GayRoom Invasion of Mikey Jr deep hole

GayRoom Invasion of Mikey Jr deep hole
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????????? I stood in front of my flat screen TV, my eyes glued to sights before me. I saw a family of four, sitting down and eating dinner.

A mother and her three children, enjoying the company of each other before going their separate ways. The mother was of Irish and Japanese descent; her long blood red hair, beautiful almond eyes, creamy smooth pale skin, and heart shaped face was a wonder to see. She walked with a knowingly sultry gait and a smirk on her red lush lips.

She washed dishes and cleaned up after her children as they left to fill time till bed. Seeing her bend over in her yoga pants as her large ass strained against it and seeing her J-cup breasts strain against her tank top, a grin creeped across my face at the thought of claiming her.

However, time and wear has left its toll as well; wrinkles marred her beautiful face as her true age of 40 showed, severe stretch marks cover her lower body form giving birth to triplets, and the marks on her back… A scowl came to my face when I thought of how they came to be.

I swore in my mind that hell would be paid, and I make it a point to keep my word.

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I switched to the oldest of the triplets and saw her studying in her room. She was focused on what she doing, a trait I commended as a small smile drifted across my face.

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She already knew the material and was only reviewing. She was overachiever through and through.

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Her green eyes shined through her glasses as she bit her soft pink lips. Her simple tank top was covered in anime characters and was filled out quite nicely by her H-cups; her bloomers she ordered online clung to her like a second skin.

Her red hair was like her mother's except the addition of pigtails on ether side of her face.

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Giving a grin as I saw her stretch and push out her chest, I switched over to the middle child. She was currently beating a sandbag as music blared throughout her room. While her the rest of her family was pale, she was more peach colored as a result of being outside so much. Her hair was tied up in a single ponytail, so it wouldn't get in her way. She had a large grin on her face as she switched from different forms of martial arts; kick-boxing, karate, and countless others as the music played.

Dressed in only a sports bra and bloomers she stole from her sister. Every strike and kick did wonderful things to her body showing off features just like her sister. But while her sister simply kept in shape, she truly trained. She boasted a strong fit body. She finally stopped drenched in sweat, her body worn out. I watched a bead of sweat drip down her neck to her breast and loved what I saw. Finally, I moved on to the last of them all. They were in their room with the door locked, watching a movie.

They were dressed in just a pair of panties as they finger themselves to the images on the screen. Their hair was in two pony tails and had pink highlights.

Their skin was even paler then their mother, showing they lack of interest in going outside. They were sucking on a dildo until they stuck it inside them moaning as they turned it on. Their heart shaped face, pouty lips, and pretty pink nipples were exquisite. Finally, they came hard; their 4-in penis twitching as they came. Yes, as you can guess their male…at least at birth. Growing up they were more comfortable dressing in women's clothing.

From dresses and skirts, to panties and thongs. Plus, seeing how they look like one due to the amount of estrogen their other and sisters have, they acted like one too.

Seeing an opportunity; when the anime she and her sister ordered came in, I slipped in a few extra things. They simply thought they got the wrong order, but after seeing it they kept it out of curiosity.


It was filled with erotic manga and stories all showing girly boys dressing as girls having sex with men. Last was the movie which they were currently watching…Boku no Pico. Drawn in and aroused by what they saw, they trained themselves to the point their whole body was sensitive. They practiced oral on dildos and trained their ass to the point they didn't need to touch their penis. They may have been male at birth, but seeing them twitch while moaning about how they need a real dick.

I grinned seeing nothing but a bitch in heat. She has come along quite nicely. They all went to sleep soon after, checking the time I saw I had 1 hour. Turning around I knew it was more than enough time. After all, the preparations were already made. You may wonder who I am.

That's normal, after all I do appear as a creep spying on and manipulating a loving (If abnormal) family. And I wouldn't deny those thoughts; however, there is a second reason to this madness.

One that drives me to act instead of watch. I am the only and last heir to a line of scientific minds, we were always prodigies. My line has been filled with chemists, doctors, and inventors.

However, my line has a weakness. A curse which has been passed down since the first. We are obsessed with the feminine form. Our first ancestor was a doctor who secretly kidnapped people to experiment on them.

His task was to make the beauty of female children eternal, and he succeeded by turning them into dolls. However, his wife and the other spirits of the ones he killed rose against him. His daughter saved him from his fate, but he tried to make her a doll as well. She was saved at the last minute by his assistant who killed him.


They escaped from the manor which the spirits burned to the ground. His daughter became a doctor as well before she lost her self and made dolls as well.

Her son resisting the curse went a different way and researched alchemy; eventually unlocking its secrets and bringing wealth back to our family. Though he never revealed where the gold was from and sold it secretly.

After which the line filled more and more scientific minds each who kept a journal of their life, however all information on their discoveries were kept recorded in The Book. A grand tomb which any scientist would slaughter his family for.

