Amateur couple newly married homemade sex

Amateur couple newly married homemade sex
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Sebastian was on vacations in India, he wanted to take a break from school this Summer. He decided to visit a forest which was quite beautiful, he wanted to take pictures of the flora and fauna. He entered the forest all by himself, he didn't tell anyone where he was going and neither did he carry his cellphone. The weather at that time of the year was quite humid and hot, Sebastian couldn't bear the heat so he made a stop to undress, it was quite normal for him to be nude, he enjoyed always being nude around the house, it was a shame that he hadn't brought his bug spray there were a handful of mosquitoes and flies in the forest.

After walking for so many hours he decided to take a break, he was so drowsy so he decided to sleep next to a tree, he gathered some leaves and used them as a bed, he laid there naked, his both nuts were loosened and the heat made him sweat a lot, the sweat mixed with his hairy armpits created a nice scent around the area where he was.

Sebastian was a heavy-sleeper so he fell asleep quickly, due to the scent that his armpits were releasing in the air many some mosquitoes came to investigate the source of the scent, these mosquitoes were a little bigger than average with long narrow abdomens.

These were female mosquitoes looking for fresh blood to make eggs, the mosquitoes didn't look normal it seems as if they were a mutation of the average mosquito, they were truly desperate and once they found Sebastian they were quite relieved.

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The humming of their wings stopped as they landed upon Sebastian's chest. The mosquitoes started checking their host body, scanning for places with great concentration of blood, a mosquito selected one of Sebastian's pale nipples, first a feeding tube over an inch long was introduced into Sebastian's tip of his nipple to make sure he didn't wake up, this was the anesthetizing later the insect kept pushing its proboscis to suck the boy's fresh-young blood, the mosquito's belly swelled huge and red while he was sucking Sebastian's nipple, the more blood the mosquito sucked, the stiffer Sebastian's nipples would get, as the boy's nipples were getting stiffer the mosquito was having problems to suck blood but the insect wouldn't give up so easily, it continued draining more fresh blood.

The mosquito's saliva had a side effect on Sebastian's body, its saliva actuated as an aphrodisiac and it made Sebastian's cock extremely hard forcing his penis to become enlarged, the other mosquito realized that a greater source of blood-supply was becoming more apparent. The mosquito landed upon Sebastian's cock and guided its long feeding tube towards the boy pee-slit. The mosquito pushed its needle into his urethra opening, the saliva was becoming stronger and it made Sebastian drop a few drops of precum, the mosquito didn't know what it was absorbing but it drained it anyway The insect didn't struggle at all to insert its feeding tube all the way into the boy's urethra.

It began moving its proboscis up and down trying to find a great stop to start absorbing the boy's fresh blood. the mosquito started extending its proboscis to reach farther places of the boy's urethra, the insect had reached a part of the boy's penis where there was a lot of blood and easy to perforate, this place was rather warm and spongy, it continued sucking blood for hours until its belly was huge and red, there was another mosquito extracting blood from the boy's shiny glans, seeking the freshest blood.

the last mosquito which was darker and had thin stripes in its belly was different, it seemed like the leader, this mosquito needed more nutrients combined that the other ones.

The mosquito-leader tried the boy's hairy-balls, they were rather and huge and there were moving continuously and were releasing a scent hard to describe. Once there the mosquito punctured one of the boy's balls and went truly deep, to decide which spot it was going to puncture the mosquito punctured one testicle with a wide vein supposing that this spot was going to be rich in blood, this mosquito's proboscis was wider and longer than from the rest and it was capable of sucking faster.

The mosquito started sucking extremely fast because it needed enough nutrients for its eggs.


But something was really off as it continued sucking, the mosquito couldn't detect a single trace of blood in its proboscis, the liquid that was extracting was different, its belly started filling with a transparent liquid almost like water, little did the mosquito know that what it was actually extracting was the boys fresh- sperm, the insect scanned the body fluid and had come to the conclusion that although it was not blood, the strange liquid still had nutritional values for its eggs and it was easier to extract.

This mosquito was also smarter than the rest and different, it could see the insides of the boy's testicles through its proboscis which had tiny sensors attached to it.

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It aimed its proboscis at a different place, a little bit upwards the boy's testicles, the insect had found the vas deferens-tube which contains the boy's mature-fresh-fertile sperm, the proboscis started going deeper and deeper until it punctured the left vas deferens-tube, the mosquito absorbed all the mature sperm like a vacuum, while the mosquito was absorbing one of Sebastian's ducts of sperm, the boy's left testicle started twitching because the duct was connected to his testicle and his precious fertile-seed was being stolen violently, the duct started to shrink because all the seed it contained had being absorbed.

The duct would return to its normal size after a couple of hours, the boy would need to replenish that part of his body later The same process was applied to the right testicle, leaving the duct all dried and lifeless of the boy's seed, while the mosquito absorbed the duct, its belly got bigger of transparent liquid rich in proteins, the boy's little swimmers could be seen swimming inside the mosquito's belly, there were millions of little swimmers inside of it, these little swimmers were going to be the meal of the insect's larvae.

