Fucking a niece is so fantastic

Fucking a niece is so fantastic
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It felt strange waking up next to Charles, knowing full well that neither one of us were sleeping next to the person we wanted to most. Sunday, I thought. Chris had mentioned that he was going to have a late night so I didn't want to wake him up immediately just to fuck. I'd just have to find some other way. So instead of spending my early morning doing what I wanted, I was relegated to cooking breakfast and taking care of a few other chores as the rest of the house came alive slowly.

Conveniently, almost everyone woke up within half an hour of each other, giving us the rare chance to sit down as a family for brunch.

As we ate, I couldn't help but notice the slight resentment in Chris' eyes towards his father. I think he was taking it harder than me! "Dear, Shawn is coming over to watch the game later today" my husband said.

"Can Emily come too?!" my daughter asked energetically. Emily was Shawn's daughter and a close friend of Jessie's. My husband nodded as he ate a mouthful of eggs, causing my daughter to cheer in response. "Is Cindy coming as well?" I asked hesitantly, hoping that I wouldn't have to entertain her for an entire afternoon. "No, but if you want " "No, it's fine.

I was just thinking I might go do some shopping this afternoon then. Give you guys some time alone to watch the game!" I exclaimed, taking a look at Chris.

"And honey, you should come with me. Winter's almost here and you need some new clothe!" "Sure, mom. I can go" he answered, trying to hide his excitement. "That sounds like fun, at least for your mom" my husband joked. "I'm sure he'll find something to enjoy as well!" I replied with a smile. "Oh dear, after breakfast, I want you to go take care of the leaves in the gutter outside. You've been pushing it off for almost two months now!" My husband was about to protest, but decided he didn't have a good enough case to try and argue.

"Okay" he said reluctantly. We calmly finished our food before Charles begrudgingly left for the garage to gather the ladder and his tools. "Sweetie, what do you have planned before Emily comes? Did you finish your weekend homework?" "I'll do it nowww…" she answered unwillingly.

I was surprised I didn't get a bigger argument out of her, but I guess after seeing what happened to her father, she wasn't going to put up a fight either. "You can do it here in the living room while you watch TV. But, no bothering mommy, OK?" I said. "I'm busy too Jess. So if you need help with it, I'll come down later to help you" Chris quickly added.

"Now go get your backpack from your room!" With her footsteps stomping loudly along the stairs and my husband working outside, Chris and I took the opportunity to sneak our first kiss of the day in. "Did the gutters really need to be cleaned?" he chuckled. "They did. But, that's not the main reason why he's up there!" I giggled, kissing Chris hard on the lips. "Where do you want to fuck mommy?" "My room's fine.

I think dad's starting in the backyard first." Once my daughter came back downstairs, I hastily moved the clean dishes to the cupboard with Chris' help before disappearing upstairs together. "You're quite energetic today!" I giggled, landing on his bed with Chris on top of me. "I know it sounds awful to say mom.

But, I'm kind of relieved seeing dad with that…bitch" he said, after searching his brain for the right word. "So am I, honey! I think everything's worked out for the better!" I said, unbuckling his jeans. Chris was scrambling with his own hands to push my shirt up so that he could get his mouth around my nipples.

"Mhm!" he moaned. "Not so hard!" I exclaimed, slapping him on the shoulder as he bit down on one. "Sorry mom! I got carried away a bit" he chuckled. "Let's see how you like it!" I exclaimed, pushing Chris to the side so I could get on top. I quickly scooted myself down until I was by his cock and took it in my mouth, giving it a playful bite. "Ow! Fuck! Ok! Ok! I learned my lesson!" I giggled, smiling at him before gently taking his cock back in my mouth, this time sensually massaging it with my tongue.

"Better?" I asked teasingly. "Much!" Like per usual whenever we had time, I began sucking him passionately; getting his quick one aside so we could fuck properly. Chris was pushing my head down forcefully, helping me get his cock into my throat.

With all the practice we've gotten over the last few weeks, I had become quite adept at deepthroating; taking him all the way inside and holding his cock in my throat while I rhythmically tightened the muscles around him, squeezing it like my pussy would. As I came back up for air, I always made sure to spit on his cock, coating it up so I could slide it down my mouth even easier.

"Fuck mom! I'm gonna cum!" he said, pulling my hair up so I could taste him. I loved his first cum of the day; it was always the biggest load! When I finished swallowing him, I crawled back up and nestled myself alongside him, gently stroking his soft cock until it was ready again.

"Do we really have to go winter clothe shopping today?" Chris asked. "What did you have in mind?" "How about we go on a date and just do fun stuff!" he asked excitedly. "You wanna take mommy out on a date again?!" I exclaimed. "Yeah! I mean dad never does. So let's go on a date. The first time was shopping for clothe so this time let's go to the arcade place at the mall. It'll be fun! This will be our first real date!" I giggled at his enthusiasm.

"Aren't you supposed to take a lady out first before getting in her pants?

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Or have things changed?" "If I remember correctly, mom, it was you who suggested to get in MY pants first" he joked back. I smiled at him as I gathered my thoughts, realizing that he was right. "Fine! I guess it was mommy's idea! But I didn't hear any complaints on your end either!" "So how about it mom?" "Hmm, okay!

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We have to exchange the boots anyways. They were just a little too big. So could you endure going shoe shopping with mommy first?" I teased, sliding my foot towards his cock. I still had my socks on, but I could tell the effect would still be the same. "I'd love to!" he answered, with his cock starting to get hard again. "We can pick out a few sandals as well for when we visit your grandparents over the Christmas break.

Would you like that honey? Would you like seeing mommy's cute feet in the water? You can help mommy rub suntan lotion on them" I whispered teasingly, biting his ear tenderly. "Mom, you always know exactly what to say!" "Or would you rather fuck mommy on the beach?

We could sneak off at night and fuck as long as you want under the night sky!" "Okay, I think I'm ready again!" he exclaimed, guiding my hand up and down his hard cock. Just as he said that, we both heard the sound of metal clanging against asphalt. I got off the bed to check the surrounding outside Chris' window and was disappointed to see my husband bringing his ladder to the front side of the house. "Should we move to your bed?" Chris asked.

I took another look and closed the blinds to both his windows. "Let's fuck here" I smiled. Chris grinned as he slid his pants all the way off before returning his eyes back on me, waiting for me to return. "Oh honey. When I said let's fuck here, I mean, let's fuck…right here!" I said, standing next to his desk with his window less than 2 feet in front of me.

Chris was still lying down, not sure if I was joking or not, so to goad him in, I pulled my right leg up alongside his desk and laid my upper body on it. "Come on honey!" With that, he quickly got off his bed and got behind me, inserting his cock roughly inside my pussy.

"Oh Yes!" I moaned. With how wet my pussy was, Chris didn't have any problems going right to a good speed, thrusting his cock hard inside me. Between the sound of our fucking and the desk being banged against the wall from each one of Chris' thrusts, I had no choice but to switch his clock radio on.

"I can hear your dad getting closer!" I giggled, fucking myself back onto his cock. It seemed to drive Chris too, as he slammed into me even harder. "Fuck! Mom, can you sit on my desk?" Chris took himself out and I quickly turned myself around to sit down, scooting my pussy as close to the edge of the desk as possible. Chris grabbed my legs and brought them together in front of him before entering my again.

