Sapphic MILF queening petite teenager

Sapphic MILF queening petite teenager
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This is a story that came from an Inspiration of a cute ebony girl, who in fact, did have a mother who was a crack addict. She did share meals with me, cooked out back of my apartment. She was the prettiest thing I had seen in my life up until then, and now&hellip.

probably still is. This, if dreams could come true, is probably what mine would have been, if I could have picked only one for the fairy to wave her wand and say poof&hellip. It's true! Tangie & Me - Chapter 1 I don't know what it is with me and young girls.

Not young women but girls. 13, 14, 15 year old sweeties with tight tender bodies. Pussies that haven't been penetrated and mouths not yet ready to enjoy the taste of a mans sperm gushing from his swollen head filling their mouths and causing them to gag from the taste or non ability to accept the conclusion of the blow-job they had gotten themselves into. Tangie was 15. I light skinned ebony teen with a tight little round ass. The kind, when you see it in stretched cotton shorts, that will give any man thoughts of committing an unforgivable crime.

A crime of passion and lust. She couldn't have been over 4' 6" tall and with the under size tops she'd wear her super firm round titties would stretch the fabric giving everyone a perfect image of the size of her aureolas and length of her nipples. Tangie's mom was a crack whore. She rarely came out during the day and at night would get in a car after it pulled into a back parking space then after 5 or 10 minutes exit it running quickly back inside. She'd take a load in her mouth for $20 or a small crack rock then rush back into her cave of a home to use when she had acquired or spend for the same thing.

Tangie hung out around the back of my building during the day. An open field was a place kids played soccer or kick ball. They'ed run in packs zig-zagging, dodging and weaving playing tag. But there was never a parent in sight. They were sent on their way. "Go outside and play!" a mother might yell to them getting rid of them and the headache they'd bring. Others like Tangie, escaping the sounds of her mother fucking or sucking some guy for a few bucks or the smell of cooked cocaine burning in a pipe.

I was grilling some chicken when she came over close smiling with the cutest look a man could see. Her hands clasped behind her making her teenage titties look that much more pronounced and visible. "Hi" followed with a smile was all I said as I sat on a milk crate tending my little portable grill. Her little hips just swayed as she was silent. Her eyes going from the chicken to me then back.

"They smell good? I hope they come out right cause I'm fuckin' hungry!" Tangie giggled and stepped one step closer leaning over like she was inspecting my work.

I saw her cute little nose sniffing and her eyes met mine. She smiled even bigger and shook her head in a quick fashion acknowledging I was doing well.

I took a crate that was just behind me and placed it opposite the grill from me. I just looked at her eyes and smiled not saying a word then after a few seconds nodded in the direction of the crate hoping she'd have a seat.

Slowly Tangie took one step and then another finally seeing it was okay to sit. Her knees tight together as her legs bent and that sweet little ass settled down onto the crate. She leaned forward wither head almost over the little grill and pointed "That little one look like it done." as she smiled at me. She sat back up with her hands on her knees staring at me. I took a paper plate from a stack on my left and with a plastic fork speared the smallest piece of chicken and placing it on the plate with the fork still in it, handed it to her.

"Thank ya" she said as she bit right into it. Tangie fanned her mouth with her hand while huffing and puffing on it "Hot hot shuuuu" I just chuckled a little then got a piece for me. We sat there eating the chicken and not saying a word. I gave her some Coke in a plastic cup and after opening a tub of coleslaw and potato salad I got from a nearby deli scooped out some for each of us on the cheap plates.

We ate and smiled and that was all. When she wasn't looking I stared. I couldn't stop thinking about those titties she had wrapped up in that tight cotton top.

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Those thin brown legs that went all the way up to the hem of her shorts. Oh lord what I would have given to have had her on the couch stripped down to her panties eating chicken while I felt her smooth young skin. I was getting hard and having bad thoughts. Thoughts of pinning her down and raping her forcing her to spread her legs and take my white cock deep into her teenage ebony pussy. I'd make that little brown girl squeal and beg for more of my white hard cock confessing that she needed it more and more.

