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Asian Twinks Lee and Joe Bareback
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My Beautiful Wife, The Shameless Slut 2 The next morning, when I awoke, I looked next to me and admired the beautiful woman that was laying there peacefully sleeping.

Our first night together had been wonderful, that is it's the first night after I had moved in to her home. I had told Claudia about the scene at my house with Megan. She immediately began to comfort me and try to make my 'sadness' go away.

My plan had worked. Doug was a broken man, with not much future around this area. Megan was sentenced to a life alone. She would have her kids and be able to live, but little more.

By the time the kids were grown, she would be past her prime years and probably not be as attractive by. Yes, I'm happy with myself. Those two shouldn't have ever fucked with me. Little did they know the power that I would wield against them. Last night, Claudia had relaxed me, screwing all my problems away. Being intimate with her is the most wonderful thing.

Once I had told her that I had confronted Megan and given her the ultimatum, she took me into her arms and kissed me, then led me to the bedroom.

She closed the door and removed all her clothing, then, came to me. She kissed me and removed all of my clothing, sat me on the edge of the bed and took me deep down her throat. In a matter of minutes, my balls had released all the pent up cum that they held. Claudia didn't stop giving me head till my cock was again standing fully erect. She had me move to the middle of the bed, then, straddled my pelvic area and lowered her wet pussy down onto my hard member.

It felt so good going in, I felt almost as though I could cum again immediately. I was happy that I could control it, as I wanted to have a slow session of making love to her. Claudia had grasped her breasts and began to move up and down on my hard pole, squeezing my cock within her toned body each time she rose. I knew I was building to a gigantic orgasm from the way I was beginning to feel. Claudia was groaning deeply as she rode me, while squeezing her beautiful breasts. It was a sight to behold.

I watched Claudia, her eyes closed, moaning while she fucked me so slowly. I feasted my eyes on her naked body. I could see her toned stomach, her smooth hips and I could see my shiny cock disappearing into her warm darkness, then reappearing. Her body moved like a well oiled machine. Up and down, up and down as she attempted to pump the fluids from me that were building rapidly. I put my hands on her beautiful hips and guided her as she continued to ride me. I could see that she was having a body shaking orgasm.

Her teeth were clenched, her stomach muscles were rippling and I could feel her pussy tighten around my hard cock. I saw her bite her lower lip and squeeze her tits tighter. I put my thumb on her engorged clitoris and began to rub circles on it. I heard her say, "OH…OH&hellip.OH………OH FUCK, DAMNNN……AHHHHHH, IT FEELS SO GOOD BRANDON.

FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME, DON'T STOP, PLEASE, DON'T STOP&hellip." Her orgasm lasted and lasted, then rolled on into a second one. I was beginning to feel my pleasure building deep inside my balls.

I pushed my cock up into Claudia, as deep as I could just as I shot the first long rope of thick cum into her hot vagina.

I went off, two times, three times, four times, then with one final groan and push, I shot a fifth rope into the depths of her body. She fell over onto my chest, breathing heavily. I put my arms around her and continued to push my hardness in and out of her, watching her as she came down from her apex. When our bodies settled, she rolled off of my manhood and lay beside me. I held her close as we drifted off to sleep.

She felt so good laying next to me, so warm, so soft, so much a woman. This was a pleasure that I had not been able to enjoy for several years. Oh, how good it feels to have a warm, loving woman close to me after she had shared herself with me. We lay in a fulfilled slumber till the rays of the sun crept into her bedroom. They slowly illuminated the room, exposing Claudia's naked body to me.

As I awoke, my eyes were able to absorb her beauty and send those exotic images to my brain. My flaccid member began to stir as I continued to look at all the sensuous curves of her body and the radiance of her flawless skin. Her hair lay over her shoulder in disorder, but beautiful. My cock continued its slow inflation as I eased away from her sleeping body. Claudia had rolled onto her stomach as I pulled away from her.

She was lying in the middle of the bed, breathing softly as I spread her shapely legs further apart. I can see her moist lips glistening in the early morning light. I lower my head between her legs and lightly stroke my tongue across those succulent petals. I can taste her musky sweetness and as I probe further, I sense the faint taste of semen.

She is stirring slightly as I probe deeper between those tender petals, spreading her legs further apart. I spread her outer lips with my fingers and move my mouth between them, sending my tongue sliding along her burgeoning clitoris, making her moan with pleasure as she continues to sleep. My passion and desire for her are building by the second.

My being wants to feel my totally erect and throbbing cock sliding into her velvety warmth, filling her. Her wetness is increasing rapidly. I slide my index finger into her.

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I feel her pussy squeeze my finger as it slides further inside her. I remove it and drag her wetness to her tight ass hole and probe into it. I feel her tight sphincter yield to the invading digit&hellip.I remove it, gathering more of her juices, then pressing it back into her, probing deeper and deeper till it is fully inserted into her. Claudia is moving her ass as she moans. I remove my finger from her and move over her, pressing the head of my engorged cock between those soft folds of skin that surround the entrance to her depths.

I continue to press inside her, deeper and deeper till I am totally encased by her warmth. Claudia is still sleeping, smiling as I slide my engorged member in and out of her wetness. She moans as I increase the intensity. Her ass is moving with me, rising up to meet my thrusts. I gently lay down on her body, continuing to fuck her with long strokes. My hands, now free, allow me to stroke the sides of her soft breasts, gently arousing her to consciousness.

I watch as she opens her eyes and realizes that I am inside her. A large smile comes across her face as she looks up at me. "Oh, what a wonderful way to wake in the morning……I was dreaming that we were fucking, then wake up to find you inside me…& feels absolutely awesome." I continued to steadily fuck Claudia until I feel her begin to cum. When I felt her body begin to convulse, my balls begin to pump their load into her&hellip.filling her belly with my seed.

While we both recovered, I continued to lay on top of her, my cock shrinking inside her cum filled pussy. "Damn, Brandon, that was intense.

