Gay jocks Everyone knows that Glee is gay but no Glee group is as

Gay jocks Everyone knows that Glee is gay  but no Glee group is as
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This is not my own work. This wonderful piece was written by an author known as "Thumb" about ten to fifteen years ago. I thought I would repost it here so a new audience may enjoy it was much as I have over the years.

These will be that last three chapters(of twenty-six) I will be posting for now. I will follow up with the rest soon. CHAPTER 7 Lisa drove the "well" dressed teacher out of her neighborhood.

She had decided that it would be necessary to travel across town to a mall about 40 miles from home to insure the no one would recognize the teacher. When they arrived and had parked the car Mary was reminded that she was to follow 2 paces behind and speak only when given permission. As Mary began moving across the parking lot she realized just how exposed she was.

The skirt barely covered her bare thighs above her stockings and her breasts moved freely under the short crop top. The heels made her ass sway invitingly. She wanted to go back to the car and hide herself but she knew she couldn't do that. With the new pictures that Lisa had she was hers for as long as she wanted her. The first stop was at the Victoria's Secret store. Lisa picked out a red leotard one size too small, two pair of black spandex shorts, again one size too small and several camisoles in various colors.

Lisa lead Mary to the changing room and instructed her, "Try on each article and come out to show me how it looks." Mary moved into the changing room and removed her clothing. She put on the leotard which was clearly too tight and rode up into her ass crack and hugged her bare pussy. She struggled into the too tight spandex and opened the door expecting to see Lisa. But Lisa was no where to be seen. Cautiously she move to the door of the changing area and saw Lisa across the store looking at bras.

She waited for Lisa to see her thinking she would come over and look at the outfit. When Lisa spotted her she waved for her to come to her. Red faced Mary walked across the store in the too tight exercise outfit. When she got to Lisa she was ordered to turn and show the sales girl how she looked.

"That looks a little uncomfortable," said the clerk. "She like it that way don't you Mrs. C.?" The humiliated teacher answered "Yes Ms. Simon." "Good. Go put you stockings and skirt on and try on the camisoles." The red faced teacher turned and hurried back to the safety of the changing area. She again dressed in the garter belt, stockings skirt and heels. She put on a black camisoles which covered her better the top she had worn into the store. She was again forced to prance on her heels across the store and model for Lisa and the sales girl.

"Now that fits well," commented the salesgirl. "Get a smaller size and try it on Mrs. C." Mary got a smaller size and after trying it on and modeling for Lisa and the sales girl she was told to get one of each color in the smaller size. When Mary had changed back into her short crop top she came out of the changing area and went to Lisa in the bra department. "What size do you wear Mrs. C.?" "35c Ms.

Simon" whispered the embarrassed teacher in front of the sales girl. "We'll take this one," said Lisa handing Mary a 34b bra. Then Lisa moved across the store to corsets and girdles. "Do you have those measurements Mrs. C.?" Yes Ms. Simon she answered handing her the paper from her purse.

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"Chest, 35; Waist, 23; Hips, 33". Looking though the corsets she found one size 21" waist. Then she found a body shaper with measurement 34b, 21, 31. "Get these too." Lisa also handed her teacher several garter belts in various colors and several different colors of stockings.

Mary took all her purchases to the check out and a different sales clerk began to ring up her purchases. "Oh I think this is the wrong size Maam.

It looks too small for you." she said as she was ringing the body shaper. "She likes them tight," answered Lisa for the bewildered teacher. She had never spent this much money shopping for herself in her life and she knew they were just beginning. The next stop was a store which was very popular with teenage girls.

Lisa forced Mary to try on and model for her and a young salesgirl several skirts, blouses, dresses and sweaters. She spent over $400.00 on clothing which was respectable for a teenage girl but slightly out of place for a middle aged school teacher. "This will all go along with your new 'younger' image Mrs.

C." Mary knew she would feel ridiculous wearing these clothes to school but at least she wouldn't get fired for wearing them. Mary was now loaded down with packages as they moved down the mall. As they passed the food court Lisa decided she was hungry. She sat down and ordered Mrs.

C. to get her a chicken sandwich and fries with a coke. Mary got the food for Lisa and was ordered to stand next to her holding all the packages while Lisa enjoyed her lunch and her teachers humiliation. "If you want something go get it," said Lisa, "But remember you need to 'dip it' before eating it." Of course Mary wasn't hungry. Why was her pussy wet? After Lisa finished and Mary had cleared the table they moved to a trendy shoe store.

