Coroa deliciosa delirando na pica

Coroa deliciosa delirando na pica
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Share Me By Blueheatt &hellip. Janie was the one who wanted to be shared&hellip. … When she first told me about it, she said it was very, very secret. I got a hot rush immediately. …That was just what my fantasy had been for a long time.


My husband John had a friend Paul who I had sexual desires for. I had hot yearnings for him, for a long time. …Paul was single, and the kind of guy that made me hot just looking at him. He was tall, wavy hair and just plain handsome. I would just look at him and picture him feeling my tits and kissing me with passion. I dreamed about him undressing me and getting on top of me and licking my pussy until I climaxed.

I never made a move on him, but his eyes told me he may have a secret sexual interest in me. They seemed to look right through my clothes and I had caught him looking at my tits and daydreaming…I wondered what he was thinking.

I wanted to find out, and this 'wife sharing' thing was just what I wanted to get with Paul. … I had pretended that it was Paul on top of me instead of John, many times. Late at night I loved the risk of fingered my clit while thinking about Paul fucking me, right while John slept beside us. I then quietly took the finger I had rubbed on my clit with and sucked on it like it was Paul's cock. I orgasmed every time. I 'pretend' fucked Paul every time I got the chance. …The three of us all watched a porn video once and I got to see Paul get a big hardon.

He tried to hide it and caught me looking at it and smiling at him. I had a great fingering orgasm in the shower later that night with my little boyfriend, "Mr. Shower Wand". I had more orgasms during the night while John slept and snored. … I pumped Janie for details of how the set up was. …She started telling me how it all started.

Her husbands friend Mark and her were highly attracted to each other. It started with a simple hand squeeze they did when her husband was outside.

They stopped and next they were feeling more than hands in the hallway. Mark whispered: (."does Ron share?") Janie smiled, paused a minute and whispered back: ("Share.that's it! I think I know a way he will.") … She told Mark what she was going to do ahead of time.

She had found out her husband had a girl on the side, so that day, she confronted him with a deal. She said: ( in front of Mark) "Mark and I want you to share me with Mark. You do your 'thing' and we'll do ours. We don't really want to sneak around and have an affair behind your back. " …Her husband knew he was found out, and agreed to the deal.

Now he could go and have his affair without the fear of being caught. They all agreed on it and set these terms.

Janie would go to Marks place whenever she wanted, and hubby would go see his girlfriend whenever he wanted. &hellip.That night Janie headed over to Marks and her husband headed for his girlfriends. …Janie tried to describe what it was like to have the freedom to have sex with Mark for the first time…she had to sit down as she got out of breath.

She looked into space and just said: "Awesome Lisa…mind blowing awesome. I got to have new and fresh sex&hellip.I&hellip.we've. done new things&hellip." She just smiled and stared into space.

. "Janie, hold those stories! I have to leave, but we'll get together again for more." I said. … I didn't need to hear anymore as my pussy began to pulse and was get soaked. Her story made me so hot I had to go home and take one of my 'finger' showers. I sat on the shower floor with my legs up on the wall and let the warm water flow on my clit.

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Now 'I' was getting some of that 'awesome' too. …Damn, her situation was way different than mine. My husband John doesn't cheat and he would never share me…I don't think… &hellip.That was how I left it, but then I talked to John about …hidden desires that night. I told him people have them but keep them suppressed. He smiled big and said: "You have them, and…so do I.

My family would go crazy if hey knew what I'd really like to do. " I was highly interested in just what he'd 'really like to do'.


It seems he had a deep hidden desire to have sex with our once a week house keeper Gina. She was a very cute girl and very sexy. She really liked John and once secretly ask him if he had a girlfriend on the side.

He said he told her no, he didn't do that. She said if he ever changed his mind, to let her know, because she would love to have sex with him. …My mind went crazy trying to think of a 'deal' we could make to both kind of 'share' us with another person.

I approached it with a 'what if' kind of a deal. …I snuggled up to him and whispered: (".what if&hellip. we allowed a 'sharing' of us …oh say once and a while. We could 'try' it and see if it would work. We wouldn't be cheating because we would be fully aware of what the other person was doing." He laid his head back on the pillow and stared into space.

He had to be thinking of fucking that housekeeper, all young with her hot body. He began to smile.

