Small shaved twinks and gay bdsm castration porn stories Bathroom

Small shaved twinks and gay bdsm castration porn stories Bathroom
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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires Chapter Thirty-Seven Malfoy's Revenge Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mmf, mf, mmmf, x-gang, anal, cream pie, exhib, grope, hp, inc, magic, oral, preg, spank, unif, voy Hermione Granger was being followed.

For the last month, she had been sure that Draco Malfoy and his cronies had been following her before, between and after classes. She knew only one reason for why he was following her; the embarrassing spells she and Ginny had placed on the sexual deviant months earlier had finally worn off and he was seeking his revenge. Hermione couldn't alert any professors or the Headmaster for fear of reprisal for casting such malicious hexes on Draco.

All she had to rely on was her superior intellect and the knowledge that if Draco ever got the upper hand on her, her ass would pay for what she had done to him tenfold. If she didn't come up with a plan very soon, Draco and his disgusting pals would have their way with her for hours and possibly days on end.

The days leading up to the final task of the Triwizard Tournament were quickly fading away and although Harry had learned all his competitors secrets, spells and plans for the task, he was no closer to being able to perform such advanced magic that the other champions were easily capable of.

Harry wasn't very stressed out however; he always had ways of releasing his pent up energy, even without using the Spellbook of Desires.

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Ginny Weasley had become quite the little Gryffindor slut as the school year had progressed; so much so that she now didn't even bother sleeping in her own bed. After her widely known gangbang escapade in the Great Hall earlier that month, Ginny no longer felt it necessary to hide her slutty behavior and lack of personal dignity.

Almost every night she could be found in Harry's bed, either sucking on his cock or having the ride of her life. In the mornings she could be found softly waking up the Triwizard Champion or her brother Ron with her delicate, hot and wet mouth. On the morning a week before the Third Task, Ginny was busy at work dealing with the pesky morning wood Ron had accumulated throughout the night.

Ginny had snuck out from the warm covers the still sleeping Harry's bed after pulling his soft cock from her horny pussy.


They had again fallen asleep the night before in each other's embraces. Harry had dumped a sticky load deep in her pussy and instead of untangling with her passionate lover; Ginny had simply fell asleep with his shaft still buried deep inside her.

She quietly snuck across the bedroom, not alerting any of the five sleeping boys and crawled onto her brother's ruffled sheets. She could see that although Ron was still sleeping deeply, he had been either dreaming about her sweet snatch or Hermione's hot tight teenage twat.

'Fuck Ron… You're harder than I've ever seen!' Ginny quietly exclaimed to herself as she pulled down his covers to get a good look at his raging hard manhood. The sight of it always sent a tingle of both anticipation and horniness through her entire body. She licked her lips and before she could even blink, she had half of his tasty shaft in her hot wet mouth.

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Ron stirred, but didn't wake; the sensation was pleasant enough to keep him totally at ease and at rest while Ginny serviced him like the good whore of a sister she was. 'I knew I'd find you over there before I woke up!' Harry laughed, as he woke up and wiped the sleep out of his eyes.

Harry was used to waking up to see Ginny over on Ron's bed deep-throating his hard cock while he slept. 'I couldn't resist getting another taste!' she whispered back to Harry, trying not to wake her slumbering brother. 'You can join in you know' Ginny winked back at Harry, wiggling her naked ass towards the now turned on Harry.

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'One should never waste a chance at some hot pussy' he sighed to himself with a grin on his face before shuffling quietly over to Ron's bed and guiding his hardening cock towards her tight teenage pussy. He could just make out a small tuft of red pubic hair below her tight snatch before he drove his entire cock into her welcoming warm pussy.

'Mmmppfff… That's… Uhhhhh… a good&hellip. policy!' Ginny moaned, sucking harder on Ron's cock as Harry started to plug her from behind with ever-increasing speed. 'Shit Ginny… Watch your fucking teeth you dirty slut!' Ron groaned, after a savagely hard thrust from Harry caused Ginny to accidently bite down on Ron's pulsing hard cock.

'I knew you were fucking awake you faker' Ginny said after pulling her mouth off his cock for a second to smile up at her big brother. 'Just finish me off… I'm nearly there' Ron replied looking as though he was in pain.

Ginny didn't even bother responding; she engulfed his entire shaft in one gulp, causing Ron to groan out in release as his cock jetted out thick sticky loads of his cum directly down his horny sister's throat. Harry was soon to follow; not even bothering to tell Ginny of his impending orgasm, he simply grunted in satisfaction, slammed his cock as deep into her as possible and spewed out stream after stream of his hot sticky seed directly into her unprotected womb.