"Oh Fuck, Yes! I love how tight your pussy is in this position!" he exclaimed. "Then fuck mommy harder!" I said, hearing my husband by the side of his window. I gently pulled the blinds out a little to take a glance. And even though I could only see his legs, just knowing my husband was right there made it feel so hot getting fucked by Chris! "Sniff mommy's feet!" I said through my panting, shoving my foot at his nose. Chris tried to take my sock off, but I slapped his hand aside with my other foot.

"Not til later!" I teased. "You only get to taste mommy's socks now!" Chris nodded and passionately took my other foot in his mouth, licking my toes through the cotton. Caught up in our fucking, I hadn't noticed that my husband had moved his ladder even closer to us now, and we could both hear the sound of leaves ruffling right above us.

Chris' eyes were staring at his ceiling and his thrusting had stopped. I slapped his face with my foot, not too hard, but strong enough to jerk his attention back to me.

"Focus!" I yelled, staring down at his cock. "Sorry, mom" he stuttered, before returning his motion. "Oh yes, honey! Your father never fucked me like this!" I teased, catching his smile as a response. While his right hand held my foot, I took his free left one and guided it to my asshole. "Do you want to fuck mommy's asshole? I never let your father get close to it, only you!" I teased seductively.

"Yeah, mom?" he asked sarcastically, already knowing he was my first anal. "Mhm" I teased, nodding my head innocently as I licked my fingers and slowly brought them to my ass, lubing it up for him. "He wouldn't even know what to do with it" I whispered, pouting my lips innocently. Chris took a few seconds to watch me tease him before pressing his cock against my asshole.

He was taking too long for me so I slapped him again with my foot. "Stop playing around and fuck mommy's ass!" "Uuugghh! Yes!" I moaned in satisfaction when he pushed himself all the way in. I covered my mouth up and screamed loudly as Chris fucked me on his desk, shaking the entire surface.

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I was so happy I had turned the radio on; otherwise my husband was going to hear me for sure! Chris had abandoned my foot and pushed me legs even more towards my body, exposing my ass for him to fuck.

I complimented him by curling myself up and grabbing my knees, just enjoying the sensation of Chris plowing his cock deep into me.

With my hands occupied, I covered up my screams by biting down hard on my lower lip, almost causing it to bleed. "YES! YES! YES!" I moaned, watching Chris' face as he thrusted into me.

We both could hear the sounds of his father working getting closer to us, and the closer it got, the harder Chris seemed to fuck me. "Mom…are you almost there? I don't think " "Ahhhh! Fuck!" I moaned; my orgasm cutting off his question. The shaking from my body vibrated his desk more, only adding sound to the room. Chris only lasted a few seconds more than me, making sure I climaxed before he came into me as well.

We stood still, motionless for a few seconds, as we listened to the sound of my husband's footsteps as he climbed down the ladder and moved it a few feet over before climbing back up again. "Let's get ready for our date!" I exclaimed, getting off his desk. "Ok! Should we leave now?" "Right after your dad comes back!" I headed back to my closet to change and decided to go with some leggings so that Chris could grope my ass anytime he wanted and a fairly thin sweater.

I debated about wearing a bra or not but felt it was a little too risky, even for me, to go without it.

I finished it off with a regular pair of flats that I could wear without socks. By the time I finished and went back to the kitchen, my husband was already there washing his hands. "We're leaving soon dear. Make sure she finishes all her homework before Emily gets here" I said, pointing at my daughter. "Sure thing. What time are you getting back? We were planning on ordering some pizza so " "That's fine.

Chris and I will get some food at the mall" I answered, moving to the living room to check up on my daughter. "You almost done with your homework?" I asked, rubbing her hair lightly.

"Yup!" she said a smile. "Good! Have a fun time with Emily. Mommy will take you shopping next weekend!" I said, planting her a kiss on the cheek. "Bye mommy!" she exclaimed, returning one to me. "Ok let's go honey!" I said excitedly, wrapping my arm around Chris' as we left for the garage.

The weather was gloomy and cold, very typical of any Portland fall day. It will be quite refreshing to visit my parents in Florida for the Christmas break. And I have feeling this particular break might be more memorable than any before it! Still, that was a few months away, and right now, I was more looking forward to an afternoon with Chris than anything else. When we arrived at the mall, it was already very crowded, as expected on a Sunday afternoon that presented no good weather for people to be outside.

We took a quick look at the directory and headed for the shoe department where Chris had gotten the boots for my Halloween costume. We flirted with each other until we found ourselves there. It was certainly large, but Chris was able to quickly navigate us both to the aisle that he originally found the boots.

We got the help of an employee who helped us seamlessly make the exchange and replaced them with a pair one size smaller, fitting perfectly for me. "Ok, let's go check out those sandals!" Being almost winter, most of the other customers were checking out boots and sneakers, leaving the two of us to peruse the summer footwear aisle alone.


"Anything catch your eye honey?" "How about these?" Chris asked, holding up a pair of heeled white sandals. They did look pretty cute, especially the flower designs along the straps. "Looks nice! Let's find a pair of flip flops too!" "A black one?" Chris asked, pointing at another pair. This one was much simpler, but did have that flimsy feel to it that was perfect for walking along the beach.

"Do you want to help mommy try them on?" I asked, taking a seat on the bench. Chris took a glance around and then knelt down in front of me, taking my flats into his hands. He carefully removed both of them before bringing my foot up to his nose like usual, inhaling the aroma of toes; toes that had been spent the better part of the last two hours walking around, giving them plenty of time to become slippery with sweat.

"You like that honey? You like sniffing mommy's stinky feet?" I teased. "Yes!" he exclaimed. "I love this musky smell!" It didn't take much longer until he took my toes in his mouth, sucking them one by one, starting with my big toe. At first I just sat back, watching him lap at my feet. But soon enough, my hands were down the front of my leggings, gently rubbing my pussy as I enjoyed the warmness of Chris' tongue and mouth around my feet. Chris was rubbing his own cock through his jeans, a task that I quickly took over for him with my free foot.

"Unzip!" I instructed, playing with the opening of his pants. Chris used his free hand to fumble around his zipper until he had it down, allowing my foot to snake inside in search of his cock. The first thing I was met with was a toe full of precum when I touched the head of his cock. It caused me to immediately rub my sole along it more, lathering my foot in his cum before bringing it up to my mouth to lick clean.

"Do you want a taste of mommy too?" I teased, seeing the hungering look on his eyes as he watched me. I didn't wait for him to respond, instead just bringing my own soaked fingers to his mouth, letting him suck on them one by one like he did with my toes. "Which one do you like more honey, mommy's feet or mommy's pussy juices?" "Both" he chuckled.

Seeing how we were both still alone, I brought both my feet to his cock, pulling it out of his jeans and began stroking it between my soles. Chris complimented me by scooting closer, shortening my reach and allowing me easier access. He placed his own hands around my ankles, guiding me up and down his shaft.

"Uuugghh!" Chris moaned with his eyes closed. The look of pure joy on his face was turning me on too, causing me to rub my own pussy faster. I alternated between stroking his cock between my soles and using my toes to play with it, wriggling them alongside his shaft.

The dual sensation drove Chris to pick up speed with his hand, quickening the footjob I was giving. "Mom, I'm going to cum soon!" "Get up honey!" I answered, reaching down to pull his wrists.