The mosquito-leader was almost full but it knew that it still had some free space for more of the boy's seed. It decided to continued sucking the boy's testicles with its sharp proboscis, the sperm in the testicles was still immature but the insect didn't really care whether it was mature or not, all it wanted was food for its larvae. After having passed hours the mosquitoes had declared this boy their new food-supply. The boy finally woke up, trying to move but he only was capable of moving a couple of fingers, he could feel the pain that he'd suffered in his genitals and nipples, but due to the insects' saliva he wanted more, he didn't really care at all what would happen to him, this saliva was like a drug for him, though he wanted to touch his cock, this one wouldn't respond, it was all dried, lifeless, with biting marks.

The mosquitoes finally returned to their burrow, some mosquitoes had their eggs and later hatched into larvae. The insects feed them with the boy's blood. The mosquito-leader's larvae lived in the water and feed off the boy's mature and immature sperm, the larvae really loved the boy's sperm, they devoured the little swimmers in matter of seconds, the mosquito leader knew that somehow it would need to extract more sperm from the boy.

At night everyone was asleep in the forest, the mosquitoes even Sebastian, but his balls, cock and nipples weren't, they were self-healing the damage that the mosquitoes had cause to them, his balls were working really hard to replenish the semen-supply, the vas-deferens ducts were fully recovered once again and full of mature sperm, the testicles were still working on the immature sperm. The next day, the mosquitoes returned to refill their bellies.

Sebastian was still asleep. Now two mosquito-leaders came to suck the boy's nutrients. One insect anaesthetized the boy's nut by injecting its proboscis into the nut, the mosquito went deeper to until it detected a spot where there was a chamber filled of immature-young sperm the insect's feeding tube started absorbing the little swimmers though the mosquito was having problems to keep the proboscis straight because the boy's testicle was moving a lot, the boy's scrotum's skin was totally retracted and tight The mosquito finally retracted his proboscis, it had scanned every side of that testicle and absorbed every sperm.

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The insect's belly was full of the boy's little swimmers, the other mosquito instead of aiming at the other nut, it started scanning his victim's body and found another source of sugar-rich-fluid-fructose protein. The mosquito had found a little bit upwards the boy's cock that source. It inserting his long tip proboscis inside the boy's body and expanded his proboscis around 5 inches and found what it was looking for, the boy's seminal vesicles which provide energy to the sperms for motility.

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The mosquito's proboscis became wider to suck more fluid from the boy, his proboscis was gulping in ecstasies of draining one of the boy's greatest sources of energy. Once the insect was done with the seminal vesicles, it moved its proboscis to the prostate to suck the nourishment that the boy had inside. Other mosquitoes were draining the boy's ducts where the mature sperm is stored.

Around ten mosquitoes were draining his ducts, stealing his precious seed, the bellies of the mosquitoes became enlarged with the little swimmers that the boy had produced just last night, these mature-little swimmers were going to be the perfect meal for their larvae.

The ecstasies inside Sebastian's body was so strong that his cock had the feeling to ejaculate, his balls and body felt the need to release the urge.

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His body tried to ejaculate in the dirt where he was laying but nothing would come out of his body, the mosquitoes had already absorbed all his nutrients and dried his ducts of mature-sperm.

His cock only released a few drops of lifeless water, just water. The mosquitoes started to deposit their eggs inside the boy's navel button, his navel was deep and he never cleaned it so it was full of bacteria, the perfect ecosystem for the eggs. Once the mosquitoes had placed their eggs there, they released some of the liquid that had stolen from Sebastian to fill his navel.


The eggs needed to absorb through their shell nutrients to grow perfectly. Once the eggs became larvae the mosquitoes would feed them daily with the boy's fresh-mature sperm. Due to the aphrodisiac effect of the mosquitoes' saliva on Sebastian, his body would now produce more little swimmers daily and he would recover quickly.

The male mosquitoes live shorter than the female ones, so to increase the population the male mosquitoes started thrusting their needle-cock inside one of the boy's testicles, they would deposit their sperm inside many of the boy's sperm chambers which had the perfect conditions to establish a mosquito-sperm farm, once there the mosquitos' sperm could feed on the boy's little swimmers which lack of motility and were still immature.

The mosquitos' sperm were bigger and more aggressive than the human sperm therefore they needed to devour millions of little swimmers every day to survive. If one of the female mosquitoes needed to get pregnant, they would puncture the boy's nut sack to retrieve the mosquito sperm to impregnate themselves through their proboscis.

One nut was infertile due to being used as an incubator for the mosquitoes which were constantly eating sperm and reducing the sperm account always, but the other one would deliver enough sperm for the larvae Sebastian really enjoyed his new life, the mosquitoes' saliva was a like a drug to him, his balls and penis become more sensitive and his nipples became sensitive and larger.

He had become a slave of the mosquitoes.