Petite latina takes a pounding

Petite latina takes a pounding
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Tanya is 29 tall statuesque blonde single never married woman. I meet her at one of the many charity events I attend in Dallas and Fort Worth. She is the chair woman of the event I was attending, her inheiritance is from her families oil and gas investments.

She has never married is currently dating but not in a relationship with a man. As a large donor to various charities I'm often contacted for donations, Tanya cornered me and asked me to meet her at her place after the event.

Tanya has a large library in her home, she enjoys reading. After the charity event she went home, she went straight to the library as usual. Then something special happened which made this evening the most unforgettable one in her life.

As she starts to read her favourite book, she suddenly feels a familiar touch on her skin.


I wrapped my arms tightly around her small waist, and squeezed down to her round ass with my hands. Tanya is overwhelmed with the sensation.

" Who's this?" Before she can turn her head, I bite her neck gently. She drops her book letting out a moan. " Quiet, Tanya. This is a library." My voice whispered in her left ear. It is the only voice out of the whole world that can make her melt. " John. What are you doing? Your a friend." I lean closer and greedily sniff her long blonde hair.

" It smells like cherry blossom. So you used the shampoo I sent?" Oh my God. She is speechless. This morning she found this brand new shampoo in the bathroom. I used it without hesitation because I thought it one I bought. But now I get it: everything was planned. " Water dripping down your boobs." I said as I run my hands across her boobs. Apparently, I'm imagining her washing herself in the shower. I imagined her shouting as she masturbated in the shower.

Whenever she put her fingers inside her cunt, she would yell, " Fuck, John! Fuck me hard!" I repeated the same words as I caressed her passionately. My touch is irresistible. Tanya fully understood that it is inappropriate between her and a friend. But deep down in her heart, she didn't want my hands off her. I squeezed her nipples. She let out an almost inaudible groan, remembering that it's the library. ".And water streamed down to." I continued in my sexy voice. I unzipped my navy blue trousers and explored the most secret part of her body.

She turned to face me. " No! John, please. We are not supposed to do this. We are friends." I ignored her slamming her against the book shelf with so much force that she almost collapsed. " Don't you dare stop me now!" I yell in anger as I squeeze her body as hard as I can.

I'm turned on so much. Tanya sees my dick erecting and expanding into a gigantic monster underneath my pants. I start to masturbate my cock.

" You frighten me! I have never seen you like this before. And you never talked to me like this!" She complained. I relax my grip on her as I see tears in her eyes. I wipe the tears on her cheeks gently with my hands. " Sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, Tanya. But I'm horny, I can't control my passion." " I don't want this to happen between us." " Then convince me you don't want me." " I don't love you at all!

I hate you and I don't want to see you anymore." She tried to be the best liar on the earth. But her soul has always been falling for the man in front of her, my green eyes and thin lips and most of all, the way I make her feel inside. But she has managed to hide this feeling and avoided all kinds of physical contact with me.

Because our friendship is new. " If you don't want me, why did you ask me to come here tonight?" " I wanted to be alone with you for drinks and conversation.

She replied. My tongue invaded her mouth and swam swiftly like a small goldfish, dancing in circular motions around her tongue. She greedily swallowed every drop of my saliva. My lips embraced her lips. This kiss meant more then just a friend. This is a lovers' kiss. Our lips and tongues lock and became inseparable. She can't breathe as my tongue hit her throat. She inhales through her nose. I resume my job inside my pants.

This time she generously let me get into her pants. I smile mischievously at her approval. I slide my middle finger up and down her pussy. " Ah! It feels so good." " Want some more?" I ask, knowing deep down in my heart that I didn't have to ask. She is the most obedient woman, plus she would say yes to whatever I suggested since she wanted me more than ever now. Her horniness built up as I inserted two more fingers inside her pussy and thrust them faster and faster. I dug through the tightness in her pussy and finally reach her clit.

" Oh FUCK!" She lets out a moan as my middle finger hit her clit. We went to the corner of the library and resumed. " Take off your shirt now!" I had full dominance over her. She held up her arms and let me help her. While keeping my fingers in her pussy, I use the other hand to remove her shirt and her black-laced bra.

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As I lick her nipples and play around with her tits, her pussy is even more aroused and contracted in irregular intervals, squeezing my fingers. " Oh my God! You are so tight. I couldn't get my fingers out!" " I love your fingers inside me and I will never let you go John!" She said as she wraps her arms around me passionately. I pull my fingers out of her pussy and lick all her love juices. " Tanya, I can't believe you are still so very tight.