I didn't want to make a big mess so it was easier just to take his cock in my mouth. I only had the pleasure of slurping on his cock for a few more seconds before he shot his load in my mouth, filling it up nicely. Chris' breathing gradually relaxed as I cleaned him up with my tongue. "There!" I said, stuffing his cock back into his jeans and zipping him back up. "Now that that's out of the way, how about we actually try on the shoes!" I giggled. Chris chuckled and got back down on his knees, helping me first put on the sandals.

I took a few steps to try them out, simultaneously posing them for Chris to see. "How do they look?" "Sexy! Really sexy mom!

I love seeing you in heels!" he smiled, looking back up at me. "Awww! Thanks honey! I do like the feel of them, quite comfortable!" I answered, taking another walk back and forth.

"Alright let's try on the flip flops too!" I sat back down on the bench, and held my feet out for Chris again. He took them off and replaced them with the black pair, but not before taking the chance to give my toes another couple of licks first.

"Cute mom! They make your feet look really cute!" he exclaimed. "You think so honey?" "Of course, mom. I mean your feet look cute in anything that shows them off, but still, this pair is good!" "If you like it, then okay! Let's get these two then!" Our "date" was off to such a great start.

Giving Chris a footjob in public felt amazing and was definitely something I wanted to try again! "So where to next?" "I can decide?" "You wanted the date honey. Isn't it your job to plan where we're going?!" "Well I wanted to check out a &hellip.video game" he said hesitantly. In the midst of everything else happening, I sometimes forget he was still like most other teenage boys.

"Sure" I giggled. We happily chatted some more until Chris led me inside the gaming store he had wanted to check out. It was decently sized, with games neatly stacked up on shelves and all along the walls. Yet surprisingly, there were only a few customers. I was lost in this world, and stuck mostly to following Chris around as he browsed through the selection of games, taking the occasional glance at the back of some covers. "Is this why you boys love games so much?" I giggled, handing him one that sported a cover of a woman wearing a breastplate that left little to the imagination.

"No, but it doesn't hurt" Chris chuckled. "Oh my mistake. This one's more like it, right?" I exclaimed, holding up a Batman covered one with Harley Quinn on the back. "That game was so fun! It's why I first wanted to see you as her" he smiled nervously. "Oh is that right mistah!" I asked, placing my hand on my hip and slightly posing my figure for him. "Mom! How did you know?" "What?! Can't a girl like me enjoy comics as well?!" I asked sarcastically, trying to nail Harley's mannerisms from the little I saw on the internet.

I couldn't do her Brooklyn accent, but I felt everything else was done pretty well. "Are you going to just stand there puddin'? Or did you need an invitation?!" I teased, licking my lips.

Chris smiled and took a look around before embracing me for a kiss. "That was awesome mom! I can't wait to see you as her!" "See me or fuck me?" I teased, returning to my usual tone. "Both" Chris chuckled, kissing me again quickly. We made our way to the back of the store where they had a demo machine set up.

"Nice, this is the game I wanted to try out!" he said excitedly, rushing up to take a hold of the controllers. I watched him play for a few minutes before I got bored and slithered my way next to him, wrapping his arms around me so that he could continue to focus on his game as I leaned against his body, softly kissing him.

It really was starting to feel like a date! I pulled Chris' face towards me enough so that he was still watching his own screen, but could also return my kisses. I slowly teased his lips with mine until Chris abandoned his game altogether, turning his attention towards me to make out. Just when his hands left the controllers, we both saw the character of his game die on screen. "Sorry about that honey" I giggled. "it's okay mom" he answered, placing his hand on my ass.

He was getting a really nice feel and with the shelves behind us blocking anyone's view, he felt more comfortable than usual out in public. Still, I wanted him to go further and brought his hand upwards and slipped it inside my waistband so he could touch my ass through the leggings.

"Mom you'd put the girls at my school to shame" he chuckled through our kissing. "Yeah?" I giggled, loving his words! "Yeah! On the bus I hear about the seniors bragging about their girlfriends and what they've done. It's not even close to you mom!" "You mean like playing with mommy's ass out in the open?" I teased, looking around us. "That and what we did at the last store" he chuckled.

Our conversation only drove our tongues to go even wilder, darting in and out of each other's mouths. I was so turned on that I took both his hands and shoved it down my leggings to roughly knead the flesh of my ass.

Chris didn't object and instead pulled my thong aside, playing with my asshole. "Pull mommy's leggings down a bit!" I said with a mischievous smile. "Really?!" Chris asked excitedly. "Just a bit!" He did as I asked and pulled it down halfway down my ass before he stopped. "A little more!" I teased. Chris obliged and slipped it down until my leggings were below my ass, exposing it completely. As he continued to play with it, I pushed him against the shelf, kissing him hard and forcing his mouth to mostly keep still as I aggressively attacked him with my tongue.

I was just about to bring Chris' hands underneath my shirt when we both heard loud laughter from the entrance. It jolted both of us back to reality enough to stop and re-evaluate the situation.

There was now a group of teenagers that had just entered the store, forcing both of us to reluctantly stop. It was probably for the better, since if it lasted any longer, I was going to be on my knees with Chris' cock in my mouth; I was that turned on! "We should go before someone from your school recognizes you!" "Oh mom, could I get this game?" "Sure! Let's bring it up!" I held Chris' arms again, walking side by side as we approached the checkout counter.

"Hey man, I'd like to get this game" Chris said to the cashier. "Sure thing. Oh, the game's rated MA. You need an adult and…you…are?" he asked, looking over at me. "Of course! I'm his mom!" I exclaimed. "Oh" he said, a little startled, staring at the way I was holding Chris. "I know we don't look that much alike" I said playfully. "Is there a problem?" I asked, holding Chris even tighter. I got a kick out of seeing how uncomfortable it made him.

"No, no.

I'm sorry. I was just… surprised… that's all. Most moms are usually against this type of game" he stammered. "I think my son can handle it fine" I smiled. "Could you just ring it up?" "Yeah, sure" he said. As we left the store, I couldn't help but tease him a little more by pushing Chris' hand down to my ass and holding it there; making sure the cashier got a good look at Chris molesting me as we walked out. When we turned the corner outside the store to leave, I could still see him staring at my ass threw the glass window.

"So where to now?!" I asked, holding his arm even tighter. Chris had started out the day a little uncomfortable with me showing my affection so blatantly, but was now noticeably more relaxed. He seemed to realize that most of the shoppers were too busy in their own lives to notice how close the two of us were. "Are you hungry mom? The arcade place here doubles as a restaurant" "That sounds good! Let's go!" We made our way up to the second floor and chatted until we arrived.

The place definitely looked entertaining and was already packed full of people. On one side, it was all tables and booths, while the other side was filled with an assortment of games and machines.

"Good afternoon! I'm Sharon and I'll be your server this afternoon. Would you like a table or booth?" "Booth, please" I quickly answered. "Great, follow me!" Most of the tables were already filled and there were none in sight that could grant us the privacy I wanted; we ended up being seated next to a family four.

"I'll be back in a few minutes to take your order. Enjoy!" she said, handing us the menu. Instead of sitting across from each other, I quickly scooted Chris to the inside and took the seat next to him, putting my bags on the empty side across from us. "Have you been here honey?" I asked, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. "No. You have to be at least 21 or with an adult to enter since they serve drinks." "Ah I see." As Chris pondered over the menu, I took a look around our area.

