Cute Girl Sucks Gloryhole Cock In Public Bathroom

Cute Girl Sucks Gloryhole Cock In Public Bathroom
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One afternoon, I was working in my room, when Kennedy breezed in as she'd do. She has a key to my place, so she can use me whenever she wants. That suits me. I'm sitting there waiting for her to tell me what I'm supposed to do. She doesn't say anything, just takes off her clothes, the usual dowdy ones.

Her usual outfits are really unflattering, but naked she's so hot. I'm watching all this raptly, she lies down on the bed and tells me, "Well get your stuff off and fuck me." Simple, easy to follow instructions, that works for me. So I hasten to do just that, my clothes got left on the chair I'd just been sitting on, and I knelt between her open legs on the bed.

I enter her and thrust away. She's obviously enjoying it, the usual moaning and writhing, I'm enjoying it as well, obviously. I start slow, I want to make it last, it's probably not going to last that long, it's the first fuck of the day, I'm always a bit eager, but I'm trying.

That's when she opens her eyes and looks me directly in the eye and says, "If you come first, you're going to have to lick it up." Kennedy does particularly like me licking my own, or anyone else's, cum out of her pussy. Of course that's really humiliating and degrading, so I love it, or hate it, or both.

I'm never sure about that. But it does turn me on so much, all of it, the idea of doing it, actually doing it, and Kennedy threatening me with it. So I come just about on the spot when she says that.

Well not that exact spot but maybe the one right after that one. I manage to not totally collapse on top of Kennedy, but she's got her hand on top of my head and pushing me down, carrying through on her threat. I get down there and start licking.

I'm trying to do a good job, despite having just come. Kennedy's already totally turned on, well I'd just been fucking her, so no surprise there. She does taste a little weird, like I'd just come in her. No surprise there either, I'm not fond of the taste, but her forcing me to do it, and it being so humiliating are turning me on already.

I'm getting hard again. Kennedy doesn't take long, being so turned on already. I'm in two minds about that as well, like a lot of things. I do like going down on her, and it's disappointing when she comes so quickly, but at least now I don't need to lick my own cum anymore. So I kneel there in my usual, submissive, posture waiting for Kennedy to tell me what's next.

She looks at me and smiles, and beckons me closer. I shuffle up towards her head, and she blows me. That's good.


She doesn't do that too long, just enough to clean off the mess. Then, she gets me to fuck her so she comes a couple of times.

This time, she doesn't threaten to make me lick it up, or make me do it. I'm not sure if I was disappointed about that. — Kennedy had promised me a surprise, I hoped it would be a good surprise. I'm never quite sure when it comes to Kennedy. It was Sunday evening, she'd been down in LA working and was due to fly back that evening. I got a text, "I'm here. Go to bed - Kennedy." That was my cue, I stripped off and lay on the bed.

I was already hard in anticipation. That's how Kennedy wanted to find me when she got home. She'd get real horny, and I was there to help her with that. She has very definite ideas about what she wants, that makes life easy for me, usually.

Usually, when I find out what she wants that day, it's good. Sometimes I'm less enthusiastic about her idea, but usually turned on by it.

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I said I was frightened when I first met her, well I can still be frightened of her, or rather what she wants. I hate to admit it, but being frightened like that turns me on. It certainly helps to get a hard on, Kennedy wouldn't be happy if I wasn't.

I hear Kennedy let herself in my room, there's a pause, then she's next to me. "I have a surprise for you." I didn't know what the surprise was, but she'd already lost her skirt. She was still wearing her usual plaid shirt, but also some shiny panties. That was unusual. She knelt on the bed next to my head, I guessed I was going to get to lick her.


Nothing unusual in that. Kennedy does like sitting on my face to get her licking. I like licking Kennedy at any angle, I don't think I do my best from down there, but I love it that way. She pulled the panties down slowly; she had my undivided attention.

