Sexy Trans Natalie gets rammed by her guy

Sexy Trans Natalie gets rammed by her guy
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He needed a moment to relax.

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He had a lot on his mind and a lot going on in his personal life. There weren't many people he could talk to. He called to ask if I was available tonight. I am. I had a bottle of wine, a nice cigar and made sure that I was presentable. I liked to keep my hair tied up, because I liked the way his fingers felt in my hair when he pulled out the pins.

He came in with his bag of toys. We make it as far as the hallway before I'm on my knees sucking him. My tongue wrapped around him, moving up and down, up and down.

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I was drinking him down, his hard cock pushing farther and farther down my throat. He was moaning, the pins from my hair falling to the floor. He was holding my head close to him. I was gagging, and choking on him. His hot cum shooting down my throat, his hands stroking my face. He held out his hand and helped me to my feet. I followed him down the hall to my room.

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He told me to kneel up on my bed. I did as I was told, bending over putting my ass in the air. He had my feet shackled and helped me up on my knees.

I was told to put my hands behind my back and my wrists were shackled as well.

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He told me to open my mouth, and a pony gag was firmly secured to my mouth. He pushed me down to the bed, my ass up in the air. He began to spank me with his hand. One, two, three, four, five.then the reality of what was happening began to register. I had no way to get away, no way to tell him to stop. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten…I was moaning, he was alternating the left and right checks of my ass. Eleven, twelve, thirteen.he said I was making beautiful muffled sounds.

For a moment it stopped. I turned my head to watch him dig through his bag.


I saw paddles, floggers, pins and clips of assorted sizes, ropes, cuffs. He picked up a wooden paddle and was soon out of my sight. I closed my eyes, I felt it bite down into my ass, and thighs. Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen&hellip.I am jumping as much as I can given my shackles. His hand rubbed my ass, it felt hot and caring and made the hurt go away.

I closed my eyes just to get lost in it. Eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, this is was the flogger, kissing me, bitting me, forcing more muffled sounds and a few tears. He let my hands go, but told me to lay like I was. Twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, these marked the lattice pattern he was now leaving on my back.

He leaned down, whispered in my ear, "good girl," now your back matches your legs and thighs.


It's very pretty, the bruises, are intoxicating against your creamy skin tone. I nodded, as I felt his hands releasing the gag that I was bitting and sucking on, almost reluctant to let it go. Soon his throbbing cock was in front of me. I wanted it.

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I was nuzzling his boxer shorts, while he worked his hard cock out, it was deep in my throat before he was even certain it was out of his shorts. I was sucking, the tears were still fresh, his hands in my hair, the smell of him was taking me to another place, the place that I can't describe but long to be at. Before I know it, he was reaching down and telling me he was going to help me to the floor, the bed rails were in the way.

My legs still shackled, it was awkward but he was patient. Soon my mouth was right back where I wanted it to be, where he wanted it to be. Soon he had his hands wrapped around my hair, keeping me right where I wanted to be. Licking him, sucking him, feeling his hard dick start to vibrate in my mouth.

Listening to him moan, groan and make almost animal sounds as he began to cum for the second time. I licked him clean, then caressed him with my mouth. Softly holding him there, my warm breath kissing him. I finally released him when he told me to let him go. He sat on the floor, behind me. Taking the shackles off my feet. Telling me to spread my legs, I did as I was told. Feeling more naked and vulnerable doing this than I felt before. He touched my pussy, and I flinched. I could not control my legs.

He was kind, and waited doing it again and again, telling me he would not harm me. First it was his fingers, just rubbing and touching me. Then I felt a small paddle. It did not hurt the way I thought it would, but instead only made me wet. He soon had two vibrators in me, one in my pussy and one in my ass. I ached to feel a flogger against me. Instead he began to put clips around my pussy.

He watched for my reaction, as he added them, one, two, three, four. He saw the smile on my face, five, six, seven, eight, then he started to bite me. Just the outside of my pussy, and my lips. He said I called him daddy, I don't remember. I remember the pain, and the pleasure and the confusion of not knowing how to separate them. He started to take the clips off slowly, methodically. Pinching at my nipples, with one hand, while he removed them with the other.

I did my best to be still. Then, he was in me, fucking me, both of us needing this, a release that could not be put off any longer. Soon we found ourselves in bed. He was laying back, my head against his chest, toys strewn about. He was running his hands through my hair, and I was enjoying the moment. Eventually, the need to suck him again won over and I was under the blankets, working my way around him. I've been told that I hum, and sometimes sing as I suck. When the moment is relaxed and I am lost in the passion of it.

I don't remember this, nor the songs that come to me, But I do know that for the brief time that I do this, things just seem right. The soreness in my hips, ass and back go away, the worries of the day, and the stress of life are simply banished from my thoughts. The only thought I can focus on is captured best by Miley Cyrus, I can't wait to see you again.