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Horny Teen In Reverse Cowgirl Anal
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Spent for the moment, he flopped in to the nearest vacant seat and grabbed at a bag from beneath the table. Useless, useless, useless, "Ahh". He pulled the lunchbox out of the bag and placed it on his lap. A little more foraging through bags and boxes later and he had himself an enjoyable meal. The clock still read 10:27 but in reality he knew it must have been closer to dinnertime and after his little excursion in to Cherie's throat he was in need of a recharge.

Temporarily satiated, Garfield rested his head on the desk and closed his eyes.


He didn't know how long he'd slept for, as the light poured in through the windows much the same as it had when he'd drifted away. The clock read the same time, and Cherie was unmoved. Everyone, for that matter, was unmoved. Yawning and stretching, he took a walk around the classroom and counted heads. Twenty four students: 13 female, 11 male. Of the females, six were brunette; four were blonde, one a redhead and the other sported jet black shoulder length braids.

Cute. Two of the brunettes were twins that he'd seen around school on a number of occasions but didn't know much about. A rifle through their bags more than answered any questions that he had. Jessica and Jennifer Walcott, just old enough to fuck and virtually identical in every way. Except that Jennifer's diary read a little more interestingly than her sisters. He skimmed the most recent entry. Jennifer's Diary: July 14th Omg! Today I went to the cinema with John and we sat at the back together.

He is soo hot and I can't believe what happened. I think I am in love with him FOREVER! At first we watched the film and he put his arm around me and hugged me for a while. Then the film got a bit boring and he said that he wanted to kiss me.

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We started snogging and he felt me up! He put his hand up my tank top and was squeezing my boobs for ages. It made my kitty so wet. He tried to reach down there too but I stopped him because I was really embarrassed. My thong was soaked when he brought me home. I had to sneak the candle out again to practice. I definitely think that he is going to be the one and it is going to happen soon!

Garfield felt his dick starting to stir again. Candle? Practice? This was in stark contrast to Jessica's matching pink diary, which was padded out with endless stories about ponies and daydreams of being rich enough to buy a farm. Jennifer was certainly the little hussy of the family, something that you'd never expect when looking at them. They both appeared to be equally innocent young girls. Garfield pulled out their chairs to take a closer look. Upright, they would stand at about 5'2; perhaps 5'3 in their thick heeled Mary Jane's.

They were absolutely indistinguishable from each other - the same light tan, mid length brown hair and hazel eyes. The same relatively thin frame, the same tits. These, he approximated, were around a large A to small B cup. He could probably suck a whole one in to his mouth if he opened it wide enough.

Well, nearly. Both girls were pretty by anyone's standards, and certainly looked extremely enticing in their regulation uniforms. Short black pleated skirts ending just a few inches below the sweet curve of their delicious little asses. Long, white knee-high socks. The divinely smooth, tanned skin of their luscious legs between skirt and sock.

Fuck, they were hot. Striped ties, shiny black shoes, tight little white short-sleeved blouses and two black school blazers featuring the Forest Hill logo on the pocket topped off their ensemble. The logo was a sturdy white tree on a black background.

Garfield giggled to himself as he saw correlations between it and the thick hard trunk of "wood" he was developing himself right now. He dropped to his knees before Jessica, positioning himself between her thighs. His palms on the sides of her skirt, he grabbed the edges and pushed it up her static body until her panties came in to clear view.

The knickers that came in to view were girly, silly, and at the same time made his cock heave against the fabric of his boxers. They were white, with pink trimming around the edges and adorned with candy canes and sweets. In the middle was an illustration of the classic Disney "Alice", with the white rabbit. She was lying with her head in her hands batting her eyelashes and the words "I'm sweet enough" floated in the air above her.

What happened next was inevitable. There was simply too much temptation. Garfield had often wondered what a girl would taste like down there, and now he had his chance to find out.

"Let's see just how sweet you are," he whispered in to the golden tan of her soft, heavenly thighs. Garfield stood up and cleared everything off the nearest table and on to the floor.

He put his right arm around Jessica's chest and his left beneath her knees. She was heavier than expected and his knees momentarily buckled, but with a little effort he got her up and on to the desk. Jessica Walcott, young and fresh; virginal and pure, was now laid out on a desk in the middle of a crowded classroom with her skirt riding halfway up her ass and her cartoon panties on display. Two students remained seated on one side of the desk - a boy and a girl.

For a little fun Garfield adjusted their heads so that they were staring right at her. Cherie continued to gaze in their general direction from the front of the classroom, her lips still varnished with cum. For added amusement he went over and adjusted her hand so that her inanimate body feigned a shocked expression.

