Vintage Indian Porn XXX Clip Of Two Indian Pornstar Having A Little Fun

Vintage Indian Porn XXX Clip Of Two Indian Pornstar Having A Little Fun
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=================================== Ch 21 The sound of a text message wakes me, and groggily I reach over to check it. Shanna and Gina had kept me up most of the night, and then when Nancy had come in. . Okay, I can't help but smile at the memories from last night, but I'm exhausted. I had quite literally stumbled back through my door, and fallen asleep before my head hit the pillow. I can't even remember the drive home. I'm thankful that Lela hadn't come to get me last night, or I'd be even more tired than I am now.

"Get your rest today." the text reads, and it's from my sister. I wonder why she doesn't use the nanites to communicate telepathically. Sitting up in bed, I only then realize that something's not right. I'm still fully dressed, including my shoes, but my posters are gone, and someone has rearranged my room. A groan sounds next to me, and in shock I see Robin laying there. Did I get with Robin last night?

I wonder, but can't see how I had. I'm still fully dressed. . Then I recognize my surroundings. I'm in Dennis's room! I must have been so tired last night that I turned right when I should've turned left.

. As quietly as I'm able, I try to sneak out, but to no avail. "Hey, dude," Dennis murmurs just as my hand touches the doorknob, "next time sleep in your own damn bed. You were quite the buzzkill." Embarrassed I make it back to my own room, and plan on going back to sleep, but after thirty minutes of just lying there, fretting about what I'm going to do with the demons in a couple weeks, and tossing and turning, I finally get up, and shower.

I debate on skipping class today, but since I'm already awake, I figure I might as well go in. Besides, it might help to distract me.

"Nick!" a feminine voice hails me, her breath misting in the early morning chill. "Hey, have you been studying?" The woman smiles at me, but I don't recognize her. "Studying?" I ask in confusion. "It's only the second day of the semester. We can't have any tests already!" She laughs at me, but I still have no idea who this is. Her hair is a mousy brown color, reaching down to her shoulders, and matching brown eyes. She stands a little shorter than me, and her skin seems a little too big on her.

"No, for math club, silly!" she informs me, and suddenly I think I know who this was. "Barbara?" I ask just to be sure. "Sorry," she tells me, her smile getting bigger, "I forget how different I look after losing so much weight.

I know most people put on weight over the holidays, but for some reason I just kept shedding the pounds!" I can see the old Barbara in her now. She could almost be cute, if she fit in her skin better.

Then I remember what I'd done for Mrs. Polkins, and turn up Barbara's skin elasticity, hoping that will help her. "Yeah! Sorry," I say, happy for her, "You look great!" Then remembering how Mrs. Polkins has changed mentally, I think to ask, "How have you been feeling?" "Good," she says, her smile never leaving her thin face. "I have a lot more energy, and have been surprised by all the attention the guys've been giving me." She laughs again, and I can't help smiling with her.

"Well, good luck," I tell her. "I'd better get to class." I think of Donald and Adam, and hope that everything I'd done for them has turned out as well as it did for Barbara. I'm almost to my class, when another female voice stops me in my tracks. This one I know from hours of lectures last semester. Professor Frankens is standing in the doorway to her classroom, as I turn to look at her.

She's dressed pretty modestly for her, with a suit jacket on, and a skirt that actually goes all the way down to her ankles. "I need to have a talk with you, Mr. Xavier," she tells me, as she opens the door wider to let me through. As I enter her classroom, wondering why she's being so formal, I see that it's empty and guess that she doesn't have a class this hour. My first thought is that she's after another tryst, but I really don't feel up to it quite yet this morning.

Especially after last night. The professor steps back in front of me, and leads me down to her office. I'm trying to come up with a way to gently turn her down, without having to talk too much, knowing that my voice still has an effect on her.

I still haven't come up with a way, when she sits down behind her desk and looks me squarely in the eyes. Her brown orbs bore into me for a bit, and I realize that she probably hasn't brought me in here for sex, after all. "First of all, Mr. Xavier, I want to thank you for being discreet about what happened between us before Winter break," she tells me, her voice stiff and formal.

I give her a quick nod, still wary of speaking. "Please understand that what I did was wrong," she continues. "In my years of teaching I have never crossed that line with a student. I still don't fully understand why I did so with you.

I hope you don't harbor any ill will towards me for what I did, or for saying that it can't happen again." To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I had truly enjoyed my encounter with the sexy professor, and even with the guilt of knowing that I'd manipulated her into it, I've looked forward to further escapades with her.

I see that she's looking at me, waiting for an answer. I still don't want to speak though, and influence her unduly. When I give her another nod, she grimaces, but continues. "I've put in my resignation here, and have already been accepted in another college across state." Her tone is sad now, and I feel sorry for her. "No," I say, before I can think better of it, and see her shudder slightly at the sound of my voice, but I go on.

"You don't have to do that. I promise not to tell anyone, and we don't have to. . to you know. ." for some reason I have a hard time saying sex in front of this older, professional woman, despite what we've done together.

I figure it has something to do with the formal attitude she's portraying, and don't want to be the first one to say it. "But I do, Mr. Xavier," she insists. "Even as you speak, I feel myself being drawn to you.

I can't risk losing my career over the desires of my body." Her face grows stern, and she looks at me harder. "Make no mistake; I'm not saying that I'm in love with you or anything of that sort, only that I can separate lust from love." Only then do I realize that she blames herself for what we've done.

It's not her fault, and I truly feel bad for my part in it, but can see that she's determined to go, no matter what I say.

If I were willing to use my switches on her, I can change her mind, I know, but I'm still not willing to cross that line again. But I don't have to use my switches. I remember how she'd behaved as I'd dominated her before Winter break. "I understand," I tell her. "You'll be missed," I say, and despite my earlier reservations about not feeling up to anything, I want to show her just what she'll be missing.

I quickly sense for Shanna's switch, and note that she is only one building over. She had basically freed me from the requirement of being with her, when it comes to other women. A freedom I'm going to exercise now. "I have already ensured that you will pass my class, this semester. I have no doubt you would have done it on your own. Professor Hallowburton will be taking over Math Club practices from now on. I'll be here until the end of term, but will ask that you don't say anything to anyone until after I'm gone." She sounds depressed.

