Japan bus white charlotte cross gets the plumber to clean her pipes

Japan bus white charlotte cross gets the plumber to clean her pipes
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Quantum Entanglement - 1 A noted physicist is challenged to investigate the quality of Quantum Entanglement and non-local interactions. The theorem and experimentation included passing physical interaction between two objects at a distance.

One such experiment was performed using nanoparticles formed into nanotubes. The nanotubes where laid out by a 3D printer to create a fabric. The fabric pieces where imprinted using the concept of joined quantum particles. Two sides of a communication medium.

The pieces of fabric were then tested intently. Discoveries were made and changes were implemented until a successful nanocloth was found. The discovery only came when, after another seemingly failed attempt, a lab tech forgot to put on his latex gloves and his skin came in direct contact with the material. The cloth immediately took the shape of the other piece of test material.

The findings were kept quiet and further testing found that the touch of a living creature was enough to power the connection and reactions of this amazing material. The reactions were limited to the area of and around the contact patch. So, when the material was placed in the palm of the hand of two testers, each in a different room, the cloth could be touched by one and felt by the other.

The cloth was thin, light and smooth as silk. However, with a single finger a shape cold be created in the material which would appear in the other material near or close to the contact patch. The material created an exact replica of the object pressed against the other material as the cloth, being made of nanotube fiber, conforms completely to anything it comes in contact with.

As if painted on. One strange experience was discovered during testing that caught the eye of one lab specialist, Dirk Jones. He found that with some concentration he could direct the action on the opposite sample. The material not only recreated the object being pressed against it, but also the direction of the force and ultimately on which part of the material it reacted with. This sparked Dirk's interest.

Dirk was a thirty year old divorced man. He is an ultimate geek. Along with a spirited imagination he was also driven toward physical sensation and experience. He climbed mountains, jumped from airplanes, snorkeled and partied.

Since his divorce he has been partying a lot. His latest girl on the side is a business woman with a night job. Rosanna (Rose) Blossom's day job was technical and busy, she worked as a cell manager in a software company. Most of her day was spent studying code and modules, meeting with project leads and standing her ground.


Her night job was where Dirk met her. He was enjoying a sip from his beer when he saw her. The stage was hot that night. Three of the girls were already in private dance rooms.

Dirk was waiting for the pros. He's spent some time at the local strip clubs since his divorce and ferreted out this place. He knew most of the girls by name, especially one, he wanted more. The one he was looking for came out. Beautiful in her chiffon layers, and graceful on her feet. Rose was halfway through her show when she came over to his seat.

He was sipping on his beer when she squatted in front of him. Dirk looked up from his beer and smiled, she nodded and they headed towards a private room. Since then she and Dirk spend weekends together and nights when the clubs were slow. She shares Dirk's drive for excitement in her own way. A little kinky, a little more personal, physical. Dirk created two pieces of material about a foot square.

He took them home, passing them off as napkins from his lunch. That weekend he asked Rose if she would help him with an experiment. She was intrigued when he presented the pieces of material and said, "Imagine having an intimate touch from your lover whenever and where ever you are?" The small patches of silk seemed to flow a little stiffly as Dirk waved them at her. Her curiosity peaked when she touch one of them and felt a tingle.

The small piece of material jumped oddly between their hands and she pulled her hand away quickly. "Did you say this stuff was safe?" Dirk laughed and handed one piece to her and instructed her to move across the room. He put out his hand flat and lay the silken cloth across it, then he indicated for her to do the same.

When she did the cloth jumped and quickly wrapped against her skin like thin gel or thick paint. It clung to her like a second skin. It was smooth, slick as it moved and glided but didn't fall off. She also felt Dirk's skin against her hand. Her eyes opened widely, she smiled and looked at Dirk. Dirk took his other hand and pressed a finger into the cloth. Again she smiled. Rose could feel Dirk's finger pressing against her palm and wiggling as she watched him doing just that to the other piece of cloth.

