Doctor stares hymen examination and virgin sweetie riding

Doctor stares hymen examination and virgin sweetie riding
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Message Body It was decided that she would meet a new friend to oversee and host a special introduction with the tension of a sightless sound and tactile experience. Like the dark dome at the Exploratorium it would focus by reducing the distractions and leading her through a guided journey. Jan was given a map to the meeting and parked her car on the street a few doors from the address given.


Her instructions were specific wear an overcoat and and top only, no pants, skirt or panties. She was told what to bring: A hood ~ with only an opening for her mouth, a gag of her choice, and an insertion toy for each opening, and a suitable lubricant.her only other choices.

She knew that things would be determined for her once she arrived. It was a middle class suburb near her house but, she had to leave early to have the courage for what she knew was ahead. The door was answered by a friendly middle aged woman, the wife of the other "helper" . She came in and sat down on the sofa. They chatted about their mutual enjoyment of erotic adventures and her host shared the story of an adult club encounter she had with her husband.

The sexual tension grew as Jan listened to the other woman's enjoyment and enthusiastic excitement being expressed so well. It was a contagious feeling already spreading all over her skin.

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They chatted about some other risque ideas that they had either tried or imagined. Soon she became quite comfortable in these surroundings and knew she was ready for what was in store for her. Jan slipped the hood over her head and let herself go into the dark realm of anonymous encounter she had been dreaming about for so long.

Next she felt hands touching her and placing her gag inside her mouth. The sightless loss of any perciptions being confirmed was joined by the knowledge that she could not cry for help.she trusted the smiling woman and knew she would be watched but, also watched out for. She was excited by the fear that still remained and the knowledge that she had made clear how they had agreed to her complete submission to his commands.

It was a freedom to enjoy that realm of taboo lust she understood from a clinical perspective but, could not fully enjoy without giving in to her need to be lead through these journeys of her desire.

Her lips were moistened by the thoughts racing around in her restless mind. Then she felt the hands removing her shoes and reaching inside her coat to manually inspect her damp crotch with a slight brush of the fingertips.

She smiled to herself though it was not visible because of the gag. The fingers wandered up to her chest and lightly squeezed each nipple to assess the tension within and the fullness of her milk glands. They were full and swollen with anticipation. The hands opened the coat just enough to expose her left breast and then unknown lips surrounded her nipple and aureole and began to suck. She felt a twinge that shot straight down to her swollen clitoral goddess bud and was further electrified when another set of lips began to work on her right breast as well.

She could hear the woman host walking around the room whispering to her husband and the original unknown attacker. She was helpless to resist the overwhelming pleasing feeling that was taking over her perceptions. The dark world inside the hood allowed her to let go the her forbidden desires and she was unable to protest as the sucklers began to explore a little with their hands.touching the sensitive undersides of her breasts and feeling her smooth belly with a ticklish movement.

Then the hosts pulled her coat down over her shoulders in a way that immobilized her arms and some soft leather cuffs were placed around her wrists and clipped together behind her back.

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The nursing continued at a pace that was quickly draining her nourishing milk. Finally she was sucked dry and knew something more was about to follow. The gag was removed and she was kissed forcefully on the lips while another mouth began to give her a light licking around the perimeter of her "lower" lips. She her breath came to a halt and then she sighed and let go to the invasion of tongues that commenced from both ends.

Then she was places an her side on the sofa and a hard cock replaced the first tongue in her mouth. It grew instantly a fraction of an inch just by virtue of his immediate arousal increase. They were electrified by the crazy sensations and adrenal response that held them on edge. As though a current flowed between swollen penetrations and their inner electro emotional energy. It could only get better she knew as the cock between her legs drove in until his pelvis jammed her clitoris between them under volcanic pressure conditions.

Her could feel her heat gathering as she came and came with building intensity.

He slowed and caught his breath adjusting his position now to rub and vibrate her inner membranes around her g-spot with the crown of his cock. He played her like a violin or bass fiddle changing his speeds and pressures to establish his control of her response.

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She was feeling the tactile ranges like a symphony all over now her skin. Dan had her now and she knew it. This unlikely clandestine idea had finally germinated into fruition. Her flower was chasing his seed to the end of his stalk but, he held it in yet pleased her again and again. Then after she thought she would pass out he switched places with the partner and took over with the gagging duty.

The host's husband had risen to the occasion and soon had her playing new tunes in her love harmonica.


She had given her gift of milk and they used their energy to recharge her systems from head to toe. The husband pulled out after a succession of responses had them both filled with enjoyment. The men switched again and she quickly drank the husbands semen with an unconscious mineral craving gulp. Now her master paused and pulled out leaving her ready but unoccupied for the moment. He had been satisfied at the brink of his contractions and held rather than spilled his energetic seed.

It built his strength and tuned his skills and feelings. He smiled. They had met early in the afternoon and she had nothing on her schedule until the following evening. She was handcuffed and led to the toilet and sat down after her feet were shackled to a bar on the floor.

She was left there with her one hand unbound and the other cuffed to her foot. She used the toilet in her blackout world and found the paper. As soon as she finished she was walked back to the sink cleaned and inspected carefully before being led to the bedroom and bound to the bed using straps under the box springs.

The lights were turned out in the blacked out room and the took off her hood but kept her gagged all the while. There was no room for escape or even protest. She just gave in to her master and his any whim.

His methods of using her played perfectly into her unconventional interests and kept him clear of any existing circle of friends.

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She felt so sophisticated, so european, so artiste. Her wetness was a fact of life now; having drunk the available juices offered she had only her own response to blame for the wet mess below her waist. She fell asleep while the men rested back in the living room drinking some fruit and yogurt drinks to keep their own milk energy up. The pleasures were just beginning, she knew it, they knew it ~ It was going to better than the expected and that in itself raised their after glowing enjoyment.

What was in store for the rest of the afternoon and evening? It would be a deliberate decision to best take advantage of the situation.

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What devilish ideas would unfold next?