Superb home porn with busty woman facsitting whilst stroking cock

Superb home porn with busty woman facsitting whilst stroking cock
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This story is about black slavery before the civil war and in a couple places it uses the N word. If this will bother you, please do not read this story. ____________________________________________________ The location is southern Georgia near the coast just before the Civil War.

Horace Franklin was a successful businessman in his late thirties. He owned a small plantation where he lived. It was only about forty acres. He did not farm it but let two sharecroppers pay him for the place to grow crops. He had a wife, Ellen, and two children. Over the years, from age and having children, his wife had lost the beautiful body that she had when he had married her all those years ago.

She was now probably about fifty pounds overweight. The children were both active and happy.


Helen was fourteen and Richard was eleven. Horace did own three black house slave girls and they were his sex toys, as he no longer had much desire for his wife's body. Ellen did not have to do any cooking or cleaning. The slaves did all of that. She just relaxed and did needle point and other things to keep her amused. The house girls were all between sixteen and eighteen with great bodies.

When one of them would get any older or get pregnant, Horace would sell her and buy another pretty young one to replace her.

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He always selected ones that were petite, with good sized tits and skin the color of fine dark chocolate. Ellen grew up knowing to never talk back or complain to her husband. One thing Ellen did not like was that the slave girls were always nude around the house.

Horace wanted it that way. She especially did not like that her children saw them that way but she did not say anything. Horace loved to touch the girl's bodies whenever he came close to them. He loved having his hands on a firm pair of young black tits. It always got him hard. The girls had learned that they were expected to make him feel like they were very much enjoying anything he was doing to them, and often they were.

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He never fucked any of them in the family parts of the house, but he was very sexually active in the bedroom and in his private den. The master bedroom had two beds.

Ellen's was a single and his was very oversized. Often, even when Helen was in her bed, he would have one or more of the house girls in bed with him as he fucked them or had them suck his well-sized seven-inch cock.

Horace had told Ellen that she could have one of the slave girls pleasure her any time she wished but she did not have a desire for it. One day, Horace was walking past his daughter's room when he heard moaning coming from inside. Wondering if she was sick, he opened the door. There on the bed was Helen, naked with all three house girls. They were naked also as they almost always were. Two were sucking on and rubbing Helen's tits while the third licked her pussy. Horace had not seen his daughter naked for many years.

He stood in the doorway and watched, admiring what a nice body she was getting and how beautiful she was and how she was enjoying having her newly formed sexual desires satisfied. They did not notice him there.

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After several minutes, Helen started moaning louder and saying, "Yes. Just like that. Lick me right there. Harder you little black bitch. Fuck my hole with your fingers. Do it harder. Make me cum in your slave mouth. Suck my cunt and don't let a drop of my cum get on my bed." Helen grabbed her buy the hair and pulled her tighter to her pussy. She arched her back and shook. "Agggggh !" Then with one last moan, she collapsed. With a big smile on his face Horace shut the door just as Helen was telling the slave girls that they could go now.

That night, Horace took the one that had sucked off his daughter to his bed. She sucked him for several minutes and then mounted him and bounced up and down on his prick till he filled her with his seed.


He loved watching her tities bounce as she rode him hard. Thinking about how much he had enjoyed watching what had happened in his daughter's room earlier Horace said, "Ellen, are you sure that you would not like to have her service you now?" Ellen just rolled over so her back was to them and did not reply. The next couple of weeks went past as usual. One day after the tutor had left and schooling was done for the day. Horace noticed his young son staring at the youngest of the slave girls as she cleaned in the living room, naked as usual.

Horace noticed a bulge in his son's pants. He had a hard-on. It was the first time Horace had seen his son with one. "Girl, you have given my son an erection. Get over here and suck my son's cock. Make him cum so it will go down." "Yes, Master Franklin." Richard looked at his father and smiled.

The naked black girl promptly stopped cleaning and came to the eleven-year-old boy. She dropped to her knees in front of him reached out and unbuttoned the buttons on his pants. She reached in and pulled out his small but rock hard prick.

