Randy moore bdsm

Randy moore bdsm
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I was finally leaving Tennessee. After a full summer of bad cable, and the highlight of the weekend being grocery trips, I was leaving my grandparents and headed back home. The plane I was taking was a large one. To cut down on cost my parents had books an 8 hour red eye back to Cali and I knew I was in it for the long haul. At least I had the window seat. The man that sat two rows away looked average and bored as he sat down, not even glancing my way as he checked his phone before turning it off and buckling his seat belt.

As the plane took off the lights dimmed and the cabin remained silent. I accepted the blanket a flight stewardess gave me and settled in with my head against the cool window. A hand brushed my shoulder and I moved, started, looking all around me.


It was the man, he raised his hands in mock surrender before whispering. "Whoa there kiddo. No need to jump ship. I just wanted to let you know, it's just you and me, so you can spread out and take the middle seat if you want." Feeling silly, I smiled weakly and muttered my thanks.

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While I adjusted the arm rests and settled back down he said, "My name's Pete. What's your name?" "Beka." I said "Beka? Pretty name." He said this as he looked at me, studying my face. "Pretty girl too… Well you just go to sleep Beka, and the flight will be over before you know it." Slightly unsettled I thanked him again and closed my eyes. Before I knew it, I had drifted to sleep. I felt a warm probing sensation traveling up my leg as I slowly woke.

In confusion I felt finger tips slide up my thigh, curving in between my scrunched up legs. In a moment of fear I felt frozen there, unsure what to think or do. Lightly I brushed the fingers off, trying to make it casual as if I did it in my sleep. The hand slipped away and immediately I wondered if I had imagined the whole thing.

But no, I hadn't. moments later the mans hands again smoothed over my leg under the blanket. As I went to brush him away again he grabbed my hand and firmly set it down at my side.

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Fear seized me. What was he doing? Why? I lay there shaking and his hand roamed my body. Petting me and smoothing over my side and breasts.

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My breathing was so deep, he must know I was awake, but I didn't move. couldn't move. I felt his fingers expertly unbutton my jean shorts and slide them slightly down to my knees.

I grabbed at them, trying to pull them back up, but his hand pressed mine down again, I shook as he began to rub between my legs moistening my cotton panties.

My eyes tightened as I felt him adjust himself, rubbing harder as I heard him unbuckle first his seat belt, then his pants belt. Two of his fingers began probing inside of me, the cotton a poor barrier that stretched to allow him inside. I whimpered and he made a quiet, "shhhh" under his breath as he slid my underwear aside, putting his bare fingers inside of my pussy. I softly gasped and began to sit up as he prodded me with a third finger, but he leaned over and with his other hand pressed down on my legs, holding them in place.

"Beka, if you're not a good girl, I'll embarrass you in front of all these people. You'll have no proof, and who do you think they'll believe?" I managed to glance over at him. The blanket was over both of us now, and his hands underneath grasped me. His eyes stared at me hungrily but his face remained calm and serious.

"Go back to sleep." I closed my eyes as a tear escaped down my cheek. He bent down and I felt him kiss me, kiss me, his lips getting when with my years. I flinched and he thrusted a fourth finger inside of me, now grinding them inside with his thumb pressing against my outer lips for leverage. I could feel the rhythmic thump of his slowly beating himself off with his other hand and then he went faster, becoming more bold, burnin my insides with the friction of it all. Finally he was the one to softly gasp, his fingers froze before he pulled his pulled back, wiping my juices on the inside of my shorts.

I didn't dare move. I was petrified. Then, to my astonishment, he pressed the help button, summoning a flight stewardess.

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I heard the woman come up and the man, Pete, ask for a bottle of water. The flight attendant then said, "Miss, do you need anything?" I slowly opened my eyes, turning to look at her. She stood there, eyebrows raised waiting for me to answer. Pete stared as well.

I opened my mouth, and didn't know how or what to say. Would she believe me?

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Did I have proof? No. The only proof was on my own shorts…I would look like I was a pervert. What would I say? I shook my head and turned away.

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I heard Pete laugh softly to her and say, "Heh. guess not." And she left, returning with the bottled water and leaving without another word to me. "Good girl Beka" he said softly, petting my soft brown hair.

He then slid his hand back under to fondle my breasts, pinching them lightly so they puckered and betrayed me. I felt sick and violated. Then his hands roamed down to my private again and he slowly stuck his fingers in once more.

When would this end? Hadn't he had enough? This time he spread his four fingers inside of me, pressing against my walls, expanding in me. It was painful and made my stomach lurch from the intrusion. Then he was gone again. I let out a breath, realizing I was sweating from his use of me and the heat of the blanket. Thats when I felt something cold and smooth against the entrance of my pussy. I opened my mouth to yelp but he squeeze a sweaty hand over my mouth, bent over me. He was no longer in his seat but tangle between my legs, holding one under his keeping them slightly parted.

The cold smooth object pressed at me. I felt an odd hard ridge and realized it was the bottle. Before I could struggle properly, he burst it through my opening, causing my body to jerk against him. People across the aisle had headphones in, eyes closed, and nobody behind us made a sound of protest as he began to fast fuck me with the water bottle, arm gripping around my face as he chugged.

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My body reacted, bringing up its defenses and trying to moisten the invasion to my body. I felt myself heave and release my involuntary orgasm onto the bottle and his lap.

He moved back. Scooting onto his seat, before looking at me. A wicket grin on his face as he unscrewed the bottle cap and drank the bottle dry. All I could do was watch in horror and humiliation as he pressed the attendant button again, and thew the bottle away without paying me a glance.


I brought my legs up and sat, body hunched over, head on knees and wept quietly. Then the lights came on and the pilot came over the intercom: "This is your captain speaking. Please remain in your seats, seat belts on, tray tables folded as be begin out descent into San Fransisco. Welcome home!"