'That's a good start to the day!' Harry sighed in relief with both Ginny and Ron giggling in agreement. As Ginny, Ron and Harry awoke to a very pleasant morning; Hermione opened her eyes to see a most distressing sight. Draco Malfoy was smiling down at her, looking as though he had finally won the battle of wills between the two. Hermione was completely helpless to anything; her wrists and ankles were tied tightly, there was gag in her mouth to prevent her from calling for help and possible screaming out in pain, and she could see that her wand had already been taken from her and was sitting several feet away from her current location.

She tried to scream something incomprehensible at the grinning Malfoy, but only a muffled and muted yelp came out. Draco Malfoy was on the warpath; after months of recuperation and having to deal with a tiny limp dick and the embarrassment that came with such a pitiful sight, Malfoy was finally ready to take his much needed revenge.

Both his cock and his potency had finally returned to their regular levels of both size and functionality. 'That fucking slut is going to get what she really deserves!' Malfoy shouted at his two minions, Crabbe and Goyle before going over the plan to tail her and kidnap her at her most vulnerable time a month earlier.

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Malfoy had been planning his retribution ever since Hermione and Ginny had sexually paralyzed him and embarrassed him with their sneaky bitch craft. Not only had he been left embarrassed and out of commission for months, all of the valuable coins he had made for his prostitution business had been stolen, along with whatever notes he had copied from the Spellbook of Desires.

Since that fateful day, things had gotten bad to worse; his new baby brother had been born and his inheritance would now be divided in half, Harry Potter was one step away from winning the Triwizard Cup and Hermione Granger had gotten off without reprimand for what she did to him. Taking the initiative, Malfoy constructed an elaborate, yet simplistic plan for revenge against the Mudblood. The first step had been the purchase of a special potion from the Weasley twins.

Using a fake identity, he was able to purchase a vial of the twins` potency potion; one which was so powerful that it allowed the sperm of the potion`s drinker to inseminate and ultimately impregnate any girl they planted their seed in. The label on the small vial read: An extremely virulent and potent potion, which upon consumption will allow the drinker to impregnate any woman of their choosing. Any man previously unable to bear children, will find that their seed has become the most potent of any mans' across the wizarding world after consuming this potency potion.

Warning! The potion is extremely powerful, making the drinker's seed so potent, it will impregnate any woman, regardless of age, pregnancy protection or pregnancy potions! If the twins had any idea who they were selling the virulent potion to they would have never sold the potion, but because the chance to make a little gold usually blinded their better judgement, Malfoy was now in the perfect position to forever leave his mark on the Mudblood Hermione Granger.

The second step in his revenge was to make sure he did his homework on where and when Hermione could be found on every day of the week. If he was going to take his revenge on the dirty Mudblood slut, he was going to make sure there was no evidence linking him to her and no witnesses who could testify otherwise.

For this, he used his dim-witted cronies, Crabbe and Goyle; making them follow her to classes, the library and anywhere else she went.

He was sure she`d see the lumbering morons, but there was little she could do to stop them, especially when they were actually doing nothing wrong. To maximize the amount of time he would have with the dirty slut, he had decided to seek his revenge on a Friday afternoon, following the day`s classes. This would alleviate any suspicions to her whereabouts and her absence could be chalked up to anything from studying in the library or visiting her boy-toy Victor Krum.

If he did it right, he`d have the full weekend to truly get his revenge for what was done to him. The final step to his plan was using the Stupefy spell to knock her out when she was alone, tie her wrists and ankles, and gag her mouth.

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With the help of Crabbe and Goyle, he was able to carry her to his Slytherin bedroom and prepare her for what would surely be a memorable weekend. Hermione was completely vulnerable and although Malfoy hadn`t actually done anything to her and her clothes were still on, she knew exactly what he was going to do.

'Hey there slut, nice of you to finally wake up' Malfoy said to the drowsy and disoriented Hermione. She blinked a couple of times before she realized the kind of trouble she was truly in. Totally immobilized and tied to a bed, Hermione was completely at the mercy of the cruel Draco Malfoy; there was little she could do to stop whatever came next.


Her muffled cries for help did nothing to assuage the hate and fury directed at her by the malevolent Malfoy. 'I wanted you to be awake for the whole thing; especially this!' he said before pulling out a small vial from his pocket and showing the immobilized and helpless Hermione what it said.