Professor Hallowburton is an alright kind of guy, but he is no Donna Frankens. She will be sorely missed in Math Club practices as well. "I won't tell anyone," I tell her again, mentally thinking other than Shanna, who I'd already told, but I feel sure she won't say anything to anyone about it. "But I don't want you to go, either." My voice is soft, but firm, and she looks up at me, wondering. "You can't go, Donna. I won't let you leave." I'm not sure whether her shudder is from the sound of my voice, or the authority I'm pouring into my tone.

"Wh—What do you mean?" her voice tremors, and I can feel myself getting hard already. "You can't—" "You're mine, Donna," I cut her off, leaving no doubt about what's in my mind. "I'm not willing to free my slave." There is almost a pleading look in her eyes, and for just a moment, I think to back off.

Then I look at her more closely, sensing her switches. Her nipples are rock hard, and her crotch is soaked. She's not pleading for me to back off, but to continue.

I take a step closer to this mentor, this woman who has been the subject of countless wet dreams over the years, and know she is putty in my hands. She sits frozen as I lift my hand to the side of her breast. "No," she whispers, her voice barely audible. "We can't." Her heart isn't in it. "Take off your shirt," I order her, and enjoy the shudder that spreads through her body, and know she's getting turned on more and more.

She shakes her head, mumbling something about it being wrong. "I said, take, of, your, shirt, slave." I pause between each word, to emphasize the command, while simultaneously rubbing her stiff nipple through the layers of her clothing.

She breaks, and she's unable to hide her small smile as she grabs the hem of her shirt, and pulls it up over her head. "What would you have of me, master?" A warm smile splits my lips, as I gaze at Donna's lovely chest. "I would have you pleasured, slave." As the word 'slave' leaves my lips, I can feel her arousal increase dramatically.

"Take off your skirt," I order her next. She's in complete submissive mode, and moves with alacrity to do my bidding.

A couple seconds later, I'm admiring the barely clad body of Professor Donna Frankens. Stepping up to her trembling form, I look down into her brown eyes. Her head tilts up to mine, and I know she wants a kiss, but not yet.

Reaching around behind her, I easily unsnap her bra, and pull the straps from her shoulders. A moment later her panties join the rest of the clothes on the floor. The bell rings, and Donna's soft brown eyes grow large in terror, as the sound of students filing into her class filters through her closed door. "Don't move," I order her, and she shivers again at my authority.

I turn and lock her door, then look my slave in the eyes. "You're going to sit on your desk, and give your master a show," I inform her.

"But my class. ." I can see her wavering, but I'm not willing to pass this up. "A class you were willing to abandon," I tell her unkindly. "A class you were willing to leave behind, because you wanted to deny yourself of the pleasure that I can give you." "But this is wrong. You're my student. I shouldn't take advantage of you." I can tell she's starting to worry again, as her arms lift to cover herself.

I need to head this off quick, or I'll lose her forever. I laugh, making sure I'm not too loud. "When we're together, slave, I am your master. There is no student/teacher relationship, and I'll brook no disobedience. Now put your arms down, and sit on your desk." Her eyes dart to the locked door, and she hesitates for just a moment.

I can tell when she comes to a conclusion, as she murmurs, "Yes, master." My tool is hurting in my pants; I'm so hard right now. Whipping my large phallus out, my smile widens even more at the glossy look in Donna's eyes. "It occurs to me, that my slave has been too long denied her own pleasure.

A denial she has brought upon herself." I pause, just for dramatic effect. "It's time you learn that pleasure is not a negative thing. But rather, something that needs to be fed and nurtured." The confusion in her eyes is a beautiful thing.

"Pleasure yourself, slave." Comprehension dawns in her chocolate browns, and she glances at the door again, but her hands go to work. Her left hand goes to her right breast, pinching and twisting the nipple, while her right hand drops to her wet snatch, and immediately starts rubbing her clit.

Sitting in one of her chairs offers me a great view of the mature woman trying hard to get off. She's making small sounds of pleasure, as her eyes remain locked on mine. Occasionally she'll look to the door, and I know the danger of getting caught is increasing her arousal. The bell rings again, but Donna doesn't even seem to notice. My hand starts to lightly stroke my thick rod, as I continue watching my beautiful slave. "Moan," I tell her, not wanting her to hold anything back.

"You need to let it out, and stop trying to control this part of yourself. Enjoy it, and I promise you won't regret it." The students out in her classroom are talking loudly, which is good, as it covers the deep moaning that Donna suddenly lets out. "Does master like watching his slave play with her nipples?" She asks me, still looking me deep in the eyes.

"Does he like the way I make myself wetter as I play with my little pussy? Does master want to see what happens when I slip a finger inside?" "No," I tell her, "I want to see what happens when you slip three fingers in." Without any trace of hesitation, she slips the first three fingers of her right hand into her snatch, and comes hard.

Her moans can easily be heard outside, and I can hear the class suddenly go silent. Without a second thought, I create a memory switch for the entire class and flip it. The outside chatter starts back up instantly. No headache occurs from such a massive switch, and I smile. "Did master enjoy watching me cum on my fingers?" my slave inquires. "I did," I reply, easily. "I enjoyed so much that my cock almost hurts. Come over here, and suck the cum from my cock, slave." Almost inhumanly fast, Donna is off her desk, and her lips are wrapped around me.

Between the eroticism of watching her get off, while her students are outside, and the whole master/slave thing, it only takes a few talented strokes, before I'm shooting down the back of her throat. "Swallow it all," I order her, and she greedily sucks all of my seed from me. She even goes so far as to milk my length to get every last drop. When she can finally get no more from my wilting member, she stands up, and looks me in the eyes, before unexpectedly throwing her arms around me, and pulling me into a tight hug.

"Thank you," she whispers into my shirt. "Get dressed, I tell her gently, leaving out the authoritative tone, "I think you have a class to teach, and continue teaching." She steps back then, and a look of horror crosses her face, but I stop it, before she can say anything.

"No one knows what happened in here," I assure her. "Our secret is safe." She looks at me dubiously, "How. .?" then shakes her head, and gets dressed in rapid order.

