loads of cum for him to eat he seemed more at ease now, licking my pussy and ass clean to get the last of the cum from me.

Soon Sue was back in action her body filled with cocks, as I sucked Gary back to life, his eyes glued to his wifes fun, it was great to see them both at ease with the bi sex now and Gary now keen to try more too, his cock once more stood to attention.

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I told Gary how Sue had cleaned her anus before playing and that makes it much nicer, as we all do before anal sex, and about the poppers, he was keen to try them now and had a good sniff.

Grant uses them when hes fucking me his cock gets harder and he enjoys fucking better too, so it was no surprise when Gary shook and grabbed my hips sinking his cock in deep and fucking like crazy for some 5 minutes, then he slowed and said how strange that felt but nice too, he took another good sniff and fucked me again, his cock seemed to be harder than before now too.

Sue came over kissing Gary and me, then I asked if she was up for another fisting, her face lit up, so laying Gary down I sat her on his fist, then I sat on his other arm, we both rode him while he looked on in surprise, two woman impalled on his hands, our orgasm gave Gary a thrill as we kissed and rode his arms.

Gary enjoyed fisting us both, and watched as guys face fucked Sue, at one time a guy made her lean back and stuck his cock in her pussy, Gary said how strange it felt feeling a cock inside his wife's body, then as the guy flooded her pussy with cum both Sue and I had a great orgasm, Sue then sat over Gary's face and let the cum drop into his mouth, he ate it all.

It was getting late and most of the guys now began to slow thier cocks soft and balls empty, Sue was taking a tit fuck, while Rose and I help to get him to finish spraying her face with juicy cum, we both took turns licking it all up, then Gary too licked some cum up and kissed Sue, sharing it with her.

We said good night to the guys, then cuddled up in bed to sleep, Gary and Sue more than happy to sleep over and have more fun tomorrow.