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Busty esmeralda has her orgasmic twat slammed cumshots brunette
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Tom woke the next morning and sat up glancing round the room trying to find me "Hey you there?" he whispered. I appeared laying on the bed next to him smiling up at him "hey, master" I said walking my fingers up his chest. "Hey.ermm what do I call you?" "Katie" "That's a pretty name" "Thank you master" "Call me Tom" "As you wish master" I replied cheekily "TOOOM" a voice from downstairs called, I vanished immediately and followed him down invisible to everyone.

He sat down and his Mum put a plate of pasta down in front of him "It ridiculous sleeping in 'till mid-day you waste half the day Tom" "I'm tired and I stay up late I get just as much day as you some of it is just dark" Tom replied. the family start to eat, I crawled under the table and start to rub Toms cock through his trousers, I could feel him tense up as he realized what I was doing he tried to bat may hands away without anyone seeing but I kept going.

The table was covered by a table cloth so I felt sure that no one would see what was going on as I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock once again he tried to stop me without anyone noticing but I continued to ignore him.

I put my lips to the tip of his cock as he inevitably started to get hard. He continued trying to eat normally as I started pumping his shaft with my hands and sucking and licking the tip of his cock. I moved down taking more of his cock into my mouth.


I started to move up and down on his cock each time taking it right to the back of my mouth. I went quickly but Tom lasted ages clearly concentrating on keeping a straight face. He finished his food before he came, so I quickly pulled off his now rock hard cock and zipped him back up he left the table trying his best to hide his boner.

He hurried to his room and I was already there waiting for him "What the hell?" he asked as he started giggling "that was insane" "Nah no one could see" I said "now do you want to finish off what I started" "Fuck yes I'm soo horny now" I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock "you can be rough if you want, to punish me; I was a bad bad girl" "I'll take that offer he said as he gently pulled my hair forcing me to lean my head back to look at him "open!" he commanded and I obliged he gently pushed his cock into my mouth, I pulled away "stop being a pussy and take me like a man, it won't really hurt me" "I still couldn't do anything that I think is hurting you" he said very sweetly "Aww babe" I kissed his cock "in that case once I have finished you off here I have a special little treat for you.

But first." I lock my lips back around his cock moving up and down it in long smooth strokes. He started thrusting back into my mouth trying to speed it up, he was getting close. he grabbed my head and held me on his cock he thrust right to the back as he started to pump cum into my mouth I kept rubbing his cock with my tongue to stimulate it even as he ejaculated, I swallowed all the cum.

he pulled out his cock was glistening with my spit. "That was amazing Katie" "Well now for my special surprise" "You'll have to recharge me first" "Not a problem, now I know you have been having some thoughts about your sister I saw it as soon as you realized I could change shape" "What no .I." "It's ok.

I'm here to indulge your every sexual fantasy, so." I morphed into his sister "Would you mind doing a role play? You walk in on my wanking and offer to help out" "As I said babe I'm here to indulge you" I step out of his room invisibly just in case Shannon saw me and freaked I gave him a second to start masturbating then walked back in turning visible as I did so.

I saw him laying on his bed naked slowly pumping his cock he looked round saw me and acted surprised "oh shit, it's not, god damn it why Don't you knock" he exclaimed covering his cock with his pillow "Oh shit sorry Tom I didn't.

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look I'm sorry I should have knocked this is my fault. It ok I mean it's not like I didn't know you did it, everyone does" ".you mean you do?" "Of course, look I don't want things to be weird between us let's make it even," I turned and locked the door.

I pulled off my clothes "I saw you so now you get to see me, just looking no touching tough" I sat at the edge of his bed and spread my legs I started to finger myself and he sat at the other end of the bed watching and masturbating as if in a trance.

I started by rubbing my clit in little circles and running a finger up my pussy lips. I started to slip one then two fingers into my pussy and sliding them in and out rhythmically. Tom loved the display and I could see he was close to cumming "are you about to cum Tom?" "Yeah watching you is soo hot" "Aww thanks just for that as a special treat then you can cum on me" immediately he got up and knelt between my legs pumping away over me before losing his cum onto my tummy and chest, he kept going and globule after globule landed on my body after he had finished his cock didn't go down it stayed rock hard thanks to a little influence from me.

