I stole all these panties from my hot friends

I stole all these panties from my hot friends
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Ari walked followed the river and after a few kilometers she saw a building. Getting closer she saw it had a huge garden at the back with trees and plants all over and in the back of the garden she could see a big glass house.

She entered the house. It must have been home to a highly educated person because she saw books all over the place. Taking a look she saw they were about the Amazonian rainforest.

Interested, she searched the house and found a diary. It became clear that the former owner of the house was a professor who had worked as a biologist in Brazil.

He saw what humans had done to nature and had built the glass house because he wasn't sure if all of the many species that inhabited the Amazon jungle would survive there. To make a living visitors could take a tour through it and he would explain what animals they saw and how they lived.

This way he hoped to make people aware of the current situation. As a hobby the biologist now also cultivated plants in the garden. Curious she decided to check out these foreign animals.

She walked through the garden first, seeing all kinds of plants. She regognized one of them as it was a banana tree.

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Its banana's were ripe so she picked one and had just peeled the beginning of the banana peel off when she reached the glass house. She found the door and walked through it. She was greeted by a hot moist air that made her skin feel sticky.

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Inside the professor had created a mini rainforest with rocks, large plants, and flowing water so the animals inside would easily consider it their home. That definitely succeeded because when she looked to her right she saw two small red monkeys mating.

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They were about 25 cm in length with long tails. The information sign next to them said they were golden lion tamarins, an endangered species that lived near the Brazil coast. Well, if they keep fucking like that they will survive, was Ari's first thought. She became a bit aroused and sat down next to the horny monkeys. They looked at her for a moment and then continued with what they were doing. 'Little perverts', Ari thought.


The male monkey then ejaculated in the female and they dismounted. They both walked over to Ari, or more to the banana. Ari could imagine why they were hungry and a dirty idea came to her mind.

She peeled the banana, spread her legs wide and put the banana inside her wet cunt. "Who's hungry?" Ari said to the monkeys. As if it could understand her the male climbed over to her pussy and began eating. When he ate the piece of fruit sticking out of her she pushed a bit with her vaginal muscles and a new piece, full of girl juice came out, what the monkey also eagerly ate. The female monkey was also aroused by this scene, smelling Ari's own arousal in the air.

Ari saw the little monkey became wet also and she picked it up. She brought the monkey cunt to her mouth and started licking.

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It was small but she succeeded in finding her little clit and started sucking, licking and entering her girly areas. Both obviously never had such an experience and soon they were both orgasming.

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The female monkey let out a shriek and Ari could then taste female monkey cum on her tongue. This drove her over the edge and she came, covering the last bit of banana with new juice. The male monkey had watched the whole lesbian interspecies encounter in front of him and after he ate the last bit of banana he wanted that human mouth too. He climbed on Ari's belly, over her breasts and Ari could see he had a 3-inch hard-on. On its own initiative the male monkey put it between Ari's lips and well since she was a generous person she sucked his little monkey dick until he came in her mouth.

Then he jumped off Ari and climbed into the trees with the female.

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They have had a peeper the whole time. A small hummingbird had watched from a distance and when Ari stood up he flew to her. Ari watched its movements and saw it spotted a tiny erection (previous most birds had a cloaca but thanks to the red flashes now every male creature has a penis). It moved until it hovered against her right tit and then it started humping his cock against her soft breast skin.

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Ari awarded the little bird by staying still, watching her little admirer enjoying himself. The bird came and a drop of sperm landed on her breast. Then the hummingbird flew away. Now Ari wanted to cool off a bit so she walked outside again into the gardens. She learned of the rainforest fauna and tasted fruits she had never heard of. She suddenly spotted a strange plant in a corner. It looked a bit like a butterwort on a steel.

It had four long narrow leaves with a suction cup on the end of each leaf. In the middle of the plant stood a 20 cm, wide upright tentacle. 'I think I can use that one for fun, hihi', Ari thought.

She squatted down on the plant and pushed its hard solid tentacle in her pussy. "Aaaahhhhh!'"she shouted out. This was exactly what she needed after the previous oral sex session.

She had humped up and down the shaft just for a short time when she came already. Her cunt covered the plant with her cum. Unknown to Ari the plant then sensed that he could use the girl for enjoyment too. When Ari tried to pull the plant out again his leaves shot up from the floor and sucked themselves onto Ari's body: one leaf covering and attached to her pubic area, two on her buttocks, and one on each hip. The plant now pulled Ari against him until his dick-like appendage was put deep in her cunt again.

Ari didn't want this and tried to push herself of the ground with her feet, hoping the plant would let her go. Instead the plant let his stem break on purpose and pushed itself in as deep as he could. It now started to push himself in and out again, as if it was fucking her. Ow well actually it wás fucking her.

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And Ari started to enjoy this vegetal rape. She was still wet and the plant fucked her comfortable. She decided she needed something to lean against and she walked/crawled to a low hanging branch and bent over it.

Now when she looked under the branch she could see five leaves with a huge dick between them fucking her madly. In and out it went, ever going faster and faster until it was pumping her with the speed of an engine turbine. Ari moaned hard at assault. It was just so hot!

She had come for 20 times already when she finally felt the plant spewing its seeds in her. The plant now pulled out, released Ari from its grip and fell down to the floor.

It would grow roots again and wait for the next victim. Ari rested for a while, letting the sperm drip out from her. Then she examined herself. She was dirty from all the semen and the bark from the branch. So she sought for a way to clean herself. She left the house behind her and walked until she saw water at the horizon. It turned out to be the ocean. She walked unto the beach, sprinted to the water and dived in. It felt good to feel the water flow against her body. She was a good swimmer and decided to swim offshore and then get back for a sunbath.


When she swam away a strong stream picked her up, moving her offshore fast. She tried to swim back but to no avail. She saw the coast getting further and further away until it disappeared under the horizon. And still she floated around in this huge body of water, moving to an unknown destination.