Niedliche Coed rylie Richman wird ihre enge Pussy schlug

Niedliche Coed rylie Richman wird ihre enge Pussy schlug
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Last summer I got an internship at a prestigious law firm in the city. I was really excited about the professional opportunity, but at the time I had no idea what else I was going to experience that summer. The firm was huge with hundreds of lawyers working there.

There were a lot of other interns and each of us was assigned to one of the younger lawyers who would have more time to show us around. On my first day I walked in through the big glass doors wearing a fitted black pencil skirt that perfectly hugged my hips and butt and had a slit in the front that went just high enough to give a peak of my toned thighs. On top I wore a top that accentuated my small waist and showed just enough cleavage to still be considered professional. The outfit was finished off with a pair of black heels and my long brown hair flowing down past my shoulders.

I was feeling confident as walking towards the elevator; ready to work hard and hopefully set myself up for a job after I graduated in the spring. That confidence quickly disappeared as I stepped into the elevator and my heal got stuck in the door divot. The door started closing and I became more frazzled as I tried to wiggle my foot loose. All of a sudden my foot slid out of the shoe and I fell forward, somehow maintaining my balance and not falling on my face.

As I turned around I grab my shoe, I saw him. Kneeling before me was one of the sexiest men I had ever seen. He was wearing a nice black suit with a white shirt and light blue tie. He had dark chocolate colored skin and his black hair was nicely cut with fades on the sides. WIth my muscular arms he pulled the shoe straight up and as he looked up at me to hand it to me I realized that I knew this beautiful man.

-"Trevor?!" "Amelia? What are you doing here? It's been forever! Wow… You look amazing!" Trevor and I had gone to the same college. He was a senior when I was a freshman and although we were pretty good friends at the time, we lost touch after he graduated. I always had the biggest crush on Trevor. He was sweet guy and was always able to make me laugh. It didn't hurt that he also looked like a mix of a model and an NFL player.

- "Today's my first day.

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I have an internship here for the summer. What about you…what are you doing here?" - " I started working here about a year ago. Talk about a small world. How have you been? Are you still dating that guy?" That guy that he was talking about was my ex boyfriend Lamar. Lamar and I had started dating pretty soon after having started college and had recently broken up after dating for three years. "Umm actually no, we broke up a couple months ago actually.

But other than that I've been good. What about you?" "Well right now I'm just trying to focus on working my way up the ladder here. I was dating someone that I met in law school but it didn't work out. " -"Oh I'm sorry to hear that." -"Don't be, she wasn't the one for me. And besides. what are the chances we would both end up working in the same place and both be single?" Then he smiled that smile that always made my knees go weak.

The elevator doors opened and we stepped off onto the fourteenth floor and I was immediately greeted by Kimberly, the perky intern coordinator. Kimberly quickly swept me away and as we were pacing down the hallway I turned to catch a glimpse of Trevor only to catch him still standing there and staring at my ass.

In that moment I knew that this was going to be a summer I would remember for the rest of my life. The first week of the internship was incredibly busy and flew by. I often ran into Trevor in the hallway but we hadn't gotten much of a chance to talk. Every morning there was a floor meeting where new cases were announced and any other important information.

As the meeting finished up Kimberly asked me to stick around so we could talk. -"This is sort of unusual, but one of the lawyers recently lost their assisted due to maternity leave and specifically requested to have you fill in. It would mean leaving the internship, but you'd probably get more experience. What do you say?" I was confused about what was happening but it didn't seem like something I could say no to. Kimberly walked me down the hall. "Alright this is the office, and that's your desk.

Mr. Jordan should be right in" Mr. Jordan… as in Trevor Jordan. Trevor had requested to have me work for him? "Amelia! Glad to see you agreed to my proposition" "Of course… but can I ask why you asked for me and not one of the experienced legal secretaries?" -"well first of all I am more than positive you can handle whatever I'm gonna throw at you and I'm happy to help train you.

And second of all, I wanted to spend more time with you and with Debbie going on leave, this seemed like the perfect chance" I was flattered and thinking about working so closely with Trevor made me a little wet.

"I have to warn you though, I am working on a pretty big case right now and there's still a lot of research that needs to be done. We're going to have to work a lot of hours, and there are going to be some late nights, possibly all nighters.