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"Wow little brother still up for more?" "Hell yeah" "Oh god I'm so horny now I really want a fuck" I moaned "I'm happy to oblige" he quipped "But it would be weird your my brother" I protested. He reached down and started fingering my pussy "no. stop" but I didn't push him away and his fingering got more and more vigorous he was getting me soo wet and horny I needed his cock and couldn't put it off any longer "Oooh fuck Tom I need your cock fuck me, fuck me hard" he smiled and removed his fingers from my pussy he held them up to my lips and I sucked my juices off his fingers as he started to rub the tip of his cock up and down the entrance to my pussy.

I really loved this as I was moaning in pleasure very loudly "shh what if some one hears you" Tom said stopping rubbing my pussy and clamping a hand over my mouth "I sound proofed the room, we're fine" I said as I grabbed his ass and pulled him in so that his cock was pushing just slightly into my pussy, this stimulation causing it to twitch slightly.

"fuck me fuck your big sister senseless Tom" he needed no more encouragement and finally thrust into me, his cock slid smoothly into my soaking wet pussy sliding gracefully in all the way to the hilt. He started thrusting hard and fast making me gasp with each thrust as he brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh fuck Tom this feels soo good don't ever stop OOOOH God" "I don't plan on stopping Shannon. ever." tom replied breathlessly. I held onto his hips to keep his thrust straight and wrapped my legs round his pulling him in deep and keeping him entwined with me.

He lent down and kissed me as he kept thrusting. His tongue exploring my mouth his eyes open and staring into mine is I came ever closer to my orgasm. I could feel it growing inside me, I knew it was going to be a big one, and earth shattering one. I was gasping for air and struggling to catch my breath as I got very close to my orgasm then I felt it break over me.

The warm pleasure washing through me in waves.

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My back arched and my hands gripped tightly onto Tom who didn't stop thrusting into me as I screamed with pleasure. After the first wave started to diminish I fell back onto the bed only to immediately tense back up again with the second wave. Again and again I writhed underneath him but he didn't stop the stimulation meaning the orgasm lasted far longer than normal. I thought he would pause when I finally started to come down from the orgasm but he kept thrusting onto me sensitive cunt with one hand he started to finger my clit still supporting himself with the other.

Almost immediately I could feel another orgasm building even bigger than the last. "Oh fuck harder Tom Harder" I moaned and he obliged each thrust made the bed shake violently.


The final straw to take me over the edge was when he started to suck on my nipple. Immediately I felt my orgasm break and I started to buck underneath him like some kind of rodeo horse. I let out a long loud wavering moan of pleasure as I was rocked over and over again by the pleasure pounding through me. When it was over I collapsed into a quivering pile on the bed out of breath and immensely happy.

I felt Tom pull out from my pussy, I thought he must have cum during my orgasm but then he rolled me over and spread my ass cheeks. His cock was soaking wet from my pussy and he slid in slowly marvelling at how tight my ass was.

I loved the feeling of his cock in my ass, it felt huge and almost painful, but it wasn't. he started to slowly bury his cock into my ass right up to the hilt before pulling it out in one motion until only the tip of this cock was in my ass he pulled away very slowly and I could feel my sphincter tightly sliding over his tip until he finally came out, then he thrust back in again slightly faster this time he didn't pull all the way out and just continue to thrust into my ass I clenched down tightly on his cock whenever he was pulling back and this seemed enough to finally send him over the edge as he shot wad after wad of cum into my ass with a groan of pleasure.

We lay on the bed together for some time until we finally had enough energy to move.


I sat up morphing back into my original form "fucking hell Tom that was amazing, I thought I was supposed to be the sex daemon not you" He blushed at the praise, "well I had good. inspiration" he said smiling.

I leant down to kiss him and that how we lay for hours just kissing each other. In some ways the felt even better than the sex. Later on Tom was called down for dinner and I was left up in his room alone he had banned me from the dinner table due to my actions earlier. It was then that I had an idea my ass was still full of his cum, it surprised me that it was still there and hadn't dried up or leaked out I could still feel it there and I instinctively knew what I had to do.

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I held my hand under my ass and mentally willed the cum to come out and it did and collected in a floating ball in my hand. Once again it was instinct that told me what to do next. I drew a symbol that I didn't know yet innately recognized on a piece of paper. I held to floating ball of cum over the symbol and chanted in a strange tongue, yet I knew what I was saying.

