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Schwule jungen porno
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Mike and Keisha are good friends of ours, they live across the street.

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Linda, my wife and I talked about taking a trip to Vegas and we asked Mike and Keisha if they wanted to go along. They were all excited to go since they have never been to Vegas. My wife and I go out there every year, so we know the ropes pretty well. Mike came up to me and asked if we could teach them a little about playing some of the games we would encounter out there in the casinos.

Linda thought it was a great idea and even suggested that we dress the part, like we were already in Vegas and play Saturday night in our home. Keisha and Linda loved the idea of getting all dressed up and they went off talking to each other about what they were going to bring to Vegas and what they would wear Saturday night. Saturday night came along and Keisha and Mike arrived about 8 pm, as I opened the door I was taken aback, Keisha looked amazing.


Let me describe her, and try to do her justice. Keisha is black and is 33 years old about 5 foot 9 with long beautiful legs, big bubble butt and huge breasts about 38d. She looks a lot like Halle berry but with longer hair. She was wearing this really short red dress that was barely below the top of her thighs, with a very low neckline that showed her ample cleavage.

She looked so hot I barely remember Mike, Mike was dressed in a nice suit, European cut that displayed his nice physique. Mike is also black and was a former football player; he is 38 years old about 6 foot 2 and 225 pounds. And from seeing him in the showers he has a huge cock about 9 inches and very thick.

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As I was admiring Keisha, Mike was admiring Linda, who chose to also wear a very short black dress that accentuated her beautiful legs. Linda is well toned but much smaller than Keisha. Linda is 34 years old only 5 foot 2, looks a lot like Nicole Kidman just shorter, same nice small ass and breasts about 34b but with very large perky nipples.

As for myself, I am 5foot 11, 41 years old about 175 pounds, I am not the muscle man that Mike is but I don't look to bad myself. Anyway I invited them in and we went into the family room where I had set up out table with cards and poker chips. We all sat down and I started to show them how to play smart blackjack. We did that for about an hour and we proceeded to play other games, after a while we decided to just have fun and play poker. We divided the chips between us and played for another hour or so.

When you're not playing for money poker can be kind of boring and I could tell the girls had just about enough, I looked over at Mike and gave him a nod that he had been waiting for.

You see Mike and I have oftened talked about fucking each others wives but never came up with a way to do it, until last night when we discussed it and decided to see if we could get something going.

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Anyway when Mike saw me nod he said "you know James this is boring, not playing for money, why don't we have a little fun" I said "what do you have in mind" We both looked like we were in deep thought And I said "hmm I know something we could do But" "But what" Linda asked "Hmm I am not sure I should tell you, it's silly" "Come on James tell us" Keisha blurted out "Well we could play a game of strip poker and when we stop to lose too many clothes we could always stop" "James that sounds like a great idea" Mike stated The girls look at each other and smiled and they both said "what the hell sounds like fun" I went to the liquor cabinet and brought some wine and said "I don't know about you but I need a drink" and smiled I poured wine for all of us and we started the game by laying out the ground rules, the loser of the hand had to remove one article of clothing, we all agreed and we shuffled the deck and dealt the first hand.

Now Mike and I had had planned to start losing in the beginning so the girls would get comfortable with the game plus it would give us more time for the wine to take effect. So the first 3 hands was lost by me, and I removed both shoes and a sock, then Mike had a bad streak of luck and he lost the next 4 hands and had to remove his shoes and socks.

The girls were giggling every time we lost and were enjoying the show because we made a big deal when ever we lost and very slowly and seductively removed our socks. The next hand was lost by Linda and she removed one shoe, than it was Keisha's turn and she took off a shoe also, the girls lost the next two hands and they both removed there other shoes.

Mike lost the next hand and took off his jacket, followed by his tie. I lost the next three hands and took off my jacket and tie then finally I started to unbutton my shirt and the girls were howling as if I was a Chippendale dancer.

