College boy jerk off for money gay porn and movies of sexy guys

College boy jerk off for money gay porn and movies of sexy guys
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Fantasy becomes reality… This is a story of how a couple meet for the second time. Lucy She stands under the spray of the shower, head tilted back against the cool tile. Her whole body aches, but never has she felt so exhilarated.

Shivers are running up and down her spine just thinking about how her life had changed in the last month. Lucy never expected for things to turn out the way they did, but damn she was glad they had. Lucy is your average girl. She lives in an average home, works an average job, and drives an average car. She is the poster child for average.

Lucy is the type of person who takes care of everyone, and everyone depends on. Granted she doesn't mind doing so, but sometime she wonders if anyone will ever take care of her needs. Nothing would indicate that lurking deep within her is a fire, a fire the average guy can't put out. Lucy tried dating your average Joe's, but vanilla sex isn't what she craved.

She needed someone who understood her need to be controlled. Not someone who treated sex as a formal affair. Manners had no place in her bedroom. She was tired of grunting and faking her way thru her weekly sexual encounter. She had been with a steady guy for the last three years. He like she was average, but what set them apart was he had no imagination. Don't misunderstand he is kind and considerate, treating Lucy like a Princess. Ben just lacked the ability to treat Lucy like a queen and fuck her like a whore.

Something she always thought about, but was unable to ask the meek and mild mannered Ben for. Things changed a few weeks ago when Lucy stumbled across a site on the internet advertising fantasy matching. She was intrigued, and thought what could it hurt to check into it. The site was completely confidential, everyone used screen names or numbers to chat. The site was setup in sections of interests. Things such as married couples seeking a third to play, married men or women seeking a side piece, Subs seeking Doms and vise versa, but the title that caught Lucy's eye was rape fantasies.

It was the ultimate form of dominance. The complete lack of power is what really excited her. Without giving it a second thought she clicked the tab, and opened a whole new world.

She couldn't believe what she was reading. Their were so many like minded people here, all looking to either live out or fulfill this fantasy.

She scanned through reading the different things that these men and women were looking for. Lucy knew she would have to get to know the person a little first. Their was no way she could trust a complete stranger to do these things to her. That is when she came across a profile for a man who seemed to have tastes that matched her own.

He was looking for a long term sub. He wanted her open to new and constant challenges such as rape games, and role playing. He mentioned experience wasn't required, but obedience was. He required a meeting or at the least a few in-depth conversations to discuss expectations and compatibility. She was scared and nervous, but mostly excited. She doesn't know what to expect, or even if they would be what the other was looking for.

This doesn't stop her though, before she can talk herself out of it she sent him a message. It reads simply "I am very interested in what you have to offer. What I lack in experience I make up for in enthusiasm. Please respond if you would like to meet.

Sincerely Serva." Lucy woke up early for work the next day. She stood a little straighter, and had a pep in her step.

She couldn't wait to get home to see if he had written back. She rushed through the day with a smile on her face. When five o'clock came she signed out and headed straight home.

She was anxious to sign on her new account and check for messages, but talked herself out of it. Instead she made pasta, took a shower, and put on her favorite black lace night gown. As she sat down to pull up the screen, the door bell rang. She couldn't imagine who would be coming by this time of night without calling first. When she opened the door it was Ben. In all of her excitement she had forgotten about today being Friday. Every Friday for the past two and half years she and Ben had a standing "date." In other words he would come over, and they would talk about things that had happened that week.

The night ended with her on her back staring at the ceiling making a mental grocery list or some other mundane mental task. Tonight she thought just last week this is all I had to look forward too. She had never been so ready for him to leave. Ben never stayed over, not wanted the neighbors to think bad of them. He was always gone but 10:30 at the latest. Ben didn't like to try new positions.

He felt that missionary was the most intimate, they were able to look into each others eyes as they climaxed…or so he thought. Ben had yet to make her cum, hell he couldn't even get her wet anymore. She actually thought about buying stock in KY Jelly just to recoup some of the money she has spent over the years. At 10:20 Ben's car was backing out of her driveway. She hurriedly locked the door, and raced back to her laptop.