The family beside us seemed too caught off in their own fun to notice us too much, and with the table top hiding any view from above, I felt confident enough to start massaging Chris' leg. "What do you want mom?" "I'll just get what you're having" I said, with my mind occupied by other things. I continued to glance around the room as my right hand was now unzipping Chris' jeans in search of his cock.

"Mom! She's coming back!" Chris exclaimed, trying to push my hand away. I giggled at his nervousness as I fought his hand away. His words earlier about me going further than any high school girl rang in my ear, almost pushing me to do more. "Are you ready to order?" she asked. I just looked at Chris, waiting for him to reply as my hand began stroking his cock underneath the table.

"I'll have the number three burger with tator tots" he answered, doing a decent job of keeping a straight face. "Great! And for you ma'am?" I took the opportunity to pretend looking over the menu some more as I stroked Chris faster.

I could hear his breathing increase and his cock throbbing in my hands. I wanted him to cum on the spot, with Sharon looking right over us but Chris seemed to realize what I was getting after too. "Just the same as me! Thanks!" he said quickly, handing her our menus. "Okay then! It'll be a few minutes. Any drinks?" "Water! Water's fine!" Chris snapped, knowing he was close. "Uh…okay" Sharon answered, looking at us quizzically before leaving.

"Mom, you're " I broke off his words with a deep kiss on the mouth, only checking around afterwards. When I saw no one looking, I went back for more, giggling the entire time as I kissed Chris hard on the lips. My hand was still working his cock, pumping it rapidly underneath the table.

"Fuck, mom stop! Stop! You're gonna make me cum" he stammered. "Good!" I giggled. "Uhm…your water" Sharon said, surprising us both. I was still right attached to Chris, and knew it was too late to pull myself apart. So instead of doing so and making it seem like we just got caught do something wrong, I just played it off as nothing unusual. "Thanks!" I said, reaching out to accept the glass. I could see her staring at my right arm that was nestled along Chris' body, with my hands conveniently out of sight.

"Do you have any recommendations for appetizers?" I asked, wanting to keep her around as I played with Chris. My question broke her stare enough to look back up at me. "Most customers like our curly cheese fries. Would you like an order?" "Yeah that sounds great!" I answered, as I stroked Chris again. I made sure to make the movements of shoulder obvious, so that she could blatantly tell my arm was moving up and down.

She took another glance at it but didn't say anything and left. "Mom, I think she saw!" Chris said nervously. "I doubt it. She might suspect, but I don't think she saw anything" I giggled. "Can mommy make you cum here? I promise to clean it up!" I said, licking my lips at him.

"Mom don't. You know I can't resist you" he chuckled. "Ok fine!" I said, pulling my hand away. I loved how I could control my son's sexual urges so much! "So what games do you want to play the most?" "I don't know yet. But definitely the racing one; that's always fun. How about you mom?" "Well you can teach me some of them.

It'll be like a real date!" I smiled, hugging his arm. When Sharon returned with our food, I could see the relief on her face when my both hands were visible on the table. The burger was better than expected, and we stuffed ourselves full before heading over to the arcade section. It was full of mostly other teenagers Chris' age with a few adults scattered along the various machines. We got ourselves twenty dollars' worth of tokens and began trying some of them out; air hockey first and then some of the other arcade games.

I was no good at them, but I got a kick out of watching Chris play with such passion. And while his hands were busy with the joysticks, mine were busy touching him, at least as much as I could get away with; casually rubbing his cock as I watched him play.

"Come on honey! You said you wanted to drive right?" I asked, pulling him towards the racing chair. There were two chairs, but both were separate from the rest of the arcade inside a small room. The walls were black, I'm guessing in order to give a more authentic feel to the experience. I didn't care so much for that part, but just that it gave us enough cover. We took the corner machine and once Chris was down on the seat, I straddled myself on his lap before he had a chance to stop me.

"Mom, you're " "Don't worry honey. It's took dark for anyone to see my face. We're on a date right? If someone comes by, they'll just assume I'm your girlfriend!" I gently pushed Chris down on his seat and began kissing him. I was so fucking turned on from the possibility of getting caught and how nervous Chris was. And the more he squirmed around in his seat, the more my ass grinded against him. His mouth might've been protesting no, but his cock had other ideas.

"Just play your game and enjoy yourself, honey! That's what mommy's going to do" Chris reluctantly started up the game and I was soon hearing the sounds of tires along pavement behind me. He wasn't very enthusiastic with his kissing, but it was fine by me.

I had no problem probing my tongue into his mouth as his eyes concentrated on the screen behind me. I was, however, caught off guard by the movement of Chris' chair, nearly throwing me off. Chris took his hands off the wheel fast enough to grab me, preventing me from falling off. "Forgot to tell you mom, the chair moves if I'm turning in the game" he said. "Good to know!" I smiled, rebalancing myself as I continued to kiss him. As I got use to the movement below me, Chris loosened up as well and began kissing me back.

I kept my eyes on the entrance of the room, watching people pass by; secretly hoping someone would come in to use the other machine. When no one did after a few more minutes, I grew bolder and started tugging at Chris jeans, trying to unbutton him.

But as I did so, the chair rocked side to side violently, throwing off my balance. "Mom, stop! You're making me crash" he chuckled. "I'm glad it's only a video game then" I giggled. "It's too risky mom. Someone's going to walk in" he protested, pushing my hand apart. It was hilarious seeing him trying to be the mature one! "Fine, party pooper!" I said. "I'm going to get a drink. Do you want something?" "No thanks mom." After a few more kisses, I slid myself off of him and headed to the bar area.

Seeing as I still needed to drive home later, I decided against any alcohol and just got a glass of soda before returning on my way to Chris.

But as I walked past the rest of the arcade, the sight of an old fashioned two person photo booth caught my eye. "Honey are you almost done?" "This race is. Why?" "I want to go take some pictures. They have a photo booth, with a curtain" I said, smiling mischievously at him. "One sec mom" he chuckled. When he finished, I dragged him back to the main arcade and made our way the booth, which was fortunately vacant. I had Chris get in first before quickly following and closing the curtain behind us.

As Chris leaned forward to read the instructions, I was busy trying to make out with him. "Did you still want to take pictures mom?" "You can if you want honey" I answered, unbuttoning his pants. There wasn't enough room for me to get on my knees, so I had no choice but to push Chris back against the interior wall, giving me room to bend my head down.

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"Auugghh, finally!" I moaned from the contact between my lips and his cock. Chris seemed just as excited; he began petting my hair as my head bobbed up and down his lap. "Mom, look up!" he exclaimed, holding his phone in front of me. I stuffed his cock to the side of my cheek, making sure it was bulging inside my mouth before smiling brightly into the camera.

"You look so hot mom! Can I take another one?" I answered him with another pose; this time I pulled his cock out of my mouth and struck a seductive look as my tongue licked the side of his cock. "Nice! Mom you're so sexy with my cock in your mouth!" he exclaimed. "Could you deepthroat me?" I smiled back at him before engulfing the entire length of his cock, stuffing it down my throat and looking back at his phone.

I waited for the familiar clicking sound of the camera, but it never came. "Not taking the picture honey?" I asked, recovering my breath at the same time.

"Sorry, I was filming instead" Chris chuckled. "Do you mind mom? It's only for me" "Sure!" I smiled, sucking the head of his cock again.

"Do you like that honey? Do you like mommy sucking your cock?" I teased, staring into his phone. "I love when you suck me off mom" "Show the camera where we are" I giggled.

