Nasty super hot brunette whore fucks

Nasty super hot brunette whore fucks
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** Hello. This IS A COMPLETE WORK OF FICTION. FICTION. FICTION. It contains incest between a Step-mother and her Son. If that is not something you feel comfortable reading, then I suggest you choose another story to read. It is not intended to offend, so if you will be offended by this work of FICTION then please seek your entertainment elsewhere.

If you plan to curse me in the name of whatever God you worship, then I would ask why you are on a website filled with pornographic images and sexually explicit stories that will inspire activity I am certain your clergy would consider a sin. This story has been written as a result of a desire to explore this aspect of writing. Thank you to scottMaster, Corbie, Amazon36DD and Gentleman friend.

Their conversations with me on a variety of subjects helped contribute to this idea, and give me the freedom to write it. English is my second language. I promise I do try to avoid errors in my stories, but I do not claim to be perfect.

I hope that whatever mistakes you may see do not detract from your enjoyment. As always feedback is appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this offering. Please enjoy** A Bad-Stepmother I have a wonderful life, that is all I can say. I am a medical professional, respected by my colleagues. My home is large and comfortable. I am married to a wonderful man, his second marriage, but my first. It has been a wonderful five years together and we have come so far since we married.

When I met David he had been divorced for several years. His ex-wife was unfaithful almost from the day they married.

He did not know about that. In the second year of her marriage she became pregnant with their son. She found this a tremendous "Hassle" and wanted to abort the baby. She gave into David's pleading and she reluctantly carried their son to full term. After she gave birth she could not pass off responsibility for him fast enough.

David had to hire a Nanny and his wife went back to her selfish ways. Because of her behaviour she never really bonded with her son, most likely because she was totally disinterested.

Ten years later things came to a head when David caught her having sex with three men at a hotel. He had been hired to engineer a redesign for them. During the tour the Manager took him into what was supposed to be a large vacant suite and found them there.

The guys she was fucking worked there. The divorce was nasty, protracted, and so full of hostility. His ex wife lost the battle in court, David was awarded full custody, and she jumped on a plane and left. Neither David nor his son, Patrick, have heard from her since. Needless to say the entire episode had three major impacts. David simply could not bring himself to trust a woman again.

It took a long time for him to even start dating. David and Patrick became incredibly close. This was natural with a single parent having to try and do everything for his son.

For his part, Patrick always felt rejected by his mother. David told me that Patrick would sometimes call his favourite female teachers "Mom" by accident. Clearly he had a deep need for a mother figure in his life, and had missed all the love and attention so many of us take for granted from our mother's. David and I met when he was hired in relation to an expansion at the hospital I worked at. The meeting was not exactly normal, he was got injured on his right arm in a construction area.

He had a bad cut on his lower right outer forearm that needed stitching. When I walked into the treatment room where he was seated I smiled at him and said "I'm Dr.

Watanabe, I will be treating you today. I assume you are David Foster?" He was clearly in some discomfort and smiled at me as best he could. "Nice to meet you Doc. I'm David." he said nodding his head. It was clearly evident he was in pain, and I called a nurse over and instructed her to bring me some medication to alleviate his general discomfort.

I moved the overhead lamp to allow a better view of the cut, and gently lifted the dressing to the side. It was deep, would require at least 12 stitches, but he was fortunate in that it was a straight cut and no tendons were visibly damaged. I placed the dressing back in place, to stop the blood from running freely, and took a hold of each of his hands in mine. David had a look of confusion and I explained gently that I needed to ascertain the exact extent of the injury. During the examination I kept the conversation light and was satisfied he was going to be fine once stitched.

I prepped him for that, made sure he would not feel me doing it, and proceeded to take care of it. While doing this, and to distract him from it I just chatted with him about life. I found that, even with this going on, he was smart and had a sense of humour. I was a bit surprised when he asked me out, but I agreed.

That started a relationship that took time to develop. One of the things he adored about me was that I was different from anyone woman he had ever been involved with. I had my own career, did not discuss money or even ask him about his income.

