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White girl live pussy masturbation tease webcam show
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Except, of course, there was a real man sitting across from me, his face suspended in the ghostly vapors hovering over the bath. From his hooded eyes and faint grimace, I knew he was touching himself, too, lost in his own dream." I asked Alicia to join me at my condo in Taos, I own Taos ski resort bought it 2007.

Alicia is so attractive and innocent and that is part of the attraction for me, I'm tired of the constant advances from the much fucked women. Alicia is 28, never married, she is tall, slender and graceful.

We were sitting by the fireplace enjoying the fire, Alicia turned to look over at me and is stunned to see me sitting there, smile on my face, with my hand around my erect cock, which is jutting up out of the front of my trousers. I'm gently massaging my shaft, and as I did so she sees my foreskin passing over my cock-head. She stared with a mix of terror and fascination as I calmly stroked myself while staring across at her.

" Wha-What the hell are you doing?!" she finally manages to utter, her voice starting level but breaking as she finished. She is suddenly aware of how alone she is up here, with me playing with myself in front of her, and fear begins to cloud her reason. She stood up, half-leaped to the other end of the sofa, as far from me as she can get.

I remained where I was, my eyes following her, my hand pulling the skin on my cock up and down slowly and deliberately. She remained there, curled in the corner of the sofa, for a long thirty seconds. She had nowhere else to go, and her thoughts were all in a muddle. Her eyes are wide open and unblinking as she watched me warily. She saw me squeezing my hand slightly around my shaft as I drew it up, and a bead of precum formed at the tip. Pulling on my cock so my foreskin came up to meet the bead, I drew it out and spread it over my glans, lubricating myself in short order.

She is afraid, but something about watching me pleasuring myself while my eyes roamed her body is turning her on, and she feels a heat in her pussy that is definitely unwelcome.

She pulls herself into a tight, defensive curl with her feet on the chair and her hands holding her knees together, wishing she could be anywhere else. She still couldn't' tear her eyes off my cock, and I'm aware of her gaze.

It is big, she can see that much. It is a stout, long shaft with a powerful shape, topped by a smooth, velvety wet crown.

She has never been with a man with a monster cock, with foreskin, the texture and color of my cock, is captivating. She has never seen a man masturbate and has never thought about dating a man that is 27 years older then her and has never been alone with a older man.

She nearly fell off the sofa with fright as I suddenly stood, my hand is still around my cock, and as it tilted with me a bead of pre-cum slowly dripped and splashed on the floor. I slowly walked over to her, and reached for her arm. She snatched it away, and I lean further in to grasp with my free hand.

She shrieked loudly, screaming for help while she batted at my arms, but from her curled position she had no room to deliver anything but feeble slaps. Suddenly my slow, measured pace vanished as both my hands snapped out and grabbed her by the wrists, and she found herself dragged out into an uncomfortable, unbalanced pose from which she couldn't escape without falling flat. Her weight rested on her awkwardly placed knees far behind her, and her wrists which are pinned above her against the coffee table.

My face is near hers, and with a quiet, understated menace I said to her, " Listen, Alicia. your here as my guest.we are here for the weekend.you need to get comfortable being with me.we are alone in a isolated area of the resort.no one around to bother us." I let that sink in, and she feels her expression falling into despair.

Her terrified, flickering eyes started to tear over and she froze.


She screamed incoherently and then started to shout " Yes! Yes, I'll do anything!" Immediately, I pull her over and onto the sofa, and let go of her.

I took my cock in my hand again. " Alright, let's start slow. I want you to take off your clothes, so I can see your body." As I said this, my hand started to pump my cock again slowly.

Alicia knew she had to do as she was told. She forced herself to think for the moment and not to imagine what might come next. If she did as I commanded, and maybe even tried to make things more exciting, she might bring me to an end before things escalated.

After a few moments of hesitation, she removed her clothes, the warmth of the room rushed into her body and she started to shiver, from fear. She stood there for a few seconds, until I said "Good. Wow, you're even more gorgeous under those heavy clothes. Under her pants, she is wearing only panties and socks. Her bare, creamy white legs broke into goose pimples as soon as the air touched them. I looked approvingly at her from her toes upward, pausing to scrutinize her groin.

Through her panties, I see the shape of her mound. She realized with sudden dismay that I can also see that she is wet. She realized with confusion that, now that she thought about it, she is even wetter than her ovulation alone would make her.

Her body is betraying her, and as she watches me, she sees my cock twitch in my hand, my head swelling for a moment as I took in the sight and the scent of her pussy. Against her silent plea, her pussy responded even more.