Chris took the focus off me long enough to scan the inside of the small booth with it before returning the camera to my face. Being filmed by Chris was turning me on more and I sucked him off with even more enthusiasm than normal; making sure to slurp loudly on his cock and take occasional glances up for the camera.

"Oh fuck mom! I'm close" Chris panted. I wanted to be extra slutty for the camera, so instead of greedily swallowing him like I normally did; I took my mouth off him and began jerking him. "Cum on mommy's face!" "Uuugghh! Fuck!" Chris moaned, shooting his load on me. The first shot hit me firm across the forehead, making me instinctively close my eyes.

But I recovered quickly and made sure to keep them open and smiling up at the camera, as Chris shot the rest of his cum on my face. "Mom stay like that. I want to take a picture!" I held his cock in my hand, bringing it to the corner of my lips as I posed for the picture. "Mom, look!" he said, flipping the camera to my side for me to see. "Mommy looks like such a slut!" I giggled, seeing my face covered in his juices.

As Chris stifled through his phone looking at the pictures, I took the time to clean my face off using a napkin. "Now let's take some real first date pictures!" I exclaimed, reaching forward to start the camera booth up. We sat together for a couple of ordinary shots before I pulled him in for a few kisses, making sure the camera caught it all.

"They turned out quite nice! I don't think I look like your mommy at all in these though!" "Well you're not today!" Chris exclaimed, kissing me passionately. I could hear the sound of voices right outside, most likely queuing up to use the booth once we were done.

"Let's go honey!" I stepped out first with little attention, but as soon as Chris came out after me, the conversation of the young couple that was waiting stopped immediately.

They stared at Chris, speechless, before returning their eyes back on me. Chris was noticeably embarrassed as well, causing him to fumble a little with his steps and bumping into me. In his clumsiness, he caused me to drop our photo strip. Before I could reach down for it, the guy was already on his knees picking it up. "Here you…go" he said, stuttering at the end when he saw the pictures on the strip.


His girlfriend gasped audibly as well on seeing them. "Thanks!" I smiled back at his dumbfounded face. As I hooked Chris' hand to turn around and leave, I could hear his girlfriend yelling at him. "Stop staring! You're checking her out!" she exclaimed. Hearing her being jealous of me felt amazing! It was such a huge confidence boost knowing my son wasn't the only one turned on by me!

I would never do anything, but just knowing felt great! "You have a password on your phone honey? We wouldn't want that to happen again" I said, only half-heartedly. "Oh yeah, mom. Passcode for the phone and another one for that album. So it should be fine" he reconfirmed. "Good! Did you want to stay some more or go somewhere else?" "We did what I wanted.

Is there anything else you wanted to do mom?" "We did what mommy wanted to as well" I smiled. "Twice" I added. Chris only chuckled. "So should we head home then?" I took a glance at the clock and saw it was only about five, plenty of time to still stay out if we wanted. "Do you want to go for a walk outside before it becomes fully dark? Then we can head home?" "Sure mom. That sounds good" We paid our bill, gathered our bags, and headed off for the car first to drop everything off.

There wasn't enough time to drive to the nearby park; so instead, we decided to just take a stroll outside the mall, chatting and people watching as cars drove by around us.

"So Halloween's in two days, any plans besides us?" I giggled. "Well Jake and Pete invited me to go hangout after school. So I was thinking of going there until at least dinner." "Did you want mommy to pick you up?" "Could you? Also, dad's taking Jess trick-or-treating right?" "Even if he doesn't, I'll be sure to make him" I giggled. "Sweet! This Halloween is gonna be awesome!" he exclaimed. "How long are they going to be gone?" "I'm not sure.

Knowing your sisters energy and affection for candy, probably two hours or so. I have to do my makeup beforehand anyways" "You're painting your face too mom?" "You want the full experience don't you?!" "You are going to look incredible!" he said, rushing to kiss me.

Our lips stayed locked, even as the brightness of a few headlights passed across our faces. Neither one of cared too much in that moment, besides, it was rather tame compared to what we had done earlier. "So enough about Halloween. Anything exciting happening at school?" "Not much, just getting into the flow of things. Thanksgiving break and Christmas will be nice." "The warm Florida sun will be so good!

And it'll be nice to see your grandparents again!" "Yeah, that'll be cool. Are we going to be there the whole break?" "Yup! About a week and a half. Problem?" "No, I just wish it was longer. Seeing you in shorts and a swimsuit all the time will be so hot!" I giggled at his excitement. "You see mommy naked everyday!

You still need more?" "I haven't seen you by the beach or pool! It'll be really hot seeing your body wet!" "You know, you could always just ask to take shower with mommy?!" "I know, and I will. But, still it's different" "Ok honey, whatever you say. I'm sure you'll get the chance to when we go down for Christmas" Chris and I made another few trips around the outside of the mall before the night sky and cold air told us to head back home.

By the time we got back, both of us were tired out. I spent the night quietly reading while Chris stayed mostly in his room, preparing for his classes the next day. Monday was like any other, with Chris and I using a well-rested night of sleep to fuck in the morning before his school and again in the afternoon when he came back home.

The sex was still hot, but we were looking forward to Halloween night more, so that we could get an extended time alone together. When Tuesday finally did come, it felt almost surreal. And in order to get ourselves as turned on as much as possible, we agreed to skip the morning session, making sure we were hungry for each other later. With Chris gone in the afternoon too, I knew I was going to be craving his cock more than anything else by night.

While Chris was having fun at his friends place, the three of us ate an energetic family meal together. Any negative feelings I had for my husband was already washed away and things were more or less back to normal between us. We could still joke with each other and enjoy each other's company. In fact, without the sexual tension cloud over my head, it was almost easier getting along with him. Still, I couldn't wait to get him out of the house so I could get Chris alone.

When our dinner was finished, I quickly left to pick up Chris as my husband and daughter prepared her Halloween costume of Elsa.

"Alright see you guys tomorrow!" my son yelled to his friends. "Hello honey!" I exclaimed, greeting him with a kiss. "Is dad and Jess already gone?" "They might be.

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I left while they were still getting ready." "Okay. I missed you mom" he chuckled, smiling shyly at me. "We saw each other this morning!" I teased, despite feeling the exact same way. "You know what I mean!" he answered, feeling up my thigh. I instinctively opened up my legs, letting his hands roam as I drove.

"Mommy needs a bit to get ready, but we should still have plenty of time together!" "Sounds good" When we got home I was ecstatic to see both my husband and daughter still there, meaning we hadn't wasted anytime yet. "No plans tonight Chris? You're welcome to join us in trick-or-treating" my husband asked. "Oh no, thanks.

I'm going to play some games with friends most of the night" he answered. I couldn't help but notice that Chris, like myself, had become quite good at bypassing my husband's questions. "Let's go daddy! I don't want to miss the candy!" my daughter exclaimed, dragging my husband towards the front door. "We're off dear" he shouted, closing the door after him. With the two of them gone, I quickly went to the kitchen and picked up a bucket of our own candy.

"Honey, go put this out on a chair on the porch. Don't forget the sign" I said, handing them to Chris. There was no way I was going to let a few kids ruin my night, so instead of getting up every five minutes to hand out candy, I decided to just leave a bucketful and let them fend for themselves. "Mommy's going to get ready!" I exclaimed, giving him a quick kiss. I raced upstairs and pulled out the bag of goods I had been hiding for the last week and a half.

