Phenomenal booty smothering lesbian babes

Phenomenal booty smothering lesbian babes
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"I just want to have sex with you." Nikki whined as she followed me through the library. "Not right now, Nik." "Oh, c'mon!" She sped up her pace so she was pressed behind me while I reached for a book.

Pressing a hand inside the waistband of my jeans she said, "Let me taste you." I turned my head and looked at Nikki. She was beautiful. She had tan skin and long black hair that fell in curls. She looked up at me and I was met with these green exotic eyes.

All I could think was wow looking at her right now. She was wearing a white tank top that was low cut revealing her ample cleavage and tan skin that I wanted to run my tongue against.


I pulled her hand out of my pants and thanked God that we were in the secluded section of the library. Nikki was being relentless and horny and it wasn't fair. All I wanted to do was find a book but she had other plans. "Let's go back to your dorm and I can show you how hot you make me, Sav." She was playing with the ends of my strawberry blonde hair and took the opportunity to slide her fingers past the waist band of my panties once again.

I leaned back against her as my pussy craved attention. "I know you're wet for me, so let's take this to the bedroom." I've known Nikki for about six months now, and I've been fucking her ever since. We went to an all girls school called Richmond Academy in Ontario, Canada.

The school was known in the community as a drop off for affluent parents so they could spend their time doing anything and everything but raising their child. In less then fifteen minutes I was in my dorm lying in front of her with her legs spread open in front of me. I was taking my time to observe and explore before I went in for the kill. My finger gently trailed down her slit over her panties.

She was soaking wet already and I haven't even taken her panties off yet. "Fuck, Sav. Are you gonna do something with that pretty little mouth or are you just gonna sit and stare at my pussy all day?" "You're always so impatient." I purred.

I lifted myself and kissed just above her belly button. She squirmed dying at the anticipation of what's to come. I kissed a trail of kisses up her stomach before running my tongue over her breast. She had these amazing perky little tits that I never got tired of sucking on.

With one of her nipples in between my teeth I pulled and she cried out in pleasure. "You're making me so fucking wet, Sav. With your mouth sucking on my tit." I kept my mouth on her tits, delegating my attention, and my hand was finding its way to her soaking pussy.

I reached inside her panties and put my fore finger in her wet little cunt and just pumped in and out of her.

My thumb pressed itself on her clit. It was as stiff as a rock and all I could think about was sucking on it like I was sucking on her tits. As if she was reading my mind, she cupped my face and kissed me so hard that it made me a little wet thinking about how much she wanted me.

"Eat me." She said. "Show me what else that hot little mouth can do." So I sat in front of her and again I was eye to eye with her delectable cunt. I slowly pulled off her underwear, kissing her thighs as I went. I loved hearing her whimper my name. When I heard her moan I almost came right then and there.

I so badly wanted to fuck her into next Tuesday. Her inner lips were jutting out and I licked my lips at the anticipation. I threw my hair over my shoulder and placed my hands on her hips as I slowly I licked at the juices flowing from her pussy. She tasted so fucking good that I couldn't help myself. I didn't want to tease her anymore so I latched my mouth on her pussy like it was the last supper. "Fuck, Sav." She cried out lifting her body off the mattress.

"Eat my pussy, Savannah. I want to cum. I want to come with your hot little tongue pressed against my pussy." She squeezed her legs so that I was trapped in between her luscious pussy lips. I fucked her with my tongue and nibbled on her clit. With it between my teeth I sucked and nibbled until she was quivering. I darted my tongue and twisted it inside of her as she moaned my name.

She was about to come and I squeezed her hips as she came into my mouth. I sucked at her juices and she just sat there motionless for a few seconds while my tongue lapped at the cum that was flowing from her cunt. I placed myself right beside her as I watched her come down from her climax. When she finally was breathing normally she turned to me and looked up and down my naked body. "You look so fucking hot with my cum all across your face." My eyes closed at the dirty words she was telling me.

I tweaked at my nipple before sliding my hands down to my pussy. She turned me on so much that I was wet beyond belief. Just as I was about to play with myself Nikki stopped me. When I opened my eyes again I was greeted with her ass in the air and her mouth on my pussy. I could feel her licking my slit and darting her tongue in my cunny. While she was kissing my clitoris she stuck a finger deep inside of me "Yes, Nik." I moaned. "Suck on my clit, make me come for you, Nik." And when we were inside these four walls she always did what she was told.