She put the cloth to her cheek. Dirk brushed his hand gently against his piece. She could feel it. Dirk gave his piece a quick slap. Rose felt it! She laughed and sat in the nearest chair. Breathlessly she slid the piece under her bra. Dirk could feel her nipple harden through his cloth. He brushed her nipple and squeezed it gently. Rose quivered. This was unbelievable. She was completely overcome, her logical mind was trying to reason out the science while her sensual mind was lost in possibilities.

She jumped up and pulled the cloth out to examine it more closely. "How does it work? How far away can we be? Is it non-toxic? Can you put it in your mouth? Or, other places?" Dirk put the cloth to his mouth saying, "Try again?" She looked curiously at him.

Finally she looked at the cloth again, then slid it to her breast. Dirk kissed her nipple then licked her areola, "Does that answer your question?" Rose jumped out of her seat and started to strip naked. Dirk was right on cue, stripping with her. "Where would you like to start?" she said standing there naked holding the cloth haphazardly. "First, I'm going to go into the other room. Place the cloth over your mouth and we'll try kissing." Rose grinned widely and sat on the couch, closing her eyes and placing the cloth over her mouth.

Again it stuck with a feeling of second skin. Dirk disappeared and in a few moments Rose could feel his lips against hers. She was shocked. It felt so real. With her eyes closed, he could have been right there. She even felt his five o'clock shadow as the bristles touched her lips. So real that she opened her mouth and started to french the piece of cloth. Rose put her hands out to embrace Dirk. He wasn't there.

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Shocked and excited she tried to pull the cloth from her face. It resisted. Why couldn't she pull away? She had to think. Dirk's tongue was in her mouth through the cloth. She pushed his tongue out of her mouth and closed her lips. Just then the cloth pulled away easily. She looked at the material in amazement.

Her breath was quickening and she was so excited about what to try next. She leaned back and set the piece of material over her shaved pussy and was amazed at how smoothly it joined her skin.

Immediately she felt Dirk's tongue lick and press against her labia as he searched for her clitoris. "Oh God!" she thought to herself as she gasped. She looked down at the cloth and watched as it acted as if Dirk was there pleasing her. Suddenly he stopped.

She waited for a moment then lifting the cloth to her face again she laid it over her mouth. Rose felt warmth and a smooth something pressing against her cheek. Turning her mouth to the sensation she realized it was Dirk's hardened dick. Again she closed her eyes and opened her mouth to lick and caress him through the magical material. When she slid up his pole she thought about getting him into her mouth.

With that thought, the tip of his penis entered her lips and pushed gently in. Her mouth didn't need to know how it was working. She loved it. Rose sucked and stroked his precious jewel which caused Dirk to cum. The excitement was incredible for both of them. She felt his surging cock pumping but nothing appeared in her mouth. A few seconds later she heard Dirk in the other room, "Oh Damn!" Dirk and Rose compared notes and decided to get more material for 'experimentation.' But, how to do it?

The stuff is still classified and Dirk was already pushing his luck. However, there was one person. One high enough in the program to 'OK' his needs. And just kinky enough to hide the real use under plenty of mumbo jumbo paperwork and legalese. So, they worked out a plan to move the experimentation to the next level.

Rose wanted to test the material for program-ability. Some way to control how it responds, when it responds, and whatever else she could glean. Their minds were reeling with the possibilities. Three hours later they were laying in bed, breathing heavy and in different parts of the house. This stuff is amazing!

Come Monday, Dirk was standing in the office of the Deputy Director of Product Evaluation and Testing. "Bill, I'm telling you. There's nothing like this. You've got to try it to believe it." he espoused to the Director.

Dr. Bill Mathias looked down his glasses at Dirk. They had met on a similar circumstances when Bill needed someone trustworthy to help him make a remote vibrator/stimulator.

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It was classified and testing was done personally by Dr. Mathias and one of Dirk's dancing girls. The Dr., Dirk believed, was a real lech. Dirk produced the original pieces from a lab box. He gave one piece to Bill and placed the other on the palm of his hand.

Bill seemed unimpressed until Dirk slapped his hands together. Bill's hand jerked away, Dirk laughed, "Try it again." This time Dirk placed his finger on the swatch and moved it around.

Dr. Mathias smiled, "OK. What do you need?" Dirk explained the first part of the plan without letting on that he and Rose had a big plan. Just enough material to make a wide section of material.

