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Atlanta Mature lesbian wanted some dick
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The bell indicating school was over rang. I ignored it because Vladimir had me pushed up against my locker. He trailed kisses up and down my neck while I ran my hands through his black hair. "Sierra Gutierrez, detention room. Sierra Gutierrez, detention room." Mr. Tibbal's voice boomed through the speakers.

I gently nudged Vladimir away. "Don't forget your fight later at Rock Bottom. If you be good, they might let you out early." He said, picking up his book bag.

"You and I both know that I'll be far from good." A smirk made its way to my face. I started off towards the detention room. I hadn't even taken 5 steps when I felt a hand yank me back.

Vladimir pushed me up against the lockers again. He bent down so his mouth was level with my ear. "You WILL get out early. That isn't a request.

It's an order." He growled. He licked my earlobe which caused me to moan a little bit. He stepped back with a chuckle. He scratched the back of his head and spoke. "Whoops. Sorry, that part of me, you weren't supposed to see." He said. I slowly stepped closer to him and pulled him down to my height.

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"I like that part of you." I whispered. I bit the side of my bottom lip as I retreated. He smirked and gave me a quick kiss. "Now go, before the warden gets mad." His voice was back to normal.

"Ha! You act like you're the one who got sent to jail before in this relationship!" I said walking away. "I WAS there! You even had the same cell as me!" He yelled back because I was already half way down the hall. "I git sent there more times than you!" I yelled, not putting any space for a fight. I rounded the corner and entered the detention room with my hands up in the air. "Your detention queen has arrived!

You may now applaud at my greatness." I said, walking over to my seat at the back. There sat Stefan and Rico on my right, and Angelo on my left. Rico and Angelo gave me amused smiles but Stefan only slightly twitched his lips. I sat and put my feet up on the desks. "Alright, why so happy all of a sudden?" Angelo asked me, poking my cheek. "I got some emotion out of Stefan!" I yelled, throwing my hands up in the air once again. Stefan slowly shook his head. Rico leaned forward in order to see me over Stefan.

"Nope! You were happy at lunch, too." He said. They all gave me expecting looks. "Okay, fine! Just, stop staring and I'll tell you. Thank you. Vladimir told me it's tag team week at Rock Bottom next week." I said and waited for their reply. "Are you fighting?" Stefan asked me in his monotone voice. "Yup." I said, popping the "P".

"Who are you fighting with?" Rico asked me. I gave him an are-you-stupid? look. "Vladimir, stupid." I said. I kicked my feet up and put in my wireless earphones under my hair. I blasted Bangarang by Skrillex on high. No doubt they could hear it.

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We were the only ones at the back, for some reason. After a few minutes, the rest of the people piled in. I love seeing the scared faces of the people that come in for the first time. The teacher came in followed by a face that I despise.

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I took out the earphones and listened. ".the worst this school has to offer.

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Especially you four at the back. Mainly you, Miss Sierra." Mr. Singh said, looking at me. I gave him a look of mock disbelief. "Me? Oh, I could never be bad. I can't believe you think of me like that. Not me, sweet sounding peaches!" I said in a fake country girl accent. As I spoke, I put my hand on my chest and gave him a frightened look to emphasize the sarcasm. My bandmates laughed beside me. "That's it! Saturday detention for you four." Mr.

Singh said, his face reddening. "Could I bring Vladimir?" I asked him. He had a confused expression on his face. "Sure?" He replied.

"Anyway, this is Mr. Ryder. He is new to the detention world and please, don't corrupt him. I will be right down the hallway. Knock if you need anything." And with that, the great doofus left the room and locked it. Leaving the innocent one in our hands. "Should we?" Angelo asked me. "Definitely." We stood and made our way to the front where the newbie was standing.

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I crossed my arms and shifted my weight onto one foot once we were there. "Hey newbie," Rico spat out 'newbie' like it was a bad word. "We own this place so steer clear from us, and you'll be fine. I'm Sierra." I said introducing myself. The others took turns introducing themselves.

