Massive boobs blonde shemale gets anal banged bareback

Massive boobs blonde shemale gets anal banged bareback
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When I was 15 I moved in with my mom who had married a nice guy named Tim.

He had two daughters who were twins. They lived with their mom.

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My mom told me that they visited every summer and they would be here in a week. I did nothing that week because the town I lived in had nothing in it but a drive in and I couldn't drive yet. Come the following Wednesday Tim went to pick the girls up from the airport.

They showed up at about one. When the door opened and I saw them for the first time my jaw dropped. They stood at about 5feet six inches. They had moderate boobs which in my opinion was perfect because they were perfectly proportioned to their asses.

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They had all the right curves and proportions. I quickly looked away and tried to hide my huge boner that had made a little tent in my pants.

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Tim then walked in carrying two bags. "That's colleen." Said Tim pointing to the twin on the right. "That's Toni" he said pointing to the one on the left. "I'm Chris." I said.

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"Its nice to finally meet you your mom wont quit talking about you." Said Toni They went to the guest room and unpacked. Later we started to watch a movie with me and colleen on the love seat and Tim and Toni sitting in the chairs.

About ten minutes into the movie I felt something grab my cock and I felt it instantly go hard. It was colleen. I could swear that when it went hard I heard a small giggle. She slowly stroked it occasionally fondling my balls. After ten minutes Tim paused the movie saying he had to go poop. Colleen then looked at her sister and mouthed a few words. Toni got up and went to the bathroom to what I would later learn keep watch. Colleen then got up. Went under the blanket I was using, and spread my legs open.

She unzipped my pants and pulled down my boxers and out sprang my 7 inch cock.(look I'm not going to lie I know it isn't the biggest but for a 15 year old it wasn't that bad.) she started by slowly licking down the base of my shaft.


The feeling sent me nearly over the edge. This was the first time a girl had touched me down there. After a few minutes of this she sucked on the head. She would occasionally flick her tongue over it. Then she started to make it go deeper down her throat. Soon she reached the base of my cock and started to suck on it harder.

She also went to work with her tongue licking the head and the shaft like a pro. Come to think of it she probably was. It wasn't soon before I felt the tingling in my balls signaling I was about to cum. "Holy shit I'm about to cum." I moaned. In response she shoved it as far as it would go down her throat and I shot what felt like jet after jet of cum down her throat. She swallowed all of it. "That was pretty good." She said. "That was your first time right?" "yeah." I replied a little unfocused.

"Just sit back and watch the movie act like nothing happened. "She said. "O.k." was my simple reply. Toni rushed into the room saw we were done and sat down. I quickly pulled up my pants and got back in the position I was in earlier.

Colleen wiped off a bit of stray cum and got back in her seat. A minute later Tim came in and we finished the movie. After that he went to bed and I pretended to do the same. Twenty minutes later colleen came in closely followed by Toni. As soon as they came in colleen got right down to business.

"We figured since I took your oral virginity Toni will take your real virginity." Colleen said.

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"So when are we goanna do that?" I asked. "Now silly." Toni said. She came closer and started to kiss me.

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She pushed me back onto my bed and took her shirt off. She wasn't wearing a bra and I saw her perfect tits. She started to kiss me and I took off my pants she pulled down her shorts to reveal that she wasn't wearing underwear either.

Out the corner of my eye I saw colleen start to finger herself while she watched us. Toni started to grind on my cock through my boxers and I felt the weird electric buzz I felt when colleen was blowing me off. Toni reached down and pulled down my boxers and out sprang my cock. She grabbed it and positioned it at the opening. She sat down on it and it slid in. she stopped once it was all the way in and waited for me to get used to it.

The best way I could describe the feeling was warm. It surrounded my whole member and I could feel her muscle's moving. "You ready?" she asked. "As well as ill ever be." I replied She slowly brought herself up till my cock was almost out. Then she let herself fall.

She started to do this and get a rhythm going and I soon caught on. She brought herself up and I pushed it back in. She brought herself down I went down with her waited till she went back up and then I pushed up against he again. Soon we got the rhythm going and she set the pace. In the corner of the room colleen was fingering herself and squeezing her left nipple. I then reached up with both hands and grabbed Toni's nipples and pinched them.

I was rewarded with a low moan. I kept that up and about two minutes later I felt Toni tense up and her pussy started to squeeze my cock. Milking it for all that was left in it.

"I'm. IM.


Cumming!!" Toni said in a load voice which got colleen to say shut up. "So am I what do you want me to do?" I said. "Pull out!" said colleen. So I did. Toni was too spent to do anything else but colleen quickly walked up and stuck my cock in her mouth and I let loose all that was in my balls. The girls got dressed and left but they both turned around and said see ya tomorrow.