My motivation was to enjoy time with a wonderful man who I was falling for. He was afraid to tell me about his son at first, perhaps thinking I would run for the hills. In truth it made me curious and I wanted to meet his son. David seemed like such a wonderful man that I really wanted to meet a son that I could tell, as he now spoke of him openly, he was very proud of.

The fact I am Japanese was an influence on him to. I have always had a close relationship with my own family, and try to be a serene and calming influence among the people I meet. My natural desire to help others, my gentle manner, and accepting attitude were all something he had no experience with in a relationship.

During one of our rare disagreements I did not yell, made sure I understood what he was saying, and ended up admitting I had been mistaken and misinterpreted his actions. Please do not think I am a wall flower, I am a strong and intelligent woman, but I try to avoid conflict and tension unless I am sure what I am about to dispute is a battle that is right and worth engaging in.

Consequently, David began paying very close attention when I did begin to question anything. Cultural differences can usually be resolved by simply understanding what motivates them. Patrick's initial reaction to me was priceless. I met him at David's home, where he was seated on the couch as I entered the room. He stood up as soon as I entered the room and walked right over to me and extended his hand very formally. "It is a pleasure to meet you Dr. Watanabe, my name is Patrick.".

The way he said it, the fact he had put on a suit to meet me, and his very polite manner made me smile brightly. As my relationship with David developed, Patrick became an important part of it. We took vacations as a family, spent a lot of time together, and grew very close.

When David asked me to marry him I think Patrick was the most excited. When we bought a house and all moved in it was a very exciting time.

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We settled in and our family became one of the greatest joys of my life. Patrick came to treat me as a mother and called me "Mom" from the very first day. My affection toward him was genuine. I often hugged him, gave him little kisses on the head and cheek and made sure he knew that I was there for him, loved him, and would always have his best interests at heart.

Things took an unexpected turn late one Friday night. I am a physical person and enjoy sex. All day at work I had been thinking of how badly I wanted David. By the time I got home I was quite horny and could not wait to see him. David came home, after picking up Patrick from school, and we spent a normal evening together. That night when David and I went to bed he stopped off to "Check on my little Buddy." as he puts it.

I adore his concern for his son. Despite the fact his son was older now, and a responsible person, he still thought of him as a little boy. While he was doing that I went into the bedroom, stripped naked, and lit some candles around the bedroom. I then picked up the black silk sash from my robe and knelt down at the foot of the bed, spreading my legs wide.

After carefully folding the sash in half and placing it on the floor in front of me, I put my hands behind my back. I then fixed my eyes on a spot on the floor two feet in front of me, tilting my head down.

When David came in the room he spoke saying "He must have been really tired he." and his voice trailed off. This was something I did for him whenever I could. Ever since I was younger I have always known I was naturally submissive in the bedroom. I had witnessed my parents having sex once, my mother bound and on her knees as my father fucked her hard from behind. Seeing the joy on his face, and the pleasure on hers, I decided I wanted to be just like her.

Ever since that time I have always been drawn to men who could take control. I don't consider sexual submission a bad thing, or some kind of twisted kink.

I consider it an act of true love for the man who loves you. Being able to do this for him that night had my pussy open and my juices flowing. David undressed as I knelt there.

The room was silent, except for the sound of his disrobing. I saw his feet appear in my line of vision as he walked closer to me. His hand gently caressed my hair and he brought it down along my cheek to my chin and tilted my head up. I closed me eyes, not sure if he actually wanted me to look at him. "My Gorgeous pet, my beautiful wife, look at me." he said gently. I opened my eyes and saw that he was looking right into them. I could see the love he held for me, and gently increased the pressure of my face against his palm, slowly rubbing my face on it affectionately.

David leaned down and kissed my lips softly before standing back up to his full height. His hand gently slid to the back of my head, cupping it, and drawing my face forward into his groin. When my face pushed into his cock and balls, he began slowly moving his hips, rubbing them over my face.

"Lick my balls." he said gently. I immediately parted my lips and began licking at his balls with my wet tongue as he rubbed them over my face. I could see his cock was growing hard rapidly, as I used my tongue and lips to worship his shaved hot nut sack.

