Arabi pretty girl love fuck doggystyle

Arabi pretty girl love fuck doggystyle
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I spread Nikki's legs wide apart, and dived into her sweet pussy. Her smell was divine, and I lashed my tongue across her wet hole.

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She was soaked in seconds, and a rubbed her sweet juice all over my face. My cock was throbbing hard, and I rose up and let it slide into her impossibly hot, wet and tight pussy, staring at her shocked face as I filled her up and moved inside her tight, dark Indian body.

She moaned in pleasure as I fucked her hard, my cock sliding inside her, covered in her young pussy juice. I wanted to cum, but couldn't possibly cover her teenage face in my spunk, so I pulled out and exploded all over that gorgeous pussy, my cum dripping slowly down her front to her belly.

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Ishaa walked over and dived into her cum-covered cunt, licking my hot juice and Nikki's pink pussy up like a cat. I stroked my spent cock as I watched this beautiful scene unfold, and saw Chloe and Asia enter the room. Chloe uttered a wow and Ishaa looked up, cum and pussy juice glistening on her face. She stood up and walked over to her friend Chloe and gave her a big open mouth kiss.

Asia's face lit up as she saw her Indian friend touching her own pussy, and she went over and licked her pussy as well.

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Oh my god, she muttered, I can taste Mr. El's cock on your pussy!

With this I turned around, and gently eased Asia's face towards my throbbing tool. She opened her mouth and I entered, growing large between her lips, her big, soft teenage eyes looking up at me in eternal thanks. And this is how it began.

Asia was surprisingly good, opening her mouth wide and taking my cock all the way down to the balls, where she would try and dart her tongue out and tease my nuts. Somehow, she managed to keep that happy-go-lucky smile on her face even when her throat was filled with cock. She would move expertly up and down my shaft, soaking it in her soft, warm spit and keeping it full on down her throat until her face turned red and she started to gag, at which point she would open up and release me, leaving me throbbing in the air, her spit dripping from my swollen tool.

Chloe kneeled next to her, looking at her with excitement and admiration. " "Let me try," Chloe begged. "I want to see if I can suck the whole thing." Asia consented to Chloe's request and I popped out of Asia's mouth and looked down at Chloe, my cock pulsating inches from her face.

She looked up at me and smiled, her dimples large and impressive.

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I told her to open up, held both sides of her face, and plunged my cock down her throat. She coughed a little, and gagged, and I pulled out and let her take control. She wasn't nearly as nasty as Asia, but having my swollen rod buried in this girl-next-door's mouth was much more than I could ever dream of. She was consistent, and hard-working, and she moved her head up and down on my cock with a rhythmic consistency and dedication that made me want to explode down her 18-year old throat.

"Hey, Chloe," Ishaa chimed in, wiping the cum and pussy juice from her chin with the back of her arm. "Let Mr. El fuck you in your ass." Chloe popped my cock out of her mouth and stared at her thin brunette friend, smiling. Without a word, she turned around and got down on all fours, playfully shaking her fat ass in front of me. My dick stood at full attention, hard as a rock and covered in Nikki's pussy juice and Aisa and Chloe's spit.

Ishaa crouched beside her and spread Chloe's ass cheeks. She sucked a deep, thick wad of spit and let it drip down onto her girlfriend's puckered little starfish. My cock was slimy and lubed up, and I pressed it up against Chloe's hole. "Be gentle," Mr. El, Chloe begged. "It's really, really tight." I teased her a little bit, holding my cock in my fist and pressing the head so it made her starfish expand a little bit. Nikki and Asia had both come over to watch, Ishaa on the other side, still holding Chloe's ass cheeks apart.

With a gentle shove I entered her tight asshole. Chloe gasped and let out a nearly inaudible fuck as I entered her. I slowly filled her with my eight inch girth, up to my balls, and held it there as she wiggled her thick ass. Chloe was a high school athlete, playing both soccer and volleyball and had the thick, strong thighs and legs of a teenage athelete.

"I want to see," blurted Nikki, brushing her long, curly black hair from her face.

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"I want to watch real close!" Nikki crawled underneath her girlfriend, so her face was beneath Chloe's pussy. She had a clear view of my cock entering her classmate's asshole, and this also gave Chloe an opportunity to play with Nikki's shockingly pink pussy. Nikki was of dark-skinned Indian descent with deep brown eyes and a face that could start wars. She was slightly naive, even though she loved to fuck, and as I pounded Chloe's ass, she kept commenting on how awesome it looked.

With my dick in the girl-next-door's ass, Nikki's exotic face just inches away from where Chloe and I were joined by dick and ass, and Asia and Ishaa on either side, gently rubbing their friend's body, I was poised to explode. I wanted to fire deep into her ass, but I pulled back. With just my head inside her bunghole, I took my cock in three fingers- a thumb on top and my index and middle finger beneath- and rubbed my shaft. "I'm gonna cum, Chloe," I warned. "I'm gonna cum in your fucking ass." She shook her big, bulbous butt a little more and I felt the hot cum surge through my fucking rod and into her butthole.

It pulsated a few times and I let out a loud, gutteral groan as I filled her with my juice.


" "Me! Me! Me!" Nikki exclaimed before I could even pull out. "I want to eat it! I want the cum!" I smiled at Nikki's eagerness and pulled my cock out.

Chloe crouched over Nikki's open mouth and my wad of cum slowly and elegantly dripped from her gaping bunghole onto Nikki's tongue. Ishaa helped by massaging her ass cheeks until Chloe's starfish was thoroughly cleansed of my man-juice.

Nikki swallowed audibly, with a big, yummy smack and then teased Chloe's asshole with her tongue. Just then the school bell rang, indicating the end of lunch.

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"Fuck!", yelled Asia. "We're gonna be late for math!" The girls frantically moved around the lounge for their clothes, hurriedly pulling on their panties and skirts, snapping on bras and their school-shirts, all cursing and hopping.


"Mr. El, can you write us a pass? Ms. V will have a fucking fit if we are late again." I nodded affirmatively, and smiled, stroking my cock absent-mindedly.

I didn't have a last period class, so I had nothing to worry about.

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Ishaa was in her clothes first. Her face thinly glistened with cum and spit and pussy juice. "Ishaa," Nikki exclaimed. "Will you stop by the cafeteria and get me juice box?

My mouth tastes like ass and cum."