Innocent sweetie give suck job in pov and gets spread quim plowed

Innocent sweetie give suck job in pov and gets spread quim plowed
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When Mackenzie walks by, heads turn. There's not one single man who doesn't look after her. Her brown shoulder-long hair moves slowly with every gazelle-like move she makes and her mesmerizing hazel eyes go right through you when she looks at you. On the side of her left eye is a tiny star tattoo located, and the black eye shadow she's wearing accents her caramel skin just perfectly. The purple blouse she's got on lies smoothly on her body, putting her breasts quite well to show. The way she moves her rear in those black skinny jeans makes your mouth water.

Mackenzie knows how to work her curves for the best and enjoys the stares she gets from all the men. I myself don't mind it either when all those guys check out my wife. It makes me proud having such a beauty by my side and I'm pretty sure all the other guys would kill to be me.

C'est la vie - Not everyone can have such a sex bomb as a wife. Well anyway, let me get to the point of all of this. I'm the CEO of a bank, meaning there's always a lot to do and I never know exactly when I'm done for the day.

That specific day I finished up earlier than expected and arrived at home probably about two hours before my usual arrivals. I parked my black mustang in the garage and entered the house through there. Our bedrooms are located in the back of the house, so you wouldn't be able to hear anyone entering through the front door while being back there. I hung my jacket at the wardrobe, poured me a Jack Daniels on the rocks and took a seat on the lounger in the living room.

The sound of the water running from the indoor waterfall filled my ears and I started to relax. While sipping on my whiskey I recognized another sound besides the water. I listened closely and noticed that it was a pleasant sound. A sound filled with ecstasy and passion, a whisper but yet loud enough to hear.

It didn't take me long to figure out what it was.

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A smirk built on my face and my body filled with excitement. I got up from the lounger with my drink in one hand. With the other hand I loosened my black tie and unbuttoned the few top buttons of my shirt. I slipped out of my shoes to make sure I wasn't causing any noise on the hardwood floors. The sound came from the end of the hallway and I saw a reflection of the light shining into the darkness of the hallway through the ajar bedroom door. The closer I got to the room, the louder the noise and the more anxiety filled me.

The bedroom was shaped the way so I'd have a great view onto the bed without getting caught. I leaned against the wall, occasionally sipping on my drink, while enjoying the show my wife gave me unknowingly. Mackenzie laid in the middle of our bed, wearing a black lace spaghetti strap shirt with matching black lace panties. The shirt was pulled up, showing yet again a matching black lace bra. She looked absolutely breathtaking, laying on our red silk bedsheets. Her legs were spread, yet steady to the side, while she caressed her breasts with her left hand.

Her eyes were closed and she's totally in her element, not recognizing anything that's going on around her. A strand of her brown hair covered a part of her face and her strawberry red lips were glimmering in the light. Her mouth opened and closed slowly and occasionally a soft moan escaped, which brought a shiver across my entire body.

The way she lay there and the way she touched her entire body was absolutely seductive and I could feel an excitement in my pants. Her right hand slipped into the left cup of her bra, massaging her breast and pulling it out of the bras' lace.

Switching hands, her left hand continued where the right one stopped. I enjoyed seeing her hard nipples while she touched her breast with so much passion and sexiness. A line of sweet wetness was showing on her panties and that was when her right hand moved towards her legs. She moved slowly across her entire body until she felt the waist of the lace. She spread her legs once more while sliding into her panties.

A 'oh-wow-I'm-dripping-wet' moan escaped her lips and she started smiling. She definitely liked what she felt and didn't have no intention on stopping anytime soon. I saw her hand moving beneath the black lace and could only imagine what was going on. I wished she'd take off those panties and threw them on the floor, and just as if she'd have heard me, she did exactly what I was thinking.

After she removed her panties I took a glance at her smoothly shaved pussy and her fingers playing with it. I could tell that wetness was running down to her anal and knew that second that my cock would slide so damn good inside of her pussy.

Her index finger fondled her clit with slow strokes while she pulled gently on her nipples. I could feel my dick harden in my pants, so I unzipped my pants to let it take its course. By now, Mackenzie slid her fingers up and down her entire pussy, her legs quivering while she moaned loudly. For a second it seemed like everything was moving in slow motion. Her body moved up and down, her legs left and right and her head was tilted backwards with a lot of moaning escaping her lips.

Then all of a sudden she stopped. She reached for something I didn't notice before. She reached for one of her toys that was lying next beside her all this time. It was approximately 10 inches long and about 4 inches in diameter.

She'd always liked it big, which I think was another reason we fit so good together. She placed her pink vibrator between her legs and turned it on. I heard the sound of the vibration all the way across the room, and the moaning which filled the bedroom was nothing less than pleasant and turning on.

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Sliding the tip of the toy around her clit made her legs quiver more, but the moment she rammed it into her juicy hole will fill my mind for many more days.

She went crazy with it, moved it in and out, wild and fast before she slowed down. Mackenzie started biting her lips and that smile that occurred on her face lit up her whole body and told me that she enjoyed everything she was doing to herself. By now, my manhood was at its full size and wanted nothing more than to explode, but with each and every little bit of strength I had left in my body I didn't let it happen. Not just yet. I was too curious what's going to happen next that I just couldn't take the chance of exposing myself.