Palm over open mouth. "Silly little French slut, you didn't expect to be seeing this on your travels did you?" Garfield repositioned himself at the foot of Jessica's table and pulled on her legs until they were hanging off the edge. He then went for the knickers, slowly sliding them down her creamy-bronze thighs. Her young, fresh mound came in to view.

This was the first cunt that Garfield had ever seen in person. Sure, he'd viewed a million and one on the Internet and in magazines that his friends had stolen from their fathers - but nothing compared to this. The real thing. Jessica's baby-soft pussy was inches from his nose. He left her Alice panties dangling around one white-socked ankle and concentrated on inspecting her delicate little cooch. It was a thing of beauty. A small, tight slit with the puffiest little lips.

Almost as pouty as the ones on Cherie's face. There was little hair, and what there was was very light and wispy. Like a tiny swollen paper cut with a hint of cotton candy at the top and around the labium.

Below all of this and closer than he'd imagined was the tiny puckered starfish of her asshole, completely hairless and a juicy shade of pink. He had to taste her. Garfield knew the basic construction of a girls parts but having never had the practical experience he wasn't sure where to start.

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Tentatively, he leaned in and stuck out his tongue towards the top of Jessica's smooth cleft. Soap. Soapy skin. A hint of sweat. Not bad. He pressed his tongue harder, and began long, deep laps further up and down her petite, tightly clasped crevice.

Before long he was practically French-kissing her virginal cunt, slipping his tongue in and out of her previously untouched love canal. He discovered her clitoris and was surprised to find that it seemed responsive to his licks.

He was sure that it was firmer now than when he first started, and more prominent. Garfield even suspected that Jessica's cunt was moistening of its own accord but by now he'd salivated over it so much that it was hard to tell. Cherie and the two other students continued to gawk at him. The surprised expression he had given her worked well with her long pigtails and too tight uniform.

She looked as though she'd stepped right out of a schoolgirl-fantasy porno, albeit a lot more convincingly underage than the regular actresses. She was after all, a genuine bonifide schoolgirl. Her expression was the sort you might see in a scene where the innocent little babysitter takes a cock up the ass for the first time. It was giving Garfield some bad ideas.

Bad for Cherie, that is. Taking a break from lapping at Jessica's cotton candy cunt, Garfield decided it was time to explore with his hands. He used both of his thumbs to spread her reluctant lips and peer inside. It looked tight, and not so deep. Inexperienced as he was, he was momentarily confused about just how something the size of his cock could even begin to fit in there. Then he recalled all the talk about 'hymens' in sex-ed class. "Still in place," he thought out loud.

"Good girl." He removed his right thumb and spread her again with his left hand. Licking the middle digit of his free hand, he pushed it forward in to her already well lubricated fuck tunnel. He was in up the second joint in his finger when he encountered resistance. The skin was soft, and taut. It had a degree of elasticity to it that allowed him to push in another half inch or so without it breaking.

The feeling was akin to pressing your finger in to a balloon. He could sense that she was close to breaking and despite temptation, pulled back. He'd allow her to remain chaste. For now. Turning away from the helpless fully exposed girl, Garfield focused his attentions on her twin. Having read a good portion of her diary, he had come to the decision that she was a wanton little whore and should be treated as such.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and leaned in, pushing his lips against hers. When they touched, he slipped his tongue in to her mouth, exploring and probing. She tasted like strawberries - must be the lip gloss he'd seen in her sisters bag earlier.

So they shared lip gloss. Little did this filthy minded slut know that she was also sharing the taste of her virgin sister's cunt lips. The idea that in the click of a button she would unfreeze entirely unaware and with the taste of her twin in her mouth made Garfield's dick throb again. He held her hair with one hand and continued to kiss, the other roaming down her body.

He cupped her tits one by one and gave them a little squeeze. Down his hand went again, this time to her thigh, then up. Up on the inside of her skirt, up until he reached.

A thong? A wet thong. This little schoolie slut was probably daydreaming about her precious John when he'd frozen time. Unsurprising, given that every second line of text in her diary was about him. Garfield kept kissing, whilst his explorative hand continued on its treasure seeking voyage. His middle and index finger found their way around the thin piece of fabric that constituted underwear. They were now directly at the entrance to her cherry chasm, and damn it was wet.

He gently pushed both fingers forward, expecting them to stop at any moment when they reached her maidenhead. They didn't. With both of his thick fingers inside the petite little girl to the knuckle, he finally stopped kissing her and spoke. "Looks like you got those candles pretty fucking deep hey, Jennifucker? So young and fucking yourself silly over your dream boy with just about anything cock shaped you can find, I'll bet." Garfield decided to do away with his slacks entirely, carefully removing the clock from the pocket and placing it nearby on the floor.