Are you okay with that?" Although I know that he was being serious, Trevor had a playful smirk on his face. "That is fine by me! I am at your service Mr. Jordan" I said in a flirty tone.

After that we sat down and he began to fill me in on the case. That next week we were deep into working on the case. It had been so great to reconnect with Trevor and he had already taught me more than I could have ever hoped for. Other than the flirty joking around, things between us had stayed pretty professional.


However the sexual tension was palpable and I often caught him checking me out in the reflection. It was common many of the lawyers stayed late but typically most of them cleared out pretty early on Fridays to start their weekends. This particular Friday Trevor and I had to stay late to prepare for our big deposition on Monday.

By 8 pm the office was pretty much empty other than the two of us. We ordered chinese food to help us get through the night. As we were eating, Trevor started to talk about the past.

"You know… I always had a thing for you back in the day." "Really? I mean I know we flirted and stuff but I didn't know you actually liked me." "Ya well you were with Lamar and you seemed happy. I knew that I was going to be leaving after that year so I didn't want to mess things up for you.

Part of me always regretted not telling you how I felt though." "I'm glad you told me. And it's sweet that you wanted me to be happy. I was happy, but I was also really attracted to you and loved hanging out.

It always felt so easy and comfortable." "Yeah I know what you mean. I've never felt that chill around a girl like I did with you. Haha even after I left school I still had some pretty dirty dreams about you." "Oh yeah? Tell me about them." "I could. But I would rather show you." Trevor spun my chair towards him and pulled me up into his arms as he stood up. I looked up into his deep brown eyes. As he started slowly leaning down towards my mouth, he reached up and held my face with both of his hands and when his big lips softly touched mine for the first time I felt weak.

Luckily, Trevor was holding me so close that even if I completely collapsed I wasn't going anywhere. The kiss got deeper and Trevor slid his tongue into my mouth. I went up on my tippy toes as my arms reacher up around his neck. Trevor's hands worked their way down my back until he was cupping my ass in his giant hands. As he picked me upI wrapped my legs around his waist and he leaned down so that I was sitting on the conference room table.

We kept passionately kissing as he pulled my blouse up over my head, exposing my size 34 D boobs in a black bra made completely out of lace and I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my hands up over his amazing abs, toned pecs, and broad shoulders. I hopped off the table and he unzipped my skirt, leaving me wearing only the bra, a matching black lace thong, and my heels.

"Wow… you look better than I ever imagined!" He spun me around and bent me forward over the table and began to spank me. He ran his hands all over my body, taking in every curve, and knelt down behind me. He pulled my panties to the side and spread my asscheeks. Trevor lifted one of my legs up onto the table and began licking my clit from under me.

I began moaning as he worked his tongue in and out of my pussy. Then he did something that I had never experienced before. As he slid his finger inside me and played with my pussy, he began to like my ass. It felt so incredibly good and after only a few seconds I came and my pussy was dripping wet.

I turned around, undid his pants, pulled them down and as I kneeled down I exposed his massive black dick that was rock hard, standing straight up on it's own. "OMG!" Trevor laughed at my reaction and said, "Don't worry baby girl, I'll go slow" At the moment I wasn't worried about anything other than making Trevor feel as good as he had just made me feel. I started licking his big balls and gently sucking on them.

I could only fit one in my mouth at a time but they got nice and wet from me switching back and forth. I licked up all around his big shaft and swirled my tongue around the head. I slid the head into my mouth, sucking on it, letting the wetness run down the shaft and working it with my hand as more of it went into my mouth.

His did was so hard I could feel it throbbing in my hand. This dick was so thick that it was stretching my mouth to the max.

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I worked it down my throat until I started to gag and then kept it there for a second to allow my throat to adjust. Trevor reached down and pulled my hair back and as I sped up slamming his dick down my throat he pulled my hair.

He came so hard and so much that even after swallowing multiple times, some of his cum ran down my chin. He wiped it off using his finger and I pulled his hand towards me, sliding the finger into my mouth and sucking the cum off of it.

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I wanting him to know how much I wanted him. Me sucking on his finger made his dick start to get hard again. I stood up and he picked me up and placed me on the table again. This time is slid my thong down over my ass and up and over my legs and heels.