Suddenly I heard a noise and I had to take cover again, because Mackenzie got off the bed and walked to the closet. I couldn't see what she was doing in there, but she came out with something that looked like a wooden board with a hook on it. After a closer look I saw that it indeed was a wooden board with a metal hook on it, I just couldn't figure out what it was for. She went back to the bed, hooked the piece of wood to the headboard and only after she'd moved away from it I noticed that a big dildo was attached to it.

I was stunned, yet a bit shocked that she managed to hide that piece of wood from me all that time. A smile filled my face and I had to admit that my wife was even more naughty than I thought she was. Surprise filled my mind, surprised of her coming up with something like that, but I was definitely ready for what was coming next.

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She turned around and smeared the entire thing with some lubrication. After turning back around, she spread her legs and started backing up. The space between her and the dildo lessened and I couldn't wait for it to happen. She slowly slid her wet pussy over the dildo and started moving over it, feeling its every inch inside of her. She moved slow in the beginning, then started bucking it harder, wilder and faster.

Her breasts moved with every buck and I enjoyed every second of it. Her shirt slid over her head and she was exposed with only her bra, where her left breast was still hanging out. It was getting hot in here and I couldn't wait any longer. Her silky, smooth body moved all crazy and wild and it was such a turn on that I just had to do something.

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Just entering the room wasn't an option, since she was now facing the door, But perhaps it'd work if she'd really be in her element. I just had to give it a try, so I undressed myself and quietly opened the door. So far so good. Her eyes were closed, she was enjoying herself and she didn't seem like she was going to stop anytime soon. I walked slowly towards her, while my cock was leading the way.


I was so hard it seemed like I was still growing. I softly put my hand on the bed, hoping she won't notice it. She didn't. Thank God for the Tempur-Petic bed. I leaned down to her and started kissing her neck. She jumped the moment she felt my touch, stopped everything she was doing and looked at me. I looked back at her and smiled. "Hey!" I said, trying to talk with my deepest and sexiest voice.

She smiled back. A soft "Hi!" escaping her lips. After a while, she started sliding over that dildo again, knowing that I'd loved everything I'd seen before. And damn was she right! While she moaned and continued bucking the dildo, I continued kissing her neck.

After I unhooked her bra I laid with my back on the bed, moving my head underneath hers. She starred down into my eyes and smiled, and I lifted my head and kissed her lips like I wanted to do it the moment I saw her.

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Our tongues danced while she moaned through the kisses. Her hand moved over and started stroking my cock. It took me by surprise and my body jerked while a moan escaped my lips.

I liked the feeling of her hand on my manhood, especially because she knew what I liked and knew how to work it. She then slid away from the dildo and right onto my dick.

She'd always liked to tease me, and now that she knew I'd been watching her and was horny as hell, she enjoyed it even more. She slowly slid up and down, knowing it drove me crazy.


Putting her hands behind her on the bed gave me the view of her wet, juicy pussy sliding over my dick. She was a very good teaser, knowing that I liked to see my dick going in and out of her. She still held herself up with one hand while she moved her other hand to the front, touching herself and occasionally rubbing against my dick.

She couldn't keep that up for very long though, because I could tell from looking into her eyes that she wanted to ride me fast and wild. So she laid her body on mine and her firm breasts pushed against my chest. She started moving her ass up and kind of let herself fall on the way down, so my dick would ram her hard and deep. She moved slow, but that was fine with me - for now. Kissing my chest gave me a chill and I softly grabbed her chin and pulled it towards me. My left hand softly touched the left side of her face and she closed her eyes.

I then started brushing my lips against hers while she squeezed her pussy tight.

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Suddenly she moved faster and started going wild. Every nine inches of my cock were covered with her hot, smooth and juicy pussy and I wanted more.

So I grabbed her and turned her around on her back. I kissed her neck while I let my hand slide along her body. Biting her neck made her even wilder, so I kneed between her legs and put them each on my shoulders. Her sweet nectar felt good on my lips and my tongue drove her crazy. Her clit was smooth and excited and I enjoyed feeling her dripping wetness running down my chin. I kept working my magic with my tongue while her breathing got faster and her moaning got louder.

Then I stopped. I spread her legs and put my cock at her entrance.


I looked at her and when she wasn't expecting it, rammed my cock deep inside her pussy, brushing against every wall with my thickness. Her moaning came surprising, a good surprising, and the faster I moved, the louder she moaned.

I moved in circles and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Before she put them back on the bed, I put my arm under her left leg and then over my shoulder.

It seemed like I hit a special spot because the whole house was now filled with her moaning. I didn't let go and kept on going. I knew I was about to explode and judging from her moaning, so was Mackenzie. I moved faster and wilder and her pussy tightened more and more until I finally rammed her so fast and hard and exploded inside of her. She wrapped me with her juiciness and I could feel it running down my balls. Breathing heavily, we laid in each other's arms - Exhausted but totally satisfied.

Then she turned.

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smiled at me and said: "You should catch me doing this more often!" I smiled back at her, thinking to myself that I'll definitely do that.