She knew exactly what she was in for as soon as she read the potions name and description. She let out a string of curse words and swears at Malfoy; all of which came out in a muffle that only made Malfoy laugh even louder before draining the entire vial and proceeding to disrobe in front of her.

'Mmmmpfff. Mmmmmppfff.!' Hermione screamed into her gag as she felt two sets of hands paw at her Gryffindor school uniform and tear off all of her clothes, including her bra and panties. The two hulking figures of Crabbe and Goyle continued to guffaw in amusement and arousal as they unceremoniously groped her firm but nubile little breasts, pinched her rosy little nipples and caressed her entire body.

She let out a small gasp of surprise when she felt Crabbe slide one of his fingers into her tight cunny without a warning. 'That cunt belongs to me Crabbe!' Malfoy scolded the horny crony with a slap of his hand. 'There'll be plenty of time for you and Goyle to have fun with my sloppy seconds' With that, Crabbe and Goyle backed off while Malfoy got onto the bed and cut the bindings holding Hermione's ankles together. Hermione instantly tried to kick Malfoy off of her and make a desperate attempt at her escape, but Crabbe and Goyle were too quick for her; pinning her legs down so that they were wide open and her sweet teenage snatch was wide open for everyone to see.

Malfoy ran his fingers up and down the thin strip of brown pubic hair above Hermione's tight pussy before he got onto his stomach and buried his head in her wide open snatch. 'Mmmmm. I do love the taste of this Mudblood pussy though!' Malfoy said, almost to himself as he gloried in the sweet taste of her teenage pussy. 'Mmmppff. unghhhh. Mmmmppfff' Hermione retorted, obviously having a hard time trying not to like what Malfoy was doing with his tongue.

'Like that slut. You're going to like this even more!' Malfoy replied by getting on top of her and guiding his seven inches towards her vulnerable twat. There was nothing Hermione could do but close her eyes and take whatever abuse Malfoy was about to inflict on her. Surprisingly however, Malfoy was a lot gentler than she thought he would be. He gently slid his seven inches in and out of her at a slow smooth speed, causing little or no pain to her.

'Unnnhhhhh.Mmmmmmm!' moaned Hermione into her gag as Malfoy slowly slid into her with a quickening pace. Seeing the contentment on Hermione's face from his slow gentle pace, Malfoy decided to kick it into high gear and wipe that smug look of joy off her visage in a hurry. 'Owwwww.!' she screamed seconds later as Malfoy arched his back and started to slam his cock into her harder and deeper.

'That's it slut. Take it deep!' he cried as he savagely pounded his shaft into her.

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Her juices coated his cock on multiple occasions as he fucked her for nearly half an hour straight without break. During that entire half an hour, Hermione took Malfoy's onslaught without another peep.

Using that time, Hermione concerned herself only with escaping her grim fate. She twisted and turned while being pummelled by the otherwise occupied Malfoy, doing her best to wiggle her way over to the side of the bed and ever closer to her forgotten wand.

If she could just reach out and grab it with her tied wrists, she'd be able to stun the helpless trio without even a fight. It took nearly an entire thirty minutes and although her pussy was raw from the severe fucking it had gotten, she was finally in position to reach over and grab her wand.

Her fingers fumbled around the base of the wand and just as she was ready to pick it up and curse her assaulters to oblivion Malfoy caught her movement out the corner of his eye. 'Fucking bitch.

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Almost. But not quite!' Malfoy laughed, reaching out to snatch her wand from her outstretched fingers. Without hesitation, he picked up the wand, put it right in front of her face and snapped it in half.

'Oops!' 'Mmmmm. Mmmpppffff' Hermione growled before she felt a strange sensation deep inside her. As if on cue, Malfoy grunted out in exaltation as he pasted her womb with his super-powered sperm and impregnated the helpless witch with a massive load of his hot sticky cum.

If it hadn't been for the fact that she was being fucked against her will and impregnated by her mortal enemy, Hermione would have enjoyed the warm trickle of cum coursing through her pussy and down onto the bed sheets. Malfoy tossed the two sparking pieces of Hermione's wand onto the bedside table and pulled out of her used and abused cunt with a triumphant smile on his face.

Over the next two days, Hermione had to endure the brutal anal and vaginal assaults of Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy on multiple occasions. She inevitably blacked out every few hours and always awoke to either one or two of the trio slamming their cocks into her pussy, ass or both at the same time.