She grabbed it and headed to the bedroom. Comfortably snuggled in bed she opens the browser again, typing in the already familiar address. The page lights up the screen.

She signs in to her personal page, screen name Serva4u. The first thing that catches her attention in the mailbox icon. It doesn't show any new messages.

Lucy is very disappointed. She can't help, but think maybe this just wasn't meant to be. Thoroughly dejected she rolls over, fighting back tears, and falls into a fitful sleep. Ben Driving home, Ben sat and thought about his situation.

He had been with Lucy for three years, and everyone expects him to propose soon. The problem is things weren't working anymore.

He loved her, but he needed excitement.

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He was forced to make love to her only once a week and in the same position to keep himself at bay. They had met in grade school, and had been friends every since. They started dating their senior year of college. The two of them had a lot in common, and share almost everything.

Almost being the key word… Ben didn't know how to tell Lucy his secret. He tried to fight the urges, and he had been doing really good with it since they had been together. He wanted to be with Lucy and he knew the only way that could happen was to leave his past behind.

She would never speak to him again if she knew the things he liked to do. It had all started the summer before his sophomore year of high school.

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He had been doing odd jobs to make the money to buy a car. He mowed lawns, painted, cleaned gutter, and anything else to make a dollar. One day he got a call from the lady down the street. He had met her and her husband at block parties and other social events. She had gotten divorced about six months earlier, and no one really saw much of her anymore. So he didn't think anything of it when Mrs. Jones called asking if he could come over and do a few things around her place.

He told her that he was booked that day, but he would be over first thing in the morning. The next morning bright and early he headed down the street to Mrs.

Jones' house. She had told he the day before that she wanted the yard cleaned. Seeing that it was six in the morning he decided not to bother her and just got started. He picked up the limbs, weeded flower beds, and about midday started on the grass. The sun was beating down on him so he took off his shirt.

He thought nothing of going without a shirt. Ben had always had a great body thanks to playing sports at school. He finished the front yard and was heading around back when he heard her calling his name.

Ben stepped around the corner, and was shocked to see Mrs. Jones standing there in a white bikini. The suit looked to be a couple sizes to small by the way her tits were spilling out of the top. The bottoms weren't much better, they were so tight you could clearly see the curves of the lips of her pussy.

She must have just came out of the pool because the suit was transparent. Ben was instantly hard. Ben walked slowly over to her. She ask if he would like something to drink since he had been working so hard.

He nodded, unable to speak. When she was inside he tried everything to get his rock hard cock to go down to size. It was useless, he couldn't get the image of her in that white bikini out of his mind.

He did his best to adjust his shorts, and even went as far as to put his shirt on. It didn't help much, but he convinced himself it wasn't that noticeable. A few minutes later Mrs. Jones returned with two glasses and a pitcher iced tea.

She told Ben to have a seat by the pool with her. He agreed and followed her to the table and chairs. She sat first and he took a seat on the other side of the table, still hoping to conceal the bulge in his shorts. Ben didn't realize that his response to seeing her so scantily dressed was what she had been hoping for.

Mrs. Jones had been far from lonely since her divorce, but she was tired of grown men who didn't know what they were doing. She wanted a boy she could mold into what she needed and wanted.

Ben didn't know it yet, but she had her sights on him. She had been watching him work in the neighborhood. Sweat dripping down his chest, all she could think about was licking it off.

Maria had never thought of herself as a cougar, but then she had never been looking before. She had married Phil when she was 18 and he was 24. He was fresh out of college, and making a fast name for himself in the business world. She never went to college, choosing to do charity work with civic groups in the community.

Phil made a good living for them, and since they wanted to start a family it worked for them. When she was 20, after years of trying, the doctors told her she would be unable to have children. It was a devastating blow to the marriage, both she and Phil had looked forward to starting a family. They got through it with the help of one another, or at least she had. Phil had not given up on his dream to become a father.

She found out last year that he had been having multiple affairs, without the use of a condom. Phil finally got his receptionist pregnant, and told Maria that he was leaving.

Maria was hurt and confused. She couldn't believe that this man that she loved was leaving her for a 19 year old. At 32 Maria was still very attractive, she looked to be in her mid twenties if that. After the initial shock wore off, she was pissed. She hired the best divorce attorney she could find. She ended up with 75% of everything, plus sizable alimony payments.