Once she is fully presentable, I lean into her ear, and whisper, "I expect you to keep teaching. You won't regret it." She looks me deep in the eyes, before blinking, and seeming to come back to herself.

"I expect you won't miss any of my Math Club practices, Mister Xavier?" I smile as the professor façade returns. She's going to be alright. I wish her the best of luck, and leave her office. I get a few glances from some of the students, but am quickly forgotten when there is a commotion outside the classroom. Running out, I have to grab someone to find out what's going on. "Something's happening outside," is all the response I get, before I'm swept along in a tide of students heading for the exterior doors.

The sun hits my eyes, and combining that with the white snow all over the ground, I'm momentarily blinded, as a communal gasp sounds around me. Blinking to clear my eyes, I start looking around to see what the fuss is about. And almost shit myself. Floating a few feet off the ground are a couple of older teenagers, maybe eighteen or nineteen, one boy, and from the familial resemblance, I'm guessing his sister.

In one of his hands is a floating fireball. She is scanning the crowd, and her eyes look odd, as if. . yes, her eyes are the color and reflectiveness of chrome. Around each of their necks is a necklace that appears to be made of some type of clear gemstones, each one about the size of my thumb. They both have on white shirts and white pants, with matching shoes.

Her hair is red, and tied back into a ponytail, his dark brown and cropped close to his head. The girl's eyes land on me, and I shiver. It's almost as if I can physically feel her gaze. Her hand lifts and she points at me, and then both siblings are looking at me, and there is no mistaking the sensation that spreads across my skin.

They land softly on the ground, and start walking towards me. The smile that graces their lips would look peaceful, if not for the flickering glow of the man's fireball reflecting off of them. There is no possible way that even I could predict what they do next. "Prepare for trouble," says the girl. "Make it double," the boy follows up. I groan, as the rest becomes predictable. "To protect the world from devastation," "To unite all people within our nation," "To denounce the evil of truth and love," "To extend our reach to the stars above," "Jessie," "James," "Team rocket blasts off at the speed of light," "Surrender now or prepare to fight," I stumble mentally when I don't hear the final line delivered by Meowth.

That can't really be their names, can it? "Pokemon?" I ask, trying to keep the derision out of my voice. "Really?" I can tell they're dangerous, and likely another one of the angel's experiments. "We've been given god-given powers to cleanse the world of evil-doers like you," James snarls at me. I try hard not to laugh at the way he worded that statement. Jessie fingers the necklace around her neck, before saying, "Each of these is a fallen soul. Each one is someone who've gained their powers from the devil." Great, I think, religious fanatics.

"Submit to us now, and we will make your death painless," James spouts, and I realize these lines are rehearsed. If what she said is true, and each clear gem is another person with the gene that the angel's were activating, then they've already taken out quite a few people. Only now, do I realize that there is a large gathering surrounding us, and that I'm no longer on the edge of the group. People are looking from the Rocket twins to me, and back again.

Most of them likely think this is some performance being put on by the drama department. They don't know the danger they're in. Before I can think to warn the crowd to get away, Jessie speaks up.

"Answer our demand now, or we will assume your response." I start to form a switch, in an attempt to turn off their abilities, but the girl with the strange chrome eyes shouts, "Watch out brother, he's attacking!" Without any further warning, James throws the fireball he's been holding at me, and I have to dodge to the side, landing hard on the snow packed ground.

I also lose the switch I'd been preparing. The crowd "oohs," as a tower of flame goes up where I'd just been standing. Don't they understand the danger? I can see that those closest to the pillar are backing away uncertainly, shielding their faces from the heat. "It's not too late to come to the light," James informs me, and I can see him preparing another fireball.

It occurs to me, that these must be the two that have been burning some of the other experiments that Dennis had told me about. Just to be contrary, I shout, "No thanks. I prefer the power of the dark-side." Okay, so I'm no James Earl Jones, but by some of the snickers in the crowd, my humor isn't completely obtuse. I attempt again to make a switch, this one smaller, intending to turn off his flame, and once again the sister calls out, and I'm scrabbling to get away. This time I'm not quite fast enough to escape completely, as flames start licking up my right leg.

It only takes a second to put it out on the snow, but the heat had been intense! I don't even bother trying to make a switch this time. I'm not sure what exactly the redhead is able to do, but those chrome eyes seem to be capable of seeing beyond normal sight. It takes me a moment to get my feet under me, and I can already tell that my leg is badly burned. I'm surprised that they're giving me the opportunity to stand, until I realize that they don't really fear me.

They know before I can attack, and act quicker than I can. In fact they're just standing there, waiting for me to either give up, or attack again. What is the deal with these two? Flying, superhuman sight, fireballs. . Wait a minute. . 'Lela,' I send to the angel I know is always watching, 'How do they have more than one ability?' Thankfully the siblings don't attack, while I'm communicating.

She probably can't see the transmissions from the nanites. 'They only have one ability, each. They are able to draw other abilities from those diamonds around their necks.' 'You mean that those gems are from the others they've killed?' I can't hide the shock that I feel. 'Yes, his ability is to be able to crystallize another's ability.

Her gene allows her to see those with abilities. They are twins.' Shit, shit, and triple shit! Basically I'm up against two dragons, with my kender of an ability. Well, if Tasslehoff Burrfoot was brave enough to do it, then so can I.

If only I had his immunity to fear. Or Raistlin. Yeah, the dark wizard would really come in handy right now. Despite the cold air, there is no mistaking the steady trickle of sweat dripping down my spine. Thankfully communicating with the nanites is nearly instantaneous, and only a couple seconds have passed since I regained my feet. "Last chance, demon.

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Surrender now or prepare to fight," James intones solemnly. The word 'demon', applied to me, sets my teeth on edge, and my decision is made. Not that I really have much of one to make. 'If this goes badly, please be ready to get me out of here.' I don't wait for a reply, before running right at them, doing my best to avoid the pain in my leg. I have enough time to register the shock on their faces; they were likely expecting me to run away, as I create a switch to solidify the air in front of me.

Despite Jessie's warning, the shock of my brash action makes James hesitate just long enough for me to get the switch made. If there was more time, I would have sighed in relief as the switch forms. I wasn't sure if it would, after failing to do anything of the sort while playing beer pong so long ago.