I had already tried the outfit on and knew Chris wasn't going to be disappointed visually; it was more of nailing the attitude that I was worried about.

The short black skirt hugged perfectly to my curves, accentuating my ass and exposing my legs. Next, I slid the black and red tanktop over my head, wrapping my chest around it. It showed off my lean stomach beautifully and left plenty of cleavage visible up top. I was originally going to go with a push up bra, but decided to do without one altogether. The set Chris and I bought didn't come with stockings, but I felt that the addition of fishnets was a must to give me that extra slutty look!

Next was the boots that we got just a few days earlier. I was no doubt supposed to wear socks with them, but knowing Chris' little fetish, I went barefoot. Taking a look in the mirror, even I couldn't deny I looked sexy!

And I hadn't even done my makeup yet. I took some of my rarely used foundation and mixed it with some recently bought white face paint, applying it evenly across my face, making sure I reached every area.

Next I added a little bit of rouge to my cheeks, giving me that blushed look that Harley was also known for. I did my mascara and eye shadow very heavy, even more than the last time I was fully dressed for him.

And of course, last but not least, I applied a generous amount of dark red lipstick to my lips, extending it a bit in the corners to give me that extra crazy look.

When I was done with the makeup, I was extremely happy to see the results! I wasn't sure if I could pull off the face for it, but behind the white face paint and over the top amount of makeup, I felt I made a pretty good Harley Quinn! The last two things I did was split my hair into two ponytails, tying them loosely with two ribbons; one black, one red and then slipping on the extra long fingerless leather gloves.

With my entire cosplay done, I strutted in front of the mirror for a few seconds, posing myself to see how I looked.

Satisfied with the results, I anxiously left my room for Chris'. "Have you waited long for me?" I teased, pushing his door open without knocking. "Oh My God! MOM! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! You pulled it off so well!" he exclaimed excitedly. "So you like what you see then?" I asked, bending myself forward to give him a view of my tits.

"YES! Mom you look so hot!" he exclaimed, rushing up to take in my costume in detail. His eyes wandered up and down my body, scanning everything excitedly.

"You even painted your face!" "Of course I did puddin'! Do you like the way I look?" I asked, grabbing his jaw tightly. "Yes" Chris stammered out, nodding his head. "Are you going to be a good little fuck toy and obey what I say tonight?!" I exclaimed, glaring into his eyes as I smiled crazily at him.

"Yes!" Chris answered excitedly. "Good!" I exclaimed, letting him go and pushing him back against his desk. I leaned forward to roughly kiss him, even biting his lips slightly, hard enough that he was sure to feel some pain. Chris' arms natural reached up to my ass, but I slapped it aside quickly. "You don't get to touch that yet! On your knees!" I instructed. "Lick my boots!" I ordered, pushing his head down towards them. I couldn't feel anything, but just the sight and sound of him obeying me was really hot.

Chris licked loudly at the tip of the boots, where my toes would be. As he continued to work his tongue, I took a seat on his bed and crossed my legs in front of me, letting him sit up on his knees to continue. "Do you want to take them off?" "Mhm" he nodded. "Slowly" I teased. Chris smiled back widely on hearing my answer, carefully untying my boot and slipping my foot out of them. "Not yet!" I said, taking my foot away from him before he could grab it.

"Undo the other one too puddin'!" Chris did as he was told, untying my other boot too before I rewarded him by presenting both my feet to him. "Have you been a good little boy?" I teased, spreading my toes in front of him as he stared at me in lust.

My toes, which I had painted jet black for this occasion, were poking through the holes of the fishnets, making them look even sexier than usual. Chris nodded his head in agreement, taking my feet into his hand. "Not yet! Be patient puddin'!" I answered, pulling them away from him again. I almost felt guilty seeing the dejected look in his eyes, but knew he was going to like the next part even more. I took out the bag of Skittles I had brought with me and opened them, popping a few in to my mouth as I stared at Chris, testing his patience.

Just when I felt he wasn't going to stay still any longer anymore, I pulled my right foot towards me, and placed two skittles between my toes. I extended it seductively towards Chris, pointing my big toe towards his waiting mouth. Chris moaned loudly from the contact, his tongue darting in between the crevices of my toes in search of the candy.

I giggled loudly at him lapping at my feet. "Care for some more?" Before I even asked, I had already prepared another two pieces in my left foot, presenting it for his mouth again.

"Oh god!!" Chris exclaimed, wrapping his mouth around it. I continued to eat a few as I watched him enjoying himself. I repeated the cycle a few times, letting him enjoy the taste of my toes along with the sweet sugary taste the skittles provided.

Chris looked like he was in heaven, licking my feet, worshipping it the same way I would with his cock. When the bag was done, I pushed him back hard with my foot, forcing him to catch his body weight on his hands as I leaned in towards him. "Mhm! How do I taste puddin'!" I teased, slithering my tongue in his mouth. Chris moaned loudly again, this time sucking hungrily on my tongue that was now coated with the sugar from the skittles.

His hands were roaming up my legs in front of him, periodically slipping his fingers into my fishnets to feel my thighs. But what turned me on the most was how his eyes continued to explore my body as he made out with me, as if he couldn't believe everything that was happening. I surprised him by pulling him up from his knees and onto the bed with me. "I love your ponytails mom!" he grinned, playing with them. I smiled back naughtily at him before flipping him over so I could get on top.

He was in a very awkward position, only his back was on the bed as his legs were supporting him on the ground. Still, I straddled him, pushing my tongue even deeper into his mouth and bringing his hands gradually up my legs until it reached my ass.

His hands started to explore like usual, shifting between groping my cheeks and fingering my asshole. With him so preoccupied, I surprised him by turning my oral attention to his neck, again biting down with some force. Chris yelped from the contact, but I didn't apologize, only staring wildly at him until his smile returned. I wasn't sure if I was taking the whole "crazy slut villain" too far or not, but I was so lost in it that I didn't know if I could stop myself even if I wanted to.

"Fuck my dirty mouth!" I whispered into his ear, sliding myself off his body until my knees reached the ground again. I dug his cock out of his pants, fighting against his jeans and boxers the entire time until it finally sprang free. I grabbed the base of cock and slapped it hard against my face as I moaned loudly, staring up at Chris.

Chris stared in awe at me, as if I was someone completely different. I'm sure with how my face was painted and the dim lighting of his room, I looked nothing like the mother who half an hour ago was picking him up from his friend's place. In one quick motion I took Chris' cock in my mouth, lathering it with my spit and determined to use it to smear my lipstick more than anything else.

"Ah, Fuck!" Chris moaned form my lips. I wrapped my tongue around his shaft for a few more strokes before taking him out of my mouth and staring back at him, showing him what I looked like. I just held his cock for a few seconds, letting his eyes soak it all in before slapping his cock against my tongue this time, creating loud smacking sounds that resonated in the room.

"You ready puddin'?!" I asked, giving his cock head a few more licks. Chris nodded his head, panting loudly. He went to reach for a hold of the side of my head, but I stopped him, giving him a ponytail in each hand instead. "Oh god Yes!" Chris moaned, shoving his cock in my mouth. He finally started to match some of my raunchy energy by fucking my mouth roughly, slamming every inch he had. Each time his cock hit the back of my throat, I gulped loudly, squeezing his cock back.

"Is that all, huh?