Mike lost the next hand and followed my lead by doing a little dance as he took off his shirt and showed of his muscular chest. The girls loved it. The next hand was lost by Linda and she very slowly and seductively took off one of her stockings that were held by her garter belt.

Keisha lost the next hand, she was wearing pantyhose and she removed them, we couldn't keep our eyes off her as she tried to take them off without flashing her panties. The game was getting very intense you could smell the sexual tension in the room. I lost the next hand stood up and took of my pants, leaving me in my boxers.

It was Mike's turn to lose and he stood up and lowered his pants, Mike was wearing white briefs that really accentuated his bulge and his dark black skin again the white cotton briefs.

Linda couldn't keep her eyes off his bulge. Linda lost the next hand and off came her other stocking. Then Keisha lost a hand, she stood up very seductively and raised the dressed above her head leaving her in a white thong and a white lacy bra that was so see through, you could see her nice dark nipples. Linda lost the next hand and she stood up near Mike and did a little dance as she lowered her dress and stood out of it leaving her in her black panties and tiny black bra which looked great against her dark tan and long blond hair.

We were all down to our underwear and I wondered if the girls wanted to continue playing. I assumed they did and dealt out the next hand. But Linda said "wow that was exciting, but I am not sure if we should continue playing we are down to our underwear, what do you think Keisha" "Well we have gone this far and what the hell it's not like we haven't seen a naked body before, let's keep playing I am not ready to quit yet, this sis to much fun.

Linda noned and everyone picked up their cards.


I then said "hey since we are all having fun here why don't we modify the rules a little" "Like what" Keisha asked "How about the winner of the hand helps to take off the article of clothing from the loser" Mike chimed in "hey I love it let's do it" Keisha purred "mmm sounds divine" Linda smiled and the game was on. Keisha lost the first hand and I won, so Keisha stood up and walked up next to me, I stood and Unhooked her bra, the clasp was in the front, and I took my time circling my fingers in her cleavage to disengage the bra.

Slowly I pulled the bra away and revealed the largest nicest breasts I had ever seen, nice and soft, and delicious. Keisha went back to her seat, and I did too trying to hide the hard on she gave me. Next Linda lost a hand and Mike won, so he stood up and went over to her seat, and he stood behind her, reached over and unclasped her bra as he breathed on her neck, you could tell Linda was totally aroused as he coped a quick feel as he took of her Bra.

The next hand was Lost By Linda again and Keisha was the winner, so Linda stood next to Keisha, she was still seated as she started to lower Linda's panties, her mouth was so close to Linda's pussy that Linda told me later she could feel her breath on her pussy, as Linda walked away Keisha gave her a smack on the butt.

Linda turned around smiled and said "I owe you one" Keisha lost the next hand and I won so she walked over to me, turned around and I was staring at this beautiful black ass.

I lowered her panties as slow as I could without seeming to obvious. She bent over as I lowered her panties past her butt, her ass was mere inches from my face and I made it a point to breath deeply on her ass so she could feel it The next hand was lost by Mike, Linda won the hand so Mike stood up and walked over to Linda, she was seated about dick level with Mike.

His bulge was immense. Linda hooked her fingers on either side of Mike briefs and started to lower them, but she was having a little trouble just sliding them down because his cock was so big.

As she cleared the briefs past his pubic hair she pulled them out a little so she could lower the past his bulge. The moment she cleared his bulge his immense cock sprang out and hit her on the lips, she quickly stepped back, but the damage was done, his cock had momentarily been on my wife's lips, and I got hard instantly.

Mike took his seat back at the table.

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And I then said "hey guys since I am the only one with still clothes on if you guys lose what you take off or do" Mike answered by saying " hey I have an idea how about the loser has to do what ever the two people that didn't lose say, and the winner reaps the rewards" We all agreed, I won the next hand and Linda won so Mike and Keisha told Linda she had to kiss me deeply for a minute.