I was so glad he allowed me to shave his cock and balls for him. Drawing back from my mouth he positioned the head of his cock near my mouth and fed it to me. His glorious hard white cock tasted so good to me. I admit that even to this day I am addicted to sucking cock. I love pleasing a man with my mouth, and seeing his face as he cums in it.

Being able to give so much pleasure to a man is a wonderful feeling. As David began thrusting in and out of my mouth he began to moan "Oh.

you are so fucking good at that my love, my wife. my angel. oh yeah. deep just like that. suck my cock. you're so fucking good, such a good wife." This went on for some time, I could feel him tensing up and his cock swelling, his face twisting into a mask of pleasure. Knowing my reward was imminent, I fully relaxed my throat and let him slide into it.

David held my head tight, buried his cock as deeply as he could, and released a torrent of his hot delicious cum deep into me. His hips bucked five times, once for each shot he released. Gradually he pulled his cock from my mouth. I remained kneeling and went back to looking at the floor.

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I could feel my pussy juices leaking down my thighs and my pussy was throbbing with arousal. David said, "Stand up Pet, with the sash" I did so, spreading my legs apart, and my head down. My hands were holding the sash out in front of me, ready for his use. "Turn around" he commanded. I did so and he took the sash from my hands.

He leaned down and lightly kissed me on the back of my neck, a serious weak spot for me, before he told me to put my hands behind my back. Using the long sash he tied my arms together, from my elbows to my wrists, palms facing inward. He then walked away and came back with a ball gag. He inserted it in my mouth and secured it behind my head. I was now dripping. and he noticed it. He was chuckling as he ordered me to kneel across the end of the bed, facing our mirror. He knelt on the floor behind me, leaning in and licking the juices off of my thighs.

I was in heaven, his persistent and adoring tongue was filling me with bliss. He finally reached my pussy and as soon as he licked it I did the unthinkable, I came hard, without permission.

screaming into the ball gag. David abruptly stood and said "That was very naughty of you. you have broken the rules and you know what that means my lovely wife." I knew I was going to be spanked, and actually felt guilty. I had wanted to do this tonight and then went ahead and acted selfishly by breaking the rules. I am not a brat, and don't do anything manipulate him into punishing me.

I felt I had let him down and deserved what was about to happen. He never leaves me without my pleasure being had, but it is not mine to have freely, I must earn it, and I almost always do.

Tonight my lack of self discipline was being justly punished. David began spanking my ass with his bare hand, firm and steady blows. He did not ask me to count as I was gagged, but I did keep track in case he asked. My ass was on fire from his firm correction.

Glancing at the mirror I could see that he was actually enjoying spanking me. That made me feel better, as at least my mistake was not totally ruining his evening. That was when I saw something I had not anticipated. The bedroom door was not fully closed. Immediately I began to worry that we would wake Patrick. I remembered what David had said about Patrick being out cold.

I hoped inside that it was true. Then I saw movement in the darkened hallway, someone was just out of view of the light. It had to be Patrick, my step-son, and he would be able to fully see what was happening. The thought of him being there did two things. First it filled me with shame that I was so openly displayed, being punished, in full view of him. Second, and most conflicting for me, was that it caused my pussy to flood with moisture knowing I was being watched.

It was deeply perverse, but the idea of my teen step-son watching his father discipline me was acutely arousing. I quickly realized I was in danger of cumming again. Snapping myself back under control I used every fibre of will I had to forget Patrick was there, control my arousal, and please David. When he was done spanking me I whimpered into the gag. David began caressing my burning ass cheeks, and got on the bed behind me.

"I can't wait my baby girl, I need you. you have had your pleasure. it would have been nice of you had remembered our rules. I am going to take mine now, from you, and if you wish you may cum. Perhaps another night you will be able to control yourself and make sure we can play longer." I knew what he was saying.

he loved to build my pleasure up until it exploded out of every part of my being. That was not possible now. I knew he was not angry, just disappointed, and that actually hurt more. David began fucking me, entering me with one hard thrust, and fucking me like a machine. I could feel his body impacting my sore upturned ass, as he pounded me. I was moaning and whimpering into the gag. His big white cock fucked my little waxed pussy deep and hard.