I shook my head bring myself back to my senses and asked her name. "Tangie… I live ova dare in twenty eight" "Hi Tangie… I'm Mike. I live right here in twenty two" Tangie giggled from the comment of where I lived "I no dat. Fuck if ya didn't summon be pissed you cookin' out back they place." "True true. You're a cutie" I said which caught her off guard causing her to advert her eyes and blush. Who could have thought that a brown skinned girl could have such rosy cheeks.

But she did. "Thank ya… you cue too. I mean…" then she shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me before putting her hands over her eyes.

When they came down "you cute too… you fuckin' hot" Tangie stood and turned to walk away then paused. That sweet little ass was right there. An arms length away sitting there eating chicken with me had been stretched up into the crack of her round little cheeks.

Fuck how sweet it looked. My dick was screaming at my brain look at it, look at it you fucking fool! FUCK HER!! Oh how I would have too. There it was shaped with that cotton stretched up into that crack and the bottom of her cheeks sticking out of the legs I would have not taken a second of foreplay with her.

I would have just push her legs wide and forced my way up into her and proceeded to bang her young little pussy mercilessly until I blew a thick load of cream into her tight brown pussy. She turned before leaving and smiled when she paused. "Thank you" she said making sure to pronounce you. "Hey Tangie…" she stopped and turned with a frown on her face " I got some burgers gonna be cookin' tomorrow.

That is if ya want one. Same time?" She knotted her head yes and smiled with a huge sweet smile then skipped away in a little girl way. Her belly full and and hopefully her heart to for the man that treated her nice without making her pull her panties down forcing himself into her or making her suck his cock until he blew his load deep into her young mouth.

The charcoal was lit but still needed a few minutes before it would be ready to have some ground up dead cow flopped onto a grill just above it. I sat there waiting and took a hit from the joint I had rolled inside just after lighting the charcoal.

I was on the third puff when she stepped around the short brick wall that divided my part of the back from my neighbours.

I quickly hid the joint in my hand startled from her appearance. "Hey baby… how you doin?" I quickly said as I slowly set the joint behind me and picked up a Camel to smoke. "I'm good"she said stepping beside me to take the crate that was just beside me on my right. Her shoulder just beside mine I could smell her sweet scent. Her skin so close I could taste it. When she bent to reach for it her back had a natural arch and her ass was right there for the feeling. My cock stirred!

Fuck how she turned me on! Tangie was wearing the same cotton shorts she had wore the day before. Surely they would have the scent of her young pussy infused into the fibers of the cloth. I immediately wondered if her panties had been changed of if they were they same too. How lucky those panties were to be hugging such a sweet brown crotch kissing her young pink lips teasing her to the point that she'd drip into them soaking them with her natural perfume.

She set the crate right next to mine and sat down with no remorse. No sense of anything wrong and watched as I took two patties of beef from a paper plate to my left and plopped them onto the grill. "How long dey be… I'm fuckin' hungry!" Tangie smiled and giggled. I suspected from using the word, fuck. "Won't be long. I didn't get the coals lit early enough but they good and hot so they'll cook fast." I decided then to take the time while they were cooking to find out a few things about her.

"You had anything to eat yet today?" "I had some chips an shit little while ago." She looked up at me without a smile then back to the burgers where she stared at them like she was willing them to cook faster.

I don't know why but I brazingly reached over and rubbed her on her back. Just above the waistband of her shorts without going up under her top that didn't cover her back. Her skin was soft and smooth. Warm and her spin stretched her skin. I went up and down and then to her right side and back to her left. Tangie didn't move as I sexually molested her back. She was leaning forward and my touch made her belly go forward arching her back.

I reached down and turned the burgers. "One more side and we be eaten' good!" I said with a happy tone in my voice. Tangie leaned over the grill with her nose just above it "Fuck dey smell good!" I reached over and slowly began to feel her back once more.

