BBW Makes Her Husband Her Bitch

BBW Makes Her Husband Her Bitch
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Before I knew it, another 6 months had passed. I had spent those months screwing both of my employers. Sometimes, I'd have sex with them both on the same day. Sometimes I'd let John watch me screw his wife. Ann never knew that of course. As far as she was concerned, our sex sessions were her way at getting back at her husband for screwing his business partner.

She had no idea he had stopped fucking her months ago and was now fucking me. She had no idea that when John went on his "business trips" he was taking me with him instead of Sharon, his business partner.

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She had no idea that he was spending his lunch hour every single day fucking me in all the rooms of her house.

She was absolutely clueless. Sometimes after we'd had sex she would talk about John. She talked about how much she loved him, and how she never felt enough for him because she always thought about sex as a chore; something she had to do to make the family she had craved her entire life.

She'd tell me how unadventurous she was in bed; and how she never enjoyed sex until I came along. After 6 months of fucking her every opportunity I got, she finally told me what her ultimate fantasy was. "Jessica, are you a lesbian?" She asked one day after we had sex in the shower.

I was towelling my hair dry while I stood completely naked in front of her. No-one had ever asked me that question directly, so I was a little taken aback about how to answer. "I sleep with women if that's what you're asking. But of course you know that already" I bent down and gave her right breast a tender suck.

She inhaled deeply as my tongue swept across her nipples and I felt it go hard.

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"Have you ever slept with a man?" She giggled as she gently pushed my hair from my face so she could watch my tongue action across her nipple. I gave it a little nibble as her back arched pushing her tit further into my face.

As I pulled away from her breast, I slipped my hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit while I tried to think of a way to answer her question without telling her I had fucked her husband less than an hour ago in the back of his car.


"Yeah, I sleep with men as well as women." She was no longer interested in what I had to say, she was totally lost in what my fingers were doing inside her. I knelt in front of her as she spread her legs more; giving me and my tongue access to her wet and throbbing pussy.

I gently kissed her thighs while my hand had taken over playing with her tits.

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My kisses worked their way up to her lips. I gently licked the outside of her pussy.

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Ann had her hands on my head guiding me where she wanted me. After a few moments teasing her, I slid my tongue onto her clit.

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She squealed and began rolling her hips, thrusting her cunt into my face. She grinded against my face; clearly enjoying what I was doing.

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I reached for the dildo and began fucking her with it. Her moans grew louder and her breathing grew heavier. She was close to Cumming. I could tell. "Oh, Jess, Jessica? I want you to fuck me and John" She managed between laboured breaths. I stopped what I was doing and looked at her. She could tell I was shocked, so she explained what she meant.

"Please don't stop what you were doing, I'm really close to an orgasm and I'd like to finish before you go and collect the twins from school. I'll explain while you continue fucking me" It still shocked me when I heard this elegant and rather posh lady speak so crudely. But it really turned me on, so I continued with the dildo.

"It's my fantasy Jessica. I wan.Oh yeah, there, that feels good. I want my husband to watch as you do this to me. I want him to see me do it to youuuuu, mmm…right there…fuck…and I want to watch him fuck you!" She was getting off on talking like this. She was getting wetter the more she divulged her fantasy to me. She came pretty quickly and I wasn't sure if it was because of me or because of the things she was thinking and talking about.

As I stood up, I gently kissed her pussy as she tried to catch her breath. She wriggled as her sensitive clit brushed against my lips. "Would John be up for that?" I asked innocently, knowing full well he would be.

"I've seen the way he looks at you Jessica. He wants you bad" I felt myself blush; wondering if she knew he had already had me just as much as she had. "I'm positive he will be up for it. I was thinking, maybe, maybe for his birthday? My mother would have the twins overnight, so I could make him a romantic meal, and then you could be his birthday present. What do you think?" "Wow. You've really thought about this haven't you?" I was torn about what I wanted. Threesomes are hot.

And I've always got off on watching other people have sex, but I like sleeping with John on the sly.

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Surely it wouldn't be a secret if Ann watched us fucking? I'd have to speak to John. Find out how he felt about it. "Well…it's just a thought" Ann replied hurriedly, almost embarrassed about bringing the subject up in the first place.

I walked over to her and cupped her face, I leant in and kissed her gently; my tongue swept across her lips parting them slightly. After some hesitation, she kissed me back. "I have to collect the twins, and you have to go back to work so no-one knows you spent 3 hours fucking me in the shower" I grinned at her.

She grinned back, remembering the afternoon we had spent together. "We'll talk later, I promise." I didn't hear a sound as I washed the dishes that night after dinner.

Ann was putting the twins to bed, and I had no idea John was even home until I felt his large hands cup my breast from behind; and felt his lips against my neck. The bulge against my ass cheeks confirmed it was John. "Mm, Ann will be down soon so you had best stop" "I don't want to stop. I want to fuck you again. Here and now. How about I bend you over the sink and fuck you hard from behind?" He carried on squeezing my tits and kissing my neck.

It felt good. I could feel my pussy tingle with desire. He slid his hand down my top and into my bra and began twisting and pinching my nipples. I let out a low and soft moan. This felt even better than it did 30 seconds ago. "Ann is going to come down any second. Then our little arrangement is over and done with. Is that what you want? Mm mm… feels good though" I giggled "She won't be down for ages yet.

The twins are still in the bath, and then she has to read them a story while they fall asleep. We have plenty of time for a quickie" Before I really had time to think, he took his hands from inside my bra; slipped them down my waist, pulled up my denim skirt; and pulled down my knickers. I stood there gasping as he took his cock out of his trousers.

He pushed my head forward so I was bent over the sink and entered me in one quick swift movement. I let out a gasp as he thrust further into me. He roughly covered my mouth as he gathered a fast thrusting momentum.


"Don't make a fucking sound!" "Mm mm mmm…" was all I managed to muffle through his tight grip on my face. He thrust hard and fast into my pussy. We both came really quickly. We had just finished buttoning ourselves up when Ann walked down the rear stairwell.

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I was hot and flustered so quickly finished the dishes and went to bed for the night. I never got a chance to speak with John about the threesome, but after today's sex sessions with them both, I'm definitely up for letting them both watch me fuck the other. Thinking about watching them fuck each other was all I could think about as I finger fucked myself that night in bed.

It was definitely doing to be a night to remember. I couldn't wait, and neither could my pussy.