My powers truly are growing and maturing. James's fireball explodes against my shield, momentarily blinding me, and eliciting a whole new set of gasps from the gathered crowd. That crowd. . That foolish TV brainwashed crowd. . I shake my head, and prepare my next switch, hoping I have the time to make it, as I feel the switch for my shield start to burn.

Now THAT is an uncomfortable feeling! The switch to kill their abilities doesn't form. "Brother, he has the ability to change the quantum state of things," Jessie states.

Quantum state? I've never looked at my ability that way, but it makes sense. The last of my shield melts away in a ball of orange flame, and I start moving again, this time to the side. I debate on trying to tackle one of them, but for all I know, they may have superhuman strength stored in one of those diamonds. Maybe if I can get those necklaces off them.

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A quick switch later, both necklaces' clasps let go, and they fall from their chests. The fireball that is already speeding towards me vanishes, and I turn to tackle James. A couple feet away, I leap for the young man, and a freight train runs into me, knocking me aside. I roll to the side, as soon as I hit the ground, and pain flares through my side. Bones are broken, I have no doubt. Looking through blurry eyes, I can just make out Jessie gripping her necklace, her hand outstretched in my direction.

"Nick?!?" I hear Shanna's frantic scream from the croud. "Dammit!" I attempt to swear, but blood spittle comes out instead.

Finally, the crowd understands that this is for real, and I can barely hear them screaming in panic as they take off running. My ears are ringing so badly, that I can't make out the undoubtedly pious words James says as he picks up his necklace, and another fireball forms in his hands. My body is too broken for the nanites to fix me in time, and I can see my death in that red-orange ball, as it flies towards my chest. Shanna, I think, I'm sorry you have to watch me die.

Oblivion takes me. =================================== Ch 22 Yellow light is the first thing I notice, as I come to. Good, apparently I made it to heaven, I think.


I've never been very religious myself, but at least I know I was good enough to come here. Flexing my fingers and moving my arms confirms that all my pain is gone. Silently I weep, knowing that Earth is now left to the demons.

Maybe the countries will come together, and put up a good enough defense. It's a nice thought, but I know it's not really possible. Humans are too cantankerous. Oh, god. Shanna. .! Pulling my legs underneath me, something doesn't feel quite right.

Opening my eyes, I find myself staring at the burned remains of my right pant leg. "What the. ." "Oh, good, you're awake!" A familiar voice spouts, startling me. Strong arms grip me in a fierce hug, before pulling back, and Summer searches my eyes. "Good to see you too, sis," I try to greet her cheerfully, but don't have it in me right now. I'd lost. And to Team Rocket no less. "Thanks for coming to get me, but why are you here?" Apparently she either doesn't like my words, or what she sees on my face.

I soon find out it's the latter. "You look like shit," she tells me. "Why don't you try to rest in the healing light a bit more?" I almost laugh as I see how tired she looks. For a moment, I wonder if she'd watched my battle with the twins, and know that it's possible, as Lela is always watching me.

I notice how upset she seems, and can feel her hands shaking on my arms. "I'm sorry, I'll be fine. The nanites," I offer in way of explanation. They should be strong enough, and my body recovered enough to completely fix all of me.

If only they could do the same for my pride. "Relax, will you? We still have some time before we face the demons." I try to get her to calm down, but my soothing tone seems to have the opposite effect. "You were nearly killed down there, Nick! But that's. . It's not that. . Something. . um. ." Summer bites her lower lip, as she tries to formulate what she wants to say. "Lela's been incapacitated," she finally blurts out, and I feel like my whole world gets rocked.

"Lela? How—?" I demand to know, gripping my sister's arms now, and completely forgetting about the twins. I feel a knot forming in my stomach, as I worry about the gentle alien, but my logical mind takes over. If Lela is down, it's not a complete loss, as there are still six other ships. Ships that can't fight and I have no experience in leading.

Maybe if another alien piloted.

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. . "Where's Harana?" The fear increases in Summer's blue eyes. "She's taking care of Lela," she whispers. "She's also piloting the ship." "What happened to Lela?" I demand to know again, wondering why Summer is acting like this, and then it occurs to me. "The eggs?" She nods, and I can see tears running down her cheeks now.

Fear grips my heart. Not the kids, too, oh, please not the kids, too! I have to get to Lela, I know, but I don't know how to open the hatch that leads to her.

"Lela, Harana!" I yell, hoping to get one of their attentions. "I can't open the door. Lemme back there." "Nick," Summer's hand on my shoulder makes me feel claustrophobic, and I shake it off, "You can open it with the nanites.

Just send the command to the ship mentally." I look at my sister stupidly. Can it really be that easy? I know that she could do it for me, but that has never been my sister's way. She's always willing to help me, but never one to do things for me. How ironic that her ability ends up being the same way. Without hesitation, I mentally command the ship to open the door, and sure enough, it opens to my right.

I dash through it, headless of the blackness that surrounds me. I know I have a few steps before the path turns, and my eyes adjust to the infrared light, before I slam into the wall. I run the entire way to where I know Lela to be, sensing her with my switches, and hold up outside her door, slightly out of breath, and full of dread. Suddenly I'm apprehensive, not certain what I'll find inside. Summer hasn't told me what happened with Lela's and my kids. She'd only told me that the alien is incapacitated, and then she'd started crying.

No, I think, they have to be okay. Something about the alien hatching process must have been hard for the mother. Try as hard as I might, though, I can't convince myself of that.

How can eggs hatching be hard on the mother? I don't know how long I stand outside the doorway, but finally I conclude that I have to walk through it. I have to face what's inside. Commanding the ship to open this door, I step through.

Lela is not on the incubator, as she has been every other time I've been in here, and for just a moment, I wonder at that oddity, until my brain realizes that the children wouldn't be in there, after they hatched. I sense her switches in an adjoining room, and open that hatchway before going in. It takes me a moment to comprehend the scene before me. Lela is lying on the floor, her arms around some small, unmoving objects, and Harana has her arm around her older sister, trying to comfort her, and talking in their dual-toned language.