Mary was told to sit and now her short skirt became a real problem. The young man who came-up to wait on her asked "May I help you?" as he looked at her long exposed legs. "She would like to see all the 5" heels with ankle straps that you have to start." said Lisa speaking for the humiliated teacher.

"Size?" "What size Mrs. C.?" "7 1/2b" "Get size 7 and 7 1/2 a and b, " directed Lisa. The young man hurried off and returned shortly with an arm full on boxes.

Kneeling before the teacher he began to help her try on the shoes. It was impossible for Mary to keep her knees together as he tried on pair after pair of heels. She was forced to prance on the high heels around the store. The shoes were mostly either too tight or too short. After trying on over 10 pairs of shoes with 5" heels and several pair with 3" and 4" heels Mary's face was quite red. Much to her humiliation her pussy was literally dripping. "Do you have any with higher heels?" ask Lisa.

The salesman was only too happy to check. His cock was quite visible under his pants. "Did you see what you are doing to that poor man Mrs.

C?" Mary wanted to cry"Yes Ms. Simon." "Bet you would love to suck on that wouldn't you Mrs. C.?" "No Ms. Simon" "But you said you love to suck cock didn't you?" "Yes. Ms. Simon." "Well maybe I can work a deal with him to save you some money." "Please don't Ms. Simon." Lisa laughed, "We'll see." The man returned. "We have one style of 6" black heels with ankle straps in her size." said the salesman to Lisa ignoring the frightened teacher.

"Let's try them." The excited salesman knelt down and put the heels on Mary. He made a point on moving her foot around in such a way the caused her to spread her legs giving him a clear view of her bald pussy. "Walk for us Mrs. C.", ordered Lisa. Mary rose from her chair and struggled to walk in the higher heels.

"Mrs. C. it looks like you sat in something." asked Lisa innocently pointing to the wet spot on Mary's skirt and the chair. The horrified teacher wanted to die. Her faced was beet red and her legs began to shake.

"Could you get us something to clean-up?" Lisa asked the salesman. As he hurried off Lisa whispered to Mary, "Don't you cry." He returned and handed the towel to Lisa. "Why don't you help her out?" The salesman was only too happy to help and began patting the wet spot on Mary's skirt with the towel.

He of course took this opportunity to feel up the humiliated teacher. Once the salesman finished Lisa decided on the 6" heels, 3 pair of 5", 3 pair of 4" and 2 pair of 3" heels. The total charge on her credit card was $780.00. Now Mary was really staggered with the packages and her skirt rode up her legs as she walked and the wet spot was clearly visible. Her crop top was pulled up exposing more breast than before as they walked to the car.

"One more stop before dinner Mrs. C." said Lisa pulling out of the mall parking lot. They drove down the road and pulled into and adult book store and novelty shop. "Here is a list Mrs. C. Get everything on the list and be sure to ask for assistance from the salesperson. I don't want any mistakes." Mary slowly got out of the car, She was reading the list: 3 butt plugs in different sizes, 1 large black dildo, one set of nipple clamps with chain, 1 pair of wrist cuffs, 1 pair of ankle cuffs, 1 cock gag, 1 ball gag, 1 leather paddle, 1 pair on benwa balls, 1 tube of lubricant and 1 cat.

She had no idea what some of these were. She looked around the parking lot and there were 3 other cars. "Hurry up Mrs. C." Mary opened the door and immediately became the center of attention for the 3 guys inside.

She thought it best to ask for help and get out as fast as possible. She noticed the smell and was glad it smelled so the they wouldn't smell her dripping pussy. "I need to buy these things," said Mary handing the list to the salesman. He looked over the list and smiled, "These things for you?" "Yes." whispered Mary. "What are you going to do with all these things?" "I was ordered to get them." "By Who? Your husband" Mary didn't know what to say.

"a friend", she finally said. He moved around the counter an put has arm around Mary and lead her to a display of sex toys on the wall. He began handing her the items on the list.

Taking every opportunity to touch her in the most embarrassing ways. After what seemed an eternity she had paid the bill again several hundred dollars on her charge and was moving out of the store.

"Come back soon sweety" called the salesman as his customers watched appreciatively. Mary put the items in the back seat and Lisa ordered, "Get the small butt plug and lubricant and put them in your purse." Mary did as she was ordered.

"Dinner time," said Lisa. "I'll bet your hungry" Mary realized she was very hungry. "We are eating Italian." said Lisa as she pulled into a popular Italian restaurant. "I will do the ordering," said Lisa. "Yes Ms. Simon" They were seated at a back table.