He rubbed at the large, thickening bulge in his shorts. "How about a real cock?" Jennifer didn't respond, of course. She sat in the chair with her mouth slightly open from being kissed and a faraway look in her eyes.

Garfield grabbed at her legs and lifted them up in to the air, causing her to slump deeper in to the seat. By now, half of her ass was hanging over the edge.

He brought her Mary Jane's, white socked feet up to her shoulders and succeeded in crossing them behind her head. "Flexible little girl, aren't you?" He unknotted her tie and wrapped it around her ankles to keep them in place. Jennifer was a vision to behold. A pervert's wet dream. Peachy, round, thong clad ass hanging off the chair.

Golden brown tanned thighs, long sexy socks. In this position, her skirt served no purpose. It covered nothing.

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Her puckered pink asshole matched her sisters, and looked oh-so-tight beyond the thin material of her thong. Her puffy little pussy lips were spread on either side of her underwear and were clearly visible. The only thing that he couldn't see was the entrance to her fuckhole, and he changed that by repositioning one of Jennifer's hands.

She now held her thong to the side, proudly displaying her moist, juicy cunt in all its glory. From where Garfield stood, it looked as though Jennifer were boastfully flaunting her asshole to the teacher at the head of the class, Mr. O'Neill. That's one way to get better grades, he thought. Her tiny slit seemed to be even smoother than her sisters, and he wondered whether she shaved or waxed it. There wasn't much hair on Jessica, but it was virtually undetectable on Jennifer. Arranging himself in front of her, Garfield gazed down at Jennifer's honey-lustered gash and ran his fingertips up and down her thighs.


This was all too much, he had to have her. For years he'd waited for this moment - a time when he would finally sink his cock in to a beautiful girl, or any girl for that matter.

He never once imagined that it'd be in a scenario like this. Nonetheless, the time was here, he was in control, and his cock was rampant and ready. Standing on one leg and then the other, he climbed out of his boxers and threw them next to the clock on the floor. His hard cock stood out proudly in front of him.

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Spitting in to his hand, he gave it a generous coating of saliva and positioned it at the base of Jennifer's tight incision. Garfield tilted Jennifer's head upwards so that he could look in to her eyes as he took her. She stared silently back. He felt like the most powerful man in the world. Hell, with this clock he probably was the most powerful man in the world.

Well, boy. But not for long. *Push* This time it wasn't the button on the clock that Garfield was pressing. It was his 7+ inches of rock hard, steely cock. Hot and throbbing, the pulsating purple head began to stretch Jennifer's taut little cumtunnel like it'd never been stretched before.

Candle practiced or not, her almost-innocent little pussy was barely ready for the suddenly invasive length and girth of Garfield's prick. His sensitive pulsing head disappeared inside of her instantly, and the blissful feeling it caused drew a gasp from Garfield.

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Little Jennifucker's balmy twat enveloped his dick head, divinely constricting him with its glossy, silky interior. He thrust his hips forward and drove his cock ever deeper, the head meeting only slight resistance from this sweetest of compact cunt canals. Garfield paused to catch his breath and take in the magnificent sight. He was now almost entirely buried inside of the motionless girl.

At least 3/4 of his thick hard shaft was currently stretching her pretty little pussy to its limit. With her feet in the air and her ankles tied, his cock was going to bottom out DEEP inside of her with his next exertion. And that was coming. NOW! Garfield gripped his palm around Jennifer's neck and slammed forward with such force that the chair tipped back and teetered dangerously in midair.

Withdrawing slightly, he held on to the rear of the seat for his next assault.

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Slam, slam, slap, slap. Poor Jennifer's bald little cunt had never received anything like this barbaric pounding before. With every thrust and shove in to her, his swinging young balls slapped and slammed against her puckered pink ass.

Oh it felt good - better than any feeling that he'd ever experienced in his lifetime. His thick fuck pole fitted so snugly inside of her that he wanted the moment to last forever. He knew that it wouldn't last too much longer if he kept launching in to her at this rate and decided to slow down. Slowly pushing in and out of her now, he looked around for ideas on how to make his cum even more exciting. Glancing at the lunchboxes scattered on the floor from his earlier feeding frenzy, Garfield remembered seeing something that could liven things up a little.

He pulled his dick from Jennifer's gaping, defiled passage and watched as the hole almost fully closed itself within seconds. Crouching amongst the lunchboxes, he searched for what he had earlier discarded. "A-ha!" The banana was still a little green, on its way to full ripening and pretty big. It had to be at least the 6 inches long, probably closer to 8.