It felt so damn good. You're such a good lover. I think I could get used to this." When I got off of Claudia and stood, she crawled off of the bed and came to me and kissed me. "Good morning," she said, then, led me to the shower. We washed each other's bodies and kissed.

Her body felt great as my hands moved over her entire body. We dried each other then dressed and prepared ourselves for the day. I had a long day in front of me. I had to remove my things from my house. I needed to finish quite a lot of paper work at the office, I had crop plans to complete and a cash flow statement to finalize. I told Claudia that I would be in the office later this morning and if she needed me to call me.

She kissed me and I took off to begin the first day of my new life. My first stop was at the shop. I needed a truck and four men to help me move out of my house. I picked up some blank stickers from the shop foreman and led the guys out to my house. Megan was up when I got there.

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She looked terrible. As beautiful of a woman as she is, she looked haggard and distraught. Megan looked as though she had been crying all night. I was sure that she hadn't slept. She quickly came to me when I walked in the door with my men.

"Brandon, please reconsider this, please don't leave me, I'll do absolutely anything you ask, just don't leave me……please!" I looked at her and walked past, not saying anything to her. The men with me did not speak English and had not understood anything she had just said, but they could read her face as clear as day.

One of them asked me if we were getting a divorce and I replied to him that she was lucky that was all I was doing to her after all she had done.

He just shook his head. I put stickers on everything I needed to be moved out. I took them to my closet and marked the drawers that contained my belongings. I showed them where all the firearms were that I wanted to be removed. Reynaldo, the field boss, understood my directions, so I left them to their work. As I walked back through the kitchen, Megan was sitting at the table, still sobbing while she drank a cup of coffee.

I stopped and told her that if she had a problem with anything the guys were removing, she should call me as none of the men spoke English. "Brandon, won't you please give me another chance, please forgive me&hellip.please?" she pleaded. I looked at her and calmly said, "No," as I opened the door. "Where are the kids?" I asked.

"I took them to my Mom and Dad's house after school. They wanted to know what was going on…I just told them we'd talk about it today." "Ok, Megan. I'll go by there and pick them up and take them to school and have a short talk with them on the drive down there. You can talk to them when you pick them up after school. If you think it's needed, call me and I'll come by." After I left, I called Rhett and told him I was on my way to pick them all up and take them to school.

He said they would be ready when I got there. When I arrived at Megan's mom's house, they were out front waiting. On the way to school, I told them that Megan and I were getting a divorce and that Megan and I were agreeing to joint custody.

I answered their questions. Before they got out at school, Rhett asked me, "Does this have anything to do with Uncle Doug?" I thought about it and didn't answer him.


"Just let your mom talk to you later." I left the school and went to the office. Claudia was busy working on her computer when I arrived and, to my surprise, Doug was sitting in the waiting room.

He got to his feet and came toward me with his hand extended. "Hi Brandon, do you have a few minutes, I need to talk to you." "Sure, buddy, come on in my office. Want a cup of coffee?" I asked him. "Sure, I'd like one." He said. I turned to Claudia and asked her to bring us a cup of coffee, when she had time. She smiled and said she would right away.

Doug sat down across the desk from me. He was obviously nervous. Claudia came in with the coffee then left my office, closing the door behind her. "So what can I do for you Doug?" I asked. "Well, old buddy, it's really hard for me to ask, but&hellip. I need a job. You know that I'm a good farmer and you know I'd do a good job for you&hellip." I stopped him. "If it was my decision alone, I'd hire you in a minute, but I have to answer to the owners of this company.

They would shit if I hired you after what just happened. I just can't put myself in that position&hellip.I'm sorry." "I understand, I just thought I'd take a shot. Have you got any ideas were I might be able to find something?" "Not right now Doug. But, give me a few days and I'll ask around to some of our customers. Of course, you'd have to leave here and move several states away.

That would be the only down side to it." "I'd take anything Brandon, if you find something, please tell me." I loved to see him begging. After all that we had been through together, he should have thought with something besides his cock head. If the roles had been reversed, I'd never have stabbed him in the back the way he did me.

I wanted to tell him all of this, but knew I needed to just keep it to myself. He left my office, obviously beaten. I knew where I could find him a job and I would make arrangements for him to get it. It would be with one of our customers in Canada. I wanted him completely removed from here, far away from Kendra and Megan. I'd look into that later, right now, I needed to say good morning to Claudia. I went into her office and smiled at her as I took her hand and helped her up from her desk.

I kissed her lightly and hugged her. "Thank you for last night. You were a real comfort to me during a difficult time. I'm so glad I have you to lean on." I could tell that she was happy with the way things were turning out, and to be honest, I am also.

Claudia is a fabulous woman. "Claudia," I said to her, "I think that you and I need to talk about a lot of things. This morning, I realized that your place is too small to handle me and my three kids, when they are with me.

I am willing to buy a larger house for us, that is, if you want to live together. I just wanted to mention that to you so you could think about it. If you want, we can go out to dinner tonight and talk about what the future holds for us.

I don't want any surprises for either of us. What do you think?" "She smiled at me and said, "Brandon, I have thought about the same thing. We've never talked about this situation and I think you're right… we really need to discuss it. Dinner tonight sounds great." I had a few things to take care of, so, I left the office and went about my day. I stopped by the office of a friend of mine that is a realtor. I told him that I was going to be in the market for a 5 bedroom house and would like him to be on the lookout for one.

He told me that there were several around that would meet my criteria and he could arrange to show them to me tomorrow, if I had time. I told him that about 10:00 would be good for me if he could arrange it. The appointment was made. Reynaldo called me and told me that the truck was loaded and they had everything loaded that I had told them to get. I told him to meet me at the office and I'd show him where to put the stuff. I went to a self storage facility across the street from my office and arranged for a storage bin that I thought would be large enough, then, I went to the office and waited for Reynaldo and his crew.

After I showed them where to unload, I went on with my day, taking care of the things I needed to finish up. I stopped by my attorney's office to see if he had the divorce papers and the contract prepared. Everything was done.