When the crotch was revealed, it was a bit gooey. I guessed that there was still something left there from her job. Then as she pulled the panties down further, there was something stuck to them, which was sticking up Kennedy's pussy. That was real gooey, and came out slowly. Then she says, "Open wide." I open my mouth, and she sits her pussy down on my open mouth. Definitely gooey and sticky. Definitely cum, unfortunately, I recognize the taste.

She loves getting me to lick up cum out of her pussy, I hate that really, of course the humiliation turned me on something rotten. Licking up someone else's cum is particularly humiliating. In this case, she's been shooting "Creampie Gangbang 7," so I guess she's got several guy's cum in there. (5 other guys she told me later.) I work away on her, trying to ignore the taste, getting more and more turned on.

Then a gob of, presumably, cum drips out of Kennedy's pussy and lands in my mouth. I almost gagged, I did moan, I was worrying I'd come without help if this kept up. She spared me that ultimate humiliation by coming herself. She rested for a while, her full weight on my face. I couldn't breathe, but I didn't want to disturb her, I was also more worried that I'd be coming if she carried on like that.

Then, she got off my face and I gasped for breath. She moved down me, and managed to sit on my dick so I was inside of her. I was desperately trying not to come, luckily she didn't move. She did however, show me the panties which she'd been holding, there was a dildo stuck to the crotch. She pushed the dildo towards my mouth, saying, "Clean them off." She was really determined to pile on the humiliations, making it even more difficult for me to not come in her. I opened my mouth, and she pushed the dildo inside.

I licked the goo off them, and off the crotch, groaning I was so turned on. That was when Kennedy said, "I had meant to bring your dildo, I really should fuck you with it, …" I didn't catch what she said after that, I came inside kennedy, even if she weren't moving. There were gales of laughter from Kennedy, adding to the humiliation. Having just come, it just felt, humiliating, not a turn on, but I got over that quickly as Kennedy again sat on my face.

Another gob of cum, my own this time, dripped into my mouth, and Kennedy came soon after. After resting on my face and suffocating me again, she climbed down, and cuddled up to me, sighing contentedly.

After a while she did ask me if I wanted a blowjob, I of course did. She seemed quite happy for the rest of the evening and was nice to me. — I woke up and Kennedy told me, "Fuck me." To say I was awake would be overstating things, but that was definitely a good idea, so I rolled over on top of her.

I slipped into her easily. Oh yeah, I obviously had morning wood. I hadn't thought about that yet. I propped myself up on my arms and looked down at her while I thrust into her. She smiled at me, she liked this, I like this. I thrust into her at a steady easy pace I could keep up for the long haul. It seems this morning I wouldn't need that long, Kennedy threw her head back and let out a low moan.

She was warming up quickly. I kept up the thrusting and she got more into it, definitely it wouldn't be long now. I kicked up the speed, this was getting serious, I'd be getting there soon, so would she. She tensed up with a groan, that got to me, pushed me over the edge, I'd be coming soon. With a last growl, she relaxed as I shot my load into her pussy.

Then, I let myself down to end up lying on top of her, with my face in her boobs, hugging her. Boobs in your face is good first thing in the morning, as is pumping cum into a pussy. Life is good. All too soon, she taps me on the back, she wants me to get off of her, pity, I liked it there.

I rolled back off her, dragging some of the covers with me. Kennedy threw the remaining covers off of her, and got unsteadily to her feet.

I watched as she smiled at me and reached for her clothes which were stacked on my desk chair. She pulled on her panties, I started to think she had some plan.


Then the rest of her clothes, her perfect body was covered up with her unflattering outfit. I was used to that, but it still seemed like a great shame.

Now, she was Kennedy, ready for the world, she told me, "Thanks, I'm off to the lab. I'll be over later with the, … data." The experiment was due to produce some results today, I was going to fit the data to the theory.