Like a scarf. A pair to be exact. And access to get samples tested by the tech sector for a list of things. Bill was still smiling, playing with the piece of material, as Dirk listed his desires. The two of them shook hands, "OK, Dirk. You've got ten days to bring me something that makes this worth while." With a big smile Dirk collected the sample pieces and walked confidently out of the office. He laughed to himself, "This went better than expected. I can already give him something he'll flip over.

The dirty lech! Wait till I bring in a woman for the next test. He'll give me anything I want." Ten days later Dirk had arranged for a private test in a quiet lab with an observation room. "She can't see us or hear us. We'll have to use the intercom to give her directions." Dr. Mathias looked at Dirk with a condemning look, "I know how it works. Let's get started." Dirk clicked the intercom, "Please place the test sample in your palm." Bill reached over and covered the microphone, "We've done that.

Have her put it over her lips." Dirk nodded, laughing inside, he knew Bill would go that way. "Sorry. Place it over your mouth, please. Thank you." The test subject was young, one of the hungry dancers from his favorite place. She needed the money but loved the job more. She gracefully and sensually leaned her head back and draped the cloth over her face and mouth.

Bill was still thinking this can't work. Dirk is tricking me. Bill Mathias placed his sample over his mouth and immediately pulled away. Dirk was expecting this, "The sensation takes a little getting used to. Try again." Again Bill placed it over his mouth. Dirk watched as both the girl and Bill began kissing each other, twenty feet apart.

The young dancer was putting her charms to work as she twisted and moved. He feet dangling off the chair. Bill could see her and feel her lips and tongue as the kiss intensified. She arched and lifted her chest breathing heavy. His eyes kept getting wider until he finally closed them and gave into the charms of this young temptress. As Bill pulled the cloth from his mouth it kind of stuck. When he closed his mouth the material pulled away.

"Tell her to put it on her nipple." he said in a deep tone. Dirk had him. He could get anything he wanted now, "Please place the test sample on your breast." The dancer at heart sat up and looked shy and innocent as she opened her shirt and gently slipped one breast from her bra.

She was big enough that Bill groaned as he watched. Again Bill placed the sample over his mouth and began sucking deeply on her breast.

He watched from behind the mirror as the talented temptress gave us a show. On cue she began tempting her hands towards her waist and lower back. Finally slipping one hand between her legs. "Tell her to put it down her pants!" Bill demanded and returned to the cloth.

He was completely absorbed. Dirk could have asked for nearly anything right now and he could have gotten it. Dirk just smiled and thought, "Just wait." He pressed the intercom, "Next, please place the test sample over your groin." The young subject lifted her skirt and slid down her panties. Then laying back in the chair, spread her legs and put the cloth in place. Dr. Mathias' eyes were glued on her.

"Give me a moment alone." he said gesturing Dirk towards the door. Dirk walked out of the booth and down the few steps to the lab door. He watched with glee through the small windows as his ace in the hole dancer groaned and writhed on the seat.

A small dark spot appeared between her legs as the cloth formed a hollow tube into her. The piece of cloth clung to her as if glued to her every move as she twisted, bucked and squeezed her legs together. Dirk turned and walked back to the booth door. He knocked loudly and proclaimed, "Ready or not, here I come!" He stepped in as Bill was hoisting his pants back around his waist.

There was a damp spot on his pant leg and another on the floor where he had been standing. "Will there be any other concerns regarding the discovery?" Bill just shook his head, no. "That will be all. Thank you for your time." Dirk said over the intercom. The woman straightened her attire, walked up to the one way mirror and spoke for the first time, "The pleasure was all mine." Dr. Mathias cleared his throat and scratched his groin. His pleasure was no less real.

In the office Bill made no effort to block Dirk's requests for more nanocloth material and some custom technology for further testing.

"I have one request. Two pieces of material. One, the size of a napkin and the other the size of a long scarf." was all Bill said. He seemed distracted and was looking at a picture of his young daughter. Bill had been awarded custody of his daughter Clare, in a quick divorce. She lived with him in their palatial mansion in town. Dirk made a note of his request and of the vile thoughts of his degenerate co-conspirator. Soon Bill was standing in his bedroom with a nonde box.