I read them and confirmed that everything was covered that I had asked him to include. I took the papers with me and drove out to my house, which would be Megan's house after the papers cleared the court. I could see her SUV in the driveway. I knocked on the door and Megan appeared. "I have the paperwork for you Megan, do you want to sign everything so I can get them filed with the court.

I suggest that you read them over, and if you want, you can have them checked out by your attorney." I could see that she was still having problems with the whole situation.

"I'll read them. Come on in while I go over them." She said to me. After reading all the paperwork, Megan signed everything and handed them to me.

"You know that I really don't want to do this don't you?" she said. "I know, Megan. But you made this choice a long time ago. By the way, have you notified Doug that he cannot have any contact with you for the next 15 years? If you haven't, you should get it taken care of immediately, otherwise, you might find yourself in breach of contract.

Thank you Megan& is your first support check. I will be paying you five thousand dollars each month.


The house is paid for, but, you will have to take care of taxes and insurance. I'll have the title changed by the end of the week.

I have the title to your Explorer at the office. I'll sign off on it and bring it by so you can get a new title in your name. I have made arrangements to transfer the cash settlement to your account.

It should be there by Monday. If I have forgotten anything, let me know and I'll get it taken care of. If I were you, I'd call Doug right away and let him know&hellip.I really wouldn't have to take this farther.

Megan just sat there and looked at me, "I'll get Doug taken care of as soon as you leave. I don't want any problems, Brandon. I just want to raise our kids. Where are you going to live? Are you seeing Claudia?" "That's none of your concern, Megan. What I do from here forward, is my business and only my business." I left the house and went to the office. It was getting close to the end of the day and I had one or two things to finish at the office.

When I got there, Claudia was getting ready to go home. "Hi Brandon, are we still on for tonight?" "Yes, I'll be home in a little while&hellip.I mean, I'll be over to your house in a little while…I'm sorry, just a habit I guess." Claudia moved close to me and kissed me lightly. "It is your home, now. I'm glad you feel that way. See you in a little while." I finished my work, locked up and was walking to my truck when I saw a vehicle driving up front.

I could see that it was Doug's truck and it looked as though he was in a hurry. He got out and came stomping toward me. "Just who the hell do you think you are you son of a bitch! You can't stop me from seeing Megan, I'll do whatever I want. What the fuck do you think you know anyway?" he shouted at me. The time had come to unload on my good buddy. "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on you lowlife bastard.

After stabbing me in the back, you think you can come around here acting all offended? I'm not telling you that you can't see Megan… I think that she is the one saying she doesn't want you around. So I would suggest that you keep the fuck away from her, that is if you don't want to go to jail for violation of a restraining order. Oh, I forgot, you haven't been served yet have you?" I reached around behind me and pulled the restraining order from my back pocket and handed it to Doug.

"You're served, asshole!" Doug took the papers with an angry look on his face. "You mother fucker, you set this whole thing up didn't you? You sorry mother fucker!" I didn't do anything, except divorce Megan for screwing you behind my back.oh yes, I do have it on film, remember when you fucking her and abusing her while I was gone? And I thought you were my best friend, hah, you're my worst enemy you asshole.

You're finished around here, if I were you, I'd get as far away from here as I could. Oh, by the way, I found you a job in Canada…if you want it. I just want you gone, cocksucker, and don't ever cross my path again, or you will regret it." I handed him a slip of paper with a telephone number and a name on it.

"That's the name and number of the guy that will give you a job. I don't care what you do, just don't say I didn't do anything for you& get lost." I turned and started walking to my truck when I felt Doug hit me on the back of my head.

He jumped on me and began to beat me with his fists. I knew he'd probably lose his temper&hellip.and he did. I just let him continue. After a short time, he got up and kicked me as I lay on the ground. "And who's going to be sorry?" He said as he laughed. As I lay there in pain, I thought to myself, "Yeah, asshole, you just fucked up!' He kicked me one last time before he walked to his truck and drove away. I rolled over and sat up, got my phone out and called 911.

In a short while a Sheriff's deputy arrived and did what he could to help me up. "What happened, who did this to you?" he asked. "Doug Martin did it. It's a long story, but he came here to take out his revenge on me. He hit me from the back and got me on the ground and beat me…I didn't even have a chance to defend myself," I told the deputy.

He radioed his dispatch and had them send an ambulance, then reported what had happened. In just a few seconds, the Sheriff called him on the radio and told him he would be coming to the scene to talk to me. The Sheriff, Jim Evers, and I had been friends since childhood.

He knew Doug also. When the ambulance arrived, the paramedics put me on a gurney and began to treat my bleeding wounds. Jim arrived and came over to me. "What the hell happened Brandon, who did this?" he asked "It was Doug. You know about my company winning the suit.

He is blaming me for it, plus he had been screwing my wife when I was out of town and I caught him. It's just one thing after another. He came to me and asked if I'd give him a job. I told him that my boss would fire me if I hired him, especially after what he had done. I did find him a job and I didn't have to do that. I guess that he didn't appreciate it. I had just told him to stay the hell away from me in the future and was walking to my truck when he hit me from the back. I didn't even have a chance to defend myself, it happened that quick." Jim shook his head and asked, "Well, do you want to prefer charges?" "Yes, I do.

He can't just go off like that and get away with it. I want him in jail," I told him. The paramedics finished with me and suggested that I go to the hospital.

I really didn't want to do that. I could just go home and rest. After the deputy finished taking my statement, I went home. Claudia was waiting, wondering where I was. She was dressed to go out, I had forgotten all about that. When she saw me, Claudia became quite concerned and began asking me what happened, who had done it, does it hurt and a million other questions. I had to try to calm her down. I told her the whole story as we sat on the couch.

Claudia informed me that she would take care of me and I shouldn't worry about going in to the office for the next couple of days. I knew she would take real good care of me, but there were parts of my body that I knew wouldn't be able to tolerate having sex. She fixed some coffee. We sat and talked till late.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Claudia said to me, "my younger sister is coming for a visit. She will arrive on Saturday, I know that you will really like her, she's a little me." Claudia and I laughed.

I was thinking that she was everything I had imagined.