I take a step forward, my eyes and even my senses drawn to the six or seven objects that Lela is cradling. I can hear what I take to be crying from Lela, and only then does it really hit me that our kids haven't survived. I don't know what to think, or even what to feel. My body is locked up in shock, as I try to form coherent thoughts. Yes, they are my kids, but they aren't entirely human, and it's not like I had helped incubate the eggs.

The entire time Lela had been on that incubator, it almost felt like she was taking care of someone else's eggs. But now that I see the tiny things, it strikes home. These tiny things are the product of Lela's and my coupling. I helped create these tiny creatures, and there is some small part of me in each one.

My eyes can see that they're gone, but my heart refuses to believe it. I drop to my knees next to Lela, and only then do they notice me, but I ignore them. There is something. . I look at the tiny creatures, marveling at how they look. They have the pinkish skin of Lela's race, but it's tinged just a bit by the baby pink of a human newborn. Their eyes are smaller than Lela's in comparison to the head, which is also smaller in comparison to their body. I notice that some have four fingers and some have three.

There are six in all, and they all have light tufts of hair on their peaceful heads. If I ignore the fact that they aren't breathing, I can almost imagine that they're sleeping peacefully. All of this I note with the outside of my concentration, however.

There is something. . It almost feels like I can sense them, like I can with my switches, but I've never made switches in these little creatures. "I tried to save them," Lela's voice penetrates the fog that surrounds my mind, distracting me. "Our DNA just doesn't mix," I can barely understand her, as she tries to speak English through her tears.

"They all broke their shells, but didn't live long past that." Lela chokes up again, and Harana tries unsuccessfully to console her. It strikes me as odd, her concern for the children. Hadn't she intimated that her race didn't care for their children? Yet, the death of these six is tearing her apart. 'This was different,' the words appear in my vision. Apparently I'd sent the question to her, and feel like a heel. In her depression, I'd accidently asked her a question like that.

'What we did together was beautiful, not painful. Usually incubation is handled by machines, but my ship wasn't designed for mating and children. I've come to care for them, as I care for you.' 'I'm so sorry,' I send back to her, but. . Why can I sense them, if they're dead and I've not given them a switch?

The question plays through my head a few times, before something occurs to me. Without a word, I jump up and ran all the way back to the blue room. I don't say a word as I burst in, only stopping long enough to grab Summer's wrist, and drag her after me.

She yelps when she passes into the darkness, but I know her eyes will adjust soon enough, thanks to her nanites. "Nick, what are you. .?" she tries to ask me, but I just keep running. As soon as we're in the room with Lela, Harana, and my kids, I finally stop, and feel for them again.

It's fainter now, but I can still make them out. I have to hurry, or it might be too late. "Take off your shirt," I command my sister, as I start to do the same.

Will it be enough, or will it take more contact? I don't know, but I have to try. I'm definitely in no mood to even try to wake my cock up. "I hardly think now is the time—" Summer starts to protest, but I cut her off.

"Just do it! Hurry, before it's too late." Summer looks from me to Lela and back again, before quickly removing her shirt. I don't think I have time to explain, my sense of them is fading too fast. Lela and Harana start saying something in their language, but I ignore them as I hug my sister close to me, and feel my strength with the switches magnify exponentially at the contact. A small part of me notices she's not wearing a bra, and I'm grateful for the extra skin that will be in contact with me.

I command the ship to bathe us and the babies in the healing yellow light, not knowing if it will be necessary, but wanting every advantage I can have. I feel Summer pulling down her pants, hindered slightly as we hug, and then she works on mine. They hit the floor a second later, and she wraps one leg around mine, and places the other between my legs. I close both of my legs, and know it's now or never. This is about the most physical contact I'm going to be able to have with her, short of actually having sex.

Intercourse is the furthest thing from my mind right now, as I start to form the group switch, and attach it to all six babies. I try to push it, but nothing happens. Did I overdo it with Donna and the Pokemon twins? Am I not recovered enough from the damage they caused? I push harder, then harder still on their 'life' switch.

I don't know if it'll work, but I know I can sense them, and how can I do that, unless they're still alive, but too weak to register to Lela's advanced technology. I notice that the switch I'd made is not completely off, and that gives me some measure of hope.

Groaning, I throw everything I have behind the switch, and some distant part of me hears Summer moan as well, but I ignore it as I feel the switch move a little. It's just a tiny bit at first, but as I continue to shove against the switch, it picks up speed. Some small part of me notices that something is running from my nose.

Most likely blood. My ears start ringing again, and we tumble to the floor, too weak to support ourselves. Just before I blackout, again, from the effort of moving the switch, I hear a small, almost imperceptible yawn. * * * I wake with a start, as fear courses through me, followed immediately by a massive pain in my skull, and I collapse backwards onto a soft surface. "He's awake," a voice says, sounding distant, but I recognize it as Shanna's.

What's she doing here? I wonder, and then realize that I must have been dropped back off at home, after I. . I sit up again, as I remember why I was unconscious in the first place. "My kids," I croak, wondering at the sound of my own voice. "They're fine," Summer tells me, as my eyes try to adjust to the light.

Something doesn't seem right. Everything has a yellow tinge to it, which throws my augmented vision off. So Summer is here too. By the sound of her voice, she's doing better than I am. "You saved them, Nick. I'm so proud of you. You did it!" I feel a hand grip hold of mine, and give it a squeeze, but I still can't focus my eyes. I know the hand is my sister's, because I can sense my switches better, and can even feel the one that I'd made for the six little babies.

"My eyes," I say, glad my voice is improving a little as I speak. "I can't seem to focus." I feel someone take my other hand, and know from the switches I sense that it must be Shanna. "Lela says you caused some damage to yourself, saving your kids. The nanites and this yellow light are working on healing you, but it's going to take a bit." That's nice, I think, the yellow light will get me better in no time.

Wait. . Yellow light. . In my room? I slightly remember Lela using it that night in the basement, and relax. "Nick, you really had us worried.

We understand what you did, but it almost killed you." I can hear the fear in her voice, and pull the blurry blob that I know is her to me for a hug. Summer hugs me too, and I'm grateful to sense my switches increase. At least I haven't burned that out. "How long until the demons arrive?" I ask, afraid of how long I've been out. "They're still outside our solar system," Summer says, and I relax. Fear about being out of commission for too long, and missing the invasion leaking out of me.