He had gathered some specialist equipment for the special evening he had planned. After his daughter had been asleep for a little while, he donned a pair of night-vision goggles and crept through the house and into her darkened room.

He looked at her body naked, uncovered, sprawled out on the bed. The green tinge from the night vision goggles gave her smooth skin an eerie glow. Clare had been a trophy of this upwardly mobile couple in the early days of their marriage. As she grew up, her parents grew apart. She learned to manipulate them each to get what she wanted.

Clare was spoiled. Some would even say rotten. She would wear skimpy g-string bikinis around the yard. Shear dainty things around the house. Posing and displaying herself regardless of who was their and where. He loved her as a daughter. He spoiled her as she grew up into a beautiful young woman. But lately he's just seeing her as a slutty object. He's a voyeur. He's watched her when her friends were around.

He's seen her giving her boyfriends a blowjob by the pool. More than once. He's heard the sounds of sex coming from her room on numerous occasions. Now he's looking over her. Seeing her shaved pussy right in front of his face. Such a slut. Looks like she shaves everything. Just like her mother, Bill thought to himself. His dick began to pulse and swell in his pants as he thought, she probably shaves her ass as well. Calm down, he thought. He was tired of pandering her and bending to her needs.

All while watching her flirt and parade around just out of reach. Bill just wanted a taste of her fruits. His lecherous vane ran deep and he thought this new magical material would give him a chance to experience her whiles without getting caught or leaving evidence of his dirty deed. He cautiously laid the scarf length piece of material so that it covered her face, down her body to the treasures between her legs. The scarf was even long enough to flow down her crack to the bed.

Clare slowly stretched and arched as the material tingled on contact and clung. It conformed to her every detail. In the green glow it nearly disappeared. Bill could just make out the edges of it as he stared at her young, nubile body. He walked to the door and turned for one more look. The lech in him wouldn't let him leave without a test.

Dr. Mathias lifted his napkin sized patch to his mouth and thought hard about kissing her lips.

Suddenly he could feel her lips moving with her breath against his. He puckered and watched as his daughter's lips lifted to kiss back through the cloth. Her mouth opened and he felt it in his cloth. She invited his tongue to play with hers.

Bill finished the kiss and pulled the cloth from his mouth. His daughter moved her mouth searchingly and sighed.

Then she was still again. Back in his room he stripped naked and returned to the cloth. Sitting in his bedroom he began kissing her mouth again. She was passionate as they kissed. Bill could see her naked body in his mind. As he thought about her perky young fully grown breasts he could feel one of her nipples appear through the cloth.

What a wonderful feeling. He had just thought about her breast while kissing her lips and found himself indulging in her hardening nipples. Her hand brushed against his cheek as her chest rose and fell. Bill turned his head in the cloth and found his daughters other breast, the nipple already hard, puckered. He teased and sucked it as his dick began to harden. Again Bill could feel her hand brush against him.

This time on the top of his head, the signal that a woman wants you to go lower, much lower. Just as that thought crossed his mind he felt his tongue brush the crease of her womanhood. It was like magic and it was awesome. Dr. Mathias was alone in his bedroom. Clare at the other end of the house in her private room. Anyone looking on wouldn't suspect that the two of them were sharing an intimate moment.

But Bill was diving deep into his daughters hot treasure. His dick throbbing between his legs. He could feel the heat and feel her twitching and bucking. He wanted to enter her. Automatically he thought about returning to her mouth so he would be in the right position to slide his penis into her vagina.

The cloth returned him to her lips and found her ready for kissing and frenching.

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He thought there was another tongue, other lips. But as Bill thought about it, they were gone and he was kissing her alone. He was so excited that he didn't think what might be happening.

His confidence led him to believe they were still alone and safe. Suddenly his daughter's mouth opened wide. Bill opened his mouth to match hers. He felt a tongue that filled his mouth.

When he closed his mouth around whatever it was he felt it push deeper into his mouth. It pumped in and out. He could feel his daughter's lips and tongue working around his own mouth.