She decided then she didn't want to work, or get married. She was just going to enjoy herself, and her ex's money. She and Ben talked for about an hour. She told him that she wanted to clean out the basement and attic. She ask if their was anyway that he could spend a few more days working around her place. Of course Ben would have agreed to stick his tongue in a bed of fire ants at that point had she ask him too.

After they finished their third glass of iced tea Ben said he needed to be getting back to work. Maria told him when he was done to take a dip in the pool and cool off before heading home. He thanked her, and went back to the yard work. The whole time he was cutting grass all he could think of was Mrs. Jones in her little white bikini. When he finished he went to tell Mrs. Jones that he was done and collect his money before getting in the pool. He rang the bell three times before he heard what sounded like crying.

Ben didn't think, he reacted. He opened the door, walked in, and started looking for her. He finally found her laying on the couch in the living room. She still had on the bikini, but now she had the bottoms pulled to the side. She had a large dildo going in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

The top was untied from around her neck, she was pinching the fuck out of her nipples. What he had thought was crying was actually screams of pleasure. Ben didn't know what to do.

He knew he should probably just leave, but his feet like his dick weren't listening to his brain. He couldn't do anything but watch this beautiful woman making herself cum. Ben had watched porn, but he had never seen anything like this up close. His girlfriend Cindy let him go down on her after a dance last year, but she kept saying she wasn't ready for more. Ben on the other hand stayed ready. Maria knew he was watching her, and she loved every minute of it.

The only thing that would have made it better is if he would have walked over to her and took the place of the dildo. She had came in earlier sopping wet thinking about having Ben bend her over and fuck the hell out of her. It had been almost a month since Maria had someone to fuck, so she couldn't resist grabbing her favorite toy when she heard the lawn mower stop. She knew Ben would be coming to the door soon. Now for part 2 of her plan.

She started moaning and screaming Ben's name. As her hand went faster she pretended it was Ben. He was floored by what he heard. He couldn't believe she was thinking about him as she worked her pussy over.

About that time she opened her eyes so she was looking at him. Ben gasps and starts to stammer. Maria smiles and asks if he would like to help her with one last thing before going home. Ben maybe slow, but he isn't a fool. He almost tripped over his own feet trying to get to her. She just smiled thinking this is going to work better than she had hoped.

When he made it to the couch he reached out, but she stopped him and told him to get on his knees. Ben dropped to the floor and ate her pussy like he was starving and this was going to be his last meal. He didn't have much experience but he was eager to please her. This went on for a good 10 to 20 minutes before she couldn't take anymore. She told him to take her. While he was fumbling with his pants, she removed her swim suit. She bent over the arm of the couch and waited.

He came up behind her a short time later and lined the head of his dick up with the entrance to her pussy. He placed his hands on her hips, and started easing his hard dick into her tight pussy. She was to worked up to wait, so she slammed her hips back to meet his.

Ben almost came right then. It took all his self control and everything he had every read online about sex to keep from blowing his load. He sped up trying to keep up with her. He couldn't believe how good she felt. He knew sex would be good, but damn he wasn't expecting it to be like this. He could feel her tightening her pussy muscles around his dick every time he plunged inside of her. He had his head tilted back, sweat dripping, moaning, hips pumping in and out.

Maria couldn't believe her luck. Ben was a quick study. He was catching on quickly to what she wanted. Today marked the beginning of their relationship. He worked the rest of the summer for her. No one thought anything of it because of the divorce they all assumed that he was just taking care of the things that had been neglected since her husband left.

They didn't realize how close they were to the truth. Ben spent his days being educated on the fine art of sex and S&M. Maria was a switch.

She liked to dominate as well as submit. She taught Ben about role playing, bondage, group sex and much more. The first time they had sex with someone else was when Ben's two cousins came to visit that summer.

He told Maria that he wouldn't be able to visit for a week because they would be down. She ask him if he trust them. He answered quickly that yes they were as close as brothers.