Being with Claudia was going to be a lot of fun, more fun than I had enjoyed in a long while. The next few days I didn't do much. A lot of soreness set in and I really didn't want to do much. On Friday morning I drove over to the Sheriff's Office to talk to Doug. When I got there, I found that he had not been able to post bond. The jailer brought him out to the visiting area. "Doug, I've decided not to press charges. I just want you to leave and not come back. There's nothing for you here. Take your daughter and go take that job in Canada.

Start a new life." He listened attentively as I spoke. I continued, "You and I are done as friends, I don't want anything to do with you.

You broke my trust when you fucked my wife. I'll give you a check for one thousand dollars.I know you're broke. Maybe that will help you get settled elsewhere.

Goodbye Doug." As I got up to leave, Doug spoke up, "Brandon, I'm sorry for everything. I know I shouldn't have done what I did. I just didn't think. I appreciate the loan and the job.I'll pay you back.I'll take that job and leave here." I nodded at him, turned and went to the dispatch office. I told the jailer that I was not going to press charges and if Jim agreed, they could release Doug.

I gave a check to the jailer to give to Doug when they released him, then left. Claudia and I decided to go to Sonic and have a burger. We were both tired and I really didn't want her to have to prepare a meal. We did have a nice talk. She told me about her sister and I began to wonder just what she was like. Claudia said some things that made me sit up and take notice.

"Brandon, now that we are living together, I think that there are some private things you should know about me.and my sisters. As you know, I love sex and I'm very uninhibited. Well, so are my sisters. My sisters and I share everything, including our men. I didn't know what you might think about a situation like this, so I thought it would be a good idea to tell you about it first and not just drop it on you after Tammy arrives.

What are your thoughts?" I sat there not knowing exactly what to say. I took a big bite of my burger, that would give me a few minutes to think. "So, are you telling me that you and your sisters have sex with all the men in your lives, when you get together?" "Yes, that's exactly what I mean.

I know that might change the way you feel about me and that's why I had to tell you up front. I like threesomes Brandon. I like two women and one man and I like two men on me. Can you handle that Brandon, could you sit and watch another guy make love to me? This was definitely something I had to think about long and hard.

I knew that I wouldn't have any problem screwing her and her sister, but, to watch another guy doing my girl.that's a question I don't have the answer to. I had just gone through my best friend fucking my wife and I know that made me mad as hell. As I continued to think about it, I remembered watching that tape of Megan sucking and fucking Doug in our bedroom and remembered that my cock had gotten hard while I watched and, even though I had been disgusted, I found it to be kind of exciting.

I wondered if watching some other guy fuck Claudia would turn me on.I don't know. "Claudia, I think I can handle it ok. I was just thinking about watching some guy screwing you and all of a sudden my cock is hard.

Just thinking about it is exciting. I know I won't have any problem fucking another woman with you there or watching you with another woman. I think it's all kind of exciting to me.I'm in." A big smile came over Claudia's face.

We finished our burgers and took off for home. I had an itch in my pants that needed to be scratched.and Claudia knew just how to scratch it. I guess, things change and people change. I am truly beginning a new era in my life.

When we arrived home, Claudia pulled me into the bedroom and began to undress me. It had been a few days since we had made love and I think that we were both feeling a little deprived. I quickly helped her undress then we both got into the bed and wrapped our bodies around each other. It felt so good to be inside Claudia. I could feel her digging her nails into my back as my cock stroked in and out of her.

It didn't take us long and we were both writhing around in ecstasy. While I was filling her vagina with cum, she was cumming all over me and the bed. It seemed like our orgasms lasted forever. When we finished, we both were totally expended and lay there, still coupled, for the longest time. I finally rolled off of her onto my side and gazed at her beautiful naked body.

I could lay and look at her like this for hours and never tire of it. Claudia smiled at me as she began to speak, "Well, do you think you can handle Tammy and me tomorrow night? I promise you, it will be one of the best times you've ever me, you will love Tammy's body." I looked at my limp cock, then back at her.

"Well, I guess we'll see if I can keep it up, I've never been in a threesome before. It should prove to be very interesting." We pulled the covers over us and fell asleep. Tomorrow should prove to be a new experience.I hoped I was up for it. I got up early and got my shower before Claudia stirred.

One thing that I've never gotten tired of is looking at her with nothing on. I went to the kitchen and began to prepare breakfast for us.

I could hear the water running in the shower and knew that Claudia was up. About 15 minutes later, she came into the kitchen wearing nothing but a tshirt.a very, very sexy tshirt. I felt my cock beginning to stir. "How many eggs for you sweetheart?" I asked. "Two," she replied as she sat on a stool at the breakfast bar.

I moved up between her legs and kissed her, pulling her stiff nipples into my chest. When our lips parted, I backed up and took another good look at her, "My, but you are one beautiful woman, Claudia," then went about breakfast. We talked as we ate breakfast.

She said that she needed to pick Tammy up sometime around 1 PM. I had to do a little work in my office this morning and get two reports faxed to the owners. That little escapade with Doug had put me behind, but it wouldn't take me long to get caught up again. When we were finished with breakfast, I fucked Claudia before I left for the office.I just couldn't resist the temptation. Her tshirt hadn't hidden a lot, matter of fact, it hadn't hidden anything.

I was finding that Claudia was a lot hotter woman than I had ever imagined. It was beginning to be clear to me that she was completely uninhibited and nothing was out of bounds.

I have some Cialis at the office, I think I'd better take one before tonight rolls around, it could be a long night. I finished my work at the office at around 3 and decided it was time for me to go home and see what Claudia and Tammy were doing. When I arrived, Claudia met me at the door, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me while pulling me close to her. I wrapped my arms around her and returned her kiss. She pulled away from me smiling. "Brandon, this is my sister, Tammy.Tammy this is Brandon." I reached my hand out to shake hers when she pushed right past and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, pushing her tongue between my lips.

Surprised, I put my arms around her and cautiously kissed her back. She pulled back, without taking her arms from around me, and said, "Brandon, it's nice to meet you.

