Boys briefs gay twinks tgp When Hunter put both of their penises

Boys briefs gay twinks tgp When Hunter put both of their penises
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With 3 days to go until Halloween, Taylor was planning on hitting at least one party in those 3 nights. Hitting more than one would be tough because of her dad making her get a job to help her have some spending money while he paid for school. Thursday night was perfect because she was done with work at 7 and she didn't have any classes on Friday.

She drove back to dorm where her friend Abby picked her up. Abby was her best friend during elementary school but she was a year older than Taylor. When Abby went to high school they grew apart but had renewed their friendship since Taylor started college.

They arrived at the party and Taylor immediately went for the beer. She wasn't big on dressing up but Abby was. Taylor was wearing a thin dress a little tight around the hips and chest.

Abby was dressed as a sexy French maid at her boyfriend's request. She couldn't pull it off very well because she is a sort of thick girl with too much of a belly to even pull off anything sexy. It was a warm night so Taylor took drinks in both hands and headed outside.

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Taylor isn't shy with her alcohol and didn't waste any time drinking it down this night. She talked to everyone and flirted around some. She did this at every party she attended and was making quite a few friends this way. Around 11 she started taking some shots with some guys who highly encouraged it. Before anyone knew it she was standing on top of the pool table dancing her ass off.

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Everyone was standing around cheering. "Take it off," one of the guys yelled. She slowly eased down one side of her dress one side of her shirt up revealing her left tit as she danced on to the music.

The boys who rented the house weren't too happy with her standing on their pool table so two of them grabbed her and carried her to the couch.


She kicked around for a minute and someone grabbed her foot. "Watch it there pretty lady," said an incredibly sexy voice. She stopped kicking long enough to take a looks.

"Sorry, I didn't mean too. I'm a little drunk," she said as she leaned over to him.

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He was a very cute guy. Clean shaven, dark hair, and very well built. He looked her in the eyes for a moment and she went for it.

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His dark green eyes were too much for here. As she kissed his lips he managed to get out some words. "I'm David," he said. "Taylor," was all she got out.

She kissed him down his neck and to his shoulder. She then returned to his mouth where she kissed him passionately. Standing up, she took his hand and led him to the middle of the room where many people were dancing.

She danced all around him in every way possible. Grinding her ass against his cock she felt it rock hard. She danced leading the way all the way to the couch. As he sat down she started her own little dance.

As she turned she sat her ass down right in his lap. Leaning back she whispered, "Ever had a lap dance?" "A couple," he answered, "but I will have another." She started dancing, mainly grinding her ass on his crotch.

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She could feel the bulge in his pants starting to get even harder. She turned and startled him lifting her skirt back, almost reveling her ass to the crowd gathering in the behind them. She kissed him as she adjusted her crotch onto the bulge of his pants.

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As she adjusted she started rocking her hips and grabbing her tits. Once she found a slow rhythm, she reached to each shoulder lowering the straps, lifting her arms out of them. She then grabbed the top pulling it down and setting her large beautiful tits free.

David reached behind her pulling her breasts to his face.


He took each nipple in his mouth and suck them gently. Taylor leaned back a bit and shook her tits all over his face. With everyone yelling and cheering Taylor got off his lap and crawled down on her knees in front of David.

She grabbed his belt unbuckling it in a hurry. David gave her some help with the button and she unzipped him. Reaching her hand inside his pants she brought out the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. He was so hard. She gazed in amazement at his 7 inch shaft as it stood at attention waiting for her. She started to stroke it slowly leaning over to lick the tip. Taylor then gazed up at him with a grin, let go and took his whole cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down swiftly as she paused ever so often to suck the tip.

She pulled her mouth off to stroke his cock slowly again. She leaned in wrapping her large beautiful tits around his cock making it disappear. She bounced up and down, her tits fucking his cock like it was all that mattered.

Many people had gathered around and were screaming and cheering. A couple of guys had even taken it on themselves to take a handful of her ass or give it a good slap. Making sure not to make him cum, she stood up and pushed her dress down her body and over her hips to the floor. David reached up and pulled her bright green thong down. She reached down pulling David's pants down to his ankles and off while David pulled his shirt off.

She straddled him again sitting over his cock waiting for it to enter. David grabbed his cock and pointed it straight up. Taylor sat down slowly taking his whole cock in. She started bouncing up and down at a steady pace. Taylor squeezed her tits together and held them firmly.

She rode him both bouncing up and down and riding him back and forth. David slowed her and pushed her up off of his cock and slide out from under her. He pushed her onto her knees on the couch with her elbows on the back. David stood behind her and quickly rammed his cock deep inside her pussy. "Fuck me harder David," she screamed.

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"Fuck her good dude," yelled one of the girls in the back ground. And all at once as David fucked her from behind she saw someone walk around the couch she knew very well. The cutest and best built guy she had seen since she started college. She had two classes with him, Todd.

Todd walked up to her leaned over and kissed her on the lips. He then pulled off his jumpsuit he was wearing, dressed as a prisoner. He dropped his underwear to the floor.

Out came the biggest cock she had ever laid eyes on. It had to be 8 and a half or 9 inches. She just grinned grabbing his cock and guiding it to her mouth.

She didn't have to move much as David was fucking her in a way her mouth moved up and down her Todd's shaft. Taylor sucked as long as she could stand it. She pulled Todd's cock out of her mouth and David's cock right out of her pussy. She pulled Todd over the couch as she lay down on her back. David was very irritated watch Todd take his very large dick inside her pussy.

He pushed slowly at first. "Oh my God, it's so big. Slower," she screamed.

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Todd finally got his cock buried all the way into her pussy and started pumping slowly. "Now fuck my like you mean it. Fuck me with your big cock," she shouted. Todd with his hands on her legs pushing them back into her chest Todd fucked her as fast as his body would allow. David approached again this time stoking his own cock. He stroked very fast. Placing his cock directly in front of her face he let out a moan spewing his cum all over her face and in her mouth.

Todd kept fucking away at her as she screamed in pleasure. Todd bucked his hips a few more good times and let out a moan himself slowing his stroke to a slow pump. With Todd's cum dripping out of her pussy, Taylor relaxed catching her breathe before passing out on the couch. Abby and her boyfriend Scott cleaned her up and carried her back to her room.

The next day she couldn't remember much except that she had the best sex she had ever had. College is great for Taylor.