You are such a good girl." I had tested the depth of her vagina and came to the conclusion. " Are you trying to make me bad?" " You saved your tight pussy for me.

I will make you a woman tonight." I dip my head to her pussy and lick her clit crazily like a dog. " Eat me, John! Eat me!" I stick out my tongue in full length pushing it to the deepest part of her vagina. She lets out a passionate moan. " I am cumming. ." Her love gel stuck on my tongue and it took me a while to pull it out.

She stares at her naked body and said, " John, you see all my parts. No man has seen me completely naked like this. I have never seen you completely naked. Take off your clothes!" In the next three seconds, I quickly remove all my clothes. My body is large! She runs her fingers slowly down my skin, from my shoulders to my chest and stomach, tracing the contours of my body, and stopping before she can touch my penis.

" Come on! Don't be afraid. It is yours and it will be inside you soon." I grab her small and delicate hand. " Trust me, touch me." I let her play with my dick. It is huge and lovely. Yet she is not sure if she is ready to let it penetrate her body. She planned to warm up. " John, you are so good to me. I want to make you happy." then she starts to suck my dick and massage it with her tongue. My explosion of cum fills her mouth and she swallows every drop of my love juice.

I moan in pleasure and patted her head. " Nice blowjob. How did you learn it?" " From previous boyfriends. I have always been jealous when you get excited by watching other women." " OK, Tanya. I had no clue you were interested." I said as I inserted my dick deeper inside her throat and she almost suffocated. After a few more minutes of warm up, she is fully aroused and she knew I couldn't wait any longer.

" I want you inside me, John." The head of my cock separates her pussy lips. As I push in further, she moans in pain as my cock invades her pussy. No one has ever reached that part of her body before. " Sorry, does it hurt you?" No man has been concerned about her feelings. " No. Just go ahead!" Tanya fully understood that she had to go through the pain in order to be more intimate with me. " Are you sure?" I kiss her lips and rub her breasts and stomach to relieve her pain.

Her tightness gives way. After piercing pain, she is filled with pleasure. Her pussy becomes moist and wet. I fully enjoy the contraction. It feels like a thousand fingers massaging my cock. Her silky and velvety love nest wrapped my cock like a velvet glove. As we almost reach our orgasms, the lights of the library suddenly went off.

" Excellent timing!" I said victoriously. Tanya moans louder and louder as the passion of our lovemaking built up. Each thrust of my stick inside her made her heart jump in delight.

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" So what is all this?" " I asked my maid to do this." " I never knew you wanted me so bad!" She laughs. " Darkness stirs and heightens each sensation." I sang the lyrics from the Phantom of the Opera, one of her favorites, as I kiss her neck and boobs. " I never imagined doing in the dark! It is so cool!" " Faster!


Faster!" She screams as my cock sinks deeper and deeper into her vagina. " I want you to be deep inside me." " And we will become one," I whisper in her ear. " Fuck! I have to cum." " Cum inside me.Feed my body with your seeds, John." My hot juices fill her lonely and empty hole. My seeds are warm.

" Why didn't we do this earlier! It feels so good, John! I have waited all twenty nine years of my life for this to happen." " I am happy to be the one who makes you a woman. I have lusted for you." We engaged in the most intensive sex, she has ever experienced.

I fuck her for the two hours before the lights went on again. Tanya closed the curtain on the sliding door and went into the bathroom, there she removes the wet cloths and let them slap wet to the tiled floor.

She climb into the shower again and washes herself off. As she steps out, she realizes she had used the towels in here to dry the dog off and would have to go into the other room to get more. She left the bathroom and walked to the linen drawers where she had to bend down to open them. As she ruffles through the sheets washcloths and towels, I came up behind her and caressed her butt. My tongue is wide, warm and a little ruff, it kind of feels nice and she should have straightened then and pushed me away, but she didn't, I lick her again and this time my tongue went into the crack of her butt and touched her anus, she jumps a little and is about to straighten when my tongue lashed out again and went over the outer lips of her vagina and up sliding slightly into her asshole.

She froze, not knowing what to do, and afraid to move, I might do it again and afraid I wouldn't either. My tongue lashes out again and slightly parts her lips, rubbing the insides of her vagina and touching her clitoris just enough to send a chill through her, her legs involuntarily spread a little as my tongue came again, a little deeper into each hole and a little faster on the next lap.