He grabbed a hold of my tied arms and pulled back on them, using them for leverage. His other hand began spanking and squeezing my tits. I knew I was going to cum, there was no way I could not. That was when my eyes went to the mirror I saw, without a doubt, Patrick in the hallway. His movements told me he was masturbating. I screamed into the ball gag as a massive orgasm electrified my body, causing me to squirt all over David's cock.

My sudden burst of pure sexual pleasure caused David to orgasm massively, holding me firm against him, his cock deep inside me as he flooded my pussy with his hot man juice. I was breathing very hard, barely able to get enough air, and began thrashing. David quickly reached up and released the gag, which fell from my mouth. I collapsed forward and was panting for air. I could feel the gentle stir of the air conditioning on my sweat soaked body.

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David collapsed next to me. Opening my eyes partly and I looked directly at the door. I could see Patrick's movement as he headed away from the door. Laying there I found myself wondering what I should do. Mentioning it to David seemed like a bad idea at that moment.

Patrick was a teenager, already known to be curious about girls, and would probably die of humiliation of he knew I had seen him and he was confronted by his dad. Deciding it would accomplish nothing more than upsetting them both, I decided to ignore it. I also did not want to admit the guilty pleasure that his watching had given me, and I would have had to tell David how I knew that Patrick was there.


Having to admit why I did not stop it would have been rather difficult. David and I both fell asleep. He had not untied me, but it did not matter. When I awoke in the morning to David laying behind me, thrusting his cock into my hot cunt. He came quickly and pulled out. He untied me and had me roll over to face him. "What happened last night? You wanted to play, obviously. if you were so horny that you knew you were going to end up breaking the rules. why didn't you just jump me instead of playing?" Playing was our term for our submission sessions.

"I am so sorry David. I just. I was so horny all day. It was all my mistake, I am so sorry I ruined it for you and I both." I replied, genuinely sorry that I had wrecked the moment. He nodded slowly and said "Well. it's okay. You paid for your mistake and I know you did not do it on purpose, that really would have made me feel upset.

I know you're not a brat." he said as he leaned forward and kissed my nose gently, before enfolding me in a hug. My arms were totally asleep and I could not hug him back. The funniest was that he pulled back and looked at me "What's wrong?" he asked. I started to giggle and said "I can't even clap, let alone hug. My arms are totally asleep." David immediately began massaging my arms and helped me to feel normal again. He then got up and got ready to head out for his Saturday golf game with his friends.

I don't mind at all because David and I golf together often. Heading downstairs I started making breakfast, and realized that Patrick had not gotten up. David had rushed out, running late because of his early morning fun. I decided that I should go knock and ask Patrick to come downstairs for breakfast.

I was only debating what to do because of what I knew what he had seen the night before. It seemed that the best thing to do was simply go to him and let him ask questions. His dad was not home and he would feel more able to speak freely I was sure. It was clear to me that I could not allow this entire situation to be a major problem for Patrick, I did not want him confused and conflicted.

Steeling myself, I headed up the stairs and soon found myself at his door. I gently knocked and said "Patrick?" Getting no response I knocked more firmly and said "Patrick, breakfast is ready.

Please come and eat." Still he did not reply. This made me somewhat worried. I knocked again and slowly opened the door. The only light on in his room was his bedside lamp.

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In its soft light I could see he was laying on his bed, naked. I was a bit surprised by that, and by the fact his computer was still on. Looking on it I saw he had on a porn video website. Clearly visible on the monitor was a movie of a Japanese girl bound in ropes, apparently ready to get fucked by a popular porn Dom.

Perhaps he had played it and it had ended. I was not sure. Glancing back at him I saw he was asleep and breathing deeply. I took the mouse and checked his history. He had been watching various hardcore and BDSM porn until close to six in the morning. I put my other hand on the desk for support as the implications began to run through my mind. When my hand hit the desk it landed in something wet. Bringing my hand away quickly, I knew I had just put my hand in my step-son's cum.

