Helena masturbate at the Pool

Helena masturbate at the Pool
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"What's the surprise" I said grabbing my clutch. "You" he said leading me out to the limo. Me, the hell. This man has a lot of mystery to me that shit turns me completely on. Listen to me, I swear Friday I was happily engaged and a virgin. We were off to our destination. I started rubbing on his inner thighs.

"You want this" he whispered in my ear.


I got on top of him kissing on his neck. He placed his hand on my mid-back. He pushed me back to kiss my exposed chest. He pushed my dress to the side to free my breasts.

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He started sucking on my nipples. "Ahhh" I let out a low moan. He slipped his hand under my dress and felt the wetness. "Shit, you might want to slow down. Make you cum without even touching you." I started humping his leg. I really wanted him, BAD! He flipped me over and held my hands above my head. "I know you want me, but right now I'm in control. Your pussy wants me but it can't have me, till I'm ready. Just imagine my tongue twirling in your pussy, sucking on your clit while playing with your nipples.

Imagine me slipping thisdick in your wet pussy hitting all the right places. Imagine me me asking is it deep enough, then I lay down and let you ride. Imagine me fucking your brains out. Just sit back while i hit that G-Spot and make you cum instantly.Imagine me bending you over and making that ass clap while I pull your hair. Show you things you ain't never. Imagine you being my dessert." He's whispering all the right things to me, and made me cum twice just speaking to me. He felt under my skirt again and noticed I had came.

"How many times" he whispered. I held up two fingers. "All most there" the driver said. I gathered myself and got ready to exit. I saw Tony's huge erection and gave myself a little pat on the back. The limo came to a halt. "Destination" the driver said opening the door.


"Ladies First" Tony said helping me out. As soon he got out the car we walked into the hotel together. We stopped at the elevator and noticed the gazes of others.

He pressed up and we boarded the elevator. We went all the way to 18. His room number was 310. "Close your eyes" he said placing a hand over my eyes. We went through what seemed to be a hallway and then stopped.

"Open" I saw a wonderful room, filled with candles, bed full of roses. On the dresser was whip cream, strawberries, and chocolate. "I told you, you were going to be my dessert" he said leading me to the bathroom, "get in". I saw a full tub with roses and bubbles. I gave him a kiss. I started taking off my clothes. "Slowly" he said pouring two glasses of champagne. I gave him a lil strip tease. I slowly got in and sat. He passed me a glass and pinned up the back of my hair.

"To-" i attempted to say his name. "I don't want to hear you speak, I'm in control, I'm here to please you." he grabbed soap and started to wash my body. I slowly started drinking the champagne and let him cater to me. "Open wide, and bend your head back" Tony said. I did as I was told while he poured champagne in my mouth. He let it overflow only to lick every drop that fell, when he was finished he suck the remaining out of my mouth giving me a passionate kiss at the end.

"Bay, I don't want to imagine" after I said that he said get up. I got out and started drying off. I could see him watching me in the mirror.


He came up behind me and started sucking on my neck. He reached down and started fingering me. "You ready" I shook my head yes. We walked to the bed and he pushed me down. He opened my legs as far as they could go.

He raised up and kissed me all the way to my naval. He stopped at my thighs and started sucking the skin at my pussy. He opened my slit and kissed my clit. He started french kissing my clit. Tony slowly started inserting two fingers. I let out a low moan. I looked down and saw him smile. He put his whole mouth on my pussy and started eating my cunt. I grabbed the back if his head and pushed it deeper.

He lifted up a little bit and stiffened his tongue and inserted it like a dick.

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He was playing with my clit the whole time. My legs started to shake and I was about to cum.

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"Don't cum" Tony whispered. I tried to obey. Tony took out his tongue and started undressing. Tony just looked so damn good. He had a R.I.P. Tattoo on his left breast, he had deep waves in his black hair, and a smile that could brighten my day. He had a body I loved and I wanted him that instant.

