Busty cfnm slut tit show

Busty cfnm slut tit show
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9:45. Fifteen minutes until I would be free. My name is Andrew. I'm a bagger the the local grocery store in my small town. Studying myself in the bathroom mirror, I took in my features. I'm tall with very dark brown hair. My hazel eyes and dark hair contrast with my tawny white skin, a slight farmers tan giving may face and arms more colour than normal.


Through my green and white work shirt my slight muscles are barely distinguishable. Dark hair covers my arms and legs, visible due to the short sleeve uniform shirt and khaki uniform cargo shorts.

My eyes sit slightly wider than average, and are slightly sunken. They are framed by thick, flat eyebrows. My nose is slightly aquiline and turned up. My jaw framed by light stubble. Splashing some cold water on my face, I walked out of the bathroom and to the register. Placing a bottle of vodka into a bag, I looked up to see the customer and cashier. Standing across the counter from the cashier, a beautiful dark skinned woman in a light teal dress watched me bag the alcohol.

Immediately I was entranced. Her heart shaped face framed two narrow brown eyes and full lips. Short black hair with a slight widow's peak framed the upper portion of her face.

Her dark, reddish brown skin glowed with warm undertones, giving her a radiance. Her graceful neck led down to an amazing bust and slender waist, narrowing then flaring out again to show her hips. The dress was very form fitting.I felt my shorts tighten. 9:50. Ten minutes until freedom. Freedom and relief from my raging erection brought on by this chocolate goddess.

As she took her bag I slipped on my reflective vest and excited the store. I had to make sure the lot was clear before I could go home. As the woman exited behind me, I walked towards a stray cart as she walked towards her car. I had an amazing view of her hips swaying as she walked away. Boldly I called, "Don't have too much fun, miss". My deep voice echoed in the lot, empty save for a few cars. She stopped and turned to look at me, her eyes reflecting the light from the storefront windows.

" I'm just going to go home and get drunk" she replied, turning back to her car and beginning to move again. "Well, that doesn't sound like much fun at all" I remarked, grabbing the stray cart and turning it towards the store. She leaned against her little car and smiled slightly, looking me over. "Maybe it could be.what time are you off?" She spoke loud enough to reach me, and her voice had a slurred, sultry tone too it. Holy shit. This is unfuckingbelieveable. I might have the chance to bang this chick.

"Ten, in five minutes" I replied slowly. I would have to play this right. She purred slightly.

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"I'll see you in five minutes then, sugar". She slid into her car and shut the door. I booked it into the store with the carts, slammed them into the rack, and emptied my shit from my locker into my backpack. In my backpack I stuffed a bottle of Jack Daniels, half empty, and two shot glasses. Punching out, I walked casually out of the store and to the small white two door in the darkest corner of the parking lot.

Quietly I slipped into the passenger seat of the car, settling into the soft seat. Slowly two hands snake over my shoulders from behind my seat and begin rubbing my shoulders deeply.

I let out a sigh of relief and sunk into the chair. Slowly a blindfold was tied around my head, and I feel another pair of hands snake up my shirt, feeling my hair chest and stomach, then down towards my pants and beginning to undo my belt. The extra hands were surprising, but I was feeling so good I didn't care. My belt was smoothly taken by nimble fingers and my shorts slid down to my ankles. Softly with some pressure the hands began rubbing me through my boxers.

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I was in bliss. Ever few moments the hands on my shoulders would run up my kneck and over my stubble. Smoothly one of the hands slid into my boxers and grabbed my junk. By now I was rock hard and hornier than hell. The car turned on and I could feel it moving, but the Hand stayed stroking my rod and the others on my shoulders.

This slow torture and bliss continued until the car slowed to a stop, and all hands slid away from me. I pulled my shorts up and zipped them, biting my lip from the throbbing ache in my cock. The drivers door opened and then shut. Then the back passenger door. Finally the door next to me and four hands guided me out of the car and up a few steps.

I could hear one of them unlocking the door and opening, then leading me through. The door slammed behind me and all four hands push me back into a leather couch, ripping all my clothing off as I sat. I could feel my bone sticking up proudly in the air in front of me.