She told him to bring them by if he wanted. Jay and Jeremy were twins and Ben's cousins. They had been down about two days when Ben broke down and told them about Maria. Of course the news was followed by a round of attaboys. Then he dropped the bomb, telling them that they could go to her house with him to do "yard work" if they wanted to. They both readily agreed that they would all go the next day. Ben called Maria to tell her they would be by early that morning.

At 8 o'clock Ben rang her door bell. They left around 6 that afternoon. After each had filled every hole of her body several times. Maria was thankful for youthful resilience. She had never had three dicks in her at once.

The twins being a little older had some experience, but they had nothing on what Ben had learned during the last few weeks. After they were gone Maria laid in bed fucking herself with her dildo watching the tape they had just made. The boys all looked enough alike to be brothers, which made it that much better. She loved the way the three of them looked sliding their big hard dicks in and out of her. It was like watching gears of a clock, they had the timing just right.

One would slide in as the other was sliding out. It was incredible to watch, but it felt a hell of a lot better. She was still sore so she just laid there gently pushing the toy in and out of her tender pussy, enjoying the feeling of their cum still dripping from her. It was a wild summer to say the least. Ben got his car just before school, thanks to Maria. Ben wasn't sure if she was going to brake it off now that he was back in school, but that wasn't the case.

He and Maria continued to play around until Ben went off to college. Ben dated so people wouldn't get suspicious, but Maria was the only one he wanted. She understood how to make his body burn. While Ben was in college he went home every holiday to visit Maria until the summer before his senior year. When he returned home Maria told him that it was time to end it. He needed to find his own way, his life was just beginning.

She moved that July and Ben had not heard from her since. It was the following school year that he started dating Lucy. He never told her about Maria. He didn't know how, and he was scared that she wouldn't understand. Now here he was getting ready to cheat on the only girl he has ever loved because of the need to play these games he learned so long ago. He didn't understand why, but it was like he had to do it. He had to dominate someone.

Maria had taught him the joy of controlling someone, and it has became a need inside of him. Guilt stricken Ben goes home to his computer and logs on to the new site he has joined.


The site is to help match people with others that have similar fantasies. Ben had put up a want ad of sorts a few days ago, not being able to stop himself anymore. He was surprised to see that he already had seven responses, but one in particular caught his eye. She was new to the game, and that is one of the things he was looking for. Like Maria had done for him he wanted to mold someone to his tastes, while letting them find what suited them. He typed a quick response telling the girl that if she was serious about wanting to get to know one another the first step was to text him a profile of herself along with a picture.

The profile was to tell him what she thought she wanted out of the arrangement, and the picture was to be of her naked except for a pair of black high heels. The catch was that she had to be posed on the edge of a chair with her legs spread, and her hands on knees. This text had to be sent by 3 o'clock the next day. Not 3:01 or 3:30.3:00 or not at all.

He did this to make sure that the girl could follow directions. If she wasn't able to follow the simple steps that he had laid out then he knew it wouldn't work. He had too much at stake to risk picking the wrong person.

So finished with the email he drifts off to sleep with thoughts of Lucy on his mind. Lucy Lucy wakes up exhausted, and fixes coffee for herself. She takes a sip of the first cup and thinks she might live. She sits down at the counter and eats a bowl of cereal, thinking that after she will go and delete her account. She can't stand all of the waiting, and really Ben was everything she wanted…except in bed.

Lucy opens the page and signs on to her account. She finds the deactivate account button at the bottom of the screen, just before she presses it she notices that she has a message. Renewed hope courses thru her. She clicks on the mailbox and reads the message. It is asking her for a profile of what she wants out of the arrangement and a picture of herself. The guy is very particular about the way he wants these things sent and the time, but this isn't a problem. Lucy is excited as she goes about preparing for her picture.

She starts by taking a long hot bubble bath. She files her nails as she soaks, thinking about what she will write for her profile. She finishes her nails and bathes, followed by shaving. She has a hard time deciding how she wants to shave her pussy, finally she just shaves it bare. Thinking he will be able to get a better look this way.

After washing her hair she gets out. She takes her time drying her body with the large bath sheet. She likes the feel of the terry cloth against her skin, ruff yet soft. When she's dry she rubs ever inch of her body in baby oil. Then she wraps herself in the towel, and starts on her hair. Normally Lucy's hair is a mess of curls, but today she wants something different. So she spends the next hour straightening her unruly hair. Next she paints her nails apple red.