My cock was reacting. Thickening and growing as I felt her young skin under my touch. "They sure fucking do" I said as I stared at her back wondering how easy or hard it would be to go further with her. "What you fuckin' looking at baby" Tangie was looking at me staring at her back as I had my hand on it. I just smiled at her and then at the burgers.

"It okay… I like it" She turned and stared at the grill waiting for the feast to begin. I picked up the joint from behind my crate and lit it taking a long puff. Then another and as I was taking the second one she stared at me. "You mind if I have a couple tokes before we eat?" She shook her head "No dat okay wit me.

My momma smokes crack" It was like everything was cool. Her momma smoked crack like it was an every day thing in the life of a kid. All kids moms smoke crack. Nothing wrong with it and if you want to puff on a joint of marijuana then thats nothing cause my momma smokes crack. I was kind of startled when she said it the way she did.

No feeling of sadness from it destroying her life. No trying to hide it or anything. I took one more hit and put it out then grabbed two paper plates. Tangie sat up with that tight little chest stuck out showing off her excellent titties smiling like the world was all sunshine. She held the plates for me as I plopped a patty on each one and then grabbed two buns from the plastic bag beside me. We sat there squirting mustard and catsup on them. I had a slice of tomato and some lettuce on mine "Naw… Dis be good for me" she grinned as she bit into it with a huge bite.

I took one bite of mine and then plopped two more patties on the grill. She looked at me with the biggest smile sitting straight up chewing away.

"Yum… deeze fuckin' good as shit." she said between bites shaking her head from side to side. " Fuckin' good as shit" after the next bite still shaking her head. She was over half way though hers before I had my third bite swallowed. "I need sumthin to drink baby!" looking round me for something to wash it down with.

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"There's Coke and Sprite in the refrigerator in the kitchen." That's all it took. "Fuck" she said as she set her plate on the concrete and went right in my back door. I hear the refrigerator door open and close "You want Coke or Sprite baby?" Tangie yelled to me.

"Coke baby!" I grinned to myself calling her baby after hearing her continue to call me by it too. " She plopped down setting the two litter bottle between us. "Yum… dis fuckin' good as hell!" as she continued to obliterate her meal. "There's glasses or cups in the cabinets baby if ya want one." "Naw fuck it… out the bottle okay wit me." Then she stopped.

Mouth full of meat and bread swarming with the taste of mustard and catsup as she looked at me and stood. "Be right back." Tangie came out with two glasses and after setting them down on the concrete poured each of us up a glass of Coke. She went back to finishing her meal of the day as I reached over while eating mine placing my hand on her back.

She scooted her crate towards me. Only a couple inches but it was towards me! I continued to feel her back but now going up under her top.

Further up her spin and over to her sides. I explored her ribs and the tender part between them and her hips on each side.

I was up between her shoulder blades when she leaned towards me bumping her shoulder to my arm. I reached around her as she was drinking from her glass with my hand just below those beautiful tits. If I would have slid my hand up two more inches my index finger would have been there to feel the firmness I knew they had.

Tangie set the empty plate down and told me "You need to flip dem fuckin' things baby befo dye burn." I took my last bite and handed her a fork after setting my plate down. She went right to the burgers taking care of them as I continued my exploration. Now I was pushing her top up. Half her back was exposed as I ran my hand from the right to the left. I was feeling the shape of her shoulder blades, the direction of her ribs as they curved around her side. her spin as it headed toward her neck and down to her shorts.

My fingers slipped under the waist band and pushed them slightly lower. I wanted to push them off and slide my finger down into the crack of her ass until I'd find her tiny asshole. I'd finger it past both knuckles letting her know that I was opening her up, preparing her for a cock that would rip her anus apart. We ate the next two burgers when she said they were ready.

She put tomato and lettuce on hers, and mine. "I know how ya like it baby" as she smiled at me. Tangie leaned into me chomping away as I put my arm around her hugging her tight.