Without even thinking I licked it off. When I realized what I had just done, I started to panic. Looking back at him I could see he had cum on his chest and thighs. I was starting to breath hard. Knowing I had to get out of there I quickly left the room and closed his door. It was pretty obvious that last night had given him ideas, and that he had been watching Asian women getting used like good little fuck dolls.

I also knew that, without a doubt, he had imagined me as the fuck doll, and had imagined he was the one doing the fucking.

The fact it made my heart race, my pussy wet, and flooded me with feelings of guilt had me completely confused. I had no idea how to handle this. Talking to him and telling him what I saw in his room was definitely a bad idea.

Perhaps limiting myself to what he had seen would be best. On the other hand, maybe he had satisfied himself enough with what he had seen on the internet. I went and showered and the entire time I was worrying and wondering what I was going to do. I was not prepared for this at all. Nothing could have prepared me. I knew I had seen my parents having sex and it had aroused me and made me want to be a woman like mom, one who pleased her man. I did not want to fuck my father, but it had turned me on.

the idea of being tied up and fucking and sharing so much pleasure. When I got out of the shower I did my hair and makeup and put on a thong and bra. After putting on a nice summer dress I headed back downstairs. When I walked in the kitchen I was startled by Patrick. He was sitting at the table eating breakfast. He looked tired, but also like he was brooding a bit. I said "Good Morning" and went and poured him and orange juice and brought it over to him.

I gently placed it in front of him and kissed him on the top of his head, before moving over and sitting down in my usual spot. "Mom." he said quietly, not looking at me. Raising my eyebrows slightly while smiling I replied "Yes.?" "What. why did you. are you okay?" he asked. "I'm fine, but I don't think you are.

whats wrong?" I asked knowing he was struggling with what he had seen. "Why did dad hit you? Did you want him to?

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Do you enjoy it?" he asked all at one in a hurry, still not looking at me. I had never occurred to me he would think his father was a wife beater! "You father has never hit me. not in the way you mean, not in anger." I said firmly. "I know you saw me last night Mom, you saw me and know what I saw." he said with quiet firmness.

"Please. you father was not doing something. wrong. I. I made a mistake and he was punishing me in a way we both enjoy." I said softly. He looked at me then. "I saw the tears on your face. I saw them. I saw him beating your ass red. and you want me to think you like that?" "Patrick. sometimes couples do things in private that other people don't understand or necessarily approve of.

because they would not enjoy it, or don't understand how anyone could. Your father loves me, and I love him. I love to please him and I swear he enjoys pleasing me just as much.

Everything you saw. everything that happened, was between two people in love and fully by consent." I answered. "Mom. you are so sweet and so gentle and so kind to everyone. Do you really like that kind of. sex?" Patrick asked. "Yes I do." I said softly. "Why?" he asked. This was pretty personal questioning, but after what he had seen I guessed I had best try and explain myself.

"Listen, I will talk with you about this, and anything else, but this conversation stays between us. Sex is perfectly natural and lovely. I will try to help you understand, but forget your notions of what is and is not bad. Sex between two people, or even more, who are in love as long as it is what the people involved want. we should not judge.

I do not judge people for their sexual desires and practices, as long as no one is forced into it. So, this stays between us?" I concluded. "Yes. I just. can you tell me why you like that?" he said. "I can. Putting my finger on it precisely, I would say it would be when I saw my parents having sex.

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My mother was bound, my father was. he was thrusting into her. and they both looked so happy, so pleased. Over my life I have read and watched videos about it.

I am a submissive woman, I enjoy surrendering myself to my lover, and allowing them to take control of my body. to control my pleasure. and give myself to them completely. Outside the bedroom I have things I must do, expectations placed on me by society and my employment. Those pressures I have accepted and manage. When it comes to sex. I like to allow myself to let go of the pressures, of what is expected, and simply give myself, in surrender and love, to my lover.

