Shaved pussy receives a sex toy

Shaved pussy receives a sex toy
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Katie never realized how incredibley sexy her own father was until the Family Cook-Out on June 19th.

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She hardly ever saw her own father due to long nights. he worked at his office since he was a lawyer. He had been working on this case now for 9 months and even her mother was getting frustrated because she never got to see or even spend time with her husband at the matter.

Katie has always been into older men since she was young. She loved older men with hair that covered their chest and a full beard that would rub against her bare pussy while he would be eating her out.

She wanted that from her Father.

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She wanted him to eat her bare pussy while feeling his cole black beard rub against her small pussy. Katie figured out how to seduce her own father.


Since of course her father has been working long hours at the office and her mother being a R.N, never was hardly home, she would dress skanky around him knowing his hormones must be filled to the limit due to no sex. She got out of bed and put on some really short booty shorts that she wore while working out and a tight low-cut sleeveless shirt.

She looked in the mirror and noticed her ass and boobs were practically hanging out. "This should do it" Katie said as she threw her hair up in a messy bun and headed down stairs to the kitched. When she got to the kitchen she noticed her dad was already up and pouring in some coffee grounds to make some coffee.

Katie slowly walked into the kitched trying to act half asleep and got into the fridge to grab some strawberries and grapes. While Katie rummaged in the fridge her father turned to look at her and saw her perky round beautiful tits practically hanging out of her shirt. Oh my lord, Ken thought as he hurried and turned his head away from his own daughters breasts.

He could feel a stiffening going on in his pants while he tried not to look or even think about what katie was wearing. "Will you be working late again today daddy" Katie said with a smile on her face.

"Well.Uh.mabey" Ken said as he raised his eyes up at Katie and then down to her breasts. "I think my shirt might be a little snug" She said and she strached it out and showing she didnt have a bra on.

"What are you doing! Put your shirt down Katie!" Ken said as he tried not to stare. Katie then walked up behind her father and whispered in his ear, "I know you was looking and I know you want this" she said then kissed him gently on the side of his neck below his ear. He felt himself get hard as she kissed his neck ever so softly.

"Katie.uh.I dont know what you might think but." "Dont deny my daddy" Katie said smiling, "You know you and mom havent had sex for a long time and I can help you with that little problem" Did his own daughter just say she wanted to have sex with him?

He couldnt believe this at all. He looked up and down at his daughter. She had the best tits he had ever seen and her legs was very shapely due to the fact she does yoga two times everyday. Would he love to stick his big dick inside her.

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Thinking what a wounderful feeling it would be his dick was throbbing in his dress pants. "Would you like me to help you with that daddy" Katie said and she got down on her knees and started unzipping his pants. "Katie. .please." It was too late. Katie done had his rock hard dick out and was slowly jacking him off with her soft hands. At first she used her tounge and swirlled it around the head of his cock. Damn did that feel good.

Ken knew it was wrong but Damn, this was the best feeling he has had in a very long time. Katie swirlled her tounge around the head of his cock and then took it all in. "Ughhh.damn" he said Katie then started sucking his cock faster and faster while cupping his balls at the same time. She couldnt believe this was happening, she couldnt believe she was sucking her fathers cock!

This was it and it was amazing.


She kept going faster and faster while her father grabbed her head and then started face fucking her roughly. "You like daddys cock, huh?" Her father said as he fucked his daughters face. She could feel he was getting ready to come.

He then tensed up and shot a big salty load right into her mouth and she swallowed it and licked her lips and looked up at her father who had his eyes shut breathing heavily. "Did you like that daddy" Katie said "We shouldnt have done this and it will not happen again" He said and he pulled up his pants and began zipping them.

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"But . but." "No buts, its done and over with" Ken said as he grabbed his briefcase of the kitchen counter and left. Katie sat there in dismay. She will get her father again and this time she will fuck him. Even if she has to tie him up, she will fuck him. *** It has been a week since her and her father.

She sat there at the dinner table while playing with her peas with a fork. Had she done something wrong? Was he afraid? She thought as she took her fork and stabbed a pea.


"Honey is everything ok?" Her mother asked while watching her daughter who was obviously acting weird. "Yes, Im just kind of tired. Long day at school" Katie said as she put down her fork. Katie wasnt tired from school she was just sexually frustrated.

She didnt know how to get her father to fuck her and it was pissing her off. "Well mabey you should go up to your room and lay down" Her mother said looking tired from her long nights at the hospital as she said it. "Yeah.I guess I should" She said as she slowly got up from the kitchen table and headed down the hallway to her room. Katie flipped on the lamp beside her bed as she entered the room.

She locked her bedroom door and put on some music and layed down on her queen size bed. She stared at the ceiling as she thought about her father. She imagined him walking into her room and locking the door behind him. He came up between her legs and slowly started taking off her skirt as he looked at her smiling. "I've been wanting to do this for a long time Katie" He would say as he started unbuttoning and unzipping his work pants.

He would bend down between her legs and softly kiss her soft wet pussy as began rubbing her inner thighs. As Katie began fantasizing about her father, she started to take off her skirt and slide her panties to the side and rub her throbbing clit. "Mmmm." Katie moaned as she began to masterbate to her father. She began to daydream again that her father stuck his large wet tounge into her tight little pussy and she started to put two fingurs inside her moaning with pleasure. As Katie was about to climax she heard someone knocking at her bedroom door.

Damn she thought to herself, cant even please myself around this damn house.

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"Yeah?" Katie called to the person at her door. "Katie, honey, I am going to go ahead to work. Your father is downstairs if you need anything sweety" Her mother called out from behind the door. "You mean dads home already?" Katie ask while putting on her skirt and standing up heading towards the door. Katie opened the door to see her mother dressed in scrubs with her purse at her side getting ready to head to work for another long night. "Yes he is downstairs eating some supper that I saved for him tonight" Her mother said looking at her.

"Ok" Katie said with a big smile on her face. Even though it has been awhile that she has seen her father it has also been awhile that they had done anything. This was it. They were going to be all alone for the night while her mom was at work. She was going to be alone with her father. She was going to fuck her father tonight with everything that was in her. Everything! To Be Continued.