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She feels light headed as her repressed urges warred with reason. " Kneel down here." I gestured as I pulled a pillow over in front of me as a cushion. Alicia's heart raced and her breath quickened as she realized what is happening. My voice sharply cut off her hyperventilating " I said kneel here, don't keep me waiting!" She knelt obediently, finding herself face-to-face with my cock.

From the distance she can see the ugle veins on my shaft, and in the warm air for the first time she smells the distinct sweetness of my precum.

My hand stopped pumping my shaft, leaving my engorged head twitching, half covered by my foreskin. " You take over." She reached out and tentatively put her right hand around the base of my cock, and saw how small her hand is compared to my girth; her fingers just touched her thumb around me. It feels unbelievably hot in her hands. I look down at her approvingly, expecting more.

Taking me in a firm grip, she begins to stroke my cock. In response, she feels my cock pulsing in her hand, and I groan in pleasure, my head rolling back a little as she works my shaft. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but seeing the wetness of my glans, she is suddenly curious about how I tasted. Her pussy is getting hot again, and a fresh round of wetness gathered at her pussy lips. She tries to fight the urge to imagine me penetrating her.

She stroked me up and down my shaft, marveling at how pliable my skin was, watching as my foreskin slides along the ridge of my head. She reaches up with her second hand and grips it above the other, squeezing out more beads of precum as she massaged the front of my cock up and down with her thumbs. She is really getting into the rhythm of what she is doing, hoping to bring me to an orgasm quickly while I allowed her to control the pace.

Her hopes are in vain. As I begin to swell in her hands, I groan loudly and pull her hands off for a few moments while I regained control. My face is ecstatic with pleasure and I smiled down at her. " Wow, you're pretty good at that! But I won't let you get off that easily." I reach out caress her breasts, returning my hands to her sides to caress her soft, supple belly and sides.

Her breasts firm small melons, tantalizing with pink hard nipples.

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Her nipples standing erect, and I slowly and deliberately roll one of her nipples in my fingers, eliciting a twitch of pleasure on the corner of her mouth. " My cock is soaking, I want you to drink all of that and show me what your tongue can do." Alicia's eyes went to my shining, velvety cock-head. She found herself longing to do exactly what I'd just said, but her mind warred with her body.

This is wrong! Tears beading in her eyes and wetness soaking her in her pussy, she clasps her hand around my shaft again, and pulled my glans to her lips, lightly touching her lips to the wetness so she can become accustom to it.

Drawing back, she tasted it on her lips. My precum is incredibly sweet, like honey! She brought her lips down again, and tentatively she wraps her lips around the rim of my foreskin. Her tongue ventured onto the skin of my glans, and she begins to lap up the sweet honey like liquid. As she cleared the skin, she can feel my softness under my foreskin. When the tip of my cock was clean, she begins to draw back my skin and pull my cock into her mouth more fully, her tongue exploring the newly revealed ridge of my head and under.

She lost herself in her quest for the sweet liquor of my precum, beginning to pump my cock again and massaging my shaft to draw more precious beads up to her waiting mouth. I groan in pleasure, my hands reaching out to clasp the back of her head as she suckled up and down on my cock. My cock begins to swell, drawing her back to reality; I'm about to cum in her mouth!

This is rape, for god's sake, and she is just going along with it? She let go of my shaft and begins to struggle against my grip, wanting to draw back before the inevitable.

My hand replaced hers on my shaft and I pump my cock in her mouth with one hand while my other pulls her head onto me.

I stood up, so that my cock is pointing down into her raised throat, and she tried to protest but all that came out are urgent humming noises and groans. She tries to push my cock aside with her tongue, succeeding only in pleasuring me more. Her pushing arms and panicked struggling only excites me further. As my cock grew so big it begins to block her breathing, I grunted and pulled her hard onto my cock. Her throat spasms around the intrusion as my cock pulsed and my semen exploded into her throat.

She is forced to swallow it, her mouth and her thrashing tongue massaging more and more of it from me as she tried to cope with the torrent of seed. After a long, agonizingly breathless moment, I drew back as I slump into the sofa, pulling her head roughly with my cock as I did. Some of my semen dragged across the back of her tongue as I relaxed my grip, and she tasted the creamy, salt-sweet flavor of me spreading around her mouth. She is gasping for breath as I panted, sighed and said " Amazing, you have an amazing mouth.

She averted her eyes and reached for her pants, but I stopped her with an outstretched arm. " Oh no, no putting those back on. Turn around and put your hands on the sofa." Alicia froze again momentarily. Surely I couldn't mean to go again? Could she let me go all the way? She is as fertile as she would ever be, she realized. There is a real risk if they had full blown sex. She can't let that happen, even if she might never have another chance to get pregnant." I said turn around and show me that pussy!" I urged, grasping her by the hips and spinning her around.