When they dry she does her make up. She doesn't want to over do it so she added mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow for the smoky eye effect, red lip gross finishes off the look. She puts on peep toe black high heels, and goes to the living room. She's almost ready! She sets the timer on the camera, and gets on the chair. She is sitting on the edge as requested. Her legs are spread to almost a split position.

At this angle her pussy is wide open, and last but not least she plants her hands on her knees, fingers spread. She takes three pictures in slightly different positions to make sure she has a good one.

To her surprise she looked hot in all of them. Lucy isn't use to taking such picture, or even really thinking of herself as sexy. So she was defiantly shocked by the way the pictures turned out.

She was very happy with the results though, and she hoped her new friend would be too. Now time for the profile. Lucy sat and thought about it for awhile, and then just decided to be honest&hellip.I'm looking for someone to live out my fantasies with.

Someone to take the reins and lead me to new heights. Will you be the one to push my limits? Serva…She thought it was short, sweet, and to the point. She waited until 2:45 to send the text. Not wanting to seem overly eager. Now she had nothing to do but wait on a reply from UrFutrDom.

Ben Ben had woken early and went to the gym as he did most Saturday mornings. Today was different though, today he was trying to work off nervous energy. He couldn't help but wait and wonder if Serva4u would reply in time. After the gym he went home and took a shower, fixed breakfast, and headed to the park with his dog Bruce.

Bruce was an American Boxer mix he had adopted after college. The dog was a big baby, and loved going to the park. Ben couldn't think of anything else to pass the time, so he grabbed Bruce's leash and they headed out.

After a few hours of playing catch, and running they were both worn out. Ben sat on a bench and Bruce sat at his feet. Both of them were catching their breath and relaxing after their work out. Ben had managed to forget about the text until he looked at his watch, it was 2:30.

He grabbed his and Bruce's things and started heading home. When at home he let Bruce off his leash and head again for the shower. The spray of the hot water eased his mind, but he could stop thinking about his mystery woman.

As he lathered his body he reached for his dick, stroking it up and down. The thoughts of having a relationship like the one he had experienced with Maria was to much for him. It didn't take long before he came. He felt a hell of a lot more relaxed after his shower, but the excitement was still there. After drying off he checked his computer for messages.

It was 3:30 now, so it should be there or it wasn't coming. Sure enough he had a new message from Serva4u. He read the profile while the picture was uploading. The profile was short, but promising. The picture didn't take long to finish and he pressed the button to check it out. He could tell by the thumb nail pic that popped up that she was in the right position. He couldn't make out her features clearly thought, so he enlarged the picture. When he did he couldn't believe his eyes, it was the sexist women he had ever seen…his Lucy.

He thought this must be a mistake or a joke. His Lucy would never do something like this. She was to sweet and innocent to think about the things he was asking her to do. He decided to play along with whoever had done this. He figured that someone had figured out that it was him and photo shopped the picture as a joke. He thought he was discrete, but maybe someone had seen him on the site at work.

Either way he wanted to get to the bottom of this. Since he knows the person isn't going to be eager to meet him he sets up a fake text number for them to chat.

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Thinking that he could lure information that would give him a clue to the persons identity. He writes a message back telling the person the number and the he will be expecting a text at 7 tonight. Lucy Lucy had gotten anxious sitting around waiting for a reply so she went grocery shopping. A task normally reserved for Sunday, but seeing as she had nothing else planned it seemed like a good idea.

She took her time going up and down each isle regardless if she needed anything from that section or not. After a few hours she had everything she would need for the week. So she checked out and headed home. As soon as the groceries were put away Lucy rushed to the computer. She was excited to see that he had written back. He wanted her to text him tonight at 7, she looked at the clock it was only a quarter past 5. She had no idea what to do with herself until then.

After straightening up the house, and redoing things just to pass time she decided to take a bath. A bubble bath always seemed to relax her. She turned on her iPod, grabbed a glass of wine, and ran the water. When the bath tub was full, she undressed and stepped in. The hot water, and chilled wine quickly took effect. Lucy closed he eyes and let the music carry her away.