Then I remember the twins. "Those two," I have to swallow, and clear my throat, "the ones that attacked me. She can sense where I am. They might be on their way here, right now!" Shanna laughs softly, before replying. "I wish them luck." I turn my blurry gaze to her, confused. My eyes are finally able to start focusing, and I can make out Shanna's concerned face. "If they can get up here, then they're too powerful to stop, anyway," Summer states. My eyes finally focus completely, and I can see we're in the blue featureless room.

I groan as I realize I'm on the ship, and not in my room. My head is in Shanna's lap. "Why are you here, Shanna?" I ask my girlfriend. "Ouch," I hear my sister say a moment before Shanna shoves my head from her lap. "Maybe because I was worried about my boyfriend, after watching them fry and pummel you on campus." I can hear the hurt and pain in her tone, and realize my mistake immediately. "Shanna, I'm sorry," I plead with her, and I can feel the light and nanites returning my strength to me, as I sit up.

"It's no excuse, but I'm under a lot of stress, and didn't think." Shanna looks at me for a bit, and then nods. "You're right. I'm sorry I've been adding to that stress." She comes back over to me, and gives me a hug. "I'm just glad you're alright." "I'm not angry about you being here, but how did you get here?" I ask, as the question occurs to me.

Summer clears her throat and answers. "I've been up here watching over you, so I knew about her becoming your girlfriend. I figured she would want to be here." Turning to my sister, I thank her, and hold Shanna closer to me.

"Did it look as bad as it felt?" Shanna starts crying into my shoulder, and I have my answer. She must have thought I was dead. I let her cry for a bit, before looking to Summer, "Did anyone see the ship?" She shakes her head.

"My kids?" Shanna steps away from me, and I realize just how insensitive I'm being. I now have six kids with another woman, even if that other woman is an alien, and haven't really gotten a handle on how my girlfriend feels about that. I open my mouth to apologize again, but the dyed-redhead cuts me off.

"No, don't apologize. They're important to you, and that means a lot to me." She takes a deep breath, then continues, "Go. You need to see them." Grabbing her hand, I turn and open the portal into blackness.

She hesitates just outside the blackness, but apparently trusts me enough, and follows me through. "How do you see in this?" she asks. "What do you mean?" Summer pipes up, solicitously. "Can't you see the floor beneath us?" "Be nice, Summer," I chide.

"We've got nanites in us, which augments our vision, so that we can see into the infrared spectrum." "Nanites? Really? That's so cool!" I smile as the geek in Shanna starts to come out. "Can I get some? What else can they do?" I try to answer all her questions as we walk, and soon we're outside Lela's room. For once I think before acting. "Shanna, on the other side of this door are two angels and my kids. Are you going to be alright?" Her fist lightly connects with my chest, before she replies.

"I'm about to meet extraterrestrials, and an entirely new species, and you want to know if I'm alright? Hell yeah, I'm alright. I can't wait." Even knowing she can't see my face, I'm beaming down at her. The door opens, and I'm greeted with a very unexpected site.

Lela is breast feeding two of our little kids at once, while Harana rocks another two. The last two are sleeping peacefully in a pile of blankets and soft yellow light.

It's also noticeably brighter in here. Not bright, per se, but bright enough that Shanna can see. I hear her gasp as she sees the angels for the first time. The angels are also warily watching Shanna. "They're. . They're beautiful," my girlfriend states, and the tension evacuates the room.

"I didn't know your race breast feeds," I state, kind of wishing I could be sucking on her taught nipple. "Don't be so crass," Summer states, at the same time Shanna hits me again. 'It's okay,' Lela's words appear to me. 'We don't, but apparently my body has changed more than I thought. Your sister was kind enough to help me figure it out. I was worried about how to feed them. This ship really wasn't designed to support kids.' "Are they going to be alright?" Summer asks, concern thick in her voice, at the same time the words, 'And her milk tastes wonderful,' appear in my vision.

'Pervert,' I send back to her. 'Yes,' Lela sends to us. 'They don't demand much, and since I can now feed them, they will live. Thanks to you.' The last is delivered with a nod to me. "Can you produce enough milk for all of them?" I ask concerned. Even engorged with milk, her breasts are rather small for feeding six babies.

"What's going on?" Shanna asks, and I realize she's been left out of half the conversation. As I start to bring Shanna up to speed, I watch as Summer takes the two kids that Lela is feeding, and sets them into the pile of blankets, next to the other two sleeping children.

I realize that I recognize the blankets from mom's house. The yellow light bathes Lela, and I watch with fascination as the angel's breasts grow and firm, before she takes the last two from Harana, and starts feeding them. "Can you imagine what kind of games could be produced, if we had hardware that's as powerful as that?" Shanna asks, and I enjoy how she feels against my side as I pull her tighter to me.

She truly is a match for my geekiness. Harana stands and walks over to Shanna and me, while my sister softly croons to her nieces and nephews. 'Have you thought about how you will deal with the twins?' The way Harana is looking at me lets me know that she is the one asking the question, and the room goes quiet.

"What?" Shanna asks again, and I whisper the question to her. "Oh. ." she says, worriedly, squeezing me tighter to her. "I'll help," Summer says, her voice quavering, and I know she's afraid of facing the two terrors. "No," I deny her, but can't miss the relieved look that crosses her face.

"You'd only get in my way. I barely got out of it alive. I can't be worrying about you at the same time." I turn to Lela, and ask a question that's been in the back of my mind, but only now comes to the surface. "If these two were so powerful, why weren't they chosen to fight the demons?" Lela and Harana exchange glances, before the older sister responds. 'They were deemed too violent, and their mental state is too rigid to accept anything other than what they were raised to believe.

They think they were given their abilities to cleanse mankind of evil, and have been slowly stealing the abilities from others.' Well that sounds logical. Harana looks to me, and I somehow know the next words are from her. 'You need to stop them.' Of course I do, I think. Because goodness knows I don't have enough other things to worry about.

"Will someone please keep me up-to-date?" Shanna grumps. "Umm.


." I say, looking at Lela. 'Go ahead. The other room has an applicator ready.' I look back to Shanna, telling her that she can have the nanites, but warning her about the pain she'll suffer.