I hope you didn't mind the kiss.

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I know that before the night is over you and I will have gotten to know each other's bodies quite intimately, so, I thought that a handshake was a waste of time. Do you agree?" I smiled at her and pulled her tightly to me as I kissed her and put my hands on her shapely ass. I pulled away slightly and said, "I think you're right, a handshake would be a waste of time." We all laughed as Claudia joined us in a group hug.

I went to take a shower and change clothes. I decided to take the girls to the Country Club for dinner and drinks. This should be a great way to get to know Tammy better and loosen us all up before we get home. The girls had already showered, but had to change. I am beginning to like this new life I'm beginning. So far, it's been full of new and very exciting things.

After looking at Tammy, I know this night is going to be very interesting. Tammy appears to be about 5'7" tall with short brunette hair. She is very well put together, if you know what I mean. Her tits have to be at least 36C and she has a terrific figure.long legs and a really nice ass. As we prepared to leave for the Club, she walked into the room wearing a low cut, black mini dress with black stockings and 4" high heels. What a dish.I could eat her right here and now. All I could think was, "WOW!" Claudia was dressed almost as provocatively as Tammy, except that her dress was white.

When I walked into the Country Club with these two, a lot of jaws hit the floor. Not many of the members knew that Megan and I were divorcing. At this point, I really didn't care. I just knew that my experience tonight would be one that they would all envy. Dinner was great.

The food was delicious, as usual, and the company was even more delicious.


The drinks went down very easily and the conversation was quite intense.sometimes to the point that my cock tried to crawl out of my slacks. I had to keep it under control in case I had to go to the bathroom.tented slacks would be too noticeable.

After dinner, we moved into the bar area. A three piece band was playing the music very softly. Our conversation continued. After a short time, Tammy asked me if I would dance with her, to which I quickly agreed. Claudia gave me a wicked little grin and said, "Don't forget me, lover.I want equal time.starting now." Again she grinned as Tammy and I went out onto the dance floor. The dance with Tammy was, how do I put it.,sensual and erotic.

The feel of her breasts pushing against me was almost more than I could handle. My cock was pressing against her tummy.there was no way she couldn't feel it. She would dance for a while, then look up at me smiling. Then she would push up against it again. Claudia was watching intently, loving every minute of the torture I was going through.

After a couple of dances with Tammy, Claudia came out onto the floor and tapped her sister on the shoulder saying, "Sorry Sis, my turn now." The dancing with Claudia was every bit as sensual and erotic as it was with Tammy.if not more so.

Claudia looked at me and smiled, "Well, what do you think of Claudia, think you can handle both of us tonight?" "At this point, Claudia, I have no idea.but.I'm going to give it one hell of a try. She is a beautiful woman, just like her sister. I really can't wait to get you both naked.

I just hope my eyes can handle all this beauty at one time." Claudia grinned and pulled me close. "Oh, by the way Brandon, don't worry about this getting complicated, it won't.

We all know how not to fall for the other's man. With Tammy, it will be only sex and satisfaction, you know, no strings attached.

I just thought I should tell you that so you won't worry you." "Sounds great to me," I said to her, "it's you that I care about." I pulled her close and gave her a short kiss.

When the song ended, we went back to the table. Claudia looked at Tammy and I and said, "I think it's time for us to go, the night is wasting away." I couldn't agree with her more. We walked out to Claudia's car, all in a really good mood. I walked in between Claudia and Tammy, my arms around their waists.

As we walked, one or the other would reach up and kiss me on the cheek. I think that we had all had just enough to loosened our inhibitions, at least it did for me.

I got behind the wheel and Claudia and Tammy got into the back seat. As we drove away, I reset the rear view mirror and enjoyed the show in the back seat. To say it was hot, well, that would be a gross understatement.

We arrived at home, my cock was about to bust out. The things that Claudia and Tammy were doing to each other, really raised my temperature. We got out and went in the house. I locked the door as the girls went toward the bedroom. Watching those two walk in front of me was a sight to behold.two of the finest asses in the

No time was wasted. Everyone took their own clothes off and got into the bed. I was in the middle with two beautiful women stroking my body while they kissed me. Tammy went to my cock and began to lick it.

Claudia kissed me a few more times then went to join her sister. I had two beautiful mouths working on each side of my dick and sucking on my balls. The pleasure was intense. Claudia moved down between my legs and Tammy spread her legs above my mouth and lowered her pussy down to me.

I was in heaven. The two of them working on my cock while I got to suck the sweet juices out of Tammy's succulent vagina. She was as wet as she could possibly get and I thoroughly enjoyed probing her pleasure hole with my tongue, while I probed her ass with my finger.

I could feel a twinge in my balls that signaled me that there was about to be several ropes of thick semen ejected from the end of my hard cock.

Claudia knew me well enough to know when I was about to cum. I heard her tell Tammy, "He's gonna cum, be ready." My body jerked when the first rope of cum blasted out of my dick.Tammy was there to collect it and the next two. Claudia's mouth slid onto my cock and continued collecting my cum as I gave it freely to her.

Tammy sat upright, my lips still connected to her hot pussy. Claudia was working on my semi-hard cock, trying to completely revive it, which she did in a very short time. I was really glad that I had taken a Cialis, it was able to give me that little boost that I would need several times before morning. When my cock was standing tall again, Claudia took it inside her warmth and began to rise and lower herself on it, while kissing Claudia as I continued to eat her sweet pussy. It wasn't long and I felt Tammy release.

A flood of cum sprayed into my mouth and onto my chest as her orgasm consumed her whole body. I sucked her clit and pussy as fast as I could, hoping to give her a lengthy orgasm. Claudia's tight pussy was gripping my cock when I exploded inside her, flooding her chamber with my hot goo. Tammy and Claudia were kissing and kneading each other's breasts while our orgasms consumed us. Shortly, we were all part of a large pile of expended flesh, breathing heavily, trying to regain our senses.