Eventually the line came to me, I took up the path of alchemy, chemistry, and genetics to learn how to create and change a human body on a genetic level. And like most in my family I succeeded, though at a cost. I looked at myself in the mirror. A youthful face of 21 looked back at me. Red eyes, white hair, and pale skin. My true age however was 28. I had become immortal. Along with, (I raised my hand as it turned into a blade.) being able to change my body at will.

My cells simply do not age and I heal from any damage by the stem cells in my body that is created from excess material in my body.

I knew there is a good chance I would live forever so I decided to not spend it alone, so I chose a family best suited for my purpose. Why a family? Because I'm a pervert and want a harem. Plus, incest is hot. I fell in love with this one at first sight, it had all my favorite fetishes. Camilla- Milf, Busty, Incest, Red hair.

5'7, 40yrs. Karin- Glasses, Busty, Otaku, Incest, Red hair. 5'6, 18yrs. Aki- Fit, Busty, Fighter, Incest, Red hair. 5'6, 18yrs. Nikki(Nick)- Trap, Slutty, Gothic Lolita, Incest, Red hair.

5'0, 18yrs So I did a little digging and saw that after he lost his job the father became abusive. Finally getting arrested later. After ten years he was out and looking for revenge. Observing him showed he was going to slit their throats while they were asleep then burn the house down.

Hating him for his actions, I also begrudgingly thanked him for the opportunity. Looking down at the body bags on the ground I grinned as we teleported. Silicon Valley I ended up in the house, looking at the clock I had 59 minutes' left.

Fastening my gas mask, I released a sleep gas throughout the house. After five minutes I activated the instant air purifier, leaving no sign the gas ever existed. Walking with one of the bags I went to Camilla's room. Smiling at her sleeping form I unzipped the bag and pulled out…Camilla. Yes, as a side effect of my research I was able to create real clones; I could be satisfied with the clones but they had the mentality of an infant since they have no memories.

Besides even though their exact clones they would only survive for a year. Quickly replacing the family with their clones. I laid them all down side by side and gathered my spy-cams before teleporting away. ?????????

Coming home I laid them all in a room except for one. Holding Nikki, I took her to another room; I felt like celebrating my victory and she would be the easiest to trick. Plus, I never had a trap before. I laid her on the bed before dressing her in a Japanese school girl outfit and dressing myself in male uniform.

Shifting the room to look like an average bedroom. I gave her the antidote and shook her awake. As soon as she woke up I started my act. "Seriously Sis, did you wait up for me? I told you I'll be late coming home today." I said with a worried expression. At first she was confused, but then she came to the realization that it's just a dream. Slowly a grin grew on her face as she saw what she was dressed in. I chuckled internally, 'Good, she thinks she's dreaming about being in one of her trap hentai.' She leaned over and hugged me, "Sorry Big Bro, I just wanted to play our special game with you." Giving a grin I leant against the wall the bed was pushed against, pulling down my pants I let dick come out.

It was 9in long 2½in thick, just right for me. "Well you know how we start." I said smiling at her. She was shocked at first by the size before drooling slightly. She reaches over and wrapped a hand around it slowly jerking me off. The smoothness of her hand felt nice… She started licking the tip getting any pre-cum that's at the top.

She suddenly couldn't hold back anymore and started taking as much as my dick as she could. Wet sloppy sounds were heard as she sucked, kissed, and licked my dick. Suddenly I stopped her. I picked her up and slid her panties off as I kissed her.

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Putting two fingers in her mouth she sucked on them getting them covered in saliva. Sticking them up her ass I fingered her will lubing her up making her tiny dick stand up. Finally, I lifted her till my dick was pressing against her ass. She looked back to me and nodded. I slammed her down to hilt. Her eyes went cross and she came hard. The feeling of being inside her was exquisite; warm, tight, and moist.


She finally stopped cumming, and started whimpering about how hot and hard it was. I picked her up as she looked back at me begging to stop, that she was sensitive. That only made me harder. Pushing her to all fours I fucked her hard and without remorse. when she wasn't looking I Injected her with a special drug that allows her to come repeatedly without rest and to become more sensitive, she just felt a bite.

I don't know how long we were at It, I wasn't worried about the others because you need the antidote to wake up.

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Eventually her arms gave out and she just laid her head on the ground while being fucked; her tongue was lolling out her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her tiny dick kept coming making the puddle of cum on the bed bigger. Finally, I came inside her filling her to max, as soon as she felt me cum she twitched and squeezed me hard as she had her biggest orgasm yet.

I pulled out still hard and let her drop into the pool of her jizz. She could only twitch and whimper about how good it was. Putting her to sleep again, I cleaned her and put her with the others. Looking at all their peaceful sleeping bodies I only had one thought. "Veni Vidi Vici." [/u][/u]