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Whore teen Charmander cam squirt masturbate to orgasm
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No sex just plot buildup! About to turn onto West Coast Drive still wondering how much money is there in folklore. I would have to say since the housing crisis of 2017 the rebound of some areas were so outrageous that the ordinary person couldn't even afford to walk down some streets let alone afford a home on one. West Coast Drive was just such a place, the cheapest house price as an estimated 10 million dollars, the highest a cool 25 million.

Finding 4576in the middle of the drive I guess the estimated price in the mid teen range.


Parking on the drive, I chose to walk up to the two store place with floor to ceiling windows on each level. A sea of white greeted my eyes every window curtain was white, even the shutters and door was a bright white.

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Walking to the door knocking, waiting for sign that Rapiste was home. The door finally opens a crack "What do you want?" "Mr Rapiste, I phones earlier about Haida folklore?" The door closed and I hear the sounds of six chains, four deadbolt unlocking then the door swings open and an arm reaches out and pulls me in.

"Quick the local police would love to catch me outside!" Inside the tell tale odor of something illicit, not exactly what and since I'm not narc division, i don't give a damn as long as I get the info I'm hoping to get from this meeting.

"So you said you called earlier about folklore, anything in particular you wanted to know?" "I don't know if you read the local paper but two women were attacked down on a beach by Bellarond Sound!" "Ah excuse me but these attacks was it by ectoplasmic being, from an old style schooner being held by a giant octopus like creature by any chance?" Considering that the news release downplayed the aspects of the situation and I never came out with the information, how the hell did he know?

The look on my face must have confirmed his thought as he rushed into a close room where i hear rustling of paper and a sudden crash of book to the floor "Ah yes here it is!" More books hitting the floor as he returns to me holding out a book with a drawing of what I saw the other night on the beach. My eyes bug out of my head at what i see and remember before going black.


"How did you know what I was going to ask you about?" "Well I did my thesis on the Karkaren and the Villainous, one of the most retold local legend in the local folklore of the Haida! Oh but where are my manners. Do you care for a seat and something to drink, while I explain what is possibly happening!" Leading me into a room stacked by books everywhere you look, except a couch and a coffee table.

On the table the tell tale sign of an incense burner, incense sticks and a hand rolled cigarettes that were giving off the odor I recognized coming inside. "Ah!

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Sorry! I suppose I'm under arrest for possession then?" "Hey I'm here for information, not to pad my arrest record. What you do in your own home in no ways affects my investigation Mr. Rapiste!' "Please John, detective!' picking up a hand roll, licking it before lighting it then sucking in a lungful before slowly blowing out making sure it didn't drifted towards me.


"Rapiste makes me sound like a perv on a sex site!" "Well then John I'm Ed!" Showing him that i don't care about his drug use by picking up a cigarette of my own and lighting up.

"So what can you tell me about this Karkaren and the Villainous?" "Ah yes the Karkaren, the protector of Bellarond Sound was first recorded in the year 855 AD when images of a creature was depicted on the caves of Louloudren or what is now known as Loudren Heights. Then down through the many generation that have past there is a spoken tale that the Karkaren was a protector of the sound and it's people thus the tale in 1594 of when the indigenous people were visited by Captain Graybeard Cartier and his murderous crew first appeared on the shore." Pausing to take a long drag "The locals were surprised when the pirates appeared and send two of their women to greet and bring the pirate ship into the inner harbor.

Once on board the women were savagely raped then had their throats cut and thrown overboard.

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The men on shore called on the Karkren to defend them as the pirates launched small ship to come to land quickly decimating the locals." "As the pirates were trying to weigh anchor the Karakren rose and grasped the schooner dragging it and it's crew to the bottom of the sound, killing all instantly!" another long drag which I join him doing.

"Then every time the creature senses women on the beach on the day the pirate first appeared it rise so the pirates can make amends." "If they are to make amends then why is the Karkaren allowing them to rape innocent women?" "The creature watches what happens and uses a sense of justice to perceive if the pirates actually atones.


The legend goes that a woman who is not a woman will wear the pirates out so they become easy prey for the venom of the Karkaren and fade into history!" Handing me his book open onto the page of the prophecy. Scanning the page "I don't get it who is a woman who is not a woman?" "Well Ed that is what has never been expounded upon!" getting up "Can i offer you a bottle?" "No thanks!' checking my wrist chrono noting that is been almost two hours since I shut Susan down.

"Got what I need, now I've got to get back to the wife before she realizes I'm gone!" Standing up offering John my hand and a fiver for the smoke, "If I may Ed, if possible can I be on hand when you try to stop the Karkaren and the Villainous" "Sure if I ever figure out how to do that!" Leaving getting back into the car wondering how do you stop a creature that supposedly been around for at least 1162 years and that only the first reported sighting, who knows how many there was before that!

Then other thing running through my mind- did i programmed Susan to autostart from last known point, if so then I'm in deep shit when I get home.

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All drive, I also pondered a woman who isn't a woman,could that be in reference to a Hermaphrodite? Could all this be stopped by some genetic freak and if so where can we get one willing to be ganbanged by some 16th century ghosts until they go poof!

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A smirk on my face as I picture in my mind that image.About to pull into the driveway when the door to my little place opens and there stands Susan. Shit must have only set the blackout time for an hour or so, meaning she'll be able to process from the moment just before I turned her lights out! I can tell by the way she's standing that she's not waiting for her loving man to come in from a long day of work like those wives on the ultratube. More likely she's got crimson eyes and foul images in her processor Coming to a halt.

Sitting there staring at my awaiting punisher, thought from last time resurface to my mind. Tied to a chair as she quotes from her memory circuits scenes from Shakespeare then the inevitable questions 'why aren't you like blah blah blah?' Oh well might as well go in and face the music, since I was the one to program the radio to begin with!

No soon is my foot to the bottom of the stairs "Well Detective Gorwin, Christian name Edward Octavious!" Oh Christ she's using the full name, if it wasn't for the fact I left my gun inside I'd shot first and hope for questions later. "Are you aware what 'Rest' means when a doctor prescribes it?" ooh goody a possible escape clause "But Susan dear Doctor Cole only suggested rest not prescribed it, there's a difference!

Ackkkggg! Her hand around my throat cuts off any more linguistic challenges to her, and some of my oxygen supply at the same time.

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Relaxing her grip some "Edward you will remain in bed for the following period, 70.15 hrs unless you want to be bound to the bed by force!" "Oooh a little light force and binding, why Susan what have you been reading lately to suggest something kinky like that?" That's when the stars exploded behind my eyes and all went black!

To be Continued

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