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You're disappointing me!" I said, taking him out of me long enough to get the words out. I looked up at Chris, seeing the slight anger in his eyes. My words seemed to work as Chris gripped my ponytails harder, pulling it towards him as he fucked my face even harder.

Even with his cock slamming into me, I couldn't help but laugh at what I could do to him. "Fuck! Oh God! Is that hard enough mom!" he yelled, with genuine rage in his voice.

Not to be outdone by him, I pulled Chris' even deeper into me, holding his cock in my throat and preventing him from backing out. I could feel the tears in my eyes well up, dripping down my face as I gagged myself on his cock.

When I finally needed to come up for air, I did so violently; shoving Chris back onto his bed and quickly climbing myself on him. I laughed hysterically in front of him, kissing him hard on the lips again. Chris finally returned my energy level and we made out as rough as we ever have; our tongues attacking each other relentlessly as we bit on each other's lips. I could easily tell my remaining lipstick was smeared all over Chris' mouth and face. Below, I took his cock and slipped in between my G-string, teasing it along my opening.

"I need to fuck you mom" Chris yelled, trying to put his cock in me. "Didn't you know puddin'?! Only I get to decide when!" I answered, holding his wrist back.

Chris struggled against me, rebelling for the first time. But when I grabbed for his throat, choking him lightly, he stopped from shock. I continued to smirk at him before slamming my lips back down to kiss him. I waited for him to return my affection and feel his hand relax before I scooted myself up on his body, sitting on his face again. I loved the feeling just as much as Chris did. He wasted no time in pushing my G-string aside and snaking his tongue in my pussy.

"That's it! Be a good little boy!" I smiled, running my fingers through his hair. Chris' hands reached up to play with my tits for the first time. I only encouraged him by flinging my tank top over my head, leaving me topless as his hands pinched my nipples. He was testing his limit and how hard I would let him go. But the harder he squeezed me, the harder I grinded myself on his face, rubbing my pussy and asshole against his mouth and nose.

"Auuggh!" I shrieked, when he pinched me harder than expected. I reacted instinctively by grabbing his hair and bringing his face up into my ass.

I laughed maniacally as I bounced on him, loving the feeling of his tongue in me. I wasn't planning on letting him up for a while, but he surprised me by pushing me off him, making me fall to his side.

Chris was quick, and before I could protest, he was on his feet, his hands reaching to flip me on my back and pulling me towards his cock. I fought him off, acting like I didn't want to be fucked. But Chris, whether it was from me teasing him too much or me questioning his ability to fuck my face earlier, was more determined than ever.

He grabbed both my wrists with his left hand and was tearing my skirt off with his right. Before long, he finally managed to get his cock in me. "Oh Fuck!" he exclaimed, staring hungrily into me. I only smiled back at him, my legs no longer fighting him, but instead opening them up wide for him. "You better not fucking disappoint!" I smirked, playing with my tits in front of him.

Chris took it as a challenge, driving his cock into me, as fast as he could. In order to get deeper, he pulled me into him, locking my legs against his body. He had become quite comfortable at this position, slamming every inch of himself in my pussy as his tongue licked my soles of my feet through the fishnets.

I could hear the rhythmic sound of our bodies slapping against each other, and it was driving me crazy! I was so turned on, so close to climax, but I didn't want Chris to know. "That's all? Is this what I waited all weekend for?" I teased. Chris angrily grabbed my throat this time as he panted loudly from each thrust. I responded by slapping him hard across the face with my foot, before hooking my big toe into his mouth.

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It caused Chris to instinctively choke me a bit harder and I returned it by pulling his wrist into me, all the while driving more of my toes in his mouth. "Fuck me!" I screamed, smirking lustfully at him. Chris kept his grip around my throat and did his best to slam as hard as he could in me. His speed was much slower and the look on his face was full of almost hatred.

Each thrust wasn't for just his satisfaction anymore, it was designed to make me feel every inch of him. I loved every second of it! "Fuck YES! YES! That's more like it puddin'!" I moaned, rubbing my clit with my hand. Chris' mouth had voluntarily switched his attention to my left foot, sucking on my toes as his thrusts continued at its high intensity. "I'm going to fucking cum in you!" Chris yelled, holding tightly to both my legs.

"Ahhh Fuckkk!" he moaned. I could feel his hot jizz rushing into my pussy, filling it up nicely. But, even though he had gotten off, I hadn't yet. And unlike usual where I would be fine with it, there was no way I was tonight. Sometime during all our fucking, the ribbon from my left ponytail had become unattached, and was now lying beside me. I grabbed it and leaned forward, wrapping it around Chris' neck before lying back down, pulling his head down with me.

I kissed him with the same intensity and fire that was still burning through me, but I could tell he was crashing down from his own sexual high. So in order to try and pick him back up again, I brought my fingers into my pussy, scooping out most of his cum before bringing it back to my lips, licking it clean in front of him.

I loved the sound my licking made across the surface of the leather gloves. Chris watched me intimately swallow his seed, and for the first time, I leaned in to kiss him, with some of the remnants of his cum still there.

I thought Chris was going to protest, but he returned my kiss, with less passion than usual, but better than nothing. I was so turned on by the act that I wanted to push his limits even more, pushing his shoulders down towards my pussy. I could see the surprised look on his face, but my returning glare and smirk only told him that I wanted him to do exactly that. I had swallowed most of it already, but Chris still approached my pussy very slowly.

I was too afraid of him backing out, so I took his head and shoved it right in. "Auggh Fuck! YES!" I shrieked, from the contact of his tongue. Chris fought me a bit at first, but stopped after a few seconds. It felt so hot for him to go down on me after he just came in there moments ago. Chris' tongue only stayed there for a minute longer before moving lower to my asshole.

As his tongue probed me, I could hear the sound of Chris' hand pumping his cock. He was ready again! With my ribbon still around his neck, I tugged on it to get his attention. "We're going to my room!" I instructed, standing myself up. I took off my other ribbon and wrapped it around his neck as well, continuing to pull Chris along with them, as if it were a leash.

It felt so empowering! As I entered my room, I could see from the full length mirror Chris staring hungrily at my ass as we walked. I didn't even get to the bed before he rushed forward to hug me, picking me up from behind and crashing us both onto my bed.

It definitely caught me off guard, but I couldn't deny how turned on I was from the sexually frenzied state I had driven him into. Chris was panting loudly as he removed the ribbons from his neck and pushed my face harshly into the bed.


As his right hand held me there, he was scrambling to guide his cock in my ass using his left. I enjoyed the temporary reversal of roles and stayed still as I let Chris fulfill his carnal desires. "Oh god YES! Fuck mom!" he moaned, sliding his cock in my ass and holding himself there. I waited patiently for him to start thrusting himself, which only took a few seconds. His rhythm was off from usual, replaced by an animalistic will to pump his cock in me.

The harder he thrusted in me, the more he pulled on my hair, arching me towards him. "Fuck! Your so sexy mom!" he mumbled, kissing me as his cock continued its assault in my ass. I laughed loudly at how crazy he was acting, barely able to return his kiss.

"Give me that hard cock! Ugh YES! YES! FuckKK! Just like that!" I moaned into him. I continued to let Chris work until he showed the faintest sign of losing stamina, in which case I responded by immediately pushing him off me. "On the bed now" I ordered. Chris followed my instructions and did as told. He had his little fun taking charge, now it was my turn again! I hastily scooped up the two ribbons from the ground and joined Chris on the bed. My bedframe was too wide to tie his hands across the poles on the end.