Looking between her legs she can see I was completely limp, so what was he.Her whole body shook as my fingers pried their way between her legs, one finger from each hand spreading her thick outer lips and another teasing her tender slit.

Her hips bucking back involuntarily as my hands left her, and I chuckled as I reach to her hips then return my hands to her thighs. Her cheeks burned with shame that I had seen her reaction. My hands grip her by the handles of her hips, and I pull her back to my waiting mouth. Alicia's legs buckling as my tongue touched her feathery inner lips and ran along their edges to the wet spring of her vagina.

I teased her in circles around her opening, running my tongue up along her perineum and back around her tight pussy, before venturing down toward her hidden clitoris. She tries to get away, pulling her hips against my grip to escape the shame of being pleasured by me, but instead of fighting her I pushed her forward and onto the edge of the sofa.

She was powerless to stop his exploration as her buttocks pouted upward and her pussy lips opened. My hands pulled her open as my tongue begins its exploration of her clitoris. She can't suppress the moan that rose from deep in her chest, a surprise reaction to my exploitation of her innocence. Heat erupting and spreading around her groin and her pussy clenching at nothing as I circled, licked and sucked on her protruding clit.

My fingers explore the rim of her gushing vagina, spreading her wetness around her lips and her perineum, drawing ragged moans and gasps from her complicit body. She flinches and utters " No!" as my soaking fingers explore further toward her tight rosebud, but as she protested I sucked her clitoris, drawing a moan as fear subdues her into submission.

My fingers resume their playing, spreading her wetness up to her last line of defense, and my wet index finger begins to playfully press against her tight, unwilling muscle. As her body collapses, as she feels my fingers continuing to roam around her anus, drawing wetness into her.

She leaps to life as she feels a much larger invader beginning to press against her, and tries to crawl away. I pull her up by the waist so her body is pinned between me and the sofa, and spoke softly in her ear as my slick cock slides between her buttocks.

I said " You have never been with a real man.You're going to take me inside you now, where I'm guessing you've never taken a real man. Are you going to let this happen willingly or do I have to make you?" Panic begins to set in. " Lay on your back on the sofa and spread your legs." My monster cock silenced her objections, my wide shaft hard and erect, my bulbous helmet engorged.

My heavy scrotum bouncing against my thighs as I stand up in front of Alicia. I kneel between her spread legs, I position myself against the velvet lined entrance to her pussy. Alicia is staring at me looking shocked, " Alicia," I said quietly, " lift your leg." I patted her right leg on the thigh to indicate which one I meant. Looking blankly at me Alicia did as I asked and I caught it behind the knee and lifted it higher.

She is now wide open to me as I move closer. A slight adjustment as I lean into her and my cock slides into her.

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Alicia gives a shocked gasp as I push straight past her hymen, brushing it aside as though it is nothing. Then I'm pushing deeper into her, she is tight and virginal and I can only press in slowly. My touching her has helped by getting her natural juices flowing and inch by inch I'm pushing into her.

I lean forward and ease my cock into her. She moans and gasps, with discomfort mixed with nervous excitement. I took my time. Finally, after 10 minutes, I work my way through her hymen and work my cock all the way into her.

As her hymen tore, her cunt went into rhythmic spasms that gripped my cock tightly. " What are you doing to me," she gasps. " What are you playing at?" " Just relax and let it happen," I told her softly. " You know what's happening. You'll find it'll be just fine." Her eyes are wide as she stared at me, not really believing I was doing this to her. She seems to give a little blink each time I push in a little further.

" Are you raping me?" she asked, suspicion plain in her voice. I gave another thrust while shaking my head. " I wouldn't do that," I assured her. One last thrust and I'm inside her, pressed hard against her. " You're fucking me, aren't you?" she whispered. " I didn't say you could do that." " You didn't say I couldn't," I gently pointed out.


" Why don't you consider how it feels right now? Do you want me to stop?" My cock is screaming for some real action and I'm forcing myself to hold still while she considers it. " No," she said finally in a thoughtful voice.

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" You've gone this far and I admit I'm curious. It feels nice so far." Nice? What a terrible word. I'd have to upgrade that to fantastic. I hooked her leg around my waist and then encouraged her to lift the other so that she is firmly settled on my cock, legs around my waist and arms around my neck. Then I went for a walk. Alicia is gasping as she bounces slightly on my cock as I stroll along. " What are you doing?" she gasps.

By that time I'd reached my bedroom. I opened the door and entered. " Taking you to bed," I said, tilting her back so that she landed flat on her back, me on top of her.

