School girls bous sex sex stories

School girls bous sex sex stories
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This is not my story but i found it online and enjoyed reading it so i thought id share it with the community. Enjoy. When I was a teen I noticed my younger brother and some others guy friends of his get really excited, like they were doing something REALLY naughty, as they were trying really hard to act like they were not up to something. I kept my eyes on them to try to figure out what they were up to.

Something REALLY was exciting to them as they kept pointing different ways. After a while one of them switched cups with a girl. Right then, I had a pretty good idea on what they were up to. My first emotion was excitement followed closely by conflicting thoughts. As the drug started to take effect some of the guys staged a fight. While all heads were turned to the fight, my brother and three others did their best to take her away.

They weren't unnoticed. When one other girl challenged what they were up to, I found myself interjecting and pulling the other girl aside. I told her that one of them was my brother.


I was going to go with to make sure nothing bad happened. I don't know why I said that. I hadn't planned on it. I caught up to them as they were getting her into a bedroom. They tried to lie to me that they weren't up to anything.


I felt the need to be in the room too. I told them the truth about what I said to the other girl and warned it wouldn't look good for me to be caught going back now or staying out in the hallway. Besides, I want to watch to make sure nothing too bad happens. Now lets gently get her clothes off without wrecking them.

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I know it was wrong, but I LOVED what happened next. The only way it could have been better, was if I was the one that was drugged. I made sure to give them that hint, several times.

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The next party, I was next Below is a comment added to the abouve story by a reader. I was at a party and there was a cute girl that everybody is paying attention to.One of my friends said that she was letting guys hope her. So I walked by her and watched guys feeling her up. I mean they were rubbing her p**** grabbing her ass.

And were pulling out her clothes and she was giggling, I could tell she was really f***** up.One guy pulled out his c*** and she was strokiing him. Almost the same as the other story she just got pushed into a corner and he lifted up her dress and is rubbing his c*** on her p****. In a matter of seconds her clothes for being ripped off by other guys and she looks so hot she had a perfect body and she's grabbing onto the guys shoulders.

He spun around and pushed her out into the middleof the floor. I overheard some of the girls they're saying god she's such a s*** I can't leave her husband's letting her do this. I was like what?

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And Shernoff I saw a guy jerking off on the sofa that she kept on looking at. Everybody was tagteaming her. The first guy definitely came in her p**** while she was blowing another guy and become was dripping down her leg and another guy just stepped right up and slipped inside her he f***** her for two seconds and came and it went on for probably 25 minutes most of the girls left.

I couldn't resist this so I let her blow me and she swallowed it. I wish I had f***** her husband came over and was kissing her and f***** her tooshe was completely naked.

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I think they've done it before. I have the idea I'd like to see my girlfriend do the same thing now take on it but you guys have loads of come dripping out of her f***** p**** starting to think I'd like to lick her after she's been gang-banged.

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Later on that evening she was still walking around completely naked and a couple of the guys just pushed on the floor and held her down and we will watch her get f***** again she was so drunk I don't think she knew who even her husband was. About the same thing happened to me but my BF was behind it all I later found out.

Someone had slipped Xtacy into my drink three times and I became a nymphomaniac I couldn't get enuf c*** I was even doubled by three different guys. I should have know something was up when my BF and I walked in there was only guys there but I payed no attention and began to dance with whoever asked me even with guys who didn't ask then it became bump and grind and three different guys lifted my skirt and ground their hard c**** against my belly and I didn't resist and that started it all.

Soon it was three to five guys grinding their hard c**** against me and somewhere I lost my panties and I had no idea where they were next my blouse disappeared and now I was nude and did nothing to keep from dancing and feeling c**** against me soon I was led into a back bed room servicing two to three guys at a time and many two and three times over.

I passed out but the f****** continued and get this my so called BF video taped everything 5 hours of me being f***** by more that 14 guys. When I came to I was so sore and I had c** every where on me and still flowing out of my p**** and ass. My hair was all sticky and I was alone in this guys house.


It took me more than a hour to find my skirt and I never did find my blouse so I stole a shirt out of the closet. When I got home I found a box on my step, opened it and found a video tape when I got in the house I started to watch it and I couldn't take my eyes off of what was happening to me and I watched the whole 5 hours 14 minutes of me being played with, f*****, being eaten out and the worst part taking three dogs on each tying with me for over half a hour and seeing their still hard c**** when they pulled out of me and my p**** was sore but getting wetter by the minute.