He spread my legs and bent, licking my pussy and sucking on my clit. I wanted to feel him inside me so bad I thought I was going to explode if I had to wait any longer. "Trevor get inside me now!!!" He stood up and kissed my lips intensely. I could taste my juices on his tongue and it tasted very sweet.

He lifted his 10 inch dick and started rubbing it against my clit. "oooooo" It felt so good. The outside of my pussy was so wet that he was able to slide his dick all over it. I wrapped my legs around his waisted and pulled him closer to me in attempt to get him inside me.

He kept lifting and dropping his dick down on me with a thud. He slid the head into my pussy and I let out a squeal of pain. "Are you ok??" "yeah. It's just so big. You're gonna tear me apart" "You're pussy is so tight! Babygirl I got plans for that pussy. I'll take it easy on you at first but by the end of tonight your pussy isn't gonna want any other dick than mine." I really hoped that he was right. He kept working his dick deeper inside me, letting me adjust, until he was balls deep inside me.

He kept in inside me like that for a minute while he kissed my lips and pulled me close to him. Then he laid my back down on the table, slid his dick out, and then thrusted hard and deep into my soaking wet pussy making me scream at the top of my lungs out of pleasure and pain as my pussy walls convulsed around his dick.

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He kept fucking me deep, thrusting as far as my pussy would let him. He lifted me up off the table and supported me by holding my ass and slamming my pussy against him, his dick bottoming out in my pussy.

"ahhhh! OMG! You fuck me soo good!!" As if my pussy wasn't wet enough, he put me legs up over his shoulder and pulled me so that I was sitting on his shoulders with my pussy in him face. He then proceeded to devour my pussy, fucking me with his tongue, first sliding it in and out of my pussy and then in and out of my ass. He put me back on the ground and i told him to lay down on his back so that I could ride him.

I straddled his naked body on the floor and rubbed his dick all over the outside of my pussy. I used my mouth to lick off all of my pussy juices like a lollipop and then proceeded in sliding the tip into my vagina.

I slowly bounced on it with just the head inside of me. "Damn that pussy is soo wet.


I wanna make it squirt!" I dropped my ass down and his big black cock plunged all the way inside me. As I lifted up off of it I squeezed the muscles inside me so that they gripped tightly around his dick.

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"Damnnn! Amelia that pussy is better than I ever imagined! If you keep doing that gonna make me cum quick!!" I spun around on his dick so I was riding it reverse cowgirl. His dick was curved just slightly in a way that made it fit perfectly inside me. "Fuck Trev that feels so good! I want you to give it to me from behind" Trevor flipped me over so I was on all fours and thrust into my pussy.

He pushed me down so that I was face down with my back arched and my ass up in the air. He was gripping onto my hips and using them to slam my ass back against him and he thrusted forward into me. I wanted to be able to see his face when he came so I turned over onto my back.

He put my legs up over his shoulders and leaned down. I wrapped my arms around his neck and as he slid into my pussy i pulled him in for a kiss. Both of us were moaning through the kiss as he rhythmically pounded my pussy and played with my nipples. His deep thrusts were hitting all the right spots.

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"Right there Trev! You're gonna make me cum so hard!!" "Yeahh baby cum all over this dick" He started rubbing my clit with his thumb and after three more thrusts I came so hard that my whole body was twitching as my pussy walls tightened and griped his dick.

"Fuck Amelia that feels too good, I can't hold back anymore!" Trev exploded inside me and I could feel his dick throb as he continued to shoot his load, filling my pussy up. He collapsed on top of me, both of us laying there breathless, his semi-hard dick still inside me. He lifted his head up and kissed me. He looked into my eyes and smiled as he said, "This was well worth the wait" I giggled and agreed. We got up off the floor and started to get dressed. As I went to put my thong back on he grabbed it and hid it in his jacket.

"If you want those back you're gonna have to come with me back to my place and work for them." I looked at Trevor, his still-bare chest and abs glistening, his dick visibly growing in his pants, and kind eyes looking at me in such a loving way. "Well I did promise to be at your service Mr.

Jordan. After all, you are the boss ;)"