Then I could feel a hot breath near my dick, and that sweet, sultry voice and spoke, "take off the blindfold". Slowly I removed it. Two women sat in front of me on their knees between my legs. The first was the girl I knew.

Her eyes looked sexy and her amazing tits stuck out from her body, two huge globes of flesh capped with small dark chocolate nipples. The other girl had big, wavy, frizzy hair that was reddish gold with blonde highlights. It cascaded over her shoulders and around her tits. They were smaller than the other girls, but beautiful the same. They sagged more but were capped by amazing little pink nipples with tiny areolas. Big, round green eyes looked up from under highset arched eyebrows.

Her skin was lighter and warmer, and her lips were dark red and very full, the bottom lip more so. " Are you ready?" The darker girl asked, grabbing my shaft firmly at the base. Her friend bit her lip in anticipation. I just nodded,my mouth hanging open at the sight in front of me. Both girls looked at each other. They smiled, then dove into my crotch. The Sensations of the two girls mouths assaulting my cock was almost unbearable.

I could feel my balls being sucked one by one into a warm wet hole while lips worked up and down my cock and then sucking my shaft in deep every once in a while. The feeling was amazing. Leaning back on the couch I shut my eyes and relished the feeling, my mouth hanging open and drool leaking out of my mouth.

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Just as I was about to feel my balls tighten, both mouths retreated. Suddenly a weight landed on my lap. Opening my eyes, I saw two big green eyes staring right into mine. She was slowly grinding her hips against my rock hard cock, shooting waves of pleasure up into my body.

I could feel a hand grab the base of my cock and position me at her entrance, and she slowly guided her hips down on my shaft.


She put both hands on my shoulders and planted her lips against mine. Slowly she began to rock up and down on my, her younger beginning to explore my mouth.

She tasted like strawberries, and my eyes drifted closed as I wrapped my tongue around hers in a hot dance. Her hot, tight cunt wrapped around my dick seemed to be growing tighter as she rode me and moaned into my mouth.

Instantly I felt my balls tighten as a felt a warm, wet sensation run up my balls, over my exposed shaft and onto the girls moving pussy. My hands went to her hips and I slammed her down as hard as I could, my body tensing up and my cock starting to spew my thick, creamy seed into this hot, tight little vixen.she screamed out loud in pleasure as her orgasm hit, then slumped against my chest.

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I felt a bottle pressed against my lips and I swallowed the warm liquid inside, it creating a warmth that spread from my throat to my whole body and made me relax. I just lay there relishing the afterglow of this amazing sexual experience when the girl climbed off me and just left the room, her hips swaying hotly.

Looking down, I watched the black girl grab my cock with her lips and start licking and sucking it clean of both of our juices. Instantly I could feel my cock begin to rise. The warmth in my body was spreading to the outermost reaches of my body as she climbed on my lap. She dangled her enormous tits in my face, but I couldn't move to grab them.

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I had lost all feeling in my body, except for my cock, which was still super sensitive. She rubbed her nipples against my chest as she leaned down and whispered in my ear, "you better enjoy this boy, otherwise you'll never get it again" and she nibbled on my earlobe, beginning to heavily ride my cock. She wasn't as tight as the other girl, but she was much hotter,and my prick felt like it was on fire.

I began to grunt and moan. She began to moan lightly into my ear.

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She was riding me faster and harder every moan, and was getting louder. Out of nowhere, her pussy clamped down on my cock like a vice, the heat and pressure making me tilt my head back and tell, my empty balls tightening and my cock convuling but not shooting anything. Slowly the room began to fall black. The last thing I saw and felt was the sexy chocolate woman licking her lips and diving in to clean my cock once more.

The Next Morning Slowly I awoke from my sleep. My head was pounding and I felt completely drained. I was laying on a couch with a blanket draped over me and my clothes folded on the table.


Breakfast and coffee sat next to a note on the table. "Dear Fuck Toy, Our numbers are in your phone. Call us when You're up for another night of fun. Your whores, Cocoa & Ginger"