To further degrade her beyond anything yet experienced by Hermione, Malfoy and his cronies made sure to both cum on her face and fill both her sweet juicy pussy and tight ass with load after load of hot cum. By Sunday night, Hermione was exhausted, starved with hunger and nearly dying of thirst. She had been brutally assaulted for nearly two and half straight days without stop and as Malfoy got ready to dump his last load of cum into her degraded and used pussy, he grabbed the two broken pieces of Hermione's wand.

With one last grunt he fired whatever was left of his potent semen into the depths of her now thoroughly impregnated womb and jammed the two pieces of her wand into both her ass and pussy to plug them up. Hermione blacked out for the rest of the night and was surprised to awake to a very different sight. Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle had spent almost the entire Sunday night binding her with ropes, bringing her down to the Great Hall and tying her from the rafters above so she was hanging completely exposed and covered with cum for everyone to see.

For further amusement and hilarity, Malfoy had written in permanent marker the words 'Mudblood Slut' on her ass for everyone who came into the hall to see. 'What the fuck is everybody looking at?' Harry murmured to a sleepy Ron as they entered the Great Hall.

'I don't know, but whatever it is, Malfoy's getting hell for it from McGonagall' Ron replied with a grin on his face.

They rounded the corner and made their way through the crowd to see a most interesting sight. Hanging from the rafters with the words 'Mudblood Slut' written on her ass was Pansy Parkinson; naked, covered in cum and with two pieces of her wand stuffed in her ass and pussy. 'But Professor. I. I.' stuttered a bewildered Malfoy. 'Didn't expect to get caught Mr. Malfoy?' retorted an enraged Professor McGonagall, who looked up at the naked and unconscious Pansy.

'It's just lucky we received an anonymous letter telling us you had kidnapped Ms. Parkinson and were planning to tie her to the rafters in the Great Hall. Just as Malfoy was going to respond with some kind of half-hearted retort, Hermione Granger walked around the corner and stood behind McGonagall nearly in tears from laughter. Malfoy nearly exploded with rage, but knew that any kind of action he took would only land him into even more trouble.

'Let's go Mr. Malfoy. To the Headmaster's office. You to Crabbe and Goyle!' McGonagall shouted at the trio with contempt in her voice. Malfoy left, swearing and cursing Hermione Granger's name, vowing to seek real retribution if he ever escaped the punishment he would surely receive. Hermione Granger had planned the perfect way to evade Draco Malfoy's inevitable assault against her.

To avoid Malfoy's wrath she had used her intimate knowledge of the Polyjuice Potion along with her unrivalled ability to suck up to teachers. Seeking a way to prolong the effects of the potion, Hermione went to Professor Moody and asked for his help. She told him she was doing an extra credit paper on the different variations of the Polyjuice Potion and needed a small sample of each of the different kinds of potions in existence.

Being such a skilled Auror and skilled master at Defence Against the Dark Arts, Moody readily gave her a list of the different potions and their ingredients, as well as the steps to creating them.


She quickly found the right Polyjuice Potion from the list and created it in the month that followed. The potion had an extended effect on the drinker, causing them to retain the appearance chosen for up to three days with each mouthful of the bitter liquid. Hermione proceeded to stun Pansy Parkinson, force her to drink the Polyjuice Potion and make her stumble down a deserted hallway dressed in her Gryffindor school uniform, which she knew Malfoy would be watching.

Before she could do or say anything, Malfoy had stunned her and had begun to enact his own devious plan. Hermione kept her eye on the Slytherin House secret doorway for the next few days until Malfoy and his cronies came bumbling out carrying a carbon copy of her in their arms. She quickly alerted Professor McGonagall to what Malfoy was doing later in the early Monday morning and watched and waited as the three Slytherin perpetrators spent all morning tying Pansy to the rafters.

Just as they finished, McGonagall came storming into the Great Hall looking furious. As she looked up at the naked and helpless form of Hermione tied to the rafters, she was ready to curse the three Slytherins, until as if on cue, Hermione's naked figure began to change and morphed into Pansy Parkinson.

Nearly cheering out loud for her luck and timing, Hermione watched McGonagall as she scolded the boys for trying to use Polyjuice Potion on Pansy and make her look like Hermione to embarrass the Gryffindor Muggle-born in front of the entire school.

'Oh hey Hermione. Where have you been hiding all weekend?' Ron shouted to her from across the Great Hall.