"Damn" Tony was looking at me up and down, admiring me. "Shit, you beautiful" he put both his hands on his temples in aww. I crossed my legs because if I didn't I was going to cum. He climbed in the bed and forced my legs open. He forced them as wide as they would go and placed himself in between. He kissed me on my lips and inserted himself without announcing. "Ahh" I screamed. He stopped in his tracks, "did I hurt you". "Bay just keep going" He worked himself half way into me making sure I felt every.

After five out of the 10 inches I was already moaning and he did even fuck me yet. Six………Seven………eight………nine………10, his whole dick was inside me. He started grinding in and out trying to get me used to his size.

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Now he was in and out with ease. After about five minutes my pussy was soaking wet. "Ahhhh…To-T-TONY! Fuucckk……Meeeee! AHHHHHHHHHH" he had screaming now was taking deep even strokes with some speed. He was literally beating the pussy up. His balls smacked my ass every stroke. He lifted one leg on his shoulder and beat it up that way. I started trembling again and Tony couldn't care. I was scared to cum so I held back. I started contracting my pussy muscles on accident.

"Fuck, you trynna' make a nigga cum quick" he slowed down and leaned in and kissed me, "cum". Now he was in full speed my legs were all ready shaking. He gave me a few more strokes and I squirted all over him. "Come here" he got off top and moved off the bed, "bend that ass back".

I moved to where he was and bent over the bed. He gripped my left hip and stuck his dick in. He started off slowly but he soon picked up pace. His balls were smacking against my clit. He grabbed a handful of my hair and was going full speed. He's slowed down every now and then. He suddenly stopped. I looked back and saw him getting a strawberry. He slipped it into my fuck hole. He admiring how my tight pussy closed around the strawberry only leaving the tip out. He start fucking me with strawberry.

You heard oohs, and aahs of pleasure on my end. He flipped me over leaving the strawberry in. He traced a finger around my body. I grabbed it and started to suck on it. He grabbed my neck and started kissing my lips.

"I want more" I whispered in his ear. He grabbed the choc. syrup and drizzled some on my breast he made a line to my pussy and drizzled some there. He took the strawberry out and used it to play with my clit. I was loving this sensation, he was serving me. He put whip cream on it. He inserted it back using the strawberry as if it was a dick taking it in out.

I grabbed his hand and ate the strawberry, I looked down at his dick and it was twitching. He licked the syrup off ever so gently and I was loving it. "My turn" I said. I instantly got on my knees and started sucking him up. I grabbed the shaft of his dick and inserted the head in my mouth. I was just sucking on the tip and his balls were tightening up. I started stroking and sucking at the same time.

I let go of the mushroom shaped head and sucked his balls, I continuously stroked him. I put his dick back in my mouth and started going up and down. By this time my pussy was soaked and dripping I really needed to cum, BAD!

I took his cock and led him to the bed I pushed him down and got on top.

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I started riding slowly making sure not to fall off, but his dick filled my pussy up. I started grinding on the dick. "Fuck, AHHHHHHHHHH, uh…uh…uh, Shit" his cock felt so good.

I started jumping up and down making sure to make that ass clap. I quickened up the pace. But by surprise Tony grabbed my hips and started ramming it in. I was screaming, he smacked my ass over and over again. I was in fucking ecstasy he made it look nasty. I heard grunts and moans from Tony so I knew the pussy was good.

I looked in his eyes to tell him to calm down but he didn't listen. So I looked at the pussy I saw his dick going in and out. Fuck! The shaking in my legs was back.

I started playing with clit while he was fucking me for extra pleasure. I was on the verge of coming and he knew it. He shoved his cock in as deep as it would go. And I squirted all over the sheets. I put my head on his chest as he started again he was full speed for 10 min. before… "Shit" Tony was cumming. He pushed in as deep as he could he could go and let out his seed. Five minutes later I was sleep, on top of him dick still inside.