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Harry and Hermione and Buckbeak retreated to the darker depts of the forbidden forest to escape being seen by their past selves they found a spot a few metres away from the womping willow to sit and watch the previous events that occurred. Just after they watched their past selves get sucked into the womping willow it grew darker and got colder Hermoine cuddled up to Harry trying to get warmth Hermoine could hear Harry's heart beating faster as she laid on his chest at the same time Hermoines heart caught up with the beat of Harry's their eyes looked at each other and drew closer to each others faces and their lips met for a light kissed followed by more passionate kisses Hermoine broke the kiss and apologised she just felt really close to Harry at the time Harry just looked at her and kissed her again this time firmly grabbing her boobs and falling to the ground hermoine's nails begin to dig through Harrys shirt into his back as Harry continued dry humping her undressing eachother as they continued kissing passionately Harry dived his fingers deep into Hermoines now wet hairy pussy her mouth arched as she tried to control her moan she took her hand to Harry's cock and began pumping it up and down and guided it inside her Harry pushed past her tight slit deeper and deeper into her pussy Hermoine must of underestimated the size of Harry's cock it was really filling her up it must of been about 7 or 8 inches she gasped as she could feel the head of his cock hitting the inner barriers of her womb her heavy breathing soon turned into moans as harry fucks harder and harder the moans were getting so loud she forgot to pay attention to what their past selves were doing underneath the womping willow she was so full of sexual rage she grasped Harry's face as she could feel her pussy contracting towards an orgasm it was building and building until Hermoines eyes rolled in ecstasy as she felt her pussy coat Harry's cock in her squirtafter coming down from her orgasm she heard Harry mention he was about to cum she immediately ripped Harrys cock out of her before he blew and shot stream after stream of cum all over her c cup boobs "Harry!

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do you realise what could happen if you cum in me not only do i get pregnant but it could really mess around with both the past future and present" Hermoine bellowed Harry just thinks yep the old Hermoine is back. Suddenly we heard screaming from the womping willow the 2 teens snapped back to reality and got dresses and watched the events unfold and waited for the precise moment to go rescue Sirius Black before the dementors got to him.

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Hospital wing Both Hermoine and Harry returned to the spot where they started after dealing with a very confused ron and a cheeky dumbledoor they walked together to their classes acting like nothing happened Hermoine knew Harry would look at her differently in the future but she had no time to think about that all this saving has put her behind on her studying and had to get to Professor Lupin's class before midterms are due.

Hermione entered the Defence Against The Dark Arts room to surprisingly find Mr Lupin gathering up his belongings "Hermoine" Professor Lupin announced Hermoine was glad to see Lupin was ok after the events of the night before Hermoine began to ask if he was ok "Im fine but i am resigning its the best thing to do" interrupted Lupin Hermoine hugged Lupin in return Lupin breathed in heavily as the scent of her beautifully conditioned hair filled his noseHermoine almost forgot she handed her mid term papers to Lupin explaining she would've handed it in earlier but with the whole werewolf thing she was delayed Lupin looked at Hermoine explaining that he already sent the papers outHermoine begged Lupin to get an owl to deliver her midterm and she will do whatever it takesLupin looked at Hermoine in smirked and looked Hermoinie up and down Hermoine knew what Lupin wanted she sighed deep and let loose her cloak and unbuttoned her shirt exposing her boobs to Lupin he reached out and grasped them he was suprised that shes walking around with no bra on he moved his hands above her collar bone pushing her down to his weist Hermoine got on her knees and unzipped Lupin's pants to reveal a very large very hairy cock almost wacking her in the face she got a big whiff of horrible wet dog smell from his cock it was almost retching Hermoine looked up at Lupin and looked back at his cock she knew how much her education meant to her she took a deep breath and took most of his cock into her small mouth she could taste the salty sweat around his shaft Lupin pushed his cock deeper down her throat this caused her to gag and gag the smell and size was to much she freed his cick from her mouth and let the streams of vomit out of her mouth before taking his cock back into her mouth again Lupin pulled her up and bent her over his desk and pulled her panties down around her ankles and buried his face into her pussy growling like a mutt as his tongue licked every inch of both her pussy and her ass hole then guided his big hairy cock towards the entrance of my pussy and rubbed it up and down the folds of my slit teasing me making me want it i yelled at him just to stick it in me i heard a creepy chukle and felt his cock rub from my pussy across my tailbone to the entrance of my asshole i looked at him in fear telling him to stop he just looked to his right at her midterm papers sitting on his desk then looked back at hermoine moving forwad in shame and fear Hermoines body tensed up as she felt Lupin's cock part her ass hole and slide into her slowly she felt like she was taking a massive shit as Lupins cock filled her ass hole and stretched her anal ring reaching all the way inside her hermoine never felt this insane amount of pain and pleasure at once the head of his cock pushed through towards the barrier of her inner ass hole the skin around her ass hole ripped open dripping blood as Lupins cock fucked her ass harder and harder Lupin increased his pace at the same time Hermoinie increased her screams he grabbed her by the sides and pushed as deep as he could go into Hermoinies rectum pushing into her colon and cumming inside her asshole hermoine knew this wasnt no ordinary cum load it was squirting inside her like a bath tub she could see her stomachs size increasing as more and more cum poured inside her as he finished cumming they both heard a door open downstairs Lupin pulled up his pants and went downstairs to find harry visiting him.

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While harry and lupin were talking downstairs Hermoine struggled to get her clothes back on she could smell the wet dog smell all over her and feel the cum run out of her ass hole down her legs out from under her skirt. Lupin returned to Hermoinie to see that she made a mess with his cuma few swishes of his wand later the floor was self cleaning and hermoines clothes was all buttoned up Lupin gave Hermoinie one final look and at her struggling to walk with her stretched ass hole he handed a piece of chocolate "eat you will feel better"

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