I fucked her finally dude watches hot blonde cleaning his place

I fucked her finally dude watches hot blonde cleaning his place
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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx Please Rate. Please Comment. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx Prior: Happy Mother'S Day Prior: Happy Mother'S Day-1 Prior: Happy Mother's Day Party Pig Juan took off her blindfold. When she saw all the brutes around her she became hysterical. They wore their gang colors, tat's crazy hair cuts. They just looked the look, bad ass MF's. I was so fucking hot. I know its crazy but I always had these fantasies about Mom, but this was beyond my wildest dreams or hopes.

Sonia was kissing me while my Mom hung hogtied, surrounded by her brother's gang. I could see she was raw where she was tied by the leash. She struggled to keep her head up.

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I could her look around desperately for help. "Bob, help Me. Please." I was making out with Sonia and we laughed as we heard her beg. She hung there totally exposed. Her tits hung down.

I thought how much it must hurt being trussed up. Her back was arched in awful position as her body pulled down. I could see the tension in her thighs and butt. Sonia leaned overrubbed my cock. Bob, they are going to terrorize her. Then they want you to fuck her first. I was so excited I didn't know if I could wait. Juan blindfolded her again so she couldn't see them. Her head twisted wildly as hands reached out to grab her. They walked around her.

Yelled in her face. Screamed at her. Were gonna cut you bitch. Whip that bitch ass. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two bangers pulled her to one side so she swung as she hung. Two others pushed her back. She swung back and forth. She swung higher and higher. I pulled off the blindfold so I could see her eyes. "AGGGHHHHH, my arms, Stop. Stop. AHHHHHHHHH." I could see the arms, legs, everything stretching as she swung back and forth.

The guys were laughing their heads off at the screaming bitch. As Mom swung toward me I could see the utter agony in her face. The brutality was overwhelming.

I realized how sadistic I was, the worse it got, the more I wanted. Somewhere I thought I should feel bad but I didn't. There were the repressed dreams for many years. I was shaking, trembling, overwhelmed as I heard Mom screaming.

They brought over a couple cinder blocks. "Lets hang these from your tits." Wait, Stop, I'll take care of you, I can do all of you. Please Oh Please, no more. Juan looked at me and laughed. "You up Bro." "Please take me down. " "Ah, not so quick Mom." Laughed Juan.

"First you have to take care of business." "Let me down, I will do good." "I don't think so." I got up and went by to Mom, her head hanging down. Sonia pulled her head up by the hair. "What's got You down." "Your boy Bobby ready for some head." Mom looked up at me pleadingly. I smiled and pushed my dick in her mouth.

"Suck cock Bitch." Sonia got a big laugh out of that. "Yea suck you baby boys COCK!" Sonia grabbed her hair and pushed her head back and forth. The saliva was dripping from her mouth.

I pulled my cock from her mouth. "Lick the head Mom." "Yea lick the head Mom." "Suck your boys cock." "Taste good Mommy." Everyone was in to it, mocking her. Laughing. Spit hit her face. Tears were streaming down her face. Sonia held her hair while I slapped Mom's face with my hardon. It was so fucking crazy I couldn't control myself.

I thrust my cock as far as I could down her slut throat. The cum and slime made her cough some of it up. The mess dripped off her chin and made a puddle on the floor.

"Thanks MOM." Sonia and I walked toward the outside where one of the gang was cooking burgers. As I looked back I could see two guys were on Mom. We got some food and sat down to enjoy the action. Two bad-asses were working her over. They jerked her head back and forth, slapped her face with the cock. One dude shot his load on her face and smeared the mess around with his cock.

Another guy took his place.


They raped her mouth one after another. Her lips started to bleed. He mouth was puffy and swollen. Mom's eye's were shut covered with cum. Yet, they continued, double fucking her mouth. Finally they were done. Mom's face was a mess. Her head hung down. Juan dropped her down on the ground and untied her. She lay thee unable to move. "Lick that up." He laughed.

I can't.

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Don't make me do that. I can'd do it. Juan wrapped a belt around her neck and pulled it tight. He dragged her over by belt to the mess and put his boot to her head pushing her face into the mess. "Lick it up I said." Slowly she started to lick up the disgusting puddle. I almost felt a little sorry watching.

"Come on bitch, hurry up." yelled Juan. When Mom stopped he pulled on the belt choking her.