Lisa ordered a meal for herself and a salad without dressing and bread sticks for Mary. As soon as Lisa had ordered Mary knew what was coming but she was not prepared for Lisa next order. "Go to the restroom and put some lubricant on the butt plug and put it in your ass.

Be sure to get it all the way in so it doesn't fall out." Mary slowly stood and picked up her purse carrying the plug and lubricant.

"Leave the purse here Mrs. C." "But." "Take out what you need and leave the purse here." Mary took the lubricant and plug out of the purse and doing the best she could to hide what she was carrying she hurried to the restroom. Once there she quickly entered a stall and began to think about her situation. Here she was a respected teacher sitting in a restroom dressed like a whore.

Several hundred dollars poorer and about to shove an enormous plug into her virgin asshole. She began to sob uncontrollably. CHAPTER 8 The sobbing teacher was startled back to reality by the sound of voices as two ladies entered the restroom.

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She looked at the plug in her hand and thought, 'This will never fit inside me'. She opened the tube of lubricant and applied it gingerly to the plug. Then she reached back and put some lubricant on her ass hole.

She attempted to slide her finger inside to get some gel inside. She wanted to wait until no one was in the restroom to try and insert the plug but it seemed as one left someone else came in and she knew she had already been gone much too long.


Reaching back she placed the tip of the plug on her ass hole and began to push. 'I knew it was too big' she thought. She pushed harder and the tip began to spread the tight ring. Once it started with constant pressure it moved into her ass. The pain was not as much as she had feared but it felt so uncomfortable. Suddenly the widest part slipped past the tight ring and the plug was locked into place.

She stood and the feeling of the plug in her was very very uncomfortable. She straightened her skirt ,what little there was of it, and opened the stall door. She washed her hands and fixed her make-up as best she could since she had not been permitted to bring her purse with her and walked back to the table carrying the tube of lubricant.

Each step reminded her that her ass was filled with what felt like a 2 x 4. "You were gone a long time. Have any problems filling that virgin ass hole Mrs. C." Red faced Mary replied, " I'm sorry it took so long Ms. Simon." "Your salad and bread sticks are here. I want you to place a bread stick in your dipping hole and leave it there until I tell you to remove it." ordered Lisa. The horrified teacher picked up a bread stick and carefully reached under the table to push it into her pussy which was to her further embarrassment very wet, as it always seemed to be anymore.

"Be sure it doesn't fall out on the floor Mrs. C. Now eat your salad with your fingers. Pets don't use silverware." "But." "But what Mrs. C. Be thankful I'm allowing you to sit and that I didn't ordered you spaghetti." Mary began to pick at her salad.

The waitress brought Lisa meal and Mary continued to eat her salad with her fingers. "Take out your bread stick Mrs. C. and put another in its place." Mary did as she was ordered. She tried very hard to be unnoticed.

"Now eat your bread stick with your salad." Mary did what her student had ordered her to do without question, she was beginning to get used to the taste of her pussy. and The meal continued with Mary eating 3 bread sticks and all of her salad. Lisa ordered each of them each a chocolate sundae for dessert. "I got this for you because you complained about the salad Mrs. C." "I'm sorry Ms. Simon. May I please use a spoon for my sundae?" "You may not, now hurry and finish I'm anxious to get home." The embarrassed teacher dipped her fingers into the sundae and began to eat her dessert.

Several people noticed and she could see their stares as she ate the sundae with her fingers. "Lick your fingers clean Mrs. C.

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we have to go now." Mary licked her fingers clean and paid the bill leaving a nice tip as Lisa had ordered. When she waddled out to the car with the plug tightly in her ass she found Lisa looking through the bags from the adult store.

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She stood by the door and waited for permission to get into the car. Lisa found what she was looking for, the nipple clamps, and turned to her teacher and said "lift your top". "Please Ms. Simon let me get in the car first." "Lift it right this second or I will take it off of you for the rest of the night." Turning her back to the restaurant Mary lifted her short top revealing her breasts to the world with her hard nipples pointing at Lisa.

Lisa placed the first clamp on Mary's right nipple and slid the catch up until it was firmly attached to her teacher's nipple. Mary bit her lip to keep from crying out and drawing attention to her bare chest. Then Lisa did the same to the left breast.