"Ha, men always think women are weak," she tells me, laughing, "but if you had to deal with our monthly visitor, you'd know that we can handle more discomfort than men can." I know better than to open my mouth. Despite her words, I know she's nervous, as I lead her to the other room.

A couple minutes later, she's screaming in agony, while I rock her back and forth. * * * 'We have a plan,' Summer's words appear to me, and I come awake.

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Shanna is sleeping peacefully in my arms, and as I try to pull away to see what they've cooked up, she wakes, and pulls me back to her. "Did it hurt that bad for you?" She asks, and I just nod, as she shivers in memory. 'They have a plan,' I send to her mentally, and smile as she gasps. "I have my own heads-up-display!" I laugh as I take her out to the others in the adjoining room, and fill her in on the finer points of the nanites.

My laugh is cut short as I see the look in Summer's eyes. "The kids?" I ask, suddenly worried, only to breathe a sigh of relief a moment later when she shakes her head. The plan gets laid out before me, and despite Shanna's misgivings, I agree to it. Those twins have to be stopped. * * * I feel naked, digging my toes into the soft cool dirt beneath my feet. Despite knowing how fast Lela's ship can travel, I'm having a hard time believing that I'm currently standing in Southern Arizona's desert, miles away from anyone else.

This time, there will be no chance of innocent bystanders. The night air is cool, but I barely feel it. Somehow Lela and Harana were able to get the light suit to work outside of her ship. Even now, the four females and six children are a couple miles above me. Far enough to be out of view, tonight, but close enough to get to me in a crisis. Summer had hinted again at helping me out, but with the light suites on, there can be no physical contact between us. "You came," the words coming from behind me, startles me, as I spin around to face the twins.

Thankfully they don't spout their Team Rocket opening line again. "I see you got my note," I tell James. Shanna had delivered it to them, and somehow they made the multi-hundred mile trip to get here, in only a couple hours. The large moon sits on the horizon, framing the two, and I see they're holding hands. Thankfully the nanites allow me to see them clearly, even though the light is coming from behind them.

With their all-white clothing, they almost seem to glow. "You're ready to surrender your evil ways, then?" Jessie asks, as she takes in my apparent nakedness. "Or did you hope to tempt us into your wicked ways?" "You will not tempt us. We are stalwart in our convictions. God is on our side, and we shall prevail!" James spouts on the heels of his sister. Wow, these two are pompous! I go over the plan again in my head, hoping that the suit will protect me.

Lela had said that it would, but Harana wasn't as certain. A backup plan plays out in the back of my mind, just in case. "Surrender? No." Shock appears in their eyes. Had they really deluded themselves into thinking that I was giving up? The note had simply told them where to meet me. They'd caught me by surprise last time.

This time I'm prepared. "Then why. .?" Jessie asks, and I can't hide my smile at their confusion. "Because God hates murderers," I tell them, pandering to their game, "and you need to be stopped." Their faces go red in rage, and there is suddenly a ball of flame in James's hand.

"Your vile tongue will not sway our holy mission," James yells, and flings the ball at me. I'm prepared for it, though, setting up another air shield, and jumping out of the way. I hit the ground, rolling, and come up, hand outstretched, and flip the already made switches to drop their necklaces. They're ready for it, though, and catch them in their hands. It was only a distraction though, as I create more switches, and flip them on the run.

From our previous fight, I know that I can't affect them directly, but that doesn't protect their clothing. The molecular bond holding their white coverings together are turned off, and their clothing disintegrates. Jessie shrieks in outrage, and I can't help but notice that the carpet matches the drapes, before she's able to cover herself up. She'd been about the send that bullet train of force at me, but her nakedness distracts her, and dust is suddenly kicks up in front of me, trailing off into the night.

"What wicked trickery is this?" James demands, and I notice him glancing at his sister out of the corner of his eyes. Another switch, and a cool breeze blows across them, and even I'm intrigued with how hard Jessie's nipples get.

The plan is to get their necklaces away, and then disable them, or kill them. The latter is out of the question. But a third option seems to present itself. "Wicked miscreant!" James shouts. "Do you think to shame us, by displaying what God gave us?" I look back to him in time to be struck by one of his fireballs, directly in the chest.

Dammit! I berate myself, caught up in my own distraction. Rolling a couple times on the desert floor, the flames go out, and I'm thankful the suit protected me. My chest is a bit sore, but happily not burned.

I regain my feet, and look at the two shocked siblings. "Sorry," I state, smiling, "Did I forget to mention I'm fireproof now?" I know I shouldn't, I mean I really shouldn't, but I can't help but say the next line. "Looks like God is on my side, now." Rage fills both of their faces, and Jessie flings her hand out at me, sending another wall of force my way. I throw up another shield, and dodge out of the way again. My shield doesn't even slow the attack, and it clips my leg, spinning my about, and sending me painfully to the ground.

The suite doesn't protect against that, I guess. In frustration, I act without thinking, sending some of my oldest switches at them. Too late, I remember that their somehow immune to my powers.

The switches form.

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I stand there in shock, and just barely dodge another wall of power, before it crushes me. Immediately I start flipping on the switches, and dimly note that a yellow light engulfs me. I can feel Lela and Shanna still miles above me, and while the light is weak, it gives me the extra strength I need to push the newly created switches, while my ankle stops hurting. Jessie's eyes grow large as her nipples stiffen even more, and a slight trickle starts between her legs. James had already gone semi-hard with his naked sister next to him, but he is sporting a full-on boner now.

Both of them are frozen, as I carefully walk up to them. I don't know if they can do anything while frozen, but I'm wary all the same. Nothing happens as I take the two diamond necklaces, each with about ten thumb-sized diamonds on them, out of the twins' hands, and fling them up behind me. They vanish, and both sets of eyes bulge even more at my apparent magic. Perhaps they think I've done the same thing to the necklaces, as I did with their clothes. The yellow light vanishes. I wonder what they thought about that?

Standing this close to Jessie, I can't help but admire her body. Her tits are small, maybe a B-cup, but sit high on her chest, and look pretty firm.

A slender waist leads down to slightly rounded hips. It's obvious she doesn't trim, by the size of her massive red bush, but her legs are long and slender. In contrast, James looks like one of those men who can eat whatever he wants, and never work out, while still maintaining his form.