I held her hair back as she ate me into another fucking universe. My head fell back and my whole body felt like it was on fire. I cried out her name and bit my lip to stop from waking anyone up. She sucked my lips and grasped my cunt in between her teeth. "That's it, baby." Nikki cooed. "Cum for me. I want to see you fall apart under me." She knew the right words to say to get me over the edge. She shoved two fingers inside of me as she sucked hard on my clit. I moaned into my sheets and roughly ran my hands through her hair as she sucked on my pussy.

I put both my hands on her head and pushed her face deep into my cunt, wanting her tongue to feel every part of me as I went into my climax. She was grinning down at me proudly which made me laugh. "That was." "Mind-blowing." I finished for her. "Where'd you learn to eat pussy like that?" She laughed and kiss me. I could taste my cum and I didn't know what was hotter.

The fact that she swallowed my cum, or her sitting next to me with her legs apart and her tits free. "Summer camp." She told me. I stifled a yawn but nothing gets passed Nikki. "You tired?" She asked. "Nah." I said. I went up on my elbows and started playing with her sweet little kitty. I was exhausted but I still wanted her pussy on my face.

She smirked down at me and told me to get up. "I want to try something." I laughed as she sat me up and crawled right in front of me. "What kind of tutoring session is this now?" I asked her. "The kind were I fuck you senseless." She put her right leg over mine and her left under the other. My breathing became shallower as I realized what she was going to do next.

She slowly started grinding her pussy against mine and I got wet instantly. She had her hand on my neck and once she got the hang of it she started furiously pushing her hot little cunny against mine. While she was grinding on my mound, she began to kiss me. I moaned into her mouth as she sucked on my tongue.

She humped her cunt fast against mine and the friction was starting to build up. She was grinding into my sensitive clit. I felt like I was going to cum at any moment. "Fuck, Nikki." I couldn't take it. This was so fucking hot. "I'm gonna come." "Come with me." She moaned. "Fuck, Nik. I'm-ahh-I'm coming." She clung onto me as we both came into each other's pussy.

She was one freaky thing, and I couldn't get enough of this. With her breathy voice and her hand playing with my nipples she whispered, "I bet if I ate you out I could taste myself all over your hot little cookie." "Nikki, are you trying to kill me?" "Oh c'mon," she said in that sultry voice that I gave into every time, "death by sex wouldn't be so bad." "I want to bury my tongue so deep inside of you right now.

I hope you know that." She smirked darkly and turned around so that she was straddling my stomach. She bent over and I got a great view of my dinner and desert. I moaned loudly as she licked at my center. "Shh, someone will hear us." She told me but I couldn't help myself.

She was too hot and just the simple thought of her tongue inside of me was setting me off. Finally she sat on my face, shutting me up completely. I licked at my juices that were all over her pussy and cried into hers as she was fucking me with her finger and sucking on my clit at the same time.

She humped against my face, bouncing on my tongue. I grabbed her ass to get a steady hold of her and squeezed. I sucked on her clit so hard I felt it on the roof of my mouth.

She came so hard on my face that I didn't have time or the energy to lap it up. I let her come all over me as I let out my release at the same time. She slumped against me with her tongue still buried deep in my pussy. She seemed worn out so I rolled her over, feeling a little disappointed that my face was no longer her throne. "I think I wore myself out." She giggled. I grinned down at her naked body, thankful that I don't have a roommate.

"Who would have thought you were a muff muncher?" She laughed darkly and sat up. "Maybe I just like one muff in particular." I smiled as she got up and started walking around the room in all her glory. "Who's this?" She held up a picture of me as a baby. "That's me." "You were cute." She put the picture down and crawled onto the bed behind me. I felt her perky little tits on my back and sighed.

She put her hand on my stomach and started tracing invisible patterns. Her touch seemed innocent at first before it started to wander south. "Nikki," I meant for it to come out as a warning, but the moan that came out instead only encouraged her. "Let me touch you, Sav." I swallowed and reveled the feel of her hand in between my legs.

"You're always so wet." She purred in my ear.

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She nibbled on my earlobe and I whimpered. I wanted her to finish me off so bad that I would beg if I had to. I moved my hips to the rhythm of her fingers and was quickly getting to my climax. She was so fucking hot that I couldn't help but come fast when she was touching me. I humped fast against her fingers and when she bit my neck I creamed all over my bed and all over Nikki's fingers. I could feel her fingers against my pussy still.

She had my cum all over her fingers and sucked on them until it was all gone. "Thanks." I said breathlessly. "I love tasting you." She told me as she went down on me again. I laid there as she cleaned me up. All this sex had me so spent that I couldn't move even if my life depended on it. "I think you killed me, Nik." She laughed and got up. "I have to go." She started putting on her clothes and running her hands through her hair.