"Pull your top down Mrs. C. and get into the car and put on your collar." Mary pulled down her top which did not hide the chain connecting the clamps and climbed into the car. Her nipples were throbbing and the material of her top rubbing then did not allow her to ignore the pain. Lisa drove down the road about a mile and pulled into a convenience store. "Go in and buy me a pack of gum Mrs. C." Mary didn't know what to do. Her clamped nipples were clearly visible through her ultra short top and the chain connecting them would surely draw attention to them.

She knew she was walking funny from the plug in her ass. But she also knew it would only be worst to refused. Slowly she opened the car door and as gracefully as possible she walked into the store. There were three boys in the store and the clerk Thankfully there was no one she recognized. One of the boys glanced her way and saw her and immediately called to his buddies."Hey guys check this out." All three were now staring at her and the clerk was also looking at her.

One of the boys walked up to her as she was buying the gum and asked, "Do those hurt?" pointing at the clamps visible through her shirt.

She ignored him and started back to the car just as Lisa came in. "I saw you boys talking to my pet here. What did you want?" "I asked her if those hurt and she ignored me." "Why that was rude Mrs. C. Apologize to the gentleman." "I'm sorry" said Mary with her eyes to the floor. "Tell the gentleman, Do they hurt?" "Yes they do hurt very much,"replied Mary. "Show them what they look like Mrs.

C. Lift your top for them." The horrified teacher turned to the boys and lifted her top so they could see her breasts. She wanted to crawl under the floor and disappear. Never had she been so embarrassed in her entire life. "Give a gentle tug on the chain to see how tight they really are," suggested Lisa. One of the boys reached out and pulled the chain connecting the nipple clamps. Mary moaned in pain as her nipples burned.

"Not too hard boys. Would want to damage the merchandise. Maybe you should kiss them and make them feel better." "No." cried Mary.

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"What did you say." Realizing her error Mary answered, "Nothing Ms. Simon." "Good now ask these boys to kiss your nipples to make them feel better." The humiliated teacher said, "Please kiss my nipples." as she began to sob. Each boy took a turn kissing and sucking and in one case biting her trapped nipples.

Mary just stood there as her breasts were mauled and suckled in the public place. Thankfully no one else came in.

"Thank the gentleman and lets go Mrs. C." The thoroughly humiliated teacher said, "Thank you" and ran from the store pulling her top down as she went through the door. The remainder of the ride home was uneventful with Mary huddling and sobbing in the corner. When they got home Lisa ordered Mary to bring everything up to the bedroom and put all the clothes and shoes away except for the 6" heels. She also ordered her to lay all the toys out on the bed. CHAPTER 9 Mary struggled to carry all of the packages upstairs on her aching feet.

After the second trip everything was in the bedroom and Mary began putting all of the new clothing away. She placed the "toys" on the bed with the 6" heels as Lisa had requested. When everything was done as ordered she wanted to sit and rest her feet but she remember what happened the last time she sat without permission. Her plugged ass was now just uncomfortable as she adjusted to the invasion but her nipples were aching and irritated from the clamps and rubbing on the material of her short top.

Suddenly she heard Lisa coming up the steps. "Take off you skirt and top Mrs. C. I'll be in in a minute," called Lisa. Mary removed her top and was shocked to see her nipples so swollen and red. She dropped her skirt to the floor and was just bending to pick it up when Lisa walked in. "You have a pretty good ass Mrs. C. How does the plug feel?" The red faced teacher straightened quickly and answered, "It is uncomfortable Ms.

Simon." When Mary turned Lisa said, "My, my look at those nipples," reaching out and twisting the clamped right nipple. "Ahhhhhhhhh" screamed Mary as pain shot through her abused nipple. "Does that hurt Mrs. C.?" asked Lisa twisting the left nipple.

"YESSSSSS.Please Lisa stop". Reaching out and violently twisting both nipples, "Lisa is it" "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww.Sorry Ms. Simon.SORRY" "That's better," replied Lisa as she released the swollen twisted nipples. "Let's see what we have here," said Lisa ignoring the sobs of her teacher. "First Mrs. C. come over her and bend over so I can inspect your plug," ordered Lisa as she sat on the bed.

Mary reluctantly moved to Lisa and turning bent over showing her student her ass. "Reach back and spread your cheeks." demanded Lisa. Mary reach back and slowly spread her ass exposing her plugged ass hole to Lisa. Lisa leaned forward and tapped the end of the plug sending shock waves through the teachers ass. " I can't wait until we can get this one in you," said Lisa picking up the largest of the three butt plugs.

"Turn around and spread your legs Mrs. C." Mary turned and spread her legs before for student. Lisa reached out and run her finger up Mary's bare soaked slit. "MRS. C. you really like this don't you?" The mortified teacher wanted to die of embarrassment.