He's not well muscled, but I'll bet there's hardly an ounce of fat on him. His pointing penis looks to be just a bit over average in size, but otherwise unimpressive, when compared to some of the others I've seen in the past few weeks.

I have to step back, remembering the plan, but decide to add my own twist to it. The switch to disable their rare gene takes some serious effort to turn off, and both of them groan as I do so. 'I need to change them,' I send to Shanna, knowing that she's watching, and likely won't appreciate what I'm about to do next. 'If you take sexual advantage of her, you're going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.' I decide to drive forward with my new plan.

Walking around to Jessie's back, I turn up some of her switches, doing my best to make her hornier. I reach out to touch her, and the shimmering light around my hand stops me. I quickly divest myself of the light-suite, and step up behind her again. Wrapping my arms around her, I lightly tease her nipple with my left hand, while my right digs through the mound of fur below, until my fingers find her moist slit.

"Oh, I'm gonna go to the special hell," I murmur. She shudders, as I rub my finger against her slit, and I look over to James, and see he is intently watching me, unable to do anything else. "Your brother likes what he sees," I whisper inter her ear. "Did you see how hard he got before I froze you?" I nibble a bit on her ear, while I rub my fingers around her tiny hole. I'm tempted to slip a finger inside her, but I want to build up her tension first.

I know I'm manipulating them, using their switches, and while a part of my conscience is screaming at me to stop, all I have to do is remember the twenty or so diamonds on those necklaces, each one a stolen life, and my conscience shuts up. I'm really mashing down hard on her 'wet pussy' switch, and sense that she is getting close. She is doing her best to hold back moans of pleasure, but between my skill and the switches, she doesn't stand a chance.

I sense just the moment, and give her stiff nipple a sudden twist, and a loud moan escapes from her clenched jaws, and my hand is covered in her love juices. I rub hard back and forth against her whole vagina, trying to make her orgasm last. "Look at your brother's cock," I tell her.

"See that liquid seeping from the tip? That's because he likes what he sees. You turn him on." I can hear muffled denials, but her eyes are glued to James's manhood. "I'll bet you're wondering what it would be like to have him in you." I make a switch to make the inside of her twat itch.

"Or maybe even suck his cum straight from his cock." Her mouth goes dry after making and moving another switch. My cock is nestled comfortably between her small ass cheeks, and I start to hump myself slowly against her, while I resume my assault on the rest of her tiny body. Her denials are growing weaker, and by the time she reaches her second orgasm, she is no longer refusing my words. "See how his fluids are running from the tip of his penis? That's all because of you, his dear twin sister.

He wants you. You can see it in his eyes. See his hunger, his desire. I can tell you like him looking at you. I feel how wet you are down here. I know you're thinking about what it might feel like to lay with your own brother." This time, the sound that escapes her throat is one of acceptance.

"But wait. . Isn't that a sin?" I rub her coochy harder, tweaking her nipples, and nibbling lightly on her neck. She is completely confused. Her body is telling her one thing, but her mind is saying something else. "How can it be a sin, though, if you love each other? You do love your brother, don't you?" Carefully I lessen the switch that's holding her paralyzed, ready to reinstate it at a moment's notice.

I needn't have worried. "Yes," she whispers, and then moans as I turn up the sensitivity to her clit and nipples. "I do love him." Her hips are now moving, grinding her ass against my rock hard cock. "You know," I whisper conspiratorially, "while he's frozen like that, I'll bet you can find out just what he tastes like, or even feels like inside of you." I fully release her, and step back.

Hesitantly she looks from me to her brother's cock. It's easily apparent who is the better endowed, but love wins out, and she rushes to James. Dropping to her knees, a tentative hand reaches out, but stops before making contact. "Forgive me James. I—I can't help myself. I've always looked up to you, and I love you so much.

Please. . Please forgive me, but right now I need this." Her fingers close the final distance, and I swear she moans as she makes contact with her sibling's phallus. There is a flash of light behind me, and I spin around, prepared for an attack, but it's only Shanna. A very naked Shanna. "Sorry to scare you, but I saw how hard you are, and didn't want to pass up this chance." She tells me, a twinkle in her eyes. "You're still going to hell, though." I know that she also doesn't want me trying to fuck the slight redhead as well, but I don't mind.

I'm so horny right now, I just want to take her down, and fuck her on the dry desert floor. A muffled moan brings my attention back to the twins, and I see Jessie has James's rod between her lips, sucking up his precum. James's eyes are closed, and I know he is enjoying the incestuous liaison.

I decide to turn off her dry mouth switch. She seems to be satisfying that urge. Warm lips wrap around my own rod, and I give out my own moan. Looking down, I meet Shanna's grinning, lust filled, gaze, and smile as I run my fingers through her hair. "James, I know you would stop me if you could," Jessie says then, and I see she's gotten to her feet, and is looking her brother in the eyes, "But I have never wanted anything as much as I want this right now." She gives him a tender peck on the lips, then turns around, and backs up to her brother's rigid pole, and I can see she's trying to get him inside her cunt.

There is no mistaking the moment she gets it right, and her eyes pop open wide, and I hear one of the most seductive moans ever, leave the true redhead's throat. "I never knew what this could be like," she mewls as she starts to really move against his now slippery pole.

Shanna's lips leave my tool, but only long enough for her to bend over in front of me, mirroring Jessie. I immediately take a half step forward, and spear my girlfriend's vagina upon my sword, making us both moan at the completion of our bodies.

Our moan gains the twins' attention, and I even notice Jessie smile, before she begins to shudder in another climax. Looking to James's eyes, I can tell he is enjoying this as much as his sister, and I release him.

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Once again I'm wary, and once again, I don't have to be. James grabs ahold of Jessie's hips, and starts thrusting violently into her, making Jessie grunt with each impact. "Oh Jessie," he calls out, "I know it's wrong, but it feels so right! I love you, sis!" and then he grunts, and I know he's depositing his sperm into his sister's womb. 'I think it's time you two came back up to the ship,' Summer sends me, and suddenly I'm back aboard Lela's vessel, still screwing Shanna, but now surrounded by three other naked women.

Smiling, I'm excited about how good this night is going.