"Oh my God!" he thought. "Someone is in her room. She's giving someone a blowjob. Now so am I!" Bill was choking on it as it continued to pump deep into their throat. He grabbed at the cloth and tried to pull himself free. The cloth would not budge. Bill stood up and pulled on the cloth. No luck. The cock-cloth was kept deep in his throat with the thrusting and pumping. He felt around his mouth with his fingers and could feel the empty space the cock was forming in his mouth.

Bill was coughing between thrusts as the forced face fuck continued. The hard dick kept getting deeper until Bill was dry heaving as it pushed past his gag reflex. He was frantic, pacing and clawing at the cloth.

It wouldn't tear or come free. A few minutes later a frenzied and tired Dr. Mathias felt the phallus slide out. With a quick jerk the cloth flew from Bill's mouth as he was glad to have it gone.

He coughed and gasped and returned to his seat to rest. He felt his groin tingle slightly as his mind was sorting out what he thought was a near death experience. He tried to catch his breath and clear his throat. The chair seemed to shift under him for a moment. Bill arched his back and sat up then looked down. Just as he realized he was sitting on the magic material, he felt it.

The cock that was just pounding his mouth through his daughter was pushing into his ass, or her ass, or both. He jumped to get up and off the material. But it was too late, the magic cloth was clinging firmly. As he was getting to his feet, he felt pushed to the ground as the long hard cock buried itself in his asshole. Still, he reached down to grab the cloth and try to pull it away. However after his experience of the cock in his mouth, he knew it was not going to budge until the dick was done.

Still he tried. His efforts didn't last long as the pounding cock took his strength and energy. All he could do was thrash about and wait for the intruder to finish and pull out.

He felt the sensation of his daughter's ass milking the raging ramrod. Clare was enjoying the rebellious activity. Bill grunted and cried. His plan to enjoy his daughter's treasures turned painfully wrong. First his mouth shared his daughter's intruder's cock and now he had to endure the experience he had impressed on many of his conquests. He just lay there grunting and groaning, being humped in the ass until finally the organ buried itself deep and surged in spasms.

Bill felt his daughter spasm and himself as he begin to orgasm in unison with them both. Catching his breath after the relentless pounding he felt the softening rod withdraw.

He weakly reached down and pulled the cloth free and placed it purposefully at his side. He lay there breathing heavy and rubbing his ass. Bill crawled to the bed and lay down, his head spinning, his body shaking. Twenty minutes later, Dr. Mathias wobbled to his feet and finding his robe headed towards Clare's room.

He crept up on her door and listened through the crack. Not a sound. He was shaking as he slowly opened her door, "Are you OK baby girl? I thought I heard a noise." Still nothing. He slipped his night-vision goggles on and looked around.

She was asleep again. The bed was disheveled and her body lay askew upon it. The scarf sized material still clinging to her body. He slipped in, pulled the scarf free, balled it up and stuffed it in his robe pocket. Bill still wanted to complete his turn, to taste her, to feel her for himself but not tonight.

His ass and mouth still sore and achy from the ordeal. As he was leaving her bedroom, he noticed the open window. In the distance a car door closed, the engine started and drove away.

The next day Dirk Jones was called in to the Director's office. Dr. Mathias had the box with the pieces of material in front of him on his desk. His face red and scrunched up in a frown, "Why didn't you tell me about the." His voice trailed off as he looked at the picture on the desk of his daughter and thought about the events of last night.

Dirk, hiding his knowledge of the events, looked concerned, "About what? Didn't it work as you expected? Is everything OK?" Bill put his hand over his face for a moment. Dirk didn't need Bill to tell him. Dirk knew more about last night then he was letting on, "If you have some information from your testing it would really help our research." Again Bill frowned, looked at the box containing the samples then at the picture of his daughter, "I want all the papers on your research.

Everything!" Dirk nodded, "Anything else?" Bill shook his head and Dirk headed out of the office, his face smiling ear to ear. Two hours later Dirk arrived in Dr. Mathias' office, a bundle of folders in hand and a flash drive. He entered and offered the information to Bill. Dirk knew that the information Bill really wanted wasn't in these files.