"Where are you rushing off to?" She groaned and rolled her eyes. "Fucking Quinn needs me to help her tutor some girl on the soccer team so she won't be kicked off." "Have fun." "I'd much rather be having sexy time with you but duty calls." She leaned down and sensually kissed me goodbye.

Her tongue was exploring my mouth vividly and just this was enough to make me wet again. "Bye, Sav. My mouth tastes like that juicy little pussy of yours." She whispered against my lips. Fuck, I thought as I watched her walk out of my dorm.

I was in way too deep. My mind went back to the first time we had sex. We were in the girl's lavatory. We occupied the showers side by side each other and I closed my eyes so I wouldn't peak over at her round tits.

I didn't hear her move into my shower, but I sure felt her press herself against me. I gasped feeling her nipples harden on my back.

I stepped out from under the water and turned to see her smirking at me. I looked hungrily down her body, my eyes stopping right above her flat tummy. "Nikki, you're in my shower." "It's not a big deal, Sav." Nikki told me. She was getting closer to my shower and I stepped back. Normally I wouldn't be afraid to go after what I want but there was something about her that made me want to take things slow.

She stepped into the shower with me and I went blank.

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She had these perky tits that looked too perfect to even be real. Her tan skin was glowing in the dim light if the lavatory. My eyes wandered down to her bare core and my mouth watered. My eyes went back to hers and she was looking at me with a look of pure lust. "Nik I-" "I'm gonna kiss you." She told me.

"And either you can kiss me back or you can go back to your room." She leaned in and licked her lips. She looked down at my breasts before looking back at my lips. When her soft lips touched mine I went into a frenzy. What started off as a gentle kiss turned into tongues fighting for dominance and hands on every part of my body. I cupped her face and pulled her against me. My back hit the tile and I gasped at the coldness of it.

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Her breasts were against mine and I felt her nipples moving against my skin. She pulled my bottom lip in between her teeth and latched her mouth onto my neck.

I moaned at the feel of her tongue against my skin. "Sav?" I whimpered as a sign for her to continue and her teeth scraped against my skin in a way that made me cry out her name. "I really want you to show me what made you want me." I pulled back from her and looked down at her lavish breasts.

"Don't do or say something you're gonna regret tomorrow." "You're not my first pussy, okay?" She told me seriously. "Now put your mouth on me or I'll find someone else to." I pushed her down on the tile shower and she sat on the floor with her back against the wall.

The water was still falling over us and drowned out the noise we made. Her breathing stopped for a second as I straddled her on the shower floor. For the first time I leaned down and took her breast my mouth. It was even better then I imagined. I got lost in the taste of her smooth tits. She tasted like a mixture of soap and Nikki. I swirled my tongue around her nipple and pulled on it with my teeth. "Ahh, Sav." She cried. "Don't stop." "Get up." I told her.

"What?" She breathed. "Get the fuck up and stand still, Nik." Immediately she got up and had her back again[i]st the shower wall. She ran her hands through the wet strands of my hair. I placed gentle kisses up her thighs until I reached the motherland. Looking at it made me feel like I was a child who was just granted an unlimited supply of candy.

She was sick of the anticipation and shoved my face into sweet, sweet cookie. I let my tongue explore the folds of her body and felt her body shaking around me. Her hips were moving in rhythm to my tongue as she pressed my face into her. "God, Sav. Don't stop I'm about to-ahhh." She didn't finish what she was saying because before we both knew it she was exploding into my mouth. I wiped my mouth and stood up gazing at her. She was holding herself up by her elbows, her breathing shallow.

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She laughed breathlessly and threw her head back. "I should have done that sooner." She said. I turned the shower off and laughed along with her. Looking at her standing naked in front of me made me want to latch my mouth back on her. "Stop looking at me like you want to eat me." "Been there, done that." She smiled and pushed herself off of the shower wall.

"I want to kiss you." She told me. I leaned forward and she pushed me back. She shook her head and slowly brought a finger down my body. "Here." She slid a finger into my core and bit her lip. "Fuck, Nikki." I hissed as she squatted down and kissed my thigh.

As I looked down all I could see was her tight little ass. Her mouth was attacking my clit while she eased one, then two fingers into me. Fuck this felt good. I tangled my fingers through the wetness of hair on her head and grabbed fistfuls of her hair. I pushed her forwards, trying to shove her mouth farther in my pussy.

"Ahhh," I screamed, Nikki clamped down hard on my clit and I fell apart. My pussy tightened around fingers and I felt my whole body erupt in flames. She got up and cupped my face.

