Exotic Camgirl Shows off her Perfect Body

Exotic Camgirl Shows off her Perfect Body
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Marie was a girl just blossoming into womanhood. A stylist young Parisienne who had just turned 22. Her light blonde hair was cut stylishly short and fiercely moussed. Her makeup was applied with impeccable precision, highlighting her large blue eyes. She wore tight denim capri's by the trendiest designer, and a loose cotton top that when she moved just right showed a flash of her budding breasts. It was early friday morning and she was out in the suburbs, returning from an after hours club.

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She had been drinking and taking E and was feeling in the mood for a laugh. She stopped at a newsstand to grab a bottle of water and a copy of Charlie Hebdo. It was a satirical magazine and always good for a laugh. The cover had a picture of Mohammed and the cover and she laughed. There was going to be so much chaos from this. The plebeians out here in the suburbs will riot for sure. It will be so much fun to appear to be above it.

She turned the corner to head toward the metro for her ride home when she heard a muzzien calling from a nearby mosque for morning prayers. She smiled and thought maybe to cause a little trouble of her own. She was walking by the mens entrance to the mosque when she bent down to adjust her high heels. This had two effects. Firstly it pointed her shapely ass right at the men who were entering the mosque and secondly it caused her loose top to slide up her bare torso showing off her breasts still covered in glitter from the night of raving before.

One of the men turned to her and spat at her. He had a long salt and pepper beard with hair close cropped to his head and one of those funny skull caps. He wasn't wearing proper clothes either. He had on those robes that they were. It was a long one piece affair that went down to his ankles and fit tight across his gross belly. "Don't spit at me you disgusting Jew!" She said standing up and facing him, her breasts still bared.

She knew he was Muslim but she wanted to get him really angry. "Infidel bitch!" He grabbed her and called out in Arabic to his friends who came running to help. The grabbed her and dragged her into the entrance area.

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The stripped off her shoes and tossed her into a fountain. She splashed the water at them. "Pigs! You'll pay for this." The stripped off there shoes and carried her into the mosque proper. There were prayer mats covering half the floor and a cart with the rest them about to spread out. The who spat on her grabbed her top and yanked it hard. It tore away from her wet body.

Her nipples were firm with the good water. They were small, hardly larger than the goose bumps that covered her body. The one who spat on her shouted, "In the presence of you witnesses, she is now my wife and will teach her obedience." He reached down and lifted the robe over his body revealing a large hairy gut that merged with his beard.

Marie caught her self staring at penis though. She had seen her share. Kissed and licked and fucked her share of penises as well. This one was bald. All of the hair had been shaved from around it and he was circumcised. Something that she had only seen once before. It was large and angry and coming at her mouth. The angry purple head was dripping precum. She felt it go into her mouth and was tempted to bite it. It was out as quickly as it was in. A hand came down and smacked her hard.

"If I feel one tooth you will loose them all" She could feel her eye starting to swell shut as the dick was shoved back into her mouth. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want to pleasure him but at the same time she wanted the to end. She wrapped her lips around the end and then began licking. She swirled her tongue around the tip and then began sucking.

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She varied the pace and listened to his breathing. As it sped up so did she. Faster and faster her tongue went around the head of his penis until he started spurting in her mouth. She had a plan.

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She held his cum in her mouth, her lips and cheeks suctioning more out. "Now my friends, enjoy my new wifes mouth." The next man, the youngest of the group and perhaps only 40 walked up to her. He had dark skin, an Algerian she thought dismissively. he had a scraggly beard. He wore a dark green with gold trim.

Very plain in her estimation but garish compared to the beige robes of the others. He lifted it up revealing a wiry frame and an out of place pot belly. Marie smiled and spat the mouthful of cum in his face. His hand was quick to fly and he hit her hard knocking her over.

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He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her up to meet his massive tool. It was the largest she had ever seen. A full 25cm long and large around as well. Underneath hung the largest balls she had seen. Without ceremony it was thrust down her throat and she gagged. She couldn't breath as the penis plowed down her mouth. She could do nothing as his hand worked her head back and forth.

"Stop" she mumbled, coughing and gagging.


Again, down her throat. When he pulled her head back she vomited over his penis. He pulled her head forward and held it. She couldn't breathe. She felt his cum pouring down her gullet as his massive tool twitched in her throat. She collapsed to the ground vomiting. Out of her mouth came a mixture of vomit, cum and blood. She lay for a moment her face in the mess. The third man poked her with a walking stick.

He was already naked and looked to be 100. He stood there with his shriveled dick. "Suck it infidel!" She crawled over and wrapped her lips around his penis.

She sucked on it for a good 5 minutes and was finally rewarded with a dribble of cum. The fourth and fifth men had dropped there plain brown robes but were still wearing the skull caps. They were standing in front of her shaved cut cocks standing at attention.

She took one cock in each hand and began to jerk them off. She alternated sucking and kissing the ends. The two of them finished at the same time their cum streaking her hair. "Now to make her my wife officially!" The first man shouted and threw her on the cart of mats face first. The rugs were rough and scraped against her delicate breasts. His hands grabbed the back of her tight jeans,the most effective birth control she used.


She had a hard enough time getting them on and off and guys never could. He pulled on her dragging her torso across the rough mats. She could feel the rug burn. There was a brief discussion in Arabic and she heard the shick sound of a knife being opened and felt the cold steel against her back.

The sharp knife cut off her pants leaving a thin line of blood down the back of each leg. There was nothing she could do but cry when she felt the cock enter her pussy. It was long and hard and filled her. He thrust deep and hard and with every push the cart underneath her rocked and her clit and nipples chafed on the rough prayer rugs. He was pounding into her and she could feel her pussy start to get wet.

She was starting to feel pleasure as he pounded her. Then he stopped moving. He laughed and said "Watch this." He grabbed her skinny thighs and pushed her forward. She and the cart rolled along his hard dick. Then just before he was out, he pulled back forcing her onto his hardness.

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The advantage to this for her was that he was going slower. Unfortunately his fingers were digging in hard to her thighs. She would have bruises for sure. He picked up the pace. Pushing and pulling on her thighs as the others laughed.

She was sore and rugburned but she felt her pussy tighten and contract squeezing his cock. Then he started cominghis belly flappy down on her ass and he collapsed on top of her.

She could hardly breath as he was panting. He pulled his penis out and saw no blood. "The whore. I married a whore. No blood, I wasn't the first." He spat on her and shouted, "I divorce you. I divorce you. I divorce you." The Algerian smiled. He picked up the ruins of her panties and used them to mop up some of the vomit on the floor. He placed them over her ass and then used a thumb to start to push them up inside.

She resisted a bit but she was too tired to fight off the invader. He then took his massive penis and placed it at the entrance to her ass. She had never done anal sex before. She had heard some girls talk it up, cheaper than rubbers they would say but she always felt disgusted by the idea.

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She felt his cock push into her. It was difficult at first. She felt a pulling and tearing. She was weeping now. He thrust into her hard and all of the sudden he was all the way in.

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His large hands were on her hips and he pushed her towards him and away. Another man stood in front of her with his dick at the ready. She didn't know what do so she started sucking. Her arms were pulled out the sides and the men wrapped her hands around their dicks.

She just held on as they worked her arms in and out, jerking off themselves off her hands. When they all finished, they kicked her out, a bleeding, tear stained mess covered in cum.