We turned and made our way back to our seats. I kept an eye out for Daniel Ryder. We were insulting and laughing at each other for an hour and a half. I received a text from Vladimir. "Babe, I'm waiting in the parking lot. Get ready." It said. Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Singh came back in. "Get out. Detention's over." We all walked out the door and into the hallway. I ran to the parking lot, where Vladimir would be waiting. There he stood, leaning against the hood of his car.

"Hey, sorry I didn't get out earlier. The detention officer was Mr. Singh. I swear, he has it out for me. I got Saturday detention and I'm dragging you down with me." I said, walking up to him. I stood beside him, leaning onto the hood of the car, too. "Alright. Shall we go?" He said, walking over to the passenger side of the car and opening the door.

"Mhm." I said, and got in. I didn't bother buckling my seat belt because it would be a short ride anyway. Vladimir got into the other side of the car and smiled at me. I smiled back as he started out of the parking lot. "Who do you think we're gonna be up against?" He asked me.

"I don't know. I bguess we'll find out later. We're here." I said, climbing out the door. We entered the fighting arena and walked up to the sign up booth. "Sign us in." Vladimir said to the girl behind the counter. She took out a strip of paper and a pen. "Names?" She asked. "Sierra Gutierrez and Vladimir Scotts." He answered. She wrote it down and put the paper into the box. We made our way up the stands and into our usual seats.

There sat Trey and Rani. "Hey guys, aren't you gonna fight tonight?" I asked them. "Yeah, we just went a while ago." Rani said. She had dark blue hair, an eyebrow piercing, grey eyes, and red lips. She was wearing black skinny jeans, a My Chemical Romance t-shirt, and black converses. "I've never seen you guys fight." I said as we took our seats. "Yeah, well." Trey said as another cheer erupted from the audience.

I turned toward the stage and saw a guy flip another guy and slam him onto the ground. The winner looked up and I saw his face. He smiled to the crowd. Daniel Ryder. I brushed it off and continued to enjoy the show. After a few more fights, the announcer came up on stage. "Alright, folks. Get ready for the main event. Tonight, the people that are fighting are." The crowd stomped their feet to a drumroll as we waited for him to finish. ". Bonecrusher and Six feet under!" The crowd errupted into cheers and people made bets on who would win.

The fight ended five minutes later when Bonecrusher punched Six feet under right in the temple and he collapsed. The announcer came back onto the stage. "And the winner is Bonecrusher!" Almost everyone cheered. The announcer hushed everyone. "Is anybody in the crowd brave enough to take this mighty beast?" He asked the crowd. "Huh? Anybody?" He scanned the crowd. I stood up. "I will." The spotlight turned to me.

Everyone laughed at me. I kept a straight face and walked down the steps toward the stage. I got in the cage and they closed it. "Are you sure, little girl? He doesn't take mercy. Girl or not. He's undefeated, you know." The announcer warned me. "Yeah, yeah. Just start the round. I'm getting bored." I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

"You know the rules. Three taps or seconds and you're out." The announcer said. The bell rung and I stood there with a hand on my hip, a bored expression on my face.

I leaned against the cage wall. Bonecrusher came running to me. Right when he was about to slam into me, I stepped to the side. Making him hit the wall. I skipped over to the middle of the ring as he recovered.

He tried swinging at me a few times, but I dodged all of them. I got bored after a while and decided to finally attack. I 've already worn him down. I threw a hard punch to his jaw, then his stomach, then kicked his chest, and the back of his knee. He toppled forward. I casually sat in front of him and crossed my left leg over my right one while pretending to check out my nails.

There was a silence throughout the whole arena. I looked up at the crowd's expressions. "Do I have to sit here all day or are you guys gonna count?" I asked to no one in particular. That seemed to snap them out of it.

They counted to three and I got off of the still unconcious Bonecrusher. I watched the paramedics drag him out. The announcer came up onto the stage. "What's your name, girl?" He handed me the mic. "Sierra Gutierrez." I said into it. The crowd cheered. Vladimir came into the stage and enveloped me in a hug. I kissed him and remembered to slide my tongue onto his lip piercing.