I watched as she walked out my bedroom door and close it behind her. I lay there, just slightly stunned, still mostly asleep. As I woke up slowly, I realized Kennedy hadn't been sleeping with me that night. We don't always sleep together, she is supposed to be a friend with benefits, so we're not inseparable. She does have a spare key to my room; I'm happy for her to use it (and thus me) whenever she wants. A "drive by" fucking like that works for me.

So she'd dropped by on the way to the lab to be fucked, and is now off to the lab with my cum still in her pussy. That's Kennedy for you. What worried me is what she intended to do with the cum. She wasn't going to shower on the way out; I could hear someone was in there already. She'd be lucky to find it free. Not with four guys in the apartment, and just the one bathroom. As I've said, she does like me to lick come out of her, so I guess that was her plan.

I'm not too fond of that at the best of times, after its been marinating in her pussy all day, that really didn't appeal. Of course, the humiliation just turns me on, betrayed by my perversions. So the thought of it is both horrifying me, and turning me on. So I lay there for a while, waking up and recovering from the fuck.

Then got up when I heard the bathroom was free. So I go about my normal morning routine, showering, get breakfast etc, and I'm just thinking about what Kennedy has planned for me, and my cum. I come back to my room and try to work on the theory some, but the thoughts are just too distracting, and I'm hard.

I did consider getting out one of Kiki's DVDs, and jacking off, but I'm sure Kennedy has plans which would work better if I didn't. I stayed hard all morning, and got zero work done, when finally Kennedy came back. She breezes into my room, no knock or anything, not unusual, saying, "I got it.

Are you ready for it?" She was referring to the data, but she looked down at the bulge in my crotch. Now I wasn't ready, I'd let her down, and the thought of letting Kennedy down frightened me. Of course, being frightened turned me on, I'm messed up like that.

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"Sorry, I'm not done yet." "Why not?" She said, with a surprisingly not annoyed manner. It seemed safest to admit her plan, whatever it was, was working.

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"I keep thinking about what you have planned for me." Nodding towards her crotch. "I'm still in there, aren't I?" "And the thought turns you on, doesn't it?" She said, reaching down and rubbing my bulge. "Not exactly." She knew exactly what I meant and laughed a quick laugh and smiled at me. Then surprised me by saying, "Here let me help." And dropping to her knees, while unzipping me. Kennedy kneeling to give me a blowjob, something was wrong with the world. Well, blowjobs were normal, but the submissive posture she was in was definitely not Kennedy-like, but my dick didn't mind.

Most rational thought left me at that point, she is a truly excellent cocksucker; I'm so lucky. I was already hard, I was already leaking pre-cum, very ready for this, and Kennedy's skills just finished me off in no time.

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So now Kennedy's standing, my dick is slimy and deflating. She says, "Better? You should get to work; I'll just sit over here." She sat on the easy chair, facing me, when I glanced over her legs were open, her skirt was hiked up, and I could see the crotch of her panties.

At that point the idea of what was in them was overcoming the fact I could see them. I tried to work, but Kennedy tossed a few comments my way, which put me off, like "When you've done that, we can get something to eat, then lunch." So Kennedy was the something to eat. "I'm not going to force you, you're going to do it because you want to." I was thinking she was wrong there. After a while she started playing dirty, "You can have me whenever you want." She was unbuttoning the buttons on her shirt.

"But your first stop is here." Pointing to her crotch. I was getting hard again, and the desire to fuck was getting stronger than my repulsion. It was when she started rubbing her clit through her panties and moaning, that I got to where I couldn't think anymore, so I asked her, "Ok, Ok, what do you want?" "Just the usual you do so well. Your tongue in my pussy." That remark hit me like a mouth just clamped on my, now rock hard, dick. Her pussy now sounded like the most delicious meal ever, even with my cum in it, or maybe because of my cum in it.

I stepped over to her and knelt in front of her in my usual position, I like it like that, when I can think. In my current state I just got even more turned on. I stuck my nose into the crotch of her panties and inhaled deeply, her scent was strong and smelled of sex. It went straight to my dick, I had to have some of that. I roughly pulled the panties down to her ankles, spread her knees, and again stuck my nose into her.

