Mature english couple have threeway with teen

Mature english couple have threeway with teen
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The Cheerleader Roast Story: #7 Copyright ©2004 Written: December 19 2004 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed By: Ay-Wun Please send any comments about this story to([email protected]) ********************************************************************* Part 1 of 4 - Jessica, The Chosen One Jessica, a young blonde cheerleader at Dolcett University, had a terrible feeling that something bad was gonna happen on this day that she just could not explain.

She thought to herself, "I guess I'll just have to see what happens." as she dressed for school in her "DU" school uniform, remembering to pack her cheerleader's uniform for the football game later tonight. Jessica was a new cheerleader for "DU", added to the first string squad from the alternates.

Today would be her first game, also her last game. since this was the "Big Game" the last chapionship game of the season, She was a little nervous, but she could tell that this was not what her bad feeling was about, she could almost sense that something bad would happen to her today. What ever it was she was sure to face it without fear, she hoped!. Her day went on as planned without a problem.

She attended every class and heard every lecture. She was beginning to feel as if she were wrong about what she had been feeling, untill she remembered she still had a game to go to.


After school she went into the locker room to change into her cheerleader's uniform and rehearse the routine before game time. Just before game time, the rest of the squad arrived to dress and prepare. Jessica felt that feeling again, almost telling her not to go out to the field with them, as if the rest of the squad knew something she didn't.

She thought she could hear them talking about her. Some looks toward her she couldn't explain. She brushed it off as a silly stage fright and let it pass. Once again nothing happend to her. The game went on without a single problem every routine done with perfect accuracy, she breathed a small sigh of relief, then prepaired to go home by returning to the locker room and changeing to her school uniform.

While back in the locker room, she once again felt the eyes of the rest of her squad on her and she could hear the faint whispers. Now she knew something was wrong, picked up her bag and headed for the exit as fast as she could. Jessica never made it to the exit door.

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As she was running past the rows of lockers, James the quarterback seemed to come out of nowhere to grab her. She was hogtied, gagged, blindfolded, and thrown into the back of an old van to await her fate.

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She felt the van begin to move and knew what ever he had planned would come soon enough. Jessica was scared out of her mind, but was determined not to let James see her fear. The van stoped and her heart sank. She knew what ever he had planned for her was about to take place. The doors to the van opened, then Jessica felt strong hands grabing at the ropes to pick her up and she was carried away from the van. Jessica could feel the cold steel of a knife begin to cut the ropes that bound her.

The ropes weren't the only thing cut, with the ropes went her clothes. As her clothes fell to the ground Jessica could feel the cold of night on her bare skin and knew she was outside somewhere. Her hands were rebound behind her back and she was forced to walk, walk where? She would soon find out. Jessica walked for what seemed like hours to her in her frightened condition, but was only a few hundred yards. She could feel warmth coming from a fire that was starting to die down a bit.

She heard a voice she could not recognise. "The fire's ready James, bring the meat." Hearing this Jessica thought to herself, "Does he mean me?, no he cant mean me. My numbers not up yet!". Jessica then felt those strong hands, once again pick her up and place her on a raised platform she realised was some kind of stage.

She could hear lots of voices chanting, "Spit her!, spit her!" at that moment James ripped off her blindfold and her fate was revealed as she looked upon the sight of "The Jessica 3000" comercial size woman spitting machine. With the gag still in her mouth all Jessica could do was whimper a bit and cry while she was lead over to the huge crome machine that would soon take her life.

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James forced her to mount the Jessica 3000 in a kneeling possition. He began straping her in with her wrists and ankles in their proper possitions, a long leather strap over her waist. Forcing her head into position with her chin in its rest, then straping her head down tight. With this done he removed her gag. With the gag removed Jessica was now free to talk. "What are you doing to me!" she screamed as the on lookers laughed at her.

Jessica struggles in her bonds as she tried to free herself from Jessica 3000's hold on her. She heard a man's voice speaking to the crowed from his microphone.

"We are about to spit roast you my dear." he said, as she screamed again, "Why me? What have I done to you?" Jessica could see her whole cheerleader's squad out in the distance watching her struggle. Stacey the head cheerleader, came up onto the stage and knelt down beside Jessica.

She began to whisper into her ear, "You were chosen for this my sweet meat, every year the football team takes the newest cheerleader to roast after the big game, so we always choose an alternate to replace one of us, that way we don't roast and you do!" she wispered as Jessica continued to cry.

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Jessica heard 3 clicks comeing from behind her as Stacey left her side. She could not see what made the clicks but she knew.

She had seen girls spitted many times before at the monthly state barbeque. She knew the 3 clicks meant that the spit had been loaded, The Jessica 3000 was ready to fire. James lowered a microphone to the frightened girls lips and said, "Any last words Jessica?" For several seconds all that could be heard was whimpering from a frightened girl, then she spoke "Please dont kill me its not time for me yet!" With that James gave the signal to start the machine.


Once the Jessica 3000 was started there was no stoping it until the machine finished its job. One of the other members of the football team pushed the kill switch on the Jessica 3000 at James's signal.

James positioned the spit at the entrance to Jessica's pussy and the spit began its short journey through her body. Piercing her cervix, through her stomuch, under her ribcage, past her heart, and then finaly from between her rose red lips, with Jessica screaming the whole time, begging for them to spare her life. Blood could be seen dripping from the end of the spit sticking out of Jessica's lovely red lips, as the crowd continued to cheer and chant "Roast her!

Roast her!" James then released both of her hands and tied them tight behind her back. He placed an anal spit, much smaller then the first one, onto the spit, then shoved it hard up Jessica's anus. When both her ankles were released, Jessica began kicking hard trying to break free of the spit but even though she was still alive, she knew she wouldn't last much longer.

Fighting now wouldn't save her life, so she stopped kicking and let James grab her legs.


They were then tied tight to the spit. Movement was near impossible but she found that there was just enough movement for her to be able to slowly fuck herself on the long hard steal pole inside her.

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James and another member of the football team then grabbed both ends of the spit, released it from the Jessica 3000, and carried it over to the pit where Jessica could feel the heat of the fire as they got closer. The spit was placed onto two "Y" shaped poles with a crank locked onto the end of Jessica's spit behind her.

She heard the buzz of a machine starting and began rotateing slowly, the heat was at first not so bad. As she got warmer and warmer the heat became almost unbearable she wanted to scream out load but the heated pole had distroyed her vocal cords all sound was now impossible. As she rotated she could see the whole football team and cheerleader squad having a party, music playing in the backround and lots of snack food all over the place. What had started as a party when Jessica was placed over the coals had heated along with the roasting girl into a full blown orgy of perverted sexual acts between the football team and the cheerleaders.

Jessica, although wishing she was somewhere else at the moment, had a mind blowing orgasim while fucking herself on the pole and watching the girls she once called friends fucking all around her.

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After sevral hours of roasting, Jessica could feel that she would not last much longer. The smell of her roasting flesh was starting to make her hungry.

She began thinking about how she would taste while she faded away and died. James checking on the meat noticed she was dead and ready to serve. She was removed from the "Y" poles and placed on a carveing table. The ropes that bound her cut, the spit pole slid out of her as steam poured from her open holes. She was then gutted, her meat carved into small steak size pieces.

The football team and cheerleaders sat down to have their dinner.

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The team decided the meat was so good they were still hungry and wanted more, it was decided they would spit roast Stacey next. But thats another story!. ^_~ END PART 1