The girls dismounted me and lay down on either side of me, their heads on my shoulders and arms and legs draped across me. I could feel their soft breasts pressed against my sides. We all fell into an exhausted sleep. In about an hour we all awakened, feeling rested and ready to continue. Claudia told us that she was going to go to the shower and freshen up. Tammy and I smiled as she mounted me and encased my hardening dick. Tammy could do some really wondrous things with her pussy.

Her muscles were toned to the point she could milk my cock without moving her ass. It almost felt like someone was inside her sucking my cock. She watched my face as she continued to ripple he muscles, driving me crazy. Then she smiled and began to slowly raise and lower her body on my engorged phallus.

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The pleasure was intense. I felt her body begin to spasm as an orgasm slowly spread throughout her highly toned body.

She gripped my chest with her hands and squeezed as she pumped my cock harder and harder. Her juices exploded from her pussy, spraying across my pelvic region, soaking me. When she squirted, I let go also and pumped her full of my fertile seed.which soon began to ooze out around my still hard cock and down over my balls.

Claudia had finished her shower and had been watching as Tammy and I fucked. "Damn guys, that was mind blowing to watch you two." Tammy turned to her and said, "I'm sorry Sis, I soaked your bed and Brandon.

I hope I didn't ruin your mattress." Claudia grinned and said, "Tammy, as long as I can remember, you have soaked everything around you when you cum.

I put a plastic mattress cover under the sheets this morning. I knew that as good as Brandon is, you would have an explosive orgasm and squirt all over the place. You two get off the bed and let me change the sheets." We got off of the bed and removed all the bedding. Claudia wiped the mattress cover down and put clean sheets on the bed. "Ok, Tammy, now you've got dry ones to mess up." We all laughed and went out to the kitchen to get something to drink and take a little break.

As I walked behind Tammy, I could see streaks of cum running down the insides of her legs. She stopped and wiped up a handful and licked it off as we went on into the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen, she picked up a clean dish rag that was lying on the counter and cleaned her legs up. She turned to me and said, "Damn, Brandon, you sure put a big load up in my pussy, it's still running out." I grinned as I admired my handiwork. Tammy decided to go take a quick shower and clean herself up before we started again. When she had left the kitchen, Claudia asked, "Well, what do you think?" "I like your sister, I like her a lot," I told her as I put my arms around her.

"She is one hot woman, damn I like fucking her." Claudia laughed then kissed me. I felt my cock beginning to harden again. The Cialis that I took earlier was doing its magic. Claudia had taken hold of my hardening cock and was stroking it. In just a minute or two, it was fully resurrected.

As she sat on a barstool, I walked up between her legs and pushed inside her. She reached out and pulled me closer to her, my cock easily slid all the way in her, my balls resting on the shapely globes of her ass.

Slowly I moved in and out, my hardness filling her, making her moan then making her cum. While she was cumming, I reached down and rubbed her button with my thumb.

This pushed Claudia into a gigantic orgasm. I pounded her pussy with my hard rod, making her continue to cum. My balls started to twitch and I began filling her warm pussy with jets of hot sperm. She pulled me closer and kissed me, sliding her tongue into the depths of my oral cavity, moaning into my mouth. Tammy had been standing close by watching her sister take my cock.

When Claudia began to leak semen, she pulled me away, went to her knees and began to suck all the semen from her sister's well fucked cunt. I could hear them both moaning as Tammy slurped up all the juices that were dripping from Claudia. Tammy rested her elbows on Claudia's thighs, stood and continued to eat her sister. I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this one. I was admiring her fine ass as I walked up behind her and fingered her wet pussy.

I lubed her pretty ass hole and shoved my finger inside her colon. She spread her legs farther apart and groaned her approval. After her sphincter loosened up, I pressed a second finger inside her. Tammy stopped eating Claudia long enough to look back at me and say, "Put that cock in my ass and fuck the shit out of me." I pressed the head of my cock against her tight ass hole and pushed gently in.

I heard her moan quietly. I pulled out and rubbed my rod up and down her wet slit, lubricating it, then, pushed back inside her ass a little deeper. It took a little while, but finally I was completely buried inside her.

I started to slowly fuck her ass making her moan loudly while she ate Claudia's cum filled pussy. After 5 minutes of pounding her ass, I shot my load into her bowels. I could tell she felt it when my hot fluid splashed against the walls of her colon, she moaned and moved her ass back and forth drawing more cum from my throbbing cock.

When I pulled out of Tammy, Claudia was consumed in an orgasm that had her moaning and writhing around. Her hips were bucking so wildly, Tammy had a hard time keeping her mouth connected. I moved over onto an empty barstool and sat down, exhausted. My balls had been working overtime to keep up with these two beauties, but who is complaining? All three of us were tired so we went to bed and slept.

Tammy woke up somewhere around 4 am and wrapped her lips around my soft cock. She and I fucked till almost 5:30, then fell back asleep. The weekend was very fulfilling. On Saturday we went to the lake and enjoyed the day, just playing in the water and stretched out in the sun then went out to dinner and a movie.

On Sunday, the three of us enjoyed each other's bodies till late morning. I took the girls to the Country Club for Brunch then back home for more sex. Claudia and Tammy were insatiable.

When I didn't have my cock buried inside one of them, they were 69ing each other on the floor. I did enjoy watching them go at each other and observing them when they had an orgasm. On Monday morning, Claudia took Tammy to the airport to catch her flight at 10 am. I look forward to another visit from Tammy, she is a very beautiful and intelligent woman and the sex with her was fabulous.

My work at Consolidated continued to be long and involved. Between overseeing the overall operation, attending food shows and working with our large customers, Claudia and I were on the road a lot. In the months after Tammy's visit, Claudia and I became very close, as a matter of fact, we fell in love.

I had never experienced a woman quite like Claudia. On the business side, she was beautiful and smart and quite adept at business. She knew how to work with people and work around and through a lot of problems we faced during the day to day operations.

But&hellip.on the private side, her sexual appetite was almost insatiable. Sex with her was great, there was never a dull moment or anything, and I repeat anything, that she would not do in the sexual realm. Both of her sisters had visited us and I found that I was barely man enough to keep up with their appetites. However, I had never had the opportunity to have a threesome with two men and her.