The real experimentation had been going on outside of the research lab. Dirk and Rose had assembled a brain trust of sorts. People with like minds, kinky minds but very sharp. They had been spending evenings and weekends testing and tweaking equipment and computer programs to enhance the nanocloth fabric. They were leaps and bounds ahead of the research lab in one specific area; erotic exposure.

That is the use of the material for erotic means. Sexual means. Rose was the lead for the equipment, programming and testing. Dirk was the guinea pig. A very happy guinea pig. He was having more sexual interactions then in his youth and he was loving it. Dirk watched Dr. Mathias look over the sheets of numbers, graphs and testimonials from the research lab. "This is it?" Bill asked disappointed. Dirk shook his head, "The lab has only been able to go so far." he leaned forward on the desk, "we don't want to.

let the cat out of the bag, as it were." Bill didn't raise his head from the pile of papers, "What about private research?" Dirk grinned to himself, "Private?" He watched Dr. Mathias' face for any tells.

Bill squirmed in his chair still thinking about the attempt with is daughter and the painful outcome.


Dirk knew why Bill squirmed. Nothing like fucking your partner in the ass without him knowing. Dirk's groin swelled with the memory. Bill just stared at the stack of paper, "Any private testing you or the team have done?" Dirk wasn't about to give away their secrets. He and Rose had already discussed the plan and they were about ready to implement it.

They just needed another guinea pig. An unsuspecting pig. "There was one." Dirk trailed off. After a short discussion and some negotiations Dr. Mathias finally smiled. They shook hands and Dirk headed out the door. Later in the week Dirk returned with a package, "The instructions are in there. Just follow them and you should get the results you want." Bill took the package with hardly a thank you and sent Dirk away.

In his waiting Bill had worked up a lot of anger. Clare had been dropping hints around the house of her antics. About her pleasures, treasures and wearing increasingly scanty clothes. She even went so far as to rub herself against her father on occasion driving him to frustration.

He wanted her. His own daughter. More than ever. This new version of material should allow him some satisfaction. Bill locked the door and opened the package. Inside was a body suit and a pair of undergarments along with a small scarf. The undergarments and scarf were white, sheer and frilly enough to pass for expensive lingerie. This was more than Bill had imagined.

He was so ready to do his daughter that he didn't even question how Dirk had gotten this together so fast. He held up the body suit. Attached to the suit was a note, "This suit is experimental.

Only primary testing has been done. Use at your own risk!" The instructions were much more detailed and covered two pages. It covered things like mass overpowering function, limitations of size distortion, reverse interactions. Much of it meant to confuse and mislead. Dr. Mathias was a smart man and took the information for his own purposes. He sat back in his chair and picked up the phone, "Hi honey.

Look I'm sorry I've been such a bear lately. Stuff at work. uh huh," he held up the tap pants, "Let me buy you something. You like sexy things? Uh huh, uh huh. It'll be a surprise. OK?. Do you have any plans for tonight? Let's have dinner together." he sniffed the crotch, "Just you and me. Uh huh. Yes. It's been a long time." Leaving work early, he went to get flowers and wrapping paper. He rolled the magic material in tissue paper and placed the 'lingerie' in a box with the flowers then wrapped it up like a present.

'A special gift for my little girl.' was written on the card. Bill was feeling smug like the cat that ate the canary. Only he wasn't going to eat the bird. Instead he hoped for a quick round the world tour of his daughter's treasures.

The trip home was quick and he was able to sneak into the house without alerting her. He showered and shaved preparing for his adventure of a lifetime. His excitement was apparent as he prepared, his penis was thick and bumping into everything. He needed to hide his excitement and considered jacking off but decided it would be better to wait and savor the delicious pleasures to come.

He pulled out the bodysuit and noticed there were no zippers, or flaps. How was it supposed to fit on his ample body? Pulling out the instructions he reread them. "The material is super stretchy and can be slipped on.

Once on, the material like previous versions clings to the bare skin. You should not wear over other clothes. Direct contact with the skin will improve it's function." His eyes widened with surprise as he gripped the collar and pulled. The neckline easily widened enough to slip his first leg down into the leg opening. He finished slipping it on and stood at the mirror to look it over. Short leggings and short sleeves. The thing looked like a muscle suit.