It is the most giving way I can share myself. completely open. completely free. It is not for everyone, not what everyone wants, but it is right for me. Do you understand?" I asked gently. "So you actually like sex?" he asked. Laughing I said "Of course I like sex. It is one of my favourite things." I concluded smiling. "Why do some girls make such a big deal about it?" Patrick asked. "Think of what you called them. "Girls". they are too young and too unsure of what they want. They need time to discover what it is about and who they are.

It is not a bad thing. just respect it, and a girl's or boy's first time is a very special thing." "I. I watched some videos. of people having sex. like you do. Um. it, I liked them.

Does that mean I am like you?" he asked clearly worried about it. "That is to broad a statement." I said "Please consider. what about them did you like?" "Hearing them, seeing their bodies. the girls I mean. the girls letting the guys do what they wanted. seeing them bound, all of it. the way they." he tapered off blushing deeply. "Please, you are doing well. There is nothing wrong with finding that arousing, I do as well.


What were you going to say?" I asked as I placed my hand on his. "The way they like to have cum. they love cum.

getting covered with it, swallowing it, sharing it, having it leak from their." he cut himself off again. "From their pussies?" I said.

"Yeah. I really like that." he said finally. "Then I would say you are more like your father, I think you would prefer to be in control. Do you think that is true Patrick?" I asked. "Yeah. I think I like that, the control thing. but. how do you give the girl what she wants and still be in control?" he asked.

"Oh, that is an excellent and very insightful question! It is not as easy as tying a woman up and fucking her. You are very perceptive. You must understand the woman, know what she enjoys, be willing to ask, to find out.

and then experiment and take her further than she thought, show her things she did not know. help her to discover new things she did not know or imagine would be pleasing. Help her to get in touch with her sexual identity, free of feeling of guilt.

That is a very basic description. The challenge is to do all this, and be willing to control yourself, know yourself well enough that you can avoid seeking your own immediate gratification. I am not an expert, but I am sure with your internet skills you can learn a lot. I have never really made a professional study of it. But there are lots of resources out there." I said smiling. He smiled and then looked at me again.

"You were in my room." he said as a fact. "Yes, I was this morning. Since you know that, you know what I saw." I said simply. "Is it okay that I think I really like Japanese women?" "It is up to you what you like or dislike, it is not for me to say, but I think you are just playing favourites" I said with a smile. "What if I." he said and stopped "After everything we have said to each other. it is somewhat late to begin worrying." I said helpfully. "What if I said I thought about you the entire time.

the entire time I was stroking my cock and watching the videos." he said with an edge in his voice. "Fantasies are okay. but be careful" I said starting to get nervous. "What if I told you I masturbated watching Dad fuck you and spank you, saw you watching and knew you saw me. and that I know it made you cum hard showing yourself off for me." "Patrick, please.

you must understand that it was your father's actions, not your presence that made me cum so hard." I said knowing it sounded lame, but sticking to it. "Well I saw. It was like when you saw your parents. but what I wanted is different. I wanted to be the one fucking you!" he said and grabbed my wrist suddenly, jerking me out of my chair and onto his lap. He may be a teenager, but he is much taller and stronger than I am. Landing on his lap, my back to him, my ass landed against his cock.

It was rock hard inside his loose track pants. He wrapped his arms around me, pinning my arms to my side. I could have fought, but I didn't. I did not resist physically, but I had to say something. He was holding me tight and breathing hard. He was sniffing my hair and his cock was nudging at me. "Patrick. this is not right, please, let me up now." I said firmly. Patrick was either not listening or oblivious.

His lips came to the back of my neck and he began kissing and licking me there. That is my major weak spot, and it felt good. I snapped myself out of it and said "Listen to me! You have to let me go." "Mom. do you. did you think about me at all?" he asked. "Fantasies are harmless, now stop." I said "Answer the question." he said as he kissed my neck again.

I knew this was so bad, so wrong. so fucking wrong, but I answered him anyway "Yes, I thought of you this morning, when I was in your room." His hands moved one arm from around my chest and ran it down until he was touching my leg, slowly running it up to my thigh. "Did you like the taste of my cum? I saw you lick it off your hand." "Please stop this. don't. I can't. please let me go." I said as I started to feel tears coming. He kissed my neck and said "Did you like the taste of my cum?" His hand was on my inner thigh now, his fingers brushing against my pussy.