Her legs are trembling as each new lash of my tongue brought throbbing sensations through her body, but seems to resonate deep inside her cunt, her juices flowing, my tongue is long, thick and hot, it feels better then her previous boyfriend's cock had ever felt, causing her mind to real with lustful thoughts.

Deeper and deeper I drove my tongue, first into her cunt then into her asshole, feelings she had not had in a very long time washed its warmth over her as my tongue continued, now she feels my hot breath on her butt and the brush of my teeth against her skin, my tongue seemed to find and wrap around her button inside of her, her cunt begins to spasm locking and sucking my tongue deeper within her.

" I'm going to cum!" " Stop!" She ordered, but her voice is weak with passion as my tongue slides again deep within her. " Please stop!" She begs but the onslaught of the invading tongue continues. Her body jerks, her cunt grabbing and sucking as she came hard, harder then she remember ever cumming before and instinctively her hips gyrated to the motion of my tonguing. As I pull my tongue from her now dripping cunt, her pelvis rotates in an attempt to recapture my invading tongue causing her cunt to open and positioning it in a way I feel she is my bitch ready to be mounted.

Suddenly I'm up and on top of her, my arms wrapped around her. My throbbing cock finds her opening easily and before she can react I thrust forward, stabbing her with my full length. My cock is so thick, so long; hotter and so hard. Tanya screams in pain as she moves forward to un-impale herself from my ravenous cock, but as she did my arms grip her in a painfully strong embrace pulling her back onto my shaft.

Her head drops down threatening to hit the floor; her hands went up to catch herself as I drive again deep inside her, forcing her further forward, my weight resting on her legs and pelvis she is trapped. Each new thrust is deeper and each time my hips tilt further in to push more, she feels my cock begin to expand inside of her, thicker; longer, I push into her.

She has never been taken from behind so savagely by any man. She wants to scream, but her breath is pushed out with each new thrust and her body slides along the floor as I ride her. Her cunt gripping my hot throbbing cock expanding it further inside her; Tanya has never felt something this huge inside of her cunt before as it drives deeper. She feels the base of my cock start to swell just inside of her, her cunt feel like it is ripping her open, it must have grown to the size of a large orange as the cock inside of her bottoms out, she feels my cock head against her cervix and she is cumming again and again.

Even through the intense pain, she is enjoying the fucking she is receiving from my cock. Then I stop moving and push deeper, into her cervix opening and she feels my cock expanding and contracting as hot cum pumps deep inside of her; her body shaking as her cunt milks me and she came and came with each new wash of hot cum. She feels my hot semen trickling down her inner thighs as I continue to pump her full.

Then I dismounted her still locked together I drag her back over to the bed where I laid down. Afraid, hurting and exhausted she can only do the same, but she cannot sleep as she continues to feel my cock and knot contract and expand inside of her until finally a half hour went by and my cock and knot slip out with a semi-pop and our combined juices run from my pussy. Tanya gets up goes to take a shower. She didn't have the slightest expectation of me coming into the bathroom.

To be honest, she is not ready even though she already had her first time with me in the library and again in the bedroom. Tanya is not confident that she can give me what I want again.

" Sorry John, I am not ready." She pushes me away walking towards the door. I put my left arm around her waist pushing her body towards me while I stretch my right arm and lock the bathroom door swiftly. Tanya is trapped and she can't escape.

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Tanya feels like she was struck by lightning when the full-length of my nine-inch cock penetrated her vagina again and hit her clit. As each thrust of my cock went deeper and deeper, she hugged me tighter and tighter. She bits my shoulder hard and I moan in pleasure. " Fuck me harder, please! I want you John." Our bodies mingled and she savored each shot of my sperm inside her pussy.

The air is filled with the smell of sweat and semen. I pause to kiss her nipples. " I thought maybe we could try just one more new thing." Her eyes popped open. " I don't know if…I mean, what did you have in mind?" She is still trying to catch her breath as I spoke. " Well," I said. I cleared my throat and kissed her on the lips. " Have you ever had anal sex?" My question pushes a fresh wave of heat through her body. She shook her head. " Do you think maybe we could try?" " Try anal?" " Now." " I don't have any lube," She said.