She must have dozed off because when she woke the water was lukewarm. Looking at the time it was half past 6. She let out the water, quickly dried off, and throw on her robe. She went straight to the kitchen to fix herself another glass of wine, and decided at the last minute to just bring the whole bottle. Back in her room she lays on top of the blanket on the bed. She has 5 minutes before she is suppose to text him. She can't believe how naughty she feels.

She sits her glass on the bedside table, and undoes her robe. She takes the phone at exactly 7 and types "Hi." As she's waiting for a reply she starts to trail her fingertips down her body. She reaches her breast first, she lifts them both in her hands feeling the weight. Slowly she begins to massage them. Working her finger to the nipple and squeezing gently.


It isn't long before she hears the familiar ping of her phone. She opens her eyes and reaches over to pick it up. The text simply says, "I want to get to know you." She replies that she is hoping that they will get to know each other very well.

It didn't take long before the ping came again. This time it reads "That is my hope also, you did very well with your first task. I was pleased with the picture and profile." Lucy was ecstatic she was hoping he would like them, but nervous that he wouldn't.

She didn't receive much praise, the things she did were expected because she just always had. No one took the time to thank her, or make her feel appreciated. She didn't realize how much she wanted a kind word here and there. She was a people pleaser, a natural submissive, but she was also a go-getter.

If something needed to be done she just did it, no questions ask. She knew then that she needed this more than she had thought. She needed someone to take the load off her shoulders. Lucy knew most people wouldn't understand, but not having to think about every move and how it effected others would be a gift. She had read many books and articles on what it was to be a submissive, and they all sounded so appealing. She wanted this for herself and her sanity. This is the freedom that she sought.

Ben Ben was floored the number that text him was Lucy's. He just couldn't wrap his mind around it being her. He text her a few times, but nothing to leading. He just wasn't sure what he would do if it was her. He wanted to share his real self with her, but he didn't know how she would react. Right now he was still a stranger.

So he decided to ask her the big questions, why she decided she wanted to do this, and was she seeing anyone. Her reply took sometime coming, but when it did it read like this " I decided to do this because I think this is the real me. I am responsible for a lot at work, and the people in my life. I like to please those around me, but the pressure gets to me. I want to have someone take that away, to make me feel as if the simple things count. I know that a submissive is praised and punished for their actions, and that is something I like the sound of… not expectations and disappointment.

I want the release I think will come from this. To answer you second question, yes I have someone in my life. I love him very much, but he wouldn't understand this. I don't want to lose him, but I feel this is a need I can't deny anymore.

Is that a problem?" Ben knew then that it was Lucy, and they were hiding the same secret. He didn't know how he had missed this all this time. His sweet innocent Lucy needed to be loved in a way that he understood all to well. They continued texting all night and into the morning. The texts went on for a couple weeks or more. When they talked on the phone or seen one another they acted as if nothing was going on. She never let on what she was doing, although when she looked at him there was a sadness in her eyes.

He knew Lucy hated to lie and the guilt was probably the cause. He couldn't come out and tell her that he was the one she had been talking to, but he had to let her know soon. That Friday night after their usual round of love making he went home and decided to end the game.

If she went with what he was about to propose he knew that they would make it. They would be able to be together in the way they both wanted.

He text her saying " You also mentioned in your first letter that you were interested in what I had to offer. Well I would like to meet you, and play a game. I have always wanted to try to role play a rape. You will have to leave a door or window unlocked for me, if your interested. It would be a fantasy come true for me. You will need a safe word, and understand I wont hurt you. If it gets to be to much you will only need to say the word and all play will stop." He sat and waited for what seemed like hours, but was more like a few minutes before he received a reply.

"I have grown to trust you, but the thought both scares and excites me. I would like to try to do this. When were you thinking?

My safe word will be apple." He is shocked that she is willing to do this, but his dick is so hard thinking about it that he can't stop now. He tells her Saturday night. He asks her to send an address and to leave the back door unlocked.