"Lilith accept my offering of this man's seed, let it show that he will soon be in my power, use my gift to further your cause and spread your influence over the world, usher in a new age of lust on pleasure the like of which have never been seen before, this is my offering mistress, let it please you." I felt the world swirl beneath my feet and I was once again plunged into darkness speeding towards a dim red light.

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I stopped in the dim red glow and heard the voice that struck to my very core. "You have done well young one, you please me, and the boy will soon mine. Your gift pleases me and you shall be rewarded" immediately I wondered how I was to be rewarded and as an afterthought I wondered why she even wanted the semen.

Without me having to ask she answered immediately "I want the semen for my incubuses they will use it to impregnate women and make children that are far more open to my influence, and you are to be rewarded with a night with me" immediately the red glow intensified blinding me, when my vision returned I was on a rocky platform the floor around me was littered with couple and often triples of more all entwined with each other, there was a large bed in the middle of the platform the frame was black wood and there were red silk sheets draped over it and in the middle of the bed there was a creature.

Her face was unbelievably beautiful pale and pure white skin contrasted with the long jet black hair that flowed down from her head framing her face and neck rapping seductively over her breast.

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Her lips were delicate but stood out blood red and her irises were red flecked with black. What was just as striking as her beauty was the fact that she was clearly inhuman, two large black bat-like wings were splayed out one the bed and an equally black tail was draped over her legs.

She beckoned be over with a slender finger I heard the word "come" resonate in my head but her lips did not move. I walked over occasionally stepping on an entwined couple but they didn't even seem to notice. I climbed up onto the bed.

A wing flicked up and pushed me forcefully down onto the bed. In one smooth sultry move Lilith climbed on top of me straddling my waist. She leant over and her lips softly touched mine. Her hands caressed my sides up to my breast then moved round to clasp onto the soft round orbs. She started to flick her thumb over my nipple while her hands expertly massaged my breast, then I felt something probing round my clit something soft and slightly furry.

I glanced down but her perfectly sculpted body was in the way. I had never really been attracted to girls before but her body was so perfect and it just drew me in I didn't even realize I was massaging her breasts until I saw my hands on them. They felt wonderful soft and smooth I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger eliciting a light moan from her.

The moan swept through me it was possibly the sexiest sound I had ever heard and to know I was the cause was wonderful.

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The object at my clit wan now gently circling and rubbing making the occasional foray just into my pussy before pulling back out and continuing on my clit. Lilith started to grinding her hip on me slightly pleasuring herself, I however want to do more for her so took one hand away from her breasts and slid it between our bodies before sliding my middle finger into her pussy, Lilith once again let out that moan that I so loved, she increased her grinding her pussy pressing hard onto my finger.

I started rubbing the inside of her pussy causing her to release my breasts as she arched her back in pleasure.

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Her eyes filled with lust and she slid down off me and crouched animal like between my legs staring hungrily and my pussy, behind her I could see her tail swishing back and forth, with a flash of realization I realized that it was her tail that had been probing my pussy.

her tongue flicked out and it sent shivers down my spine it was long and forked, it flicked out and licked my clit, it flickered over it sending a wave of pleasure over my body, then she lowered her head and clamped her expert lips over my pussy, she was exquisite her lips moved in unimaginable way around the outside of my pussy, her tongue flicked in and out getting the perfect balance between stimulating the inside and spending time on the outside, she even used her teeth gently nibbling and tugging at my pussy lips.

I ran my fingers through her silky black hair as I moaned loudly as I started to climax. I climaxed harder than ever before I was gasping for breath and writhing over the bed, or at least I would have been had my hips not been held in a vice like grip as Lilith continued eating my pussy increasing the stimulation until I climaxed during my climax and still she continued taking me higher and higher until I could breath even to scream in pleasure, my lungs were empty and bursting and my whole body was on fire for air but not wanting the pleasure to stop I rode it out until finally Lilith stopped and I collapsed down onto the bed gasping for air my chest heaving as I sucked in huge gulps of air.

Lilith looked at me "That's not even half of what I can do young one" intimately my head was filled with visions of my and her entwined on a bed our genitals pressed together as we kissed flashed back as she was inserting her tail into my pussy wiggling it in so fucking deep I thought it would come out my throat.

She whipped it out "just a taster to insensitivities you to bring me more seed, but more next time, I always need more" with that I was back in Tom's room still gasping for air.