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Kelly Starr durchgevögelt
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The next morning we all woke up around 7 am. I moved my arms towards the ceiling as I stretched and let out a loud yawn.


I looked over to the next bed where Zack was sitting and we both smiled at each other thinking of the events that took place the night before. I moved to sit on the side of the bed when I heard a knock at the door.


I stood up and walked to the door and opened it. Our teachers were making there morning rounds telling everyone breakfast would be starting in 30 minutes.

It was about 7:20. Everyone was still half asleep, so I decided a nice warm shower might wake me up. I stepped into the bathroom and shut the door. I turned on the water and waited for it to warm up, then I stepped inside and let warm streams of water beat across my body.

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I stood there as the water poured over me and disappeared down the drain while letting my mind wander. I began to lather myself up when I heard a knock at the bathroom door. I opened the shower curtain and saw Zack standing there in the open doorway. I thought he was just waiting to use the shower so I told him I would be out soon. He then stepped in and closed the door, locking it behind him. I asked him what he was doing and he said Jason and Carl already left for breakfast, so he thought he would join me.

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I gave him a sly grin and said sure come on in. He began to strip off his clothes, once again exposing his perfect body. When he stepped into the shower, the water flooded over his spiked up hair causing it to wilt and stick to his forehead.

I moved closer to him and brushed the hair out of his face as i leaned in to kiss him gently. He reached up to my head and ran his hand through my hair.

I could feel his tongue pressing against my lips, begging to gain entrance. I parted my lips slightly as our tongues began to entangle, intensifying our lust. He thrust his tongue into my mouth, swirling his around mine and sucking lightly.

I could feel his growing erection press against mine as we moved closer, our drenched bodies sliding against each other. I broke the kiss and began to gnaw on his neck slightly, causing a small whimper to escape him as his breath quickened. I began to lower myself to his chest, placing delicate kisses along my way. I stopped at his nipple, licking it lightly and nicking at it ever so slightly. More soft moans escaped him as he placed his hand on my head, guiding me to his length just awaiting the pleasure soon to come.

I licked the head of his shaft and slowly consumed his gorgeous cock.

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I began to move my head up and down, sliding my tongue around his length, tasting his sweet pre cum. The soft moans he had been producing were now replaced with moans that could have been heard down the hall.

I took my mouth off of his cock and I heard a small sigh of disappointment. I raised my self up and kissed him again. " I want to know what It's like to have you inside of me," I whispered in his ear softly as i turned around, bracing my hands against the wall and exposing my waiting hole.

I felt him move close to me, and prepared myself for the pleasure of having him inside of me. I could feel his member pressing against my hole as he began to apply more and more pressure, the water around us acting as a lubricant making it easier for him to enter me. I tensed at the pain I felt as he slowly pushed inside me, but the last thing i would want is for him to stop. I begged him to continue as the pain slowly faded into a pleasure like none i had felt before. He began moving in and out of me slowly, as I attended to my own engorged length.

" Mmmm" I moaned heavily from such intense pleasure as he began picking up speed, pumping into my ass as i pleasured myself. He leaned forward and began kissing my neck, almost sending me over the edge right then. He was hitting all the right spots. It felt so good.I could feel his cock begin to spasm as I knew he was close to climax.

I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer either.

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He let out a loud sigh as he fell against me and I could feel his hot juice being released inside of me. The pressure that built up in my balls was to much to hold back as I shot five long ropes of cum onto the shower tile.

We stood there exhausted, depleted from the pleasure. We began to wash each other off kissing along the way, just having fun.

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Once we were dried off, we stepped into our room and began to get dressed. Once we were dressed we walked to the elevator to go to the floor where breakfast was being served. After everyone ate, we were to go back to our rooms, pack up, and get ready to check out.

After checking out, we didn't have much planned to do that day so the teachers decided we would go to the beach. Everyone piled off the bus and headed for the water or to find a spot to sunbathe on the beach. Zack and i found a spot out of sight of the teachers where we went to sit and maybe play a little kissing game :). Soon it was time to head home so everyone piled back onto the bus. Zack decided to sit beside me on the ride home.

It wasn't too long before Zack rested his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I kissed his forehead lightly and also fell asleep, together on the long ride home. Sorry if the end kind of sucks, couldn't think of what to write.

Hope this one is better than the last.