She asks a time, but he tells her that if he gave her that she would be expecting him. He said he wanted it to be as realistic as possible. She agreed to the terms and that ended the conversation. They text the rest of the week, never again bring up their "date" for Saturday. They met on Friday as they normally do. This time was different though. She had circles under her eyes, he could tell she hadn't been sleeping well. He knew it was his fault, and wondered if she was having second thoughts.

He himself was wondering if this is the last time she would ever want to see him after tomorrow night. When he got home he text and ask her if they were still on for tomorrow. She replied that they were. He knew then that she was worried about him, not the upcoming visit. The thought that he had been dragging this out instead of being honest with her was killing him.

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He hated knowing that he was the reason she had looked the way she had tonight. He was glad that tomorrow one way or the other it would be over. Lucy Saturday she went shopping. She went to an adult novelty store, she had never visited one before. Then again there were a lot of things Lucy had never done before. This was going to be a day of firsts for her. She ended up buying four scarves, a vibrating dildo, anal beads, lube, and of course lingerie… a black corset, a black crotchless thong, thigh highs, and black heels.

She wanted to look sexy for him, but she made sure everything was made of lace so it would rip easily. The corset left her breast completely bare and stopped a few inches above her navel.

The thong was see thru lace in the front with tiny ribbons tied on the sides. The thigh highs made her legs look like they went on forever, with help from the four inch heels of course.

She looked like a classy hooker, but she loved the look. Next she went to and got waxed, had her nails done, and lastly was her hair. By the time she made it home it was already 7 p.m. She ate dinner, got a bath, and started preparing for the night. She laid out all of her new items on the bed, and got dressed. She put on some music as she done her makeup. She was still very nervous so she fixed herself a glass of wine and tried to relax.

After getting ready she laid on the bed, not exactly sure what she should be doing.

She laid there thinking and watching the clock tick. The last time she looked at the clock it was 10:30, and then she drifted off to sleep. Ben Ben had been outside since about 8. He had parked down the street so she wouldn't see his car. He walked into the backyard and hid in the bushes, watching her through the window. She looked so fucking hot getting dressed.

He had never seen her in anything like that before. He wanted to walk in rip it off and spank her ass for hiding herself from him. His dick was so hard he could drive nails with it. He had to have her, but for this to work he had to wait. As hard as it was that is what he did. He waited for her to get good and asleep before he made his way into the house.

He walked in to the bedroom where Lucy slept. She looked so peaceful he almost hated to disturb her, he had to remind himself that is what he was there for.

Ben walked quietly over to the bed, and chuckle under my breath. My little slut has went out and bought toys for us, how thoughtful. He looked at her wondering if he should have bought a mask. He knew she was going to freak out when she realized he was her Dom. Lucy Lucy was in a deep sleep.

The mixture of excitement and wine had left her exhausted. She had wanted to wait up on "Dom" as she had begun referring to him, but her eyes had gotten so heavy there was no fighting anymore.

She never heard him enter the house or room. She was dreaming of a handsome man fucking her into oblivion, making her cum back to back until she was to sore to move. The next thing she knows she is startled out of her dream by someone blindfolding her.

She is still in a daze and doesn't realize yet what is going on. She is scared and cries out. The person doesn't answer. She tries to think of all of the self defense moves she learned at the Y, but nothing is coming to her. She kicks and claws, but can't see what she's aiming for. She feels her hands being tied behind her back. She tries to struggle, but it's no use this person is much stronger than her.

She tries to clam down, and think. That's when she remembers her "date." Ben Ben is very excited. The way Lucy is fighting him you would think she didn't know what was going on.

She was really giving him hell, and he was enjoying every minute of it.

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He didn't want to hurt her so he tied her hands behind her back. He liked the way she looked laying there dressed in her sexy outfit, silk scarves tied around her eyes and hands.

She looked like a present just for him. He undressed while he watched her squirm. He couldn't believe what he was about to do. He crawled up the bed and knelled over Lucy's mouth.

When he tried to put his dick in she refused to open her mouth. He grabbed his dick and gently slapped her with it, rubbing her face and lips. She moaned and opened her mouth. Her warm wet tongue felt so damn good as she sucked him. He tried to go slow, but before long he was face fucking her hard. He was shocked how easily she deep throated him. He was getting into it, and knew it wouldn't be long before he came. Lucy must have realized it too because when he pulled back she started begging him to stop, but Ben had other plans.