Naked, surrounded by thugs, mom was cleaning the floor of cum and slime. "Lick it all up." Mom face was on the floor as I watched her tongue licking up the slime. Juan stooped over and screamed in her face. "Lick it up. You are missing some." He spit on the ground. "HA, there is some more for you." When she was done Juan pulled her by the belt to pole and wrapped her neck against the pole.

He pulled her arms around the back of the pole and tied her wrists. Another guy grabbed her ankles and pulled then up to her wrists. Mom was on her knees, tied brutally against a pole. Her neck was belted tight against the pole. She balanced only on her knees with wrists and ankles tied behind her on the pole. Sonia and Mirabel each had 24 inch black rubber cocks. "What are you going to do with those. Stop. Bob make them stop." The pathetic Bitch was pleading.

They teased her with them. "You like BLACK dick, Huh." Mirabel grabbed her by the hair. "Tell me you like it." Sonia rubbed her cock against her face. "Say it. "I am a blackcock loving whore." "Ahh, I am black cock loving whore." "Stop, I can't take any more." "Shut UP unless I tell you!" "You like Black cock, here it is." She took the cock and pushed in Mom's mouth.

It was huge as she explored every part of her swollen red mouth. I could see the dick pushing out at the ends of her mouth. "AHHHHHHH." Sonia took the heavy rubber dick out of her mouth and slapped her red swollen face. Back and forth she cock slapped her with the rubber cock. Mirabel took her rubber cock and began to feed it down Mom's throat. She pushed it slowly and half inch at a time twisting and turning. Almost at once she started to gag.

Her face became red, almost violet. Mom's whole body began to convulse but Mirabel kept pushing the cock deeper. I thought she was going to choke when Mirabel pulled the cock from her throat. The slime, cum, puke erupted from her mouth. She gasped for breath as several waves of vomit shot over her body.

The mess hung from her boobs and covered the front of her body. "Fucking PIG." "CUM PIG." "Slime bucket." Everyone lauged and called her names. What can you do to a pig, well we did it. We formed a circle and pissed on her from every side. It was a contest to see who could get the direct hit on her head. We let her kneel there, trussed up against the pole, covered in slime and piss.

Finally the guys brought several buckets of water and threw them over the filthy Bitch. They untied her and she flopped to the floor. Now the funniest part. The Bitch comes crawling to me. She pulls herself up on my leg and starts to beg.

"Bob, please have them stop. I am your mother.

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Don't you have any feeling." Yes I DO, have feelings. I pointed to a table and they grabbed her crying and threw her up on the table, her legs tied to the table legs so her cunt was right at the end, legs spread.


Her arms were tied to legs on the other end. Juan, yelled. "Stretch it tighter." I looked at her stretched body. He pussy open waiting for me.

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The pleading look in her eyes. A shoved my dick into her, deep into her and started to fuck her. I could see her face. I smiled and waved.

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I saw Mirable and Sonia standing next to her with the 12 inch black rubber cocks. We had the same thoughts. Thud. Sonia brought her cock hard down on Mom's breast.

The big boob shook all over. "Give her a hundred. " Yelled Juan. "Two." screamed Mirabel and brought hers down on her other breast. Mom was screaming as I fucked her harder. Three. Damm I was excited. Four, five Ten Twenty. Her boobs were already black and blue. The bounced around madly each time they were struck. At thirty they decided it was too much. 31 hit her thigh, 32 hit an arm.

33 hit the side of her ribs. Sonia was beside me whacking her legs hanging over the table. 34 and Mirabel whacked her shoulder. 35 was under the arm pit which brought an extra loud cry. BAM BAM more hitsunder the arm pit. I expoded inside her. I couldn't help myself. A gangbanger took my place. Everyone would have a turn. There were different positions, different holes to fuck. Bruised and battered she would pass out for a minute but no one stopped. Two Months Later: The alarm ran. I sat up at the side of the bed.

Mirabel was at my shoulder. Mom was in her place kneeling beside the bed. She knew better than not to be ready. I smiled. She looked so good with the heavy leather neck collar and the chain attached to bed. He tits were tattooed, a gift from Sonia. On one: BOBBY'S On the other: BITCH Bobby's Bitch. Soooo sweet. As she sucked my cock with her pierced tongue, I couldn't help but thinking about this afternoon.

We were going over to Juan's to party. (If anyone is interested in the next party, let me Know.)