Novia otaku chiquita y delgada cogiendo muy rico con banda de naruto

Novia otaku chiquita y delgada cogiendo muy rico con banda de naruto
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It was my job to guide Steven through the doctrine of our group. Unfortunately, he wasn't the most cooperative student. He would take my words out of context and exaggerate our beliefs. When he was serious, I felt like he was interrogating me. He was more interested in the "who, what, when, where, why" than the spiritual aspect of our beliefs. Although I had my suspicions about him and his role here, I needed to teach him the ways of our family.

Our family was an open-minded one. There was no shortage of both male and female nudity at any given time. It wasn't uncommon to see people having sex in the living room or even the kitchen.

It didn't bother me.


I loved looking at Steven's body and I loved being naked around him, especially when we were alone. Because of the open nudity, I was very self-conscious about my breast size.


My tiny 32b size stood out from the other women who had far more "on top" than I did. Steven would say that anything more than a mouthful was a waste, but that did little to make me feel better. Even so, I loved it when he would suck my breasts and tease my nipples as we masturbated each other.

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The Doctrine of Happiness: The next day, we continued our studies. He was behind in his learning and I needed to help him catch up. We were sitting in the kitchen, completely naked as we went over our lesson. I taught him that a fundamental belief in our group is the Doctrine of Happiness.

Put simply, it is a belief that we need to do what makes us happy as long as no one else was being hurt.

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"I like that belief," he said as he glanced at my tits and smiled. "Yes, but you need to take it seriously," I replied. "Oh I am taking it very seriously," he said as he touched my nipple with his finger. "Steven, you need to pay attention, please!" "Ok, I'll do better," he replied. "Thank you," I said. He paused for a moment and stared at the wall as if he was in some kind of thought. "Carrie, it would make me very happy if you sucked my cock," he said seriously.

"Not right now," I replied although I wanted to. "But you just said that I need to do what makes me happy. It would make me happy if you sucked my cock." "If I do it, will I then have your attention?" I asked.

My voice filled with frustration.

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"You'll definitely have my attention," he said with an innuendo to his voice. He moved his chair away from the table and opened his legs. I closed the reading materials and knelt down in front of him. I gently held his cock as I licked the head and then under the shaft.

I could feel him getting harder as he watched his body respond to my touch. I began to suck him in a slow, steady rhythm, tenderly caressing his balls as I did so.

"Does sucking my cock make you happy?" He asked. I smiled and nodded as I savored the taste of his body. He held the back of my head as I took his cock in my mouth. He raised his hips and fucked my mouth. I clenched my throat muscles to keep from gagging. "Oh yeah, that's it," he said as he breathing became heavier. I kissed and licked his balls. He placed his leg on the table and I moved my tongue inside the crack of his ass.

"It would make me very happy if you licked my asshole," he said as if he were testing me. I looked up at him as I gently fondled his balls. "I've never done that before," I said.

He smiled.

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"Lick my asshole," he said in a commanding tone. I opened his ass cheeks and licked his hole, slowly sliding the tip of my tongue inside it. "Oh yeah, I'm happy!" He shouted as he stroked his cock hard and fast. I continued to rim his ass with my tongue as he watched me and smiled.

He was definitely enjoying the lesson. I loved giving him pleasure and I was rubbing my wet pussy as I tongue fucked his ass. He continued to stroke his hard cock and watch me lick his hole. "Ride my dick," he said. Relieved that I could finally get my face out of his ass, I straddled his body as he slid his cock inside me. Sex was still painful, but the pleasure outweighed the pain. I felt his cock inside my pussy as my breasts pressed against his body. "Are you happy?" He asked.

"Oh God, YES!!!" I shouted as I bounced harder on his cock.

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"Am I a good student?" He asked as he licked my nipples. "Yes you are, oh God yes!" I rode him hard and fast until it started to hurt and then I slowed down. "Your pussy is still tight. I'm going to fuckin' explode in your cunt." "Please!

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Cum in my pussy!" I begged him. With a few more hard hip thrusts, I felt his body stiffen before I felt his hot cum shoot inside me.


"OH MY GOD!" I exclaimed as he looked down and smiled. I moved off him and he got up from the chair. "I'm going to eat your pussy. Sit down and spread your legs," he instructed. I did as he asked and he knelt down and teased my clit with his tongue. I grabbed my breasts in pleasure as he tongue fucked my pussy, eating his cum out of me.

"Oh wow," I said as he licked his own semen. I was speechless. Steven looked up, his lips white with cum. I leaned over to kiss him as he rubbed my clit. "C'mon do it for me, make that pussy cum," he said as he rubbed me faster.

"I'm so fuckin' close!" I moaned. "I'll make you cum right now," he said as he knelt between my legs.

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He spread my legs and gently sucked my clit. That was all I needed. My swollen clit pounded against his lips as my body trembled in pleasure. I lost all control as I screamed in from the orgasm. He licked me a few more times and smiled. He was out of breath and his cock was semi-erect. I pulled him closer to me.

"Steven, I love you so much!" I exclaimed as I kissed him passionately. "You do?" He asked playfully. "Yes, I do.


I love you, I'll do anything for you," I said, still overcome with emotion. He looked down at me like a predator observing its prey. "I'm glad you said that," he smiled.

(To be continued)