"I have the awesomest girlfriend ever." He said. "And don't forget it." I said, smiling.

We walked off of the stage. He bent down and whispered into my ear. "Seeing you fight was amazing. You looked so hot up there. I wanted to fuck you then and there." I moaned slightly at his words. I took his hand from my back pocket and lead him to the car. I took the keys from his belt loop and started it. We got in and I sped home. I pulled up in front of our houses. "I'll meet you at the balcony in a few minutes." I told him as I ran into my mom's apartment.

"Hey mom!" I greeted quickly as I ran upstairs. I ran into my room and locked the door. I looked outside and saw that it was already dark out. I changed into shorts and a tank top and went out to my room balcony.

I walked out and saw Vladimir shirtless. He saw me and swung over the railing. His balcony and mine are just a few steps apart. He sat on my chair and pulled me down to his lap. "Hi." I whispered. He tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

I took in every feature of his face. Jet black hair that fell perfectly along his forehead. Piercing blue eyes with specks of grey in them.


A few small freckles scattered across his nose. Soft pink lips with a lower lip piercing. His body wasn't fat but he wasn't muscular either. I started to trace the edges of his lips with my finger nail. I smiled slightly and he returned it. "How is it that out in public, you're all brutal but when we're alone, you turn into a loving person?" He asked me. I sighed and my hand dropped.

"I have a reputation to maintain, Vlad. I've been working hard to have this rep since I was 10. I can't jeopardize that. This rep helps me around." I explained. He nodded and nuzzled into my neck. "I don't get it, though." He said. "Me niether. I just have to live with it. I'm not really like that bitch that walks around school." I rested my head on top of his.

"Will you sleep beside me tonight?" I asked as he started playing with random strands of my hair. "Of course." I got off of his lap and entered my bedroom. The colors were dark brown, dark red, and gold. I lead him to my bed and we got in.

I put my head on his arm and my hand on his bare chest, feeling his heartbeat. We just layed there for a while, leaving the other to their thoughts.

"Vladdy," I said after a while. "Hmm?" He replied. "I can't sleep." I lookked up at his face and saw him smiling. "Alright. Do you want me to sing to you?" I nodded and he started singing Moments by One Direction. I moved closer to him and he put his other arm around my waist. Once he got to Louis' part, my eyelids felt heavy. "Goodnight, Vlad." I said, reaching up and kissing him."Goodnight, Sierra. Sweet dreams, love." I sighed and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

I woke up to the sound of Anna Sun by Walk the Moon playing on my iPod speakers. I groaned. "Stupid Alarm.Stupid school. Stupid mother." I got up and turned it off. I turned and stretched. I saw a sleeping Vladimir in my bed and last night's memories came back. I smiled and walked back to the bed.

I gently shook his shoulder. "Vladimir.


Wake up, babe. Vladimir." I said in a sing-song voice. He mumbled something about yellow bears and purple bananas. Weird kid. He shifted and fell asleep again. I sighed and bent down to his ear. "The three new Green Day CDs are downstairs for you." I whispered and jerked back as he shot upward and ran to the door. He tried to open it but it was locked. I lightly giggled. "Vlad. Calm down. I was kidding. You wouldn't wake up so I had to say that." I said, walking over to him and putting my arms around his waist.

"You'r gonna pay for this. I've wanted those CDs since they announced it." He said, crossing his arms and pouting like a small child. I laughed and kissed his lip back into place. "I'm gonna go take a shower." I said, grabbing my towel and my robe.

"Can I come?" He asked me. "Nope." I answered and closed the door. I stripped and got into the shower. I was in the middle of rinsing out my shampoo when I felt hands on my back. "I said no, didn't I?" I asked, turning around. "So?" He asked me. I rolled my eyes and continued to rinse my hair out. I finished and stepped out. "Stay and finish. Hurry up, though. We still gotta get breakfast." I told him.