Soon, I would be able to experience that reality, in its entirety. I have one customer that is always a hard sell. Carey Hamilton is the general Manager for Bingham Brothers Markets. They own ninety two markets across 11 states.

Needless to say they are one of our largest and best customers. Carey is a good looking guy about my age. He is 6'2" tall and weighs about 200 pounds. He is in great shape and still single.

Every year, I treat Carey to some kind of trip, maybe skiing, sometimes a hunting trip or a fishing trip. Last year I took him to a duck hunting lodge in Mexico. It's not too far from our farm down there. We would hunt ducks all morning then return to the lodge and finish out the day and evening at the bar, along with the company of a couple of very cute senoritas.

I always enjoyed our excursions together. The Denver Food Show was the next up for us. I had talked to Carey and knew he would be there also. We both booked rooms at the Downtown Suites. When Claudia and I arrived, Carey had left a message at the desk that we were to meet him for dinner at the hotel restaurant. We checked in and changed, then went down to the restaurant to meet Carey. The restaurant here is really exclusive and the dress code is always semi-formal.

Claudia looked great. She was wearing a mid thigh, black dress that had a very plunging neckline and an open back. She was wearing dark stockings and 4" heels. Her hair was up and she looked like a million dollars. We went in and were directed to the table where Cary was seated, I could see that he was giving Claudia an extensive once over. As we approached, Carey stood and greeted us as we shook hands. He was acquainted with Claudia as she had been with me several times when we met at a food show or visited him at his headquarters in Houston.

"It's so good to see you two, it's been too long……and Claudia, you look fabulous, as usual. When are you going to quit Consolidated and come to work for me?" he teased. "Sorry, Carey, it just won't happen&hellip.I don't like Houston…it's way too big for a little ole' country girl like me." she replied. Carey laughed as we sat down, "Well, just know the door is always open." We ordered drinks and appetizers and talked for quite some time.

Carey continued to check out Claudia and I really couldn't blame him. Her dress revealed almost half of her breasts and it was hard to keep our eyes from drifting that direction……and she knew it. The evening progressed, we finished a delicious dinner and continued to sit and talk while having more drinks. The alcohol was loosening all our inhibitions and some of the talk had ventured over close to sex.

Carey excused himself from the table saying he had to go visit the 'little boy's room'. As Claudia and I sat there talking, I asked her, "Do you think that you would like to do a threesome with Carey?" Claudia smiled with a thoughtful look on her face. "What do you think Brandon, do you think you'd like to do something like this, like see another guy fuck me?" she replied. "I've thought a lot about it and I really think that it would be hot to watch another guy fuck you. Heck, I've got a hard on just sitting here thinking about it." "If you're ok with it Brandon, so am I.

Who knows what all it might lead to. From some of the things Carey has said, I kind of think he's a REAL open minded guy." "I can tell you for a fact that Carey is very open minded. There's just a lot he won't do. Carey returned to the table and ordered another round. You might say that the conversation continued to go down hill.

Claudia had to go to the ladies room and I watched as Carey watched her every move as she walked away from the table. "Carey&hellip.think you'd like to fuck that?" I asked him He looked at me wide eyed and with a quizzical look on his face.

"I thought you two had gotten really close. You mean that you'd let me get between those long beautiful legs, my friend?" "Well Carey, it's like this. Claudia and I do love each other very much, but, our sexual relationship is really open. I mean, we do threesomes with another woman and now I'm willing to do it with another man&, my friend, have been nominated, so…&hellip.what do you say?" "I'd have to be a total idiot not to want to fuck that.

If you two are both up for it, I'm damn sure in&hellip.damn she is one hot woman, Brandon& lucky son of a bitch." "Well Carey, I think that tonight, we're both lucky sons of bitches!" We both slyly laughed as Claudia approached the table.

"And what no-good things are you two talking about?" she asked as she sat down. I looked over at Carey, then, back at Claudia and smiled, "We're sitting here talking about taking you up to our room and fucking you the rest of the night.

You think that you might want to do that, my dear?" Claudia just smiled widely and sat there with her index finger at the edge of her mouth. As she continued to sit there looking at us, she pushed her finger all the way in her mouth and pulled it out, then licked the full length of it.

"I think that I'm ready to go to the room……right now!" I paid the check and we all left the restaurant together. Claudia walked between us with her thumbs stuck in our hip pockets, grasping our ass cheeks and a big smile on her face. When the door to the elevator closed, Claudia wrapped her arms around Carey's neck and kissed him&hellip.a kiss that lasted till we got to our floor.

She then turned and walked out of the elevator in front of us. Carey was smiling from ear to ear as he watched her walk away from us in her sexy black dress. He just looked at me and smiled. We followed Claudia to the door and I opened it. When we got into the room, Claudia turned to us and said, "Ok boys, I need to go in the bathroom for a little bit and get ready. You two strip and get into bed, I'll be back shortly." She then turned and walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

I think that Carey had his doubts as to whether this was on the level or not. He looked at me and asked, "Is this really going to happen, Brandon&hellip.or are you two pulling my leg?" As I began to take my clothes off, I told him, "Only one thing of yours gonna get pulled around here tonight, and it damn sure isn't your leg&hellip.I'd get naked if I were you." After that, it didn't take him long to strip.

I pulled the covers off of the king size bed and stretched out. Carey was soon lying there on the other side, his cock rock hard and standing straight up.

Carey was visibly excited. "So, how do we do this Brandon&hellip.I've never done a threesome before?" I smiled and told him, "Just lay back and let it happen, just go with the flow.

Claudia will probably take the lead, just let happen what ever happens." The door to the bathroom opened and Claudia walked out…with absolutely nothing on but a smile. Against the bathroom light, her curves were illuminated, she had let her hair down and her nipples were standing straight out&hellip.very erect and very hard. She got onto the bed between us on her knees, sitting back on her heels.