I reached around her up under her arm as she was taking a bite and went for it. I cupped that tight firm round tithe and gave it a firm full squeeze with my whole hand full.

"Damn baby… eat ya fuckin' burger… shit… don't need to be feelin' ma titties while we eaten." I just laughed a little and kept eaten. It was like any other time it was okay but during dinner tittie feeling was not appropriate. By the time we finished it was getting dark. I had started the coals late and cooked two rounds of patties. We sat and had our fill and after done I lit the joint again. Tangie looked at me not with a smile but without a frown.

After the first puff she took it from my hands. I wasn't sure I wanted to let her partake but she didn't. She held it to my lips and slid close to me. Then whispered in my ear while I was holding it in, for a fuller effect "Nows okay" I put my arm around her and took her comment as a green light.

She held the joint to my lips and under her arm I reached once more. I grabbed it and squeezed it. I felt her nipple get harder as if they even could. She put her arm down making me release her from no room then squirmed her shoulder hinting to reach another way. I laid my arm around her neck and down over her shoulder. I reached down through the opening of her top and started to massage that wonderful shape. She turned to her right letting me get in at a better angle and I sure did.

I had her tittie fully in my hand and then went for the left one. "Fuck baby… gonna feel both of em?" I didn't say a word. I just kept feeling, massaging and kneading those teenage titties. Her nipples were like erasers poking out. Hard and erect like my cock had become. "Fuck baby we need to fuckin' clean dis shit up out here" Tangie stood making me slide my hand out of her top.

I didn't want to stand from the massive erection I had but then thought why would it matter. With her mouth and the way she liked to use the word fuck surely she must know that I'd be hard. "Where's da trash can baby?" I opened the door just under the sink and she tossed the plates in. I sat the glasses in the sink and turned toward her putting my arms around her. "What da fuck you want baby?" "YOU! Gimmie a hug!" Tangie reached her arms up and wrapped them around my neck. With her height I had to bend down slightly but wrapped my arms around her under her arms and hugged her tight.

Her head leaned back with her eyes closed so I went for it. I kissed her mouth and squeezed her tighter. My hands went down her back gripping her sides just at the waistband of her shorts. I felt her tongue reaching out for mine so I gave her mine. I slight innocent moan rose from her lungs.

I reached down further and with both hands grabbed her ass. Both cheeks firmly in my grasp I squeezed and kneaded them. I lifted her up on her tip-toes as I worked on that tight young ass. My cock was like a rock when Tangie broke the kiss and pushed her hips tight up against me. My hard-on against her belly I knew there was no way she couldn't feel it.

I was pulling her shorts up high and tight into the crack of her ass with my fingers getting to feel the bare skin of her ass.

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"Oh fuck baby!" Her head leaned back and we kissed again. I long deep wet kiss. Tongues twirling together as I was pulling on the legs of her shorts exposing all of her ass that I could. Finally I took my hands and releasing her ass slid them down under the waistband to properly feel up her ass.

Another moan came from my 15 year old teenage ebony girlfriend as I felt her bare cheeks. I didn't think of why it was bare as if she was panty-less or wearing a thong. I just squeezed and kneaded that firm thing as my cock pleaded for release to be put inside her body where ever that may be. My left hand stayed and my right came up. Up under her top reaching her tittie.

I felt and squeezed and wanted her naked. I wanted her to blurt out "I wanna suck your cock" I wanted her to say "Fuck me" but she didn't. She just kept her arms around my neck kissing me deeply as I felt her up. Her shorts were almost off her ass. I had pushed them down while changing hands. Left hand on a tit and now my right hand pulled her shorts down to feel her ass better. Before long I had both back down there.