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Then I start trying to improve on nice. I drew back and then drove firmly into her, hearing her gasp. A few more thrusts like that and she finally starts to react to me, lifting her butt as I came down into her. " Good girl," I murmured. " And again." She flushed, smiling, and eagerly pushed herself up against me as I came down on her again.

Like I said, a very intelligent girl. Show her once and she catches on quick. From that point on it is a dual, my sword and her sheath, and my sword is put away hard and often. I made love to her, moving from my initial slow rocking to a full on ramming of her pussy with considerable strength behind each forceful thrust, with Alicia staying with me until the end.

I delayed that end for as long as possible. She is young and soft, keen and responsive, and it would have been a criminal act not to draw out the pleasure until she was ready.


All her other-worldliness vanished under my thrusts. She moved from an intellectual to a passionate and sensual lover as though a switch had been flicked, and I'm getting the benefit of her learning experience. She is squealing eagerly towards the end, sensing something more is about to happen and wanting it. The squeal turns into a sudden scream when I gave up holding back and slammed down, letting my seed flood her.

She bucked frantically under me, clinging to my cock, desperate to hold onto me while her climax raged through her. I lay next to her afterwards, just holding her while she slowly settled down. When she finally seemed to have gathered herself together, I start talking.

" Now you have experienced sensual lovemaking. Now do you want to try doggy style?" Alicia looked thoughtful, then nodded. Seeing as Alicia is a novice at this, I had her get on all fours.

As she is getting into position, I move up behind her, sticking my nose into her pussy and then licking it a couple times.

Before she can brace herself and get into position, I'm leaning my hairy chest on her back and begin to mount her. With me weighing about 50 pounds more than she did, and her not braced or in position, I pushed her forward and she started to fall against the floor.

She managed to keep her ass partially up in the air. I had wrapped my arms tightly, around her torso, and she feels my cock pushing against her. As she looked back, she is shocked to see my cock, it looks longer and thicker now. Before she can make a move, I had reached down between our bodies guiding my cock, unfortunately for her, it was not her pussy. I start to shove my cock into her asshole. Alicia has never tried anal sex, she screams and tries to move, but it is no use.

I'm too big and heavy for her to move. The initial penetration is excruciating. With 3 hard thrusts, my 9'' baseball bat is completely buried in her ass.

She thought she was going to pass out from the pain. She screams and begs for me to stop, but to no avail. For the first time in her life, she is having anal sex.

After two or three minutes the pain seems to ease a little. She thought the worst was over and she was just going to have to ride it out. With one hand on the base of her back, I slowly but forcefully push downward. Gradually my penis inched closer inwards, pushing globs of KY gel out of her opening. Unrelenting, I push harder and deeper until finally with a satisfying grip, her anal muscles swallowed my cock gripping it like a vice.

She gave a groan of pain, satisfaction and pleasure. Alicia pleads, " Not too hard." I would momentarily ease up before slamming into her a little harder, a little faster and and a little angrier. Soon her groans of pleasure and pain are growing louder and more guttural while her hands soon are gripping the sheets and wincing a little harder.

Each time I punctuated a rhythmic stroke with a deeper entrance, she winces a little harder. Sensing that she is either losing herself to the moment or reaching a limit of pleasure and pain, I grab her arms back by both wrists in one hand and her long hair in the other hand, slamming her ass as deep and aggressively as I can, watching her tear up while I became even more aroused at what sexual pain she is enduring for my pleasure.

Looking down at Alicia, who despite looking bedraggled with tear stained mascara running down her face, returned a look of pleased satisfaction at what she has achieved. I'm fucking her ass like a piston now, pulling almost all of the way out and back in again 2 or 3 times a minute. After another minute or two the pain starts to intensify and it feels like my cock is starting to get bigger.

I keep fucking her ass as hard as possible. Then she starts to feel her asshole stretch even more. All of a sudden, it feels as if someone is trying to shove a watermelon up her ass. At this point she is her fingers are white from gripping the sheets in her fists, kicking her feet up and down, and biting her lip to keep from screaming.

I'm trying to shove all my cock inside her asshole and she is experiencing pain like she has never felt before. A few more powerful thrusts and I have cock buried in her ass. Once I had gotten my cock inside of her, my thrusts are less violent, but still extremely painful.

After another few minutes, she starting to get somewhat use to being stretched open so far, but it is still painful. Finally, after about 15 minutes of this, she feels me starting to shoot my hot cum into her. The warmth of my cum is actually starting to soothe the pain a little. She is relieved to think this anal assault is almost over. I keep cumming and cumming in her, she is starting to get cramps. Finally, after being brutally ass fucked for 20 minutes and my cock finally had shrunk enough to pull out of her ass.

When she awoke, I had left.