" I don't think—" " I put some in the drawer in the bathroom," I said with a wicked grin. " You know, just in case." " You're killing me, John. I don't know if I can." " Can you try? Look at my cock. It's so hard, it hurts. It won't take me long." " Are you begging me? Is the big, bad John begging me?" She smiled at the thought that she held the power.

For now. I smiled. " Yes. It's pathetic, I know. Can you try? Please?" " OK, but if it's terrible, I'm calling it quits." " Deal." I jump off the bed, groaning as my erection bobbed with each step. I went to the bathroom and returned with a black bottle. My fingers were coated with the thick, slippery liquid before I returned to the bed. " Get on your hands and knees again." Her arms and legs trembled under her.

" Your ass is still pink," I said as I rubbed her butt with my left hand. " I'm just going to rub your asshole now. My fingers are slippery, but I'll tell you before I put them inside you." " OK," She said. She can't believe she agreed to this. I rub between her cheeks with my middle finger, causing her to gasp.

" You all right?" I ask. " Just tickles a little." " I'm gonna put a little pressure here. It's just my finger." She feels the pad of my finger slipping into her, and she shudders. " I'm gonna let my finger slide in now. Relax." She took a deep breath as my finger enters her. " Oh," She said as the rest of my hand made contact between her cheeks.

" How's that?" I ask. " Actually, it feels good. She is shocked." She is breathless as she answers. " Do you think you can take two fingers?" " I think so." I pull my finger out and enter her again with my forefinger and middle finger.

I push slowly, allowing her to get used to the intrusion. " I can't believe you have your fingers in my butt," She said, shaking her head. " I can't believe it feels good." Without asking, I pull out again, pushing ahead with three fingers. She sucks in a breath. " Did you just stick three fingers in there?" "Yes, I did." I push my fingers apart and stretch her out. " Still OK?" " Yes. I think I'm ready to try this." " You want my cock in your ass?" " Please.

Please fuck my ass," Tanya said. She wanted it. " Good girl." I lubed my cock generously as I poke. " OK, Tanya. Try to relax. It is going to hurt, but the pain won't last long." " OK," She said. " I think I'm ready.

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Go easy." She is breathing fast, as if she were in a Lamaze class. " Relax and take a deep breath." She feels the head of my cock pushing against her opening.

" I don't think it's gonna fit, John." " It always fits. Don't worry." I hold my cock in my hand, guiding the head as I push with my hips.

Her asshole yielding all at once, and it popped inside. " Ahh! That hurts! Go easy." It hurt so bad. " I'm not gonna move. I'm just gonna sit here and let you get used to it." " I think it's too big," She said.

" When you're ready, push back against me." " No. You'll have to push into me. I can't do it." " Bear down a little. It will open you up. Do it now." She groans as I push harder. She feels pain shooting through her body from deep inside her ass.

" It hurts. I think you have to stop. I can't take it all. I can't do it. I can't—" " Tanya, you can. You did." " I did? Are you all the way in?" I give a jerk with my hips, causing her to yelp as my balls smack against her pussy. " You're in?" " Uh-huh. I'm gonna pull out now." I pull back until just the head of my long cock is still stuck inside her sphincter. " Now what?" She said. " Now I fuck your tight ass." I'm snarling like an animal.

Tanya realized that having my cock shoved up her ass gave me the power to reach the basest raw emotions I had. I'm an animal at that moment. I thrust into her, harder than before. " It still hurts. Go easy." I pump in and out for a moment, and then stop again, buried all the way in her ass. " You OK?" " Oh my god, John.

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All of a sudden…" She is surprised at the sudden change. It still hurt, but not like before. She wonders what was in the lube I used. " It doesn't hurt as much…It just feels…Good. Do it. Fuck my ass." I reach around to rub her clit with my hand.

" You're gonna come. Your ass is so tight." I rub her hard and fucked her harder. She moans, feeling the stabs of pain through her ass sending waves of pleasure through her clit. " Oh my god. Oh my god, John. I didn't know it would be like this. Oh my god." I swirl faster, and she feels her legs trembling beneath me.

" Are you getting close?" I ask. " Yes. I'm gonna…I'm gonna…OH MY GOD." Her orgasm crashed through her pussy. As her anal muscles clamped down on my cock, I lost control too. I shot gob after gob of cum deep into her ass. " I'm coming. I'm coming so deep in your ass. Do you like my cum in your ass?" Tanya collapsed to the bed, unable to speak. She panted in heavy breaths as she recovered.