Without the panties her scent was even stronger, intoxicating. I felt near to exploding. I hungrily tried to get all of the residue of our fuck out of her and onto my tongue. I licked as deep inside her as my tongue could reach. Then, I licked her up and down each pussy lip in turn, to get all that had been smeared over her by the crotch of her panties. She was now slick with her own juices, with only a hint of my stale cum.

I licked around her clit, and she bounced around in her seat like there was an earthquake. She was coming. I was so turned on, so consumed by lust, that unusually, I didn't wait for Kennedy's signal, I levered myself up the chair, so I could aim my dick at her pussy.

She was flat out, half-hanging off the chair, to let me at her. Now that just facilitated my entry.

Her eyes shot open as I rammed my dick home, then she relaxed and smiled as I pounded away at her. I was in no state to think rationally; I just needed to come the quickest way possible. Currently that was pounding Kennedy's pussy as hard and as fast as I could.

Her head lolled back as she moaned, I came, not caring about anything else. I found myself in a rather untenable position, propped up at an awkward angle to gain entry to Kennedy. I sort of slid down to end up half-sitting on the floor, hugging her knees. As rational thought returned, I thought that hadn't been a good move, forcing myself on Kennedy like that.

Nearing panic, I got up and sat on the arm of the chair, and said, "Sorry, I got carried away." Rather lame considering the circumstances. She stretched languorously, yawned and smiled. "Probably my own fault for winding you up so much. I'll have to do that again. Just don't think you can get away with that too often." She reached down, found the panties and drew them up, and added, "At least, not until after lunch.

Lets get some food, then maybe, you can have seconds." We got lunch, and then it was back to my place, I let us into my room; I was already hard in anticipation of what was to come. From behind me, Kennedy pressed something into my face, and laughed. It was her very messy panties, smeared with my cum. She laughed as she rubbed them over me, smearing my cum over my face.

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I sniffed deeply as I froze in place, my hard-on threatening to bust out of my pants. Satisfied with my humiliation for now, she told me, "Get them off." Referring to my clothes. Then she snapped her fingers, and pointed to the bed.

I tore my clothes off as fast as possible and lay on my back on the bed. Kennedy came over to me, raised her skirt up in an incongruously dainty manner, flipped up her leg to straddle my head and sat on my face with a splat!

I tried to do a good job on her as she squirmed, she definitely tasted like I'd come in her. She seemed to think I did a good job; it wasn't long before she came. Then, she got off of me and stood up, again, rather unsteadily. She was now naked above the waist, and her perfect boobs were on show, I liked that.

She pulled off the skirt and was now all naked, always a good thing. Then, she sat back down on top of me, facing the other way. This was a promising development, that put her in the perfect position to blow me, which she did. This was my favorite position to get a blowjob in; we both liked Kennedy's dominance and my submission like this.

I also got to lick her pussy, though I wasn't expected to necessarily get her off. I like having a pussy in my face like that, I'll come quickly like that, even after I'd come three times that day like I already had.

I did come. She then told me I'd better get back to work. She tried not to distract me, but she was lying in my bed naked, even if the covers were pulled up. She did say I could have her only once I'd finished, and if I got distracted she'd spank me.

Despite being turned on by the idea of a spanking, I really hate it, so that was motivation to keep my mind on the job, and she did seem to want me to do the work this time.

Once I got into it, I managed to not actually think about her and get lost in it. So I did finally manage to finish the work. I analyzed the data she'd brought, and it fit the theory, within reasonable bounds of error. When I let out my whoop! of joy at that, Kennedy came over, naked, to check the numbers. That was when I remembered there was a naked Kennedy in the room, and instantly stopped thinking of work.

However, Kennedy was pleased and unusually asked me what I wanted, in the way of sex, in celebration. The sixty-nine sounded good to me, so that's what we did. We both came again.