I love monster cock up my tight ass and cumming down my throat

I love monster cock up my tight ass and cumming down my throat
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Part 30 Green Island Jennifer Morning sun shone through a crack in the curtains. Jessica, Lynne and Ian lay entangled with Jessica spooning Lynne whose head rested on Ian's chest. They reeked of sex. He woke first, wondering if the night had been a dream. The bloodstain beside him confirmed the night had been real. Ian admitted to himself that he had lied to Lynne. One of his most private fantasies had been to take her virginity.

He felt that last night he had come as close as God could allow without turning back time. The girls started to stir. Lynne's hand accidentally brushed Ian's cock.


It was steely hard. She giggled softly at one of the benefits of having her own man. Jessica woke and looked at the clock. She gasped, threw on her cover up and left quickly with a promise to spend some time with them that day and, she'd said with a wink, that night if they wanted. "OK," he said, "What've you cooked up?" "When we played yesterday in the shower room, I felt her hymen. I told her I'd be very careful not to break it. She laughed. She told me that she originally wanted to save it for the man she would marry.

When she realized she probably would never marry, she decided to save it for the man who would give her a baby." Ian was stunned, "So I was the sperm donor?" She locked eyes with him, "Ian, she desperately wants a child. I've watched that desperation for a long time. Please let her try with us. She's not going to look to us for anything. Her family is really well off." He pulled her to him, "So you want to try again tonight?" "I can't give you my cherries, but I can give you hers.

She has two more to offer you," she said gently. 'The cheeky minx knew!' he thought, a broad smile on his face.

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When they left Green Island Jessica had no more virginities to offer, but she had something far more precious growing inside her. Nine months later she delivered a little girl with Ian and Lynne at her side. She named her baby Rachael.

"Now let's get started on that fantasy list," Lynne said in her firm voice. Ian looked puzzled. "The one where you greet our children as they enter this world," she said with a genuine smile. She knew that fantasy would take a while as she had gone on birth control when the implantation of Shoshana's eggs failed.

She'd wait until after they were married to conceive. Jennifer threw open the drapes and looked out over the morning's clear ocean, marveling at its timeless beauty. "How do you do it, Luv?" Jonathon asked from the bed. She turned, silhouetted by the morning light. It showed her slender beauty, pert breasts tipped with incredibly sensitive nipples and taught ass with a shadow of muscle cleft.


"How do you get more beautiful each time I see you?" Jennifer beamed, knowing she looked good. The competitive swimming with Michael and Beth helped her reach the highest level of fitness she'd ever known. As a member of the harem, she enjoyed the best of medical and skin care and the cook was a nutritionist with a flair for making even bland foods taste fabulous.

In a word, she was pampered. "Come back to bed," she smiled and joined him. Jennifer enjoyed Jonathon's pent up need the first night.

Bathed in sweat and leaking semen, she remembered the ridges and scars on Michael's body and compared it to Jonathon's soft white flesh. She glowed inside that she loved a man of action. There was no doubt in her mind. Michael had her heart. At breakfast the morning of the second day, she decided to be honest with Jonathon, "Jon, you know I still have feelings for you, but you need to know that I'm desperately in love with Michael.

If you're looking for more than a week of sex, there are a dozen women ready to try to give their love. My love's already taken." He took it well. He'd been hoping for more, particularly after the sex had been spectacular. In truth, he needed love. He felt terribly alone. "Thanks for being honest," he said sadly, "I was hoping to rekindle the flame. Some day I have to meet this Michael." "I hope you do," she said goodbye to her past life forever. Michael was her future.

Jennifer went to Beth and Kat. They became a threesome, doing everything together; happily letting other couples use Jennifer's room. The second morning, Alice walked out of her room, her head high, breasts proudly thrust forward. Her lover's reputation was correct. He had a formidable cock and incredible stamina. She smiled as she thought of Michael.

He set the standard for her. And he was larger and more skilled than her lover of last night, though he did not have the same stamina. Alice became a Cougar, but never let any of the younger men touch her heart. She indulged in her passions she had for so long suppressed, particularly enjoying the taste of mingled fluids. Her body sang with delight.

She never considered leaving Michael. Rather than hurting her relationship with Michael, the encounter confirmed her commitment. Michael had her heart. Erik led Nita to the water's edge. The moon rose, lighting a path along the water, dimming the stars.

Erik spoke to her in Spanish, knowing it would relax her. "This is why I do it, why I work to keep it clean and healthy," he said with one arm around Nita's small waist.

She could feel his passion. To him, the environment was a living being he'd loved all his life. He looked into her dark eyes. Her arms circled his neck.

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She went on tiptoes. He placed his lips on hers in a gentle caress. He picked her up and gently laid her on a convenient double chaise. He lay beside her. Instead of being the aggressor, he lay on his back and pulled her to him. Sandy had said that Nita was fragile and loved to kiss.