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"Not like that, you stupid bitch. Take his pants all the way down and do it right." She finished undoing Richards's pants and pulled them to the floor. His prick was only about five inches and not much thicker than his father's thumb but it was hard like a railroad spike.

The slave girl, Yana leaned forward and easily took the entire thing into her mouth. Her nose pushed into the pubic hair that he was just starting to grow. The soft loose skin on the outside of his firm inner shaft slid up and down as she deeply sucked him and bobbed up and down on his pole.

Her talented black mouth worked wonders on the young boy and it wasn't more than a minute before she had him draining his nuts into her mouth. Richard yelled out in pleasure and his knees buckled. He almost fell to the floor. Yana pulled off and looked in his eyes. "Thank you young Master Richard.

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Thank you for letting this undeserving slave girl suck your wonderful white cock. You tasted very nice." She looked at Horace and he nodded in approval. Yana went back to cleaning.

The next night Horace took Richard and Yana to his bed and instructed his son in the art of fucking. Ellen could not help herself. She had to watch as her young son got laid for the first time. Again he only lasted about a minute as he fucked her pussy as rapidly as a rabbit. Then he collapsed onto her chest. Again she thanked them. "I am honored to be the first for the young Master." Horace sent Richard to his room. He could see that Richard was still hard.

Ellen smiled as she turned away and Horace got between Yana's legs and spent ten minutes pleasuring himself in the cunt full of his son's cum. Then he sent her away. He lay in his bed with his prick in his hand and a smile on his face. He thought about going over and fucking his wife but decided against it and went to sleep. Over the next couple of months the two children made a lot of use of the three slave girls. Horace would often hear the sounds of sex coming from their rooms and he usually took the chance to watch.

One day he was walking down to the shed to get a tool that he needed to fix something. Under a big tree he saw a sight that stopped him in his tracks.


His wife was there. She had her dress off and was lying on the ground with her legs straight up in the air. The black sharecropper was between her legs, pounding his big black cock into her cunt. She was moaning and crying out for him to take her hard. Her sagging tits flopped on her chest as he nailed her to the ground.

Her head was thrashing from side to side. Ellen reached up and started pinching and pulling on her nipples as she orgasmed. He had not yet cum. Horace was incensed. He pulled the black man off of Ellen and punched him several times before he got loose and ran off, leaving his pants on the ground and his cock waving in the air as he ran. He turned around but Ellen had already run back to the house and locked herself in the bedroom.

The next day there was a big crowd in the town square as the black sharecropper was hanged by the neck. That night Horace was still steaming. He called the oldest slave girl into the bedroom and fucked her till he filled her with his cum. Then he forced Ellen to lay under her and eat her cum filled cunt. "You like fucking with niggers. Eat her black cunt till it's empty and don't stop till she cums." Very much in fear, Ellen did as she was told. Still as angered as he had ever been, he went and dragged Richard into the bedroom.

"Your mother is a dirty slut. Get up there and show her what it is like to be fucked by her own son." He almost threw Richard onto the bed. He was also in fear because his father was so mad. He leaned between her legs and pushed into her hairy snatch. Ellen closed her eyes and waited for it to be over. About three minutes later it was.

Richard hurried off to his room and Horace slammed his bedroom door behind him. Horace came to the side of her bed and grabbed her hair. He pulled her to his re-hardened cock and told her to suck it. She opened her mouth and he shoved his prick down her throat and started face fucking her, hard, deep and fast.

Ellen gagged and spittle came out the corners of her mouth. Horace lasted almost ten minutes before he held his cock deep in her throat and shot his load straight into her stomach. She had to push him off so she could get some air before she passed out.

Horace threw her head back down onto the bed and went to his bed.

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"Get some sleep whore", he shouted. "You'll need it. I have many white friends and business associates that I bet will enjoy using your fat whore body for their pleasure even though it has had a black cock in it." Horace went to sleep and Ellen lay there with a smile on her face.