Linda came over to me and Kissed me like she never had before, the combination of the wine and seeing Mike's cock had her really horny. Keisha won the next hand and Linda lost, Mike and I looked at each other smiled and said okay Linda do the same to Keisha that you did to James. Linda stood up and so did Keisha they met half way, I saw Linda take Keisha's face and slowly shower her face with kisses before sliding her tongue in Keisha's mouth.

It was so hot I saw Mike playing with his cock as he watched them kissed. When they were done kissing they were both flushed with excitement. I won the next hand and Mike lost, the girls had a devilish look on their faces. They said for Mike to slowly take off my boxers.

We both protested, but they said if we weren't willing to play along the game was over. So Mike and I shrugged, I stood up he came over to me and quickly took them off, but the girls said no he had to do it slowly.

So Mike put them back on me, and started to slowly lower my boxers, I couldn't help myself I had a hard on and it was very evident as mike lowered them he was eye level and he had a good view.

Mike sat back down I shuffled the deck and past out the next hand. Mike won and Linda lost I told her to sit on his lap and French kiss him. Linda got up off her chair walked over to Mike as he pulled his chair away from the table, she straddled him, sat down with his cock hitting her stomach and they kissed deeply for a full minute. As Linda got up I saw a trail of pre-cum on her stomach. I won the next hand and Keisha lost, this time Linda blurted out "Keisha I want you to masturbate James for a full minute." Keisha was shocked but smiled seductively as she walked over to me got on her knees and slowly reached for my cock, she let her hand glide over my crotch area, as she moved it along my cock and grasped my head and gave it a squeeze.

She was mesmerized by my uncut cock as she played with it pulling it up and down, she started to jerk me faster as the minute approached, Mike yelled time and it was a good thing, if he hadn't I would have exploded all over her face. Next Linda lost and Keisha won and Mike said "Linda I want you to go over and caress her breast and lick them.

Keisha stood up walked over to Linda and sat on her lap as Linda started to caress Keisha's large breasts, Keisha used her hand to guide Linda's head to her breasts. As Linda got nearer she stuck out her tongue and flicked one of Keisha' nipples. You could tell it sent shivers down Keisha's spine. Linda then started to suck on one of her breasts as she pulled her nipple on her other breast. Mike and I were openly jerking off as we watched. After Linda was done we dealt out the next hand I lost and shit Mike won.

The girls turned to me and they both said "James go jerk off Mike for one minute" Damn damn damn, I am straight guy, always have been and always will, but secretly I have always had a fantasy to feel another man's cock.

Of course I never expected to do anything about it, but here I am Mike standing in front of me, I watch my hand reach up, as if it belongs to someone else, and slowly touch his entire cock.

Mike was real close to me and I was staring at the most beautiful biggest cock I had ever seen, and my hand was stroking it.

30 seconds past and I was really jerking his cock good, so good that with about five seconds to Mike's legs got wobbly and I felt this hot shot of sperm hit my chest.

Mike was Cumming all over my chest and I kept jerking his cock. The girls gasped for air as Mike came.

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Mike started apologizing, he said ": man I am so sorry, I guess I was so excited I couldn't hold back" I said "forget about it I almost came myself when I was being jerked off. I went to go get a towel but the girls stopped me, they said I looked so hot with mike's cum running down my chest. Keisha reached over and rubbed Mike's cum all over me. The ice was broken, there were no more taboos, and we were free to experiment. So when Keisha lost the next hand and Linda won, I told Linda to go lie on the sofa and for Keisha to kneel down and Lick her pussy.

Keisha bent down and started to lick her thighs and moved her way up to Linda's lips, she licked her outer lips and slowly curled her tongue and put it inside Linda's pussy, you could tell Keisha had found her "g" spot because Linda was squirming all over the place.

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Keisha then moved up to her clit and drew little circles with her tongue all around her clit, she them wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked it into her mouth, Linda had a mind blowing orgasm as she drove "keisha's head into her pussy.