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It was a huge understatement. They spent hours kissing, his hands careful not to touch anywhere they had not been invited. Nita became more aggressive as her passion grew. She placed his hands on her B cup breasts, gasping with growing need as he squeezed and caressed them through her blouse. Her nipples distended. Her panties were thoroughly soaked. She looked into his hazel eyes, seemingly searching for an answer. She found it. She climbed off him and tugged him off the chaise.

Taking his hand she marched them to her room grabbing a bottle of champagne and two glasses from the open bar. Once inside, she turned on the music. She stood before him, her two small hands on his chest. "I'm going to have a quick shower. I want to be clean and fresh for our first time.

But I want you to be waiting for me in the bed as you are.

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You smell like a man and I love it." She bounced away to the bathroom, shaking with need. When she walked through the bathroom door, she was ready. Erik lay with his back against the headboard, a smile on his face.

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She threw back the covers, seeing Erik's cock fully erect. Thankfully he was a normal size. Michael's shaft always left her sore the next morning. She dropped her robe and climbed next to her man.

"Move down," she said. She cuddled in his arms and then sat up. "Before you make love with me, there's something you need to know," and she told him about Miguel and the dog. It was a secret she could not keep from someone she might love. Erik was appalled, but it made no difference about how he felt. Holding her face with both hands, he looked into her eyes, "It makes absolutely no difference to me.

I want you completely. I hope one day you will give me your heart and your soul." He kissed her, sliding her body atop his. She felt free. She used the remote to choose her music and turn up the volume. He looked at her questioning. "You'll see," she giggled and placed her lips on his. After they broke their lip lock, she slid down his chest, one hand searching for his cock. She positioned it carefully and slowly impaled herself, all the while looking into Erik's changeable hazel eyes.

She levered herself up while bringing her knees forward so she was sitting on his cock and her feet. She broke eye contact, closed her eyes and let the music wash over her.


She began to sway in time with the beat. Erik's hands closed around her small breasts, kneading and caressing them.

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She began to tremble. Nita began to moan with pleasure. Erik dropped his hand to caress her clit. She squealed her pleasure. He began to flog it gently. Nita's body went rigid.

She screamed as her first orgasm surged through her delicate body. Eric levered up so the headboard supported his back. He sucked on an incredibly hard nipple, his fingers still caressing her clit. She was screaming, incoherent with the pleasure coursing through her nerves. He reached behind her, quickly lubing his index finger with her leaking juices and pressed her puckered starfish. She shrieked in joy as the first knuckle passed her sphincter causing another orgasm to claim her.

Finally, she pushed Erik's hand from her clit and collapsed into his arms. He held her until her breathing returned to normal. She looked into his adoring eyes, "Your turn." She moved off his cock and knelt between his legs. He stopped her. He slid down the bed and positioned her above him in a 69, something Nita had tried with other girls, but never with a man. Just before he brought her body to him, he said, "No, Love, our turn." And he pulled her to his lips.

His skill at oral sex was widely known among the surfer girls. He more than lived up to his reputation that night as Nita filled the room with screams of delight. He came in Nita's mouth. She happily swallowed his seed.

They slept for a time. Nita wanted to try something. She lay on her back, her head hanging over the edge of the bed, her mouth open and inviting. Eric gently thrust his cock in. She grabbed his ass and slowly pulled him to the entrance of her throat. Three gulped breaths and she opened her throat to his shaft.

It easily slid into her virgin throat. Erik had experienced deep throat once before, but that was long ago and when he was 12 and far smaller. He watched her throat bulge as it entered. He felt the muscles caressing the head. She pushed him back, gulped air for a moment and pulled him back into her air passage. On the third stroke, Erik cried out his joy and shot several strings of cum down her throat. When he held her after, she smiled brightly, "I was still a partial virgin tonight," she said seriously, "I'd never done a 69 with a man and no man ever had his cock in my throat.

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You are my first." In her mind, Nita had satisfied the cultural need to be a virgin when you first make love to your man. For Nita, though, the days and nights that followed their first lovemaking exceeded even the pleasure of sex.

Erik moved into her room. They did almost everything together in their own world. Nita discovered what it felt like to be the center of one man's universe. He poured attention into her and she flourished. She told him about her life, her father and, of course, Michael.

In Nita's mind, Michael was her father now. He'd given her back her life and now she could move forward. They swam, snorkeled, sailed and danced. Mostly, though, they learned about love.

When it came time to depart Green Island, Erik asked her to move in with him. He was astute enough to know Green Island was not real life. Nita had no hesitation. She knew her own nature. If she were not exactly what Erik wanted or needed, she'd morph into what he needed. Maria felt exactly the same about Jeff. She'd move to his home when they returned. A shadow crossed her heart when she thought of saying goodbye to Michael, but she had her own man and would soon have her own babies.

Becka and Sandy were disconsolate having seemingly wasted the week. Yet they had each found a man strong enough to wait for them to be ready, resisting all temptations. They'd watched the frenetic sexually charged conduct during the first days and the gentle love making during the last.

Jessica sadly waived goodbye to the ferry that carried her two lovers. They would stay in touch and she had a standing invitation to visit Ian's home. Privately she thought of it as both Lynne and Ian's home.

They were both "keepers" as Kat would say.