Next thing he noticed was the collar acted like a turtleneck and rolled up to cover his mouth. That's when he remember using the cloth to lick his daughter's body.

Again his dick began to thicken and the cloth created a tingling pouch around his meat and balls. He grunted and groaned as it drove him to the hardest erection ever. 'This is going to be crazy.' he thought to himself.

After a few minutes his erection finally relaxed and he finished dressing, being very careful not to brush up against anything. At the dinner table Bill presented his daughter with the finely wrapped gift. Her eyes widened and she quickly tore open the packaging. The flowers were a nice touch and she lifted them out of the box and smelled them, a fragrant mix of scents filled the air.

Then she looked into the box and saw the neatly rolled gift. Lifting it from the box she lay it on the table and slowly unrolled it, "Oh daddy! Their beautiful." She lifted the top and pants into the air and looked them over.

Bill could feel the bodysuit respond to her interactions. She watched him, "Can I try them on right now?" Her father was startled for a second but he quickly recovered, "They're for sleeping in. Pajamas. Why don't you wait and wear them tonight?" She got a smirk on her face, lifted the pants and rubbed one hand over them. Bill could feel her hand through his suit. His erection started to return and the pants in his daughter's hands started to show a lump.

Dr. Mathias quickly redirected his daughter's attention with a bottle of wine and changed the subject back to small talk. He asked about her day, something he rarely did anymore. He kept her wine glass full. She played along, putting them down but kept rubbing a hand over the top or pants, teasing the material. Bill was increasingly aroused and fought to keep from reacting.

His heart was pounding and the lump in his bodysuit was straining against his clothes. Clare finished her desert, now a bit drunk and grabbed the pants instead of her napkin and brushed it against her mouth.

Bill's heart skipped a beat as he felt her hand and lips brush the shaft of his throbbing erection. His eyes widened and he let out a gasp. That surprised Clare and she squeezed the material in her hand asking if he was ok. Again he could feel her actions on the material through the suit.

His penis being squeezed remotely. He was having trouble containing himself and felt he might explode before the main event. He tried to answer but could only smile and shake his head. Finally his daughter rose from the table and collecting her gifts, headed towards her bedroom.

Bill waited for her to move out of sight then he quickly dashed to his room and slid out of the suit. 'That was close,' he thought to himself, 'need to remember to wait until she's asleep before.' He stood there holding the magic material waiting for his erection to relax.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, "Daddy?" It was Clare. Oh god! He quickly covered himself around the waist, "Yes baby?" He turned to see his daughter opening his door. She moved into the doorway standing in a chiffon robe. Underneath he could plainly see the outfit he just presented to her. It looked painted on and every detail of her body was on display. "I wanted to thank you for the gift and show you how it looked." The exhibitionist that she was, she posed and swayed her body.

Then turning around she pushed out her bottom and waved it back and forth. "Its so form fitting. Where did you ever find it?" The lingerie riding up the crack between her cheeks. He felt her soft skin against him. Bill's dick hardened again and he could see it's shape form in the crack at the back of her pants. He quickly dropped the suit for his pants as his daughter's hand reached back to touch the appearing then disappearing shape.

"That was weird." she said a little woozy, "It felt like there was something in my pants." She looked at him with one eyebrow up. Her father looked perplexed but silent. Her body turned and she smiled, gave one last pose and said thank you again. Then she strutted away. He walked to the door and watched her sway down the hall.

Then he let out a sigh, too close. The plan was slipshod at best. He had been so excited that he wasn't thinking right. Too many things out of order. This wasn't like him at all. But his desires and frustrations were overpowering his logic.

Got to get back to basics. He got himself a drink and sat down. First, wait until she's asleep. Next check in on her and make sure her window is closed and locked. Place the scarf over her face. Then put on the suit. Got it. He went over the list in his head as he had another drink.

Sleep. Check. Scarf. Suit. He felt relaxed and confident. This time he was going to do her. No more waiting. Everything was in place. No one will ever know except him.