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Nikki shoved her tongue on my mouth making me taste my own juices. "I've wanted to fuck you ever since you got here. I knew you were a little lesbian bitch." It had been running through my mind all night. In fact, after Nikki left I touched myself to the memory. Nik was so fucking hot that I knew I couldn't be the only girl she was fucking here at Richmond. The next day I was in study hall with me and Nikki's good friends, Quinn and Frankie. Study hall was usually one of the only places I got things done without distractions.

"I just don't understand Calculus." Frankie groaned in frustration and pushed her textbook away. I laughed and leaned back in my chair. "You're not trying." "Screw you, Savannah. This shit is hard." "Who're we screwing?" Nikki pulled out the chair next to me and dropped her back pack on the table.

"I think Frankie is just on her period." I joked and she flipped me off. I laughed loudly and was told to keep quiet by Ms. Sol. "I can tutor you if you want." Quinn told her.

"Really?" Quinn nodded and went back to writing her essay. Frankie shrugged and closed her textbook. When I made another comment about Frankie she threw her pencil at me and it dropped to the floor.

I reach down to pick it up only to notice that Nikki was wearing a tight short skirt. I gulped as she opened her legs to show me she wasn't even wearing panties. I quickly gave Frankie back her pencil. "I gotta go." I'm got my things together and shoved them into my bag. I really needed to take care of myself because seeing Nikki's pussy like that made me so wet. "Wait, Sav, did I leave my jacket in your dorm?" I looked at my watch and shrugged. "You can check before my next class." She nodded and got her stuff to follow me.

When we were out of the study hall she pulled me back by the loop of my jeans. "Do you really have a class?" "No." I smirked. "I don't have anything after study hall on Thursdays." She giggled and followed me up to my room. Once we were past the doors she threw her stuff down and pressed her lips against mine.

"Let's have some fun." She said against my lips. I grinned at her as she started taking off the tight little skirt.

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"I wish I could but I can't tonight." She pouted adorably and stopped unzipping her skirt. "Why?" "I'm not some sex machine, Nik." I laughed pulling my homework out on my desk.

"I'm not wearing panties and no matter how hard I try to fuck myself I can't cum. Is it shark week?" I laughed harder as I turned in my desk chair. "Is that why you're denying me the simple pleasure if burying my face inside of you." "Jesus, Nik." I shoved my fingers down my pants and brought them back up to see how my fingers were glistening.

"That's how wet you make me." "So let's fuck." I turned around and licked my juices off my own fingers. She sat on my lap and I put my hands on her waist. Feeling her smooth legs wrap themselves around me made me hot.

I wanted to give her what she wanted but I just wanted to relax tonight. Just lie in my bed and do nothing. "No." I laughed pecking her lips. "I need to finish this homework. I just want some time to be with you and not have my head between your legs." "But that's where I love you." My heart lurched at the three words but I knew it wasn't the way she meant it, no matter how much I wanted it to. "You're not doing that to me. No dirty talk, let's just watch a movie or something." "You have all weekend to finish homework.

We don't have class tomorrow." "Nik, we've had sex like everyday this week." "Fine." She huffed with a pout. I turned around and started the rest of my homework. I only had a few problems left to go before I was finished. I was expecting Nikki to turn on a movie or something.

I should have known that Nikki was a brat who always wanted her way. When I turned around to asked her what she picked I was shocked to find her naked on my bed. "What the hell, Nikki? Are you fucking naked?!" "What? You don't want to touch me so I'll touch myself." I couldn't turn around. Watching her play with her pussy made me so excited that I couldn't help but shove my fingers in my panties and touch myself the same way. "You want to know what I'm thinking about right now?" "Fuck, Nikki.

Tell me." She let out a moan behind me and it was taking everything I had not to stop fingering myself and just suck on her clit till she couldn't remember her own name. "I'm thinking about you, Sav. You sitting on your desk with your hot little legs spread open in front of me." "Don't do this to me, Nikki." She sighed and called out my name. "Or maybe your tongue deep in my- I let out a frustrated growl and got up and pushed my chair away roughly. I took her by her legs and opened them wide.

She had this smirk on her face that told me she knew she got to me and I was so mad. I gripped her ass and shoved my tongue in her pussy. "You little bitch. You knew I'd want to fuck you after seeing your fingers in your pussy." "I've been bad." She moaned, tweaking one of her nipples between her fingers.

The sight in front of me was so hot that I moaned into her pussy as I shoved my fingers in my own cunt. My fingers sunk into my dripping pussy. I latched my mouth on to Nikki's pussy, probing her cunt with my tongue. I vigorously sucked on her clit and relished in the fact that she was convulsing beneath me. When she came she panted that she loved when I did that.

