Cookie and cream for complaining cum hungry nympho honeynuts)

Cookie and cream for complaining cum hungry nympho honeynuts)
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Ahh Ahh ahhhh Yeaaa!!! The porn video of a girl making herself squirt was blaring through my headphones. I was mimicking her motions trying to do the same thing with no luck. My phone buzzes and I read the text, "Hey Jackie my parents are out tonight do you wanna come over?" I immediately texted back, "I'll be there in 5" Me and Kylie had always had a thing since she kissed me at recess in second grade. She's had me on my knees ever since. I'd sat and watched her kiss other guys and gush about the romance and stuff and she'd seen plenty of my relationship disasters but nothing like her current ex-boyfriend.

Harry was horrible to her for a while and she had just broke up with him. This was the first time since it happened her parents left her home alone. I was there in 4, so I waited outside for a couple minutes just listening to the music and preparing myself to hear all about the break up again then I finally turned off the engine and went inside the house.

I know where the key is outside so I can come in whenever.

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Kylie was in her room laying down just listening to music. When I went over to the bed she took out one of her headphones and handed it to me so I could listen. When it was over she took it back and asked what snacks I had brought. "The usual recipe for s'mores." I said and she giggled. Our 's'mores' is just a mixture of chips that we renamed to sound more elegant. As we were watching tv and channel surfing we just started talking. "Jackie how long have we known each other?" "Too long" I said jokingly as she punched my arm.

I winced and she jumped on top of me giggling and tickling me. "Stop! Stop!" I was laughing so hard. Then she stopped and just started staring into my eyes.

I looked back into hers. She slowly moved her arms from my neck to my hips and kissed me and started kissing my neck. I pulled her back up and started kissing her again and again. I turned her over and just kept kissing her all over, it felt like something had taken over me. Then she tugged at my waistband. "Are you sure?" I whispered She smiled and pulled my pants off with no hesitation and began kissing me again.


She tugged at my thong and I pulled them both off then I got off and started taking off my shirt and undoing my bra, she did the same. She had beautiful full tits that rolled out of her top I embraced one in each hand and started kissing them. She grabbed mine and started massaging gently then I sat her on the bed and kissed along her body till I reached her slit.

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She was wet like she had been planning this. I immediately started licking all around on her clit and inside her she began to moan slowly. "Jackie I want to to fuck this pussy right now" She pulled me up and went over to her bedside drawer and pulled out a medium blue dildo. She handed it to me and I started to suck it to get it nice and wet.

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I put it inside her and she released a multitude of moans. "Oh yes Jackie you can go deeper." I began entering her deeper and deeper and faster and I could feel her body getting in the rhythm I started licking her clit and soon she was moaning louder and louder. I moved me hand motions a little and she began moaning more.

"That's it! Ahh yea!" She brought her hand around and was viciously massaging her clit this was turning me on very much I could feel my slit moistening waiting for its turn. Finally she came and really hard. Then she laughed a little and I started licking up her juices.

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Then she brought me to her bed and began licking my clit in circle motions. Then she took two fingers and entered them in me.


I was used to masturbating but feeling another person felt so much better. She slipped right in considering how wet I was and she found my g spot easily. She began to rub my gspot and I began moaning like I never had before. She went faster and faster and I began massaging my clit. The combination almost sent me straight over the edge. I began moaning louder as she pushed harder and faster and I came, hardest I'd have before.

When she was about to stop I said, "Keep going" and she did what she was told.

I was tpruubing my clit she was ramming my slit and I could feel another orgasm coming I could feel the tension building and I didn't want it to stop I was moaning uncontrollably now as she thruster harder. All of the sudden I could feel my body convulse and I squirted all over both our hands. I squirted so much juice I thought I would pass out. "Ahhhhh oh my god kylie yes!!" She I finally finished she was so surprised and we were both panting.

Then she got on the bed with me and began kissing me as she straddled my legs between hers and pulled us together. Our clits and tits touching she started rubbing outperform bodies together our movements in sync. I held her body close and heard her moaning in my ear as she began to come again and squirt all over my pussy. Her juices felt so good running down my body.

I'll never forget that feeling ever. After that we both fell asleep naked in each other's arms. In the morning we got dressed and I helped her bring the sheets to the washer.

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She turned on the spin cycle and sat on top. " I had a wonderful night and we are definitely doing that again.

I'll just be here, thinking about you." I smiled embraced her ipwith a kiss and left.

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And I can't wait until I can come over again.