She grasped a cock in each hand and began to slowly stroke them, looking into my eyes, then over to Carey. After a minute, she leaned down to Carey's cock and kissed it ever so lightly on the tip, removing a drop of pre cum that had appeared there.

She circled the head with the tip of her tongue before she slid her lips down over his dick. She had no trouble taking all of his cock, it was about 6 or 6 ½ inches long and about 2 inches across.

She had swallowed it all the way, leaving just his balls lying against her chin. She released her grasp on my cock and went to work on Carey's. I grinned as I heard him moan. Her head was slowly bobbing up and down on his meat as she caressed his nuts. She would stop sucking his cock, periodically, and suck on his balls, pulling them into her mouth, one at a time.

Carey was in heaven. Her ass was in the air as she sucked Carey. I got behind her and began to eat her pussy and ass. She was so wet, her juices were beginning to run down her thighs. I hungrily licked it all off and took my tongue to her pussy to remove all the juice that was flowing from that sweet well. Twice I felt her shudder lightly as a small orgasm shot through her body.

My cock was so hard that it was hurting. Watching her with Carey was being much easier than I believed it would be. She turned back to me and asked me to lie down so she could suck my cock for a while. She looked at Carey and said, "While I suck Brandon's cock, I want you to eat my pussy and get it all nice and wet before you fuck me." Carey didn't have to be told twice, he was up and behind her nice round ass, eating it like he was a starving man.

When he couldn't take it any more, he plunged his cock, balls deep, into her warm depths, pushing her into another orgasm. I could tell by her body language that she was having a really good one. As I observed Carey fucking her, I watched his face begin to contort and knew that he was filling her tight cunt with his hot cum. He was pushing into her in very short strokes, shooting jets of cum into her each time. His head was laid back and he was moaning, "Ahhhhhh, I'm cumming Claudia, I'm fucking cumming!" All this sexy activity pushed me over the edge and I began to flood Claudia's mouth with my thick cream.

She was swallowing it all as she looked directly into my eyes. When all of us had completed our orgasms, we all lay back onto the bed, breathing like there was no oxygen left in the atmosphere, trying to regain our strength so we could continue.

Claudia raised up onto her elbows and asked me, "Brandon, are you ready to eat me. Are you ready to clean the cum from my pussy?" She then looked over at Carey, "Carey, you will have the opportunity to do the same thing. It will be a little while yet, but you will do the same thing to me." As she lay on her stomach, kissing Carey, I moved in between her legs and reluctantly began to lick her cum filled pussy.

I knew that for this night to continue, I had to do what she asked. After I was in it for a few minutes, I found that it wasn't bad at all, matter of fact, Carey's cum had a good taste.

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I knew that he was tasting my cum from her mouth. Although there wasn't the quantity, the taste was still there. My cock was beginning to stir again, so I moved into position behind her and pushed my shaft into her depths and began to fuck her. In a matter of minutes I was putting a jumbo load of hot cum inside her. This delectable delight belongs to Carey, now he will get to enjoy her tasty pussy. As I pulled out of her hot cunt, she moved up over Carey's head and sat on his face.

I could hear him slurping my warm cum from her hot pussy as he squeezed her ass cheeks. I found out later that Carey almost always ate his own cum from pussies that he had fucked and didn't mind doing this to Claudia at all.

Little did either of us know that Claudia had more intense plans for Carey and I later. When Carey had finished cleaning her pussy, she slid down onto his resurrected hardness and I came up between his legs and pushed my cock into her tight ass. I could feel his cock moving along the underside of my cock through that thin membrane that separated us.

The feeling was awesome. Carey could feel me moving along his cock. We fucked Claudia for the next half hour before we began to spew our hot loads into her depths, filling her to overflowing. I had had no problems watching Carey slam his hard cock into my girl's pussy and mouth, filling her with his cum.

Every time I watched his cock push in and out of her beautiful body, it made me hotter and want her more. We had taken a break and made ourselves drinks. We all sat around the small bar in our suite and talked. Claudia came around the bar and stood between Carey and I. She looked at each of us very seriously and said, "Now boys, there is something that I want you two to do for me.

I want you two to go lay on the bed and suck each other's cocks till you cum. Then I want each of you to kiss me and give me the cum in your mouth so I can swallow it.

Will you guys do that for me, please?" I think that Carey and I were drunk enough on booze and all the good sex we had gotten, that we reluctantly agreed to comply with her request. We went to the bed and lay side by side in a sixty nine position. I felt Carey take my hard cock into his mouth and begin to suck it. I did the same to him. Claudia stood by the bed watching us and finger fucking herself. Carey and I worked on each other's cocks for the next half hour or so.

I had his balls in my hand, gently squeezing them when I felt them swell. In a few seconds I felt his hot fluid filling my mouth. My tongue could feel his cock pulse as he shot wad after wad of his thick cum past my lips. I felt his cock beginning to go soft and pulled my mouth off of it and held his hot cum in my closed mouth. I felt my load build up and begin to shoot into Carey's mouth. I jerked as I shot jet after jet of thick cum into his waiting mouth.

When I finished, he slid my soft cock out of his mouth, holding my load there for a smiling Claudia. Claudia came to me first and put a lip lock on me.

I opened my lips and pushed my mouthful of semen into hers. I watched as she played with Carey's cum then swallowed it all. Then she went to Carey and took my cum from his mouth into hers. Again, she played with it then swallowed it all.

"Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmm. That was an awesome treat boys, thank you. Carey and I looked at each other and grinned as we shrugged our shoulders at each other. "I guess there's a first time for everything, huh, Carey?" Carey looked at me smiling, "Maybe it's your first time." We all three laughed and went to bed and fell asleep.

The next morning when we woke up, Carey and I double penetrated Claudia again before we left for the food show. We had two more nights of non-stop fucking.

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The next night Claudia made Carey and I fuck each other up the ass. She said that we needed to know what it felt like to have a cock inside us, so we would appreciate her more.

I suppose that is right, but I don't want to make a steady diet of it. Looking back in introspect, those crazy things we did together and continue to do together, make each of us the same, shameless, fuck crazy slut as my ex-wife. The End