How could she be excited by this treatment yet her pussy was soaked. "What is wrong with me" she thought. "No Ms. Simon I do not enjoy this treatment." "Then explain to me why you are dripping like a faucet." "I can't explain that Ms. Simon" whispered Mary. "Lick my fingers clean you horny old teacher," demanded Lisa as she placed her fingers in front of Mary's crimson face.

Mary extended her tongue and licked her our juices from her student's fingers. How low had she sunk. Lisa then placed the ankle and wrist cuffs on her teacher And ordered her to change into the 6" heels. Mary's poor feet protested but she forced them painfully into the heels and buckled the ankle straps. "Mrs. C. I want you to squat and place the tip of your vibrator into that dripping hole. Squat low enough to keep it inside you." Mary struggled to squat in the impossibly high heels and finally managed to balance with the tip of her vibrator nested inside her embarrassingly wet pussy.

"Turn it on Mrs. C." Mary turned on the vibrator and immediately felt the pleasure it brings her. "Suck on this Mrs. C.," said Lisa handing her teacher the long, thick, black cock she had picked out at the adult store. "Now pay attention Mrs. C. I'm going to give you an assignment to be completed immediately. If you fail you will be punished. Do you understand?" "Yes Ms. Simon" said the sucking teacher around the rubber cock in her mouth. "You are to give that black cock the best blow job you know how.

You need to practice for the real thing. While you are doing that you are to slid up and down on the vibrating plastic in you hole. You are not permitted to orgasm without my permission. If you do you will be sorry. If I don't think you are fucking your self well enough or giving a respectable blow job you will be punished. Now get moving." As Mary began to work on the hard black rubber cock in her mouth and gingerly to slide up and down her vibrator she could immediately feel her orgasm coming.

She was so hot and this was too much stimulation. FLASH, FLASH as Lisa snapped picture after picture of the teacher struggling to keep from the inevitable. Just as Lisa could see her teacher reaching the point of orgasm she reached out and released the left nipple clamp.

"Ahhhh' screamed Mary as the pain of the clamp coming off and the blood returning to the abused nipple coursed through her body. Her orgasm delayed again but it began building again quickly. She was slobbering all over the rubber cock as she sucked and her legs were screaming in pain as she bounced up and down the vibrating plastic. Her face was red and her body covered in sweat as she worked to reach the peak yet not wanting to reach it.


She was so confused. Just then Lisa released the right nipple and the pain came back intensely. She didn't care if Lisa took pictures, she didn't care if she would be punished she had to cum.

The vibrator was bumping the plug in her ass on the down stroke causing a vibration in both holes. It was too much.

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"OOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhh.AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh screamed Lisa as she crumpled to the floor in the midst of the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her life. She was writhing around the floor the pain and humiliation forgotten.

Everything was center on her exploding pussy as the vibrator fell to the floor. FLASH After Mary calmed down and realized what had happen she knew she was lost forever. She did get off on this treatment. She had never felt anything like that ever before. She looked up and saw her tormentor and knew she was in for a long long period of use and abuse.

Her fear was her husband and particularly her daughter. "Mrs. C. you didn't behave yourself." "Red faced Mary replied ,"Sorry Ms. Simon" "Well lets see. You made quite a mess on the floor there and you need to clean that up first." Mary started to get up to get a rag.

"No,no Mrs. C. lick it up." Mary dropped to her hands and knees and began to lick her juices from the floor her plugged ass high in the air. As her tongue ran over the floor she wondered what else would happen.

When Mary had licked the floor clean and cleaned the vibrator with her tongue Lisa ordered her to remove the plug from her ass. FLASH "Now lick it clean," ordered Lisa after Mary had managed to get the plug out by stretching her tight ring and pulling hard. Mary raised the plug to her mouth and gagging, she began to lick it clean.

She was thankful she didn't throw-up because she was sure Lisa would make her clean that up too. Once everything was cleaned and put away for the night Lisa put the penis gag in Mary's mouth and taking her by the leash led her down stairs and out into the back yard.

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There Mary was ordered to lie down in the grass and her ankle cuffs were locked together and her wrists were locked behind her. "You will sleep her and think about your failure to follow orders Mrs. C. Tomorrow we will discuss the future." said Lisa as she tossed a towel on the ground.

"It is a little chill out here. Use this for blanket," said Lisa as she turned and walked into the house leaving her teacher dressed in only garters and heels, bound and gagged in the dark cold yard.