Placing it side by side with his erect cock he figured it was the latter that was correct. This banana was bigger than him, but that was OK. He was going to have some fun with it! Garfield took the fruit over to Jennifer and repositioned himself between her thighs.

Slathering it with his saliva, he made sure to juice it up even more so than his cock. This was going to be a tighter fit. He placed the base of the banana at her recently abused cunthole for a second, and then had a change of heart.

Moving the fruit down a little it was now aligned perfectly with her virginal ass. As tightly puckered as it was, he wasn't sure that he was going to be able to get it in all the way. Nothing was going to stop him from trying. Garfield spat again, this time on his middle and forefinger.

He thought it was probably a better idea to lube her as up as well as the banana. Jennifer's asshole at first moved with his probing middle finger, the soft heated flesh elasticated enough to resist allowing him inside.

He pushed more firmly, and the tip of his digit slipped through, followed gradually by the rest. Withdrawing to the tip again, he added his index finger to the equation. It was a deliciously snug fit. Her teeny anal underpass seemed to shrink itself rigidly around his fingers.

His fingers weren't enough, he wanted to see more. He wanted to see her young, taut, unyielding butt take something thicker and fuller. Garfield wiped his fingers in her mouth, just because he could. How many more chances would he get to do such a thing to a freshly blossoming schoolgirl and have her remain placidly spreading for him, exposing both holes, holding her panties to the side for his viewing pleasure? He had no idea how long the clocks effects would work for. It could be another ten minutes, it could be forever.

Would he live for eternity in this state? Would he age? Only time would tell and for now it seemed as though he had plenty of it. Again he aligned the banana between her cheeks. Next to her immature, puffy little perforation of a cunt and miniature pink starfish, it looked pretty hefty. Garfield pushed and shoved.

Her little rear fuchsia fuckhole resisted for all it was worth but it was no use. Garfield drove the thick, long banana in to her with all of the force he could muster.

"It's OK," he whispered in to her ear as he continued to nudge the fruit ever forward in to Jennifer's bowels. "Just pretend it's John.

You're giving up your little ass cherry for John. And look, here's his friend to join in too." With that, Garfield rapidly positioned his throbbing member at the base of her honey glazed, shiny twat. Jostling with his head, he found the hole - the entrance to the sacred love tunnel that he had already defiled once today. That time however, he did not finish. Now she was going to get the creamiest banana split any little schoolgirl could hope for. He propelled his hips forwards and all at once his thick pulsating cock shaft was buried within her, charging towards her juvenile cervix.

He'd thought it tight before, but now his dick was in an incredible vice-like grip. Her cozy cum channel was blazing hot, and there was now so little room inside of her that the fruit embedded in her asshole started to slip out. He quickly moved his hand to save it, and pushed it back again. The feeling of the banana through the thin membrane between her two fuckholes was amazing. It pressed and pushed upon her inexperienced juice box, making her baby-smooth kitty an ever tighter fit for his ramming, battering shaft.

Every thrust was heavenly. He looked down at his glistening shaft, slick with Jennifer's juices and wished that he had a photographic memory. In and out he thrust, ruthlessly, mercilessly, and the pretty little schoolgirl did nothing to stop him.

If she weren't frozen in time he knew that she would be begging for mercy, pushing him away. Instead she only invited him, provoked him to pound ever harder with the mouthwatering way she spread and exposed herself to him. Closer. Closer. He was almost there. Hammering this unfledged little teenage honey pot was driving him wild. Garfield could feel the heat rising in his swinging balls as they battered and beat the thick fruit ever deeper in to her adolescent asshole.

He was fucking her with wild abandonment, her sizzling snatch incandescent around his heavy, crushing monolith of a cock. Almost. Almost. With one last almighty crash of his body in to hers, Garfield destroyed any semblance of purity and virginity that Jennifer had held on to. His spasming shaft shot jets and globs of scorching, freshly made cum unfathomably deep inside of her. Her cunt walls were soaked, her cervix was splashed, her pussy leaked and forced out streams of his gleaming white, creamy semen around the sides of his still engorged, embedded phallus.

Gently withdrawing his dick, Garfield crawled on to the floor and breathed. A great big smile crossed his face. He was a virgin no more. He glanced at the schoolgirl seated next to him. His cream continued to trickle from her defiled chamber, dripping and dribbling down over the protruding stalk of the banana up her ass.

Jennifucker was a virgin no more. Garfield shrugged and foraged in the lunch boxes for more food. Hey, a Kit Kat! Life was good.