It is a perfect plan. An hour passed before he dared check in on her. Clare after all the wine, was out like a light and didn't respond to his whispers. He lifted her sheet and saw the new lingerie like a second skin over her nubile body. Every detail shown through the material. 'This stuff is incredible.' he thought to himself. He checked the window, closed and locked. Then he pulled the scarf from her table and placed it over her face.

He crept out of her room and stood at the door. Pulling the suit from his rob pocket he covered his mouth and imagined kissing her lips. Her body rose and she puckered her lips. She didn't wake. He moved the suit to his groan and his growing meat. He watched with delight as her mouth opened and he could feel her take his head in. 'What a drunken slut.' he thought, 'This is going to be easy.' He pulled the material away from his pulsing member and watched her search for the missing pacifier.

Unable to find it she settled back into her pillow and he crept away back to the safety of his room. Carefully he slipped on the suit. He could feel her rustling against his skin as it slid on. His mind immediately thought of her body spooning his.

As soon as the thought solidified in his mind he could feel her bare ass press against his hardening dick. 'Let's start at the top.' he said. He lay on the bed and tried very hard to think of her mouth on his meat. The suit shifted on his body and then he felt it. Her mouth pressed against the top of his stiff rod and slowly engulfed it.

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This was amazing. He could feel her tongue massage the head. He looked down but only saw his dick wavering in midair cloaked in the amazing material.

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Closing his eyes he arched, pushing his rod deeper. The slut of a daughter just wiggled around and drew him in. 'Yeah, that's the ticket.' He pumped a couple times then remembered the collar. He slid the collar up over his mouth and imagined licking her pussy. Just as easily he could feel the smooth skin and tight lips of his slutty daughter's treasure. Extending his tongue he parted her lips and felt her legs spread inviting him in, then squeeze against his cheeks as his tongue dove deep.

He dug deeper with his tongue as he thrust his rod further into her mouth. His tongue working its way into her treasured pocket as his dick was swallowed. He felt so excited that he was already going to orgasm.

Reaching down to push her head away he realized she wasn't there. Instead he needed to think of pulling out. He focused hard and felt her move away. That was close. He was so hard his dick pulsed at the edge of explosion. The only thing he could think of was sliding the leg opening up and freeing his member for a brief respite. It pulsed in the open air as if gasping for breath.

With that handled for the moment he returned to licking her pussy. Her slutty body humped against his mouth and tongue as he imagined her reactions. It never crossed his mind that she would wake up and wonder what was happening. His ego suspected that his slutty daughter would just enjoy the experience and he was satisfied with that.

So, he just kept playing out the fantasy in his mind. His erection had eased and he slipped the meat back into the suit and imagined licking her sweet ass. With that he could feel her cheeks against his and he rolled his tongue around her puckered little hole. He could feel her quiver and shake, her cheeks spread and pressed against his invading probe.

Then he felt his dick being sucked again. He was ready to continue his world tour and focused his mind on putting his meat into her slutty pussy. The sucking mouth vanished and was immediately replaced with a tight wiggling hole. It stroked and pumped on his rod as he returned the favor. His efforts compounded by the sensation of him still tongue lashing her asshole.

The suit transmitting the dick intensely pounding her wet hole over and over. The suit stroking the length of his rod and pounding against his pubic bone. He was a lech for sure but hadn't had such a good fuck in a long time. So, he was again close to cumming and wanted to finish in her proud slutty ass. The one she always paraded around the house and teased him with. Also, he remembered the last time he tried this. He ended up the recipient of her boyfriend's ass fucking.

As soon as this thought crossed his mind he could feel the change. The sudden tightness, her body shaking and twisting. The hole pushing all the way down on his shaft. 'God, what a slut.' he thought to himself. 'She's really fucking loving my dick in her ass.' This pushed him over the top and he started jerking and cumming in the suit. He shouted, "Yeah! Take daddy's load in your ass. That's my slutty little girl. Your bitch of a mom couldn't take it. But you love it, don't you Clare?

Yeah! Ugh!" He bounced on his bed, shaking and jerking to the empty air. He could only imagine his daughter's excitement. Little did he know but just outside his bedroom was his daughter.

Looking through the partly open door. There with a video camera taping her dirty lech of a father yelling, writhing and bucking the air in a black bodysuit. "Gotcha." is all she said.