My wetness would be obvious to him, my arousal so clear. "Yes. I did. I like cum." I admitted as I felt a tear run down my cheek. I was completely defeated. He knew it, as young as he was he knew that he had me right where he wanted me.

"Shouldn't I help you to realize what you really want. push your boundaries I think you said?" he asked. "No" I said meekly. "I love you, I want to help you.

no one else has ever made me feel special like you. so now I am going to help you Mom. by giving you what your sweet wet pussy wants. your son's cock." he concluded. He abruptly stood up and bent me over the table. I simply let him do it. I felt so slutty, just letting him do this.

When he slid the bottom of my dress up to my waist, exposing my thong covered pussy and ass to him, I merely whimpered. "Oh that is so hot, I love that sound.

it is so sexy." he said as he leaned down and placed his lips on my ass, kissing it and licking me in small circles. As he did this his hand slowly lowered my panties. His exploring mouth began making it's way across my ass and when I felt his tongue flick at my asshole I cried out. He kept circling it, and gradually worked lower, and soon was kissing and licking my soaking wet pussy. "Your shaved pussy and ass. oh my God Mom, that's so hot. I can't believe how sexy you are.

You taste so fucking good." and he buried his face again. My legs were shaking and I was trying so hard not to cum. Just by habit. he had not said I could.

"Please. please. " I managed to moan out. Patrick licked me one more time and said "Please what?" "Please. may I cum?" I said in a whimpering tone. "That's so sexy. please may I cum what?" he said as he leaned in and took one more lick.

"Please. I cannot call you that, please may I cum Patrick?" He licked a few more times, making it very hard for me not too. He had clearly been paying a lot of attention to the videos. "I'm not sure that is what I want to hear Mom. you know what I want to hear." he said in a decidedly playfully evil voice. "Please. please Son. may I cum." I pleaded. Those must have been the magic word. He said "Cum for me Mom.

cum on your son's face." and he began eating me with a vengeance.

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I did orgasm, hard and screaming as I flooded his face with my juices. He lapped them all up, nearly causing me to cum again. "Stay there, don't move." Patrick said as he stood up. I knew what he was doing, without a doubt he was pulling his hard cock out.

I felt him step up behind me, and he began rubbing the naked head of his cock against my pussy lips. It was all too much, too kinky. too dirty. I felt like a complete whore for not fighting him off. I started crying as he slid his cock deep inside me with one push. "Holy shit. that's. holy fuck. I can't believe how hot your pussy is. I never imagined it like this, being this amazing." Patrick said as he began thrusting in me.

I was whimpering in shame, arousal, humiliation, pleasure and fear. Fear I would learn to like this, that I would want it again, that I would want it as much as I still did, yet knowing how wrong it was. I could not believe I was taking his virginity! "Oh God Mom.

I can't. I'm gonna cum. oh my god." Hearing him say that turned me on and I felt I had to respond. "Please Son.

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please fuck your cum deep into me. fill your mother's wet pussy with your hot cum." I moaned out as I was being pounded by him. Patrick kicked it into high gear and fucked me senseless. I came all over his cock as he fired deep into me, the head of his cock fully inside me. I don't think I ever had that much cum pumped into me. He held me there, his hand on my ass, as he pulled his cock from me.

I simply laid their panting. Looking back I think my brain had broken a bit, been overwhelmed by what I had allowed to happen. I could feel his cum starting to run out of me and heard him gasp. "That is sooo hot. My cum looks sooo good leaking out of your pussy Mom." he said in awe. When he leaned down and began sucking his cum out of me I could not believe it. That was something his father had never done, and had me shaking in pleasure.

Suddenly he stood back up and pulled me upright, holding my body against his fully naked body, and he leaned down and kissed me. I opened my mouth and when our tongues met he pushed his cum into my mouth. I could taste our combined juices on his tongue and lips and shivered in arousal.