But luckily, the frame itself was designed with plenty of empty space in its patterns, and I was easily able to tie Chris' hands up above his head. As I did so, Chris grinned at me, both turning me on and frustrating me a little. He was not supposed to be looking forward to this that much! "Now it's my turn to have some fun!" I laughed in his face, teasing him. I brought my lips tantalizingly close to his face before pulling away again. He grunted in protest so I lowered my mouth again, only again, pulling it away before he could reach.

"Mom!" he screamed, trying to pull his hands free. The ribbons were doing a very poor job of trying to hold him down, so I decided to release his frustration by allowing him to kiss me. But as we made out, I began removing the fishnets off both my legs.

When they were off, I calmly tied one around Chris' hands again, securing that they were tied to the frame before turning my attention to his face. I gave him one last kiss and teased his tongue with my other fishnet, before shoving it roughly in his mouth and gagging him. With the free ends, I wrapped it around his head and tied it to his mouth, preventing him from taking it out.

I straddled myself over him, grinding my pussy against his cock, testing every ounce of self-control Chris still had. I could see the pain in his eyes as his lower body desperately fought to try and enter me. I smirked widely at his attempt, only moving myself slower on him, teasing his cock with both my opening. "Do you want your cock in here, puddin'?!" I asked, letting just the head of it in my ass.

Chris groaned as loud as he could, frantically nodding his head; the exact reaction I wanted! My hair was a mess at this point, and was covering most of my view. So to get him going more, I tore off my G-string that had somehow stayed on through all this, and brought it to my head, seductively tying my hair up, using the G-string as a scrunchie. Chris' face looked as if it was in agony watching me! "Mom, please! Please, fuck me! Please let me in your ass!

I want it so bad!" he pleaded, when I removed his gag. His begging was finally satisfying enough for me and I decided to release him from his torment by lowering my ass onto his cock. "Uuggghhh!" Chris moaned loudly. "Oh YES!!!" I began riding Chris up and down as he continued to moan and groan from the pleasure.

But his screams were starting to throw off my pacing, so I slid my left foot up to his face, shoving my toes in his mouth. "Much better!" I exclaimed, staring at him. Chris transferred his energy to my toes, licking at it wildly as his hands continued to instinctively free themselves above him.

It was only now that I could hear myself shriek in ecstasy as I bounced on his cock. "YES! YES! Uggghhhh! Fuck that's good!" I wanted to get myself deeper so I removed my foot from his mouth, replacing it with the fishnet gag that had fallen to the side of his mouth.

I positioned my feet under me so that I was squatting on his ass, allowing me to bounce myself up and down fully on his cock. The more I rocked on him and the louder I screamed, the more Chris fought to get himself free. Finally, the fishnets couldn't hold him anymore as he slipped his hands through the knot, freeing himself.

He instantly removed his gag and sat himself up, embracing me in a hug as his cock joined me in thrusting up. "Fuck! Mom!" "Don't Stop Chris! Don't Stop!" I screamed, as our bodies slammed against each other. "FUCCCKKK!!!" I shrieked, with my pussy squirting all over the bed. My legs shook violently from the climax, causing me to fall before Chris caught me in his arms. Even with my orgasm, Chris was still trying to reach his own. Lost in the moment, he grabbed me and pushed me forward, laying me on my back as he got on his knees to continue fucking my ass.

I was screaming inaudibly now as his cock pounded into my ass, prolonging my climax. "Ohhhh FUCuckkk! Uuuggghh!!" Chris screamed, his voice trembling as he came in my ass. He held me tightly, waiting for to empty all his jizz in me before collapsing himself backwards.

As I recovered from my orgasm, I could hear Chris panting for every breath of air his lungs could fill. My mind was scrambled, almost drunk off the best fuck I've ever had. I looked over at him, gazing thoughtlessly to the ceiling, and no doubt in the same mental state as me.

I began walking myself slowly over to the mirror, taking baby steps along the way, as my legs refused to cooperate with me. I looked like a mess and knew there was no time to bask in our post-fuck session glory; I'd have to change fast before my husband got home.

"Honey…honey!" I exclaimed, louder the second time. "Go get cleaned up. Your dad's going to be home soon" It took him a while to register any of my words, but soon I saw the familiar intelligence return in his eyes.

"Yeah mom. I'll grab the sheets and throw them in the laundry room. You can shower" "That sounds good!" I answered, picking up what was left of the outfit. "Mom you're amazing! Thank you so much for that!" he exclaimed, hugging me from behind. I turned around to kiss him gently. "You don't need to honey. That was the best sex mommy's ever had. I hope I didn't hurt you too much!" "No! I'm the one who should apologize to you. For a second there…if you had wanted to stop…I'm not sure " "I understand" I said, cutting him off with my index finger.

"Trust me, mommy had no intention of stopping!" I giggled, causing him to chuckle as well. "So mommy didn't disappoint?" "Hello no! That was amazing! And I know me saying it doesn't mean shit, but, that was the best sex I've ever had too!" "Best sex you've had so far!" I corrected, giggling at him.

"Ok, we should hurry. Your dad will be back soon!" Chris nodded in agreement and began tugging off my bed sheets. I quickly made my way to the shower, going for a quick clean up instead of a long bath. It took some effort to get my face clean and back to its previous condition, but when I was done, I was glad to enter back into a relatively clean bedroom.

I made some small checks just to ensure there were no signs of us fooling around before heading back to Chris' room. "honey, I think " I said, before cutting myself off when I opened his door. He was lying on his bed, snoring quietly. He looked so peaceful and innocent sleeping; a completely different person from the guy who 20 minutes ago just about forced himself in my ass! His clock read 8:10; my husband and daughter would be returning soon without a doubt.

Yet, I had the overwhelming urge to spoon with him. I realized that through all the blowjobs, and sex, and sneaking around, I had never once ever slept next to him! I took the chance, even if it was just for a few minutes, to nestle next to him, cradling myself in his arms and against his chest.

As I stared at his face, I realized I wasn't just looking at my son anymore. He had become more than that. Would I go so far as to say my lover, I don't know. I didn't know what to think of him anymore. I didn't want to give up anything we had developed over the last few weeks, sexual or not. Fortunately for me, I'd have plenty of time to find out! "Mommy!" my daughter screamed from downstairs.

I was so busy watching Chris sleep that I didn't even hear the door open. Her voice was sharp, getting Chris' attention as well.

"Mom?" he asked, slightly surprised and confused at the same time. "Nothing. Nothing" I whispered, playing with his hair. I stared into his eyes for a few more seconds before responding. "Let's go join them downstairs" I said, pulling both of us up.

I hugged his arm tightly as we walked out of his room and towards the stairs, only separating ourselves once we joined the family in the kitchen. Author's note: This series was the first erotic literature of any kind that I have written. I have been pleasantly surprised to see it being received decently well. I did not intend for this series to go the length it has, but through the suggestions and comments of many readers asking for me to continue, I was inspired to do so.

I will be continuing both these characters in a second series, set 2 months later over their Christmas break. Unfortunately, it will probably take about 2 weeks for me to get all my ideas down and organized so I won't be posting the first chapter until then. However, please continue to leave suggestions and constructive criticism in the comments section or PM me. I take pride in being able to incorporate many of the suggestions into the story in an unforced manner.