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He turned to me and said: "I bet I know who you'll like to be shared with." I didn't say a word, to see if he could guess. "He said: "Ron." I couldn't hide my smile and said: "I won't lie to you, but 'yes', it would be him." He said: "I know Ron real well and he's cool. I bet he'll go for it too. Do you want to approach him, or shall I?" I said: "Let me feel him out on the idea. If he's a 'go' I'll tell him to talk to you to verify the deal.Ok?" We agreed and agreed that also, we could fantasize about them while we had sex at times.

A deal was struck. He would accept Gina's offer to have sex with him. … After that heart stopping deal, we were both really turned on.

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We attacked each other and then turned out all the lights. …We fantasized we were with our new selected lovers and just let the fantasies flow. I pretended Ron was on top of me and kissing my tits as John did it. He pretended he was sucking on Gina's young tits and was in his own heaven. He next went down to my pussy and licked it like it was the young girl.

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I felt like it was Ron's tongue in my pussy. &hellip.It was a 'major'…turn on for both of us. We hadn't been this horny since we fucked in the backseat of the car at the grocery story one time. …I turned and got his cock in my mouth as he licked my pussy good. I pretended it was Ron's cock and began to suck it fast. He pulled my legs around his head and sucked on my clit like it was the first one he ever sucked on.

We were making each other hotter than ever. We rolled, turned, licked, kissed, and finally he put his cock in me. We didn't last long as my legs were pushed up and my legs were being slapped by his body fucking me.

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This was great but then… out of my mouth came, (".fuck me Ron…fuck me good baby.") he replied instantly. (".Gina you feel so hot in your pussy…"). …This had really enhanced our sex together. Pretending to fuck our chosen lovers, with a big 'go' from our spouses.

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I couldn't wait to let Janie know, I too was being shared with a man I choose… …Wednesday was the day Gina came, and I made sure I was leaving when she came. I smiled at her and all I said was: "You two have a great time." She smiled big as her and John had already talked on the phone and set the deal with my approval.

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I couldn't wait to hear how it went while I went to&hellip.Ron's apartment. John and I both talked to him and he was mega all for it. This was our first meeting.

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…The second that door closed we were at each other. We mumbled between kissing and panting for air how we had only fantasized about us ever getting together. We stripped us naked right in the front room. He picked me up and carried me to his bed. I think my pussy started dripping right then.

…It was the first time since I got married that another man was making love to me. It was exciting and still it had that 'risky' feeling to it. … We started in completely different that John and I.

He licked me in new places and I licked his rock hard on. It was a little bigger than Johns, but who was keeping track. I moaned new things to him. "Take me Ron, take all you want…hold me down and fuck me hard baby." … I had always want to say these thing to John but we just didn't. Ron was strong and rolled me over and fingered my pussy rough from behind. He grabbed my hips and pulled them up and in went his warm cock. He leaned over and said: "Tell me how good that feels…tell me how hot is makes you, fuck back with me…yeah that's it Lisa.

You're my private pussy now, so get ready for the fucking of you life." …John had never talked to me this way and it was exciting me like a school girls first fuck.

I said: "Will you be my boyfriend for ever and ever?" He rolled me over and smiled. He said: "Is this your first time girl? I'll just have to teach you all about sex, it looks like." …It was our 'first time' and it had that same exciting feeling to it. I whispered: (".yes, it's 'our' first time, so lets fuck and quit talking." We didn't talk anymore, just moaned and gasp for air. We got each other excited, as the sexual high went up and up.

I felt so damn good to have variety in sex as I let him play with me. I was in a happy, sexually crazed mood He started rolling me all over like a rag doll, fucking me this way and then that way as I was helplessly enjoying it all. He had sexual energy and he was going to make this first time one to remember for us both.

…He put my legs out and licked his way up to my tits. He kept going until I felt his cock enter my waiting pussy. I finally felt his cock slide in me.

I clamped him up like steel trap. He moaned as I ground hard on his cock. I just had to whisper: (".you better fuck me good and hard.") …With that we became a fucking machine.

With us both fucking as hard and fast as we could, his bed started to shake hard. I dug my fingers in his back and moaned.".fuck me Ron, harder baby…deeper baby make me cum hard." …I don't even know where that kind of talk came from, but I liked saying it for change.

I watch his face get red as I felt a mega climax building in me. About the third slow and final thrust and his cock exploded in me.


I felt his cum shot all the way to the back of my pussy. I loved feeling his cum blast in me. I started squirting out of control as my climax hit me and I couldn't stop shaking for a minute. He let out a moan like a lion, and just kept right on fucking me hard. I locked him up with my legs and arms.

I trembled as I had the longest climax of my life&hellip.