After kissing me for a what seemed an hour, he pushed me down to my knees. I simply did what he wanted, and knelt, spreading my thighs, with my hands behind my back. I was a bit caught of guard when he suddenly pushed the chair back and knelt in front of me and hugged me tightly.

I brought my hands from behind my back and hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I love you Mom." he said in an emotion filled voice. I could not help but hear the sincerity in his voice. "I love you too." I said as I gently rubbed his back with my hands.

"Please Son, lay back and let me please you." He leaned back and laid on the floor. I smiled at him as I looked at his naked body. "Mom, can you.

take off your dress?" Smiling I said "Of course Son, if that is your wish." and I lifted the dress over my head. I saw his eyes fix on my breasts, constrained by my bra. I ran my hands up to my chest and cupped them and when he said "The bra too. please." "If it pleases you Son." and I popped the clasp on the front and held them cups there a moment, slowly sliding the cups down and revealing my breasts to him As he stared at them I could see he truly loved what he was seeing.

That made me feel good. He had been looking at sexy women on the computer, and I was glad that he found me so pleasing. I admit, I work hard to stay in shape. At 5'3", 100lbs, with a trim figure and full B cup breasts, it made me feel pretty happy to know I still had what it takes.


I have always been proud of my nipples. They are full and long, just under a half inch. "You are so gorgeous." He said "How may I please you Son?" I asked in a submissive voice, not looking him the the eyes. "Use you mouth." He said hotly.

I lowered my self, taking position between his legs, and began licking his thighs, working my way up. He was breathing really hard and I could taste our juices on his body. When I reached his groin I lifted my head and said "Son, may I please use my mouth on your cock and balls?" "Yeah Mom, I want you to lick me and suck my cock." he replied Not hesitating I went straight to it.

Sucking on his youthful cock and balls, licking them, kissing them, using my mouth to thoroughly clean our combined cum off of his proudly erect cock and full nut sack. When he reached down and took hold of my head, guiding his cock into my mouth, I sucked him with every bit of talent I had.

I was sure it was his first blow job and I wanted him to treasure the sweet memory of this for the rest of his life. I knew I would, that I would always look back on this as a unique if insane experience, but one I had to admit I had thoroughly enjoyed. Working and loving his cock, I buried it as deep as I could forcing him into my throat, and his hips bucked as he held my head in place, and he shot another massive load deep in my mouth.

I slowly removed his cock from my mouth, licking up some of the stray cum. It was a big load, but it would be impolite to waste a single precious drop. Patrick was laying there panting as I finished. Seeing him laying there started me thinking again. What had I done? I was no better than David's first wife, inf act I was worse because I had cheated on him with his son!

I started to cry, tears just sliding down my cheeks. Seeing this, Patrick sat up quickly and said "Mom. Mom are you okay?" I just broke. I cried out everything I was feeling. but that my tears were because I was no better than his real Mom, I had cheated on his father with his son, and violated him. Patrick suddenly pushed me back on the floor and was over top of me glaring at me in anger.

"I know what she did to Dad. this is totally different. I have always felt cared for and loved by you. Dad has always felt cared for a loved by you. I never knew what having a Mom was until I met you. so don't you even say she was my real Mom!

She just gave birth to me, but she was never my Mother! She does not know what being a mother is. I know she wanted to abort me, everyone in the family knows that." He was really upset and I could see his eyes tearing up. "You. you're my Mom. The only Mom I have ever or will ever have." he said. "Okay, what I did. what I did we should not have done. I know we both wanted it, like a fantasy. I should not have pushed so hard. I'm not out to hurt Dad. I just, I could not help myself.

Do you hate me?" he asked. "Hate you? Of course I don't hate you." I brought my hand up to his cheek. "But you know we have to be better at controlling ourselves. You also know. I love your father and I have to ask that this be kept the deepest of a hearts secrets.

It is very important." I said gently. Smiling at me he said "I promise Mom. is it okay to say thank you for being my first?" That made me kiss him lightly. "Yes, and thank you. It was a very special time."