Both taking her shorts and pulling them down out of my way so they didn't restrict me any longer. "Fuck baby if we don't stop you gonna have my shorts off and you fuckin' hard so shit. My momma beat my ass if I let you do that to me." "Do what baby? Take your shorts off so I can feel that pretty little fanny of yours? Shit… I ain't telling no one nothing!" "I know you ain't baby but fuck… you a grown man and I'm 15… fuck… I let you get my shorts down any mo then they is… shit… I'd end up wit my mouth on dis" gripping my hard dick as she smiled at me with lustful young eyes.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her again. I kissed her wetter and she held my dick not releasing it. She pushed her hips toward me and moaned again. I reached down once more and pushed her shorts down as far as I could reach.


They were around her thighs and I wanted then to just drop to the floor. Her mouth allowed me to kiss her harder and deeper. She was showing me she wanted it. I reached around in front going in between her legs. She indeed was wearing a thong and as my hand went between her legs "Oh shit baby… we ain't gonna fuck! Shit… I ain't even give you head yet." Tangie stopped huggling me and pulled her shorts up.

Her smile gone but then she put her arms around me saying "I gotta go befo I fuck up." She was looking at me seriously "My momma probably be wonderin' where da fuck I am. Even tho she don't give a fuck bout nuthin' but smoking' crack. Gimmie a kiss!" I gave Tangie a kiss on the lips. Her lips tight together all puckered out and sweet looking. After that she turned to head out the back door then stopped. "What fo dinner tomorrow night?" "Chicken" I said to her smiling while standing there with a hard-on that I could have blow the back of her head out with when my load exploded in her mouth.

"Dat sound good. Oh and…" Looking at my hard cock straining to have her body said "You take care of da chicken and I take care of dat fo my man!" We had grilled chicken with slaw and baked beans and a small bit of potato salad that was left from the other night. After throwing the plates in the trash and washing the forks and glasses we were once again in that same embrace. Her shorts were once again the same. I began to wonder if she had any others or if her mom just hadn't done any washing causing her to wear the same things over and over.

She was probably to blitzed out on crack and afraid to walk away from her pipe long enough to wash any of this sweet little girls clothes. "Fuck baby… already?" she asked smiling at me with her arms tight around my neck.

I had waisted no time and as soon as the hug started the kissing did too. She hugged and I went for her shorts.


Not feeling her ass first outside of them or down under them but pushing them down where the waistband was where her thighs met her cheeks. "What?" I smiled at her wondering if she'd make me pull them back up. Tangie closed her eyes with her head leaned back telling me in no uncertain terms to resume.

I went back to a deep wet kiss on her teenage mouth and my hands were all over her bare ass. I was squeezing and kneading them. I was pulling them open spreading her crack. I reached between them running my hand slowly from the top of her crack down between her legs. When I reached the spot on her panties that was warm and wet she let out that moan again.

My fingers lingered on Tangie's pussy. A thin layer of cotton between her prize and my finger tip. Her back arched and her ass rolled up as I pressed on it more with my fingers rubbing in circles. "Fuck baby… you gonna take em down tonight huh. Where's da TV?" She dropped her arms and walked out of the kitchen in to the living room.

The apartments being all the same the TV question seamed silly. She was pulling her shorts up going into the hallway wiggling her ass as if nothing had happened. I had her shorts low and her cheeks open. I had my fingers on her pussy and was getting her wet and she knew it. I was hard and she knew that too and now she wanted to watch TV? I stuttered and after taking a Camel out of the pack on the counter, I lit it and walked in.

Tangie was on my couch with the remote in her hand. She found a music video channel and started singing and bouncing like she was a pop star. "Hey babyyyyy&hellip. come sit wit meeeee&hellip. oh yea babyyyyyy!" she sang holding her arms out like she needed me there to hug. I sat to her right and her arm went right around me.

Her mouth attacking mine. I leaned back slouching on the couch and she straddled me sitting firmly in my lap. My hand went right to her shorts tugging at them but with her legs spread from sitting in my lap I couldn't get them down very far. "Lemmie take deeze fuckin' shorts off baby" I whispered to her. Tangie grinned and with her arms still around me stood on the floor.