I dried myself off and put on my clothes. My underwear (of course), my black, green, and red plaid skirt, a black tank top, and my black stomach cut off leather jacket. I slipped on my dark purple combat boots right when Vladimir walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. "I know, I know.

I'll get your clothes." I swung over the balcony and into his room. I started going through his closet and taking his clothes for the day. "Siewwa?" A voice said from the doorway. I turned and saw Gracie. Vladimir's little sister. I smiled at her. "Hi Gracie." I went back to looking for Vladimir's clothes. "What are you doing?" She asked me. "Vladimir and I had a sleepover.

I'm looking for some clothes for him. He forgot to bring some last night." I explained. I took out red skinny jeans for Vlad and turned to Gracie. "See ya later, Gracie." I said before swinging over to my room.

I threw Vladimir his clothes. "Here. Now get dressed." I pointed to the bath room. He slowly walked in, carrying jis clothes. "Hurry up." I slapped his ass which made him jump. He shot me a playful glare before closing the door.

I jumped onto my bed and started to straighten my hair. Once I was done, Vladimir walked out fully clothed. He had on a black shirt with a grey vest over it, red skinny jeans, and black converse. "Looking delicious as always." I complimented him. "You don't look bad yourself." He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and threw a cotton ball at him. I put on eyeliner and mascara.

He put on a thin layer of eyeliner himself. Making his blue eyes pop more than usual. "Let's go get breakfast or whatever." He said. I nodded and we headed out to his car, where we left our book bags in yesterday. "I'm driving!" I said, getting in the driver side. He gave me the keys and we headed to the nearest café.

We ordered coffee and a cookie. We finished the cookies and we headed out for school. "Hand 'em over." Vlad said, holding his hand out when we got to school. I gave him his car keys. We walked across the parking lot and into the school. We got more stares than usual. "Do you know why they're staring more than usual?" He asked me. I shook my head no. "I was just about to ask you that." I whispered.

Just then, Stefan, Angelo, and Rico came up to us. "Sierra, did you see the video?" Angelo asked me. "What video?" I asked him back. He showed me his phone and pressed play. There I was with Vlad last night, telling him about my fake attitude for the reputation. "Oh no. No, this can't be happening. This school is like a battleground and this video is my death ticket." I started breathing heavily. Vlad shook my shoulders. "Calm down Sierra. You're gonna hyperventilate. And faint." I started feeling dizzy.

"Too late." I said as darkness surrounds me.

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I woke up in the nurse's office. "Hi honey. You can go if you want." Mrs. Salem said in her annoying nasally voice. "What period is it?" I asked her.

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"Lunch is gonna start in a minute." She replied. I nodded and checked my phone. I had three texts drom Vlad asking if I was okay. And 9 others from Angelo, Rico, and Stefan. I textedthem all back saying I was okay. I headed over to the cafeteria all the way at the other side of the building. Everyone was already there when I came in. I did a quick scan through the hall and spotted Vladimir, Stefan, Rico, and Angelo in a heated conversation with. Daniel Ryder?

Oh no. I rushed over to them. "What's happening?" I ask them. Vlad crossed his arms over his chest and his jaw locked. He only does that when he's pissed. Oh no. Still hot. "This is the guy that posted that video of you." Stefan said, his eyes burning holes into Daniel. I turned to him and kneed him in the balls. He fell to the ground and we all huddled around him.

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" Don't mess with us agin if you want to keep your balls." I said. I kicked his side one more time before I sat down in our seats.


I sighed and looked down at the ground. My reputation. Gone. Just like that. What could I do to save it? A small crumpled ball of paper found its way to my feet with my name on it. I picked it up and read it. Come to the back of the school after school. I know a way to save your reputation and get revenge on Daniel Ryder. For a price. Mention this to no one.

Come alone.- Anonymous ( A/N O.O Who wrote the note? What will happen to Sierra? Will Daniel Ryder come back?)