He pulled back and shot his load all over her face and tits. Lucy opened her mouth and caught some of it. The rest was on her cheeks and chest. She looked so good covered in cum. When he had finished emptying himself he got up.

Lucy felt the bed shift, and ask him where he was going. He never spoke knowing she would recognize his voice if he did. He left the bedroom and made his way to the kitchen. There he found an ice bucket and filled it. Ben returned to the bedroom ready to play. First he climbed back beside Lucy and started ripping off her clothes. Buttons popped and lace ripped as he went about undressing her.

She kept telling him no that she would give him anything if he didn't do this. He knew she was playing because she never said the safe word. Lucy Once she realized what was going on she really got into the act. She tried to deny him entrance to her mouth, but they both knew she wanted it. She loved the way he took control and fucked her face. Lucy had always loved the taste of cum, so she begged him to stop when she knew he was ready.

She was happy he hadn't listened. She could still feel his gooey spunk all over her. She wished her hands were free so she could taste more of it, or at least rub it into her skin.

When he got up to leave she got a little nervous not knowing if he was done, or what he had in mind next. He wasn't gone long before he returned and started ripping her outfit off. That made her so hot, her pussy was dripping thinking of what he might do next. She didn't have to wait long to find out. After her clothes were removed she felt him moving beside her.

She felt something wet and cold being dripped on her. The sensation surprised her at first, she barely had time to recover before she felt ice tracing the curves of her body. Everywhere the ice went his mouth followed. The sudden cold then hot had her shuddering. It was different, but it felt so good. She was moaning and in the same breath asking him to stop. Each time she did he would trace one of her nipples or her clit and then gently nibble on them.

The more he done it the more she begged. It was such a turn on for her. She was on fire, but the constant rotation in spots kept her from reaching her peak. He played a while longer before he nudged her to roll over. She did so with his help and got onto her knees. He propped pillows under her since she was only able to use her elbows. She heard him opening the toys and things she had bought earlier.

She didn't have a clue what he would use first, but she was excited none the less. The next thing she felt was a sticky finger rubbing her puckered asshole. She knew he must have lubed it.

He was working his finger inside her. Her virgin ass didn't take long to open up. She was too horny to tense up. Before long he had two fingers working in and out of her. She was wiggling her ass, breathing out breathy no's and stop's. He removed his fingers and she let out a sigh of disappointment. The fingers were soon replaced with the anal beads, and damn did they feel good. She was moaning again waiting on the next thing he had planned.

The sound of the vibrator being turned on gave her a thrill. He ran it from her neck down she spine, giving her the shivers. Down he went rubbing the crack of her ass to the top of her pussy. She was shaking she was so ready to cum. He retraced the slit of her pussy a few times before inserting it into her. Ben turned the vibe onto the lowest setting insuring she wouldn't get off from it.

This frustrated the hell out of Lucy. She needed to cum. She was done with the game. She was begging for release now. She wanted to feel him, and he didn't keep her waiting. He turned off the vibe and placed it to the side. He took his place behind her and without any hesitations he plunged deep inside of her.

She gave a moan of appreciation as he did. Ben started pumping as if his life depended on it. Lucy met him thrust for thrust.

She was so close. Ben felt her tightening around him and knew she was ready to explode. He picked up the pace and just as Lucy started to cum, he started pulling out the anal beads. Her orgasm triggered his and they were both gone on that feeling.

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When they had both finished they collapsed on their sides, him spooning her trying to catch their breath. After a long pause Lucy asks him to untie her.

When he did she slowly removed her blindfold. She turns and takes a look at her "Dom." She gasps when she sees Ben lying beside her. She can't believe this man, her Ben is the one that just made her shatter. They spend the rest of the night talking and fucking.

They couldn't get over how much they have in common. Things they never knew, they never knew. It was like meeting for the first time. They were both pleased that the other was so open and ready to travel down this road together.

That night changed everything for them. Ben and Lucy moved in together, and six months later were married. They have not been bored a minute since.


They continue to play their games, and meet one another's needs. Neither has returned to the site in which they met. They have everything they could want.