Her back was arched flat to the floor and her ass out. When I started to pull them down she open her feet keeping them from going to far. She giggled and then pulling her feet together let me slide them down. I slid them slowly. My hands caressing her thighs as I did. They were so fucking smooth and new. Tender thighs that were tone and tight.

She stepped out of them then straddled my lap once more. While kissing hard I played with her ass, her legs, and was under her top freely feeling her titties. My hands wandered without fear.

I was between her legs from behind and as I did she would arch her back and let me! I rubbed her wet young lips in circles through her panties and teased her asshole too. I went up under when I knew she was wet with one finger.

Tangie broke the kiss arching her back and raising her chest to my mouth as my finger tip touched her lips. "Oh fuck baby! You gonna finger me?" She hugged my head tight to her chest. I didn't answer but I did show her that yes I was going to finger her.

I rubbed my finger up between her lips spreading them with slow strokes moving to and fro. I slide it up in her one knuckle deep and "Fuck baby that feel fuckin good!

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I like it okay?" I slid it in her more, working it in and out like a small hard cock thieving to make her cum. I wanted to turn her so I could get to her clit and set her off making her want to spread her legs. I wanted to fuck her! I shoved my finger all the way up her tight young twat and began pumping it in and out.

"Fuck baby… you fuckin' good at fingerin!" She was kissing me hard now with her back arched so deep I thought she'd break it. I went from reaching behind her with my right hand, to down in front.

I pushed her panties over and with my middle figure went right at her. I slid it all the way in "Fuuuucckkk!" she blurted out. I fingered my little ebony princess deep and then started to concentrate more towards her clit. I turned and laid her on the couch and she willingly spread her legs. I laid half beside her and half on top grinding my now totally hard cock, that surely was oozing pre-cum, against her. I took her panties by the side and tried working them down off her hip.

I had them loose between her legs and was fingering her with two fingers all the way in while rubbing her young little unexperienced clit with my thumb. "Oh fuck baby… Ima &hellip.

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Ima &hellip. ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuccck!" Tangie's head came up and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her little legs jerked and trapped my hand between them. I made the little bitch cum and cum hard. My fingers were still buried in her twat as I propped myself up with my free hand. Finally relaxing she released her grip. I unhooked my jeans and she stared as I unzipped. Slowly letting her hear every click of the zipper.

My bulge was huge. My cock long and hard and ready to split this little ebony bitch open. Her yes were pinned to my bulge and my hands getting ready to release it. I sat back leaving her laying there with her legs partly spread and her thong and pussy soaking wet. My pants were on the floor and eight inches pointing at the shy "Fuck you all man baby!" Tangie said kneeling beside me with her hand wrapped around it.

The thickness so much her little hand couldn't completely circle around it. I took her wrist and got her hand stroking then grabbed her pulling her tight to my side. She sat there staring at the swollen head stroking slowly as I reached to pull her top off. I was finally gonna get a look at those beautiful titties. One arm around her playing with her left tittie and the other playing with her right from the front "Gimmie dat head baby… yo man needs some mouth" Tangie looked at me smiling.

"Shit baby… dat mo den my moth be able to fucking suck. Shit… dat a big fuckin dick baby!" "I thought thats what all girls want sweetie. They're man to have a big fuckin' dick. You rather it be small?" "Naw.

fuck dat shit!" and she went down! Her little mouth stretched to engulf the head. Her experience or lack of it showing.

Her left hand still gripping the shaft I showed her how to stroke it with the head in her mouth. I pushed on her head lightly hinting to her she needed to take more.

But this little bitches mouth was already full. her lips not even an inch past the head. I got her head going up and down in a fucking motion and her hand stroking.

"That's it baby… damn you given yo man a good fuckin' blow-job" Her mouth came off with a slurping sound slobbering all over the head. It was running onto her chin and soaking her lips. A wet ring around her mouth began to form from the over sized cock of "her man" as she thought of me. "You like da mouth baby?" "Only when it's on my dick baby! Suck that cock Tangie… make your man cum!" She went back to it struggling to perform like the whore her mother was.