"Now put your fucking clothes on, Nikki. I need to finish myself off." "Let me help." She got up and was on her knees standing on the bed.

She pulled me back so that her tits were pressed against my back. My fingers were still pumping in and out of myself as one of Nikki's hands slithered down my body. She unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down. She turned me around and stared at my fingers probing my cunt. "This won't do." She said pulling off my underwear so she had a perfect view.

Nikkki gripped one of my thighs in each hand, and swatted my hands aside as she plunged her mouth down onto my throbbing cunt. She began to passionately lick and lap at my soaking pussy, squirming her tongue in as far as it would go. Nikki's expert tongue darted itself in my pussy hole.

She moved her mouth to my clit and shoved two fingers in my hole. She bit down and I couldn't help but cry in pleasure. I gripped Nikki's shoulders to steady myself so I wouldn't melt into a puddle right here. "Ahhh, Nikki." I screamed as I creamed all over her pretty little face. She loved testing me even more then she loved when I ate her. She sat on my bed with red lips and a thoroughly fucked expression on her face. I swear I almost came again at the sight of my cum still on her chin.

"I'm gonna put on a movie." I turned around and went back to my homework. I heard the opening for Mama Mia! and chuckled to myself quietly. Fifteen minutes later when I finished my homework I turned around in my chair, half pleased and half pissed to find Nikki still naked.

When I went over to her she was asleep with her hand right under her belly button. I would be lying if I said it didn't turn me on.


Her on my bed, stripped of her clothes, and the only thing on her is the belly button ring I wanted in between my teeth. She moaned sleepily and turned over on the bed. Her ass was out and looking at it, I could see she still wanted to play. My hand caressed her ass and I reached further down and played with her for a little bit. She rolled over once again and unconsciously spread her legs open further. I smirked as I felt that she was already wet. I ran my finger up and down her wetness.

She let out a cute little moan as she stretched her hands above her head. I sat beside her and kissed her shoulder, my fingers never leaving her sweet pussy. Her eyes slowly opened and she grinned sleepily at me.


"Thought you didn't want to have sex tonight?" "Shut up, Nikki." I told her kissing her. Her hands went into my hair pulling my closer to her. Her hips were raising as my fingers did their magic. She was crying my name into my mouth as she was climaxing. When she finally came down she said, "You're hot when you're mad." I threw her a big t shirt and she caught it.

She put her arms through the t shirt and put her hair in a high pony tail. "I'm hungry." I raised an eyebrow at her as I was putting my hair in a bun.

She flipped me off and stuck her tongue out at me. "Not you. But I wouldn't mind it." I chuckled and jumped on the bed next to her. "I think I have some Chinese in the mini fridge." She made her way to the fridge and opened it.

"Hmm, something about cold orange chicken makes me happy." "Ok weirdo." She sat across from me crossed legged on the bed. She put another piece of orange chicken in her mouth and smirked at me. "When did you first start experimenting with girls?" I shrugged and thought about it.

"The summer after eighth grade, I think. One day my best friend at the time kissed me and I liked it." "So tell me, are you a lesbian? I know you say you like who you liked but." "Are you asking me which I like more?" She nodded and I smirked a little. "If I'm attracted to you, then that's all I care about. I don't waste my time worrying about gender." "I think boys are only good for one thing. It's the only reason I'm not on an all cookie diet." I laughed and laid back on the bed.

"Do you have a filter?" "We are way past filters. You've had your head in my crotch for fuck's sake." I smirked at her and she put the food down. She crawled over to me and laid herself in between my legs. "I think you're so hot." "Is that so?" She nodded and grinned at me.

"Ever since that first day when you were staring down my tank top." "I wasn't staring down your top! I was just enjoying the show in front of me." "When I went to my room that night all I could think about was you. I wanted to know if you looked that hot with your clothes off." My pussy twitched as I thought about Nikki touching herself while thinking of me. "The girl I was fucking last year was hot, but not as hot as you.

And she could never make me as wet as you do." "Give me a minute to breath, Nik, before telling me all this." She crawled further upwards and laid her head on the side of one of my breasts. I put an arm over her shoulder and tried to calm myself down. But because she was Nikki, she wasn't having any of it. She turned her head and ran her tongue around my nipple.

"Jesus, Nikki." She smirked and kissed my breast. "Don't worry. I won't wear you out today. But tomorrow, I plan on using you for all that you're worth so rest up." I was the most sexiest threat I'd ever heard in my life.