Afterward she was a little embarrassed, but we went back to the table.


Mike won the next hand and Linda lost, so I told Linda to go sit on my lap again and kiss him but this time I wanted his cock in her pussy not on her stomach. Linda stood up and walked over to Mike as he pulled out the chair, Linda looked down as Mike held his massive cock in his hand pointed at her pussy as she lowered herself, Mike's cock broke through her pubic hair and we watched as Linda's pussy slowly devour Mike's cock.

She lowered herself all the way till she was impaled by his massive black cock, she then reached over and started to kiss his face till their lips met and started to French kiss. Linda made no pretense of what she wanted, she wanted to fuck mike and she started to buck up and down on his cock.

We told them time was up but Linda didn't care she was not stopping till Mike came inside her, she kept riding his cock, Mike stood up holding her ass in his massive hands, his cock still in her, he walked over to our bedroom, we followed like lost puppies, as Mike laid her down on the bed, put her legs on his shoulders and really drove his cock into her pussy.

Next thing I know I feel a warm mouth on my cock as Keisha knelt down before me and was sucking it deep into her mouth as I watched my wife getting fucked by her new found black stud, sheer ecstasy was written all over her face.

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Mike was fucking her deep and hard and we I heard that familiar scream as Linda came. Hearing her cum sent me over the edge and I exploded inside of Keisha's mouth, she swallowed every drop. Mike grunted and came inside my wife's womb, until this day I was the only man she had ever fucked and now she was corrupted by her black lover. Mike pulled out and Keisha grabbed my hand and went over and started to lick the cum out of Linda's pussy, she grabbed my hair and pulled me close and told me "James lick the cum out of her pussy, get it nice and clean so Mike can fuck her again.

I bent over and dove face first into her pussy. The cum was dripping out of her pussy and I licked it all up and Keisha kissed me as we shared their juices, I went back to licking Linda. I noticed Keisha signal to Mike to come over, Mike's placed his cock near his wife's mouth and she started to blow him as I licked Linda, Since I was next to Keisha mike's cock was very close to me, I felt Keisha pull my hair and brought my face close to her as she sucked mike, she pulled her mouth away from his cock, grabbed it and brought it to my lips' and said James lick Mike's cock clean so he can go and fuck your wife again.

Mike pushed his cock near my lips, I opened my mouth and his head touch the inside of my lips, my tongue swirled around his cock and he pushed his cock further into my mouth, Linda and Keisha sat back as they watched me Suck Mike's cock> they were both fingering each other to orgasm as I pulled mikes' cock deeper into my mouth, he was really enjoying, and he started to cum in my mouth. It caught me by surprise and I started to pull away but mike held my head as he drained his cock in my mouth, I felt the first wave of hot cum hit the back of my throat and I did the best I could to swallow it all, but some still dribbled out of my mouth he finally let go and fell back on the chair exhausted, I crawled up on the bed and laid down, Keisha then put one of her legs over me and lowered her pussy on my cock, she very slowly rode my cock, Linda straddled my face and I licked the remaining cum out of her pussy.

Keisha rode my cock as the girls played with each others breasts and kissed.

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Mike felt left out. So he got behind Linda and pushed his cock past my mouth and into Linda's pussy, as he fucked her I licked the bottom of his cock and balls.

I felt Keisha' start to tremble which sent me over the edge and I exploded inside her as she came on my cock. Hearing his wife cum sent Mike over the edge and he came inside Linda, I licked up all the juices from the both of them, as he pulled out his cock flopped down into my waiting mouth and I sucked him clean. We all fell onto the bed exhausted, and laughed at what we had done.

And we all agreed that this was not going to be the last time. We made sure we only got one room when we went to Vegas, but that is another story. I hope you enjoyed my story and give me feedback and suggestions on how you would have made it better or if you have other ideas and please don't forget to grade my story