Little did Tangie know that I knew her mom was a druggie and for $20 had forced herself to have half my cock in her mouth. I gagged her mother when I forced her down onto it when I pumped a thick load of cum into her throat.

Her back humped when she wretched from the head stretching her throat and about threw up from being unable to swallow from her mouth full of a huge white cock. Now I was getting the chance to gag her daughter. Her 15 year old tight bodied teen daughter. I was also gonna split her little twat open the first chance I got to ram it up into her little cunt.

I had Tangie by the hair telling her to be good to her man and to suck it baby. I told her to "Stroke that big fuckin' shaft baby!" and also to play with my balls. Her hands felt nervous when she first held them. Balls must be new to her I thought as I showed her what to do.

She looked so good as I leaned back looking at her light brown body. Her titties felt go firm and round and with my finger back in her I lifted her up onto her knees. "Suck it Tangie… Suck that dick baby. You're gonna make your man cum baby&hellip. oh fuck suck it… god damn baby show me you know what to do&hellip. oh you fuckin' no talent little girl!" I was getting frustrated from being right there and not being able to have her make me pop.

I took her head and was forcing her to take more then she could. She tried to push away but I wouldn't release her from my grip. "Just make me fucking cum baby shit. Damn it baby stroke it fuck!!" Her hand went back to it stroking and trying her best. Her mouth still full from my pressure on her head. My hips bucked when my balls released.

"Cummin' baby&hellip. you makin' yo man cum baby&hellip. shit my baby can suck some dick!" tangie wretched when my load filled her mouth. The first pump was all she could take and probably had room for. The second flooded her mouth causing her to wretch harder.

I released her head and as her mouth came off I splattered her face with the third shot. "Mutha-fucka!! Dats a fuckin' load baby! Shit… I didn't think you'd cum dat much!" " Like I said baby&hellip.

you want big dick or small? little load or BIG load?" She leaned back into me with her head on my chest and slowly stroked and played with my dick.

"BIG!" "Did you say big? "Fuck yea!!&hellip. but fuck baby… you ain't gotta force me… Just tell me and I be good… I promise!" "Sorry baby… just you're fuckin' mouth felt so good I couldn't control my self and wanted to cum bad.

It was like it wouldn't pump but fuck&hellip.


you got me to fuckin pump hard!" "Did you really like it?" "Oh yea&hellip. couldn't you tell?" giggling after. Laughing "Yea&hellip. I get mo experience to ok. Ummm… this&hellip. you my umm&hellip." "First blow-job?" Tangie was embarrassed to admit it was the first cock she had had in her mouth.

I told her I figured it was and apologised for the no talent comment. I reassured her that it wouldn't take her long before she'd have me cumin' as quick or slow as she wanted.

I took my T-shirt off and wiped her face clean then laid her back on the couch. She looked at me with her hands covering her titties and spread her legs. She smiled and informed me "I'm yo woman so… " "Yep you are baby. And I'm you man… and if I wanted to pull them panties off an fuck that pussy" rubbing it while looking her straight in the eyes "then I know you'd spread them legs for me and let me cause you my baby and I'm yo man.

Right?" She shook her head quickly with the biggest smile ever. "Take them panties off Tangie… I wanna see my baby all naked an shit!" Her legs pointed straight up and of they came. The little bitch was mine and proving to me she meant it when she said I was her man. "You stay right there" as i stood and went to an end table.

I picked up the little Samsung camera and turned it on. I pointed it at her and her legs came together but she smiled. Sitting on the couch I was looking at the camera and would have been looking up between her legs if she hadn't closed them.

"Spread you legs baby! (click) Move your hands! (click) Show me my sexy baby's body Tangie! That's it baby… get fuckin' sexy fo yo man! (click click click click)" "That's it baby!!

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Who's my baby!!!!!! (click!!!!!)"