Babe tugs gloryhole cum interracial and pornstars

Babe tugs gloryhole cum interracial and pornstars
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Hello, my name is jenna, and i am a wife, a slave, and a soulmate to my Master, Jared. i am all of these things willingly, freely and joyously. i serve my Jared because it gives me pleasure to do so. i have given myself to Him, and in taking me, He has given Himself to me.

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W/we are One Life, One Love. One perfect Union. My Master loves me, and in His love i have come to know the sincere peace that makes me feel safe and truly complete. JaredMaster uses me for His own pleasure and in doing so, He allows me pleasure of my own.

i serve my Master at this very moment. He studies a great deal, and when He does i am allowed to serve Him in quiet gentle ways. He reads, tonight, for pleasure; and while i am encouraged to read as well, tonight He has asked that i write.

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My service to JaredMaster in these quiet times varies. Sometimes i touch or suckle, sometimes i take notes that He dictates, but tonight, i am His lap table. Earlier i sat astride Him, face toward his feet while He fucked my eager cunt with His magnificent cock.

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When He was satisfied, He simply pushed me down on the bed between His legs and took up His book to read. Now i rest on my stomach between His long beautiful legs, with His book resting on my ass and my legs to either side of His waist and wrapped around His back, as His fingers play inside my cum filled cunny.

Physical contact from my JaredMaster keeps a fire blazing inside me, so there is rarely a moment when in each other's presence that O/our skin does not make contact.

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Yesterday, while W/we rested in the sun, my foot was against His leg. It sustained me; nurtured me throughout those moments in public when i am as any other woman.

Resistance to open submission is difficult for me now. Not that i have to resist, because my Sweet Possessor does not forbid it openly, but W/we have chosen this path for O/our journey together as something for the two of U/us alone.

There are few people in this world who understand the nature of O/our relationship and the depth of the love W/we share, so W/we choose not to waste a moment of explanation on anyone who would dismiss it as deviant. By the time W/we gave up the sun worship and returned to our home, i was so consumed with need. oh! Excuse me, my JaredMaster just inserted another finger in my cunny.

As i was saying, back inside the house after resisting the urge to suckle for so long, i simply stripped off my suit and ran to get my collar and my Master's whip. i returned to Him with one item in each hand and a pleading smile on my lips. It pleases my Master for me to ask to serve.

With my collar in place He took me into the breakfast room. Before i continue, you should know that i designed the interior of our home with my service to my Master in mind. There are various devices for my training and discipline throughout O/our home that serve as other things as well. In the breakfast room there is a fern that hangs from a chain and a hook in front of the bay window.

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JaredMaster retrieved the tiny stool (that His 5'2" slave must have to reach the top shelves of the cabinets) from the kitchen and told me to stand on it while He removed the fern and hooked the chain to the training ring on the front of my collar. i stood still on the small stool and waited quietly. JaredMaster fixed Himself a glass of ice water and sat down at the table to read the paper. i stood quietly. The house was silent except for the faint sound of the waves hitting the shore a hundred yards from our back door, the occasional rustle of the newspaper pages, the shifting of the melting ice in the glass.

and the raging inferno that blazed in the soul of a mouse-quiet slave waiting to serve her Master. i must tell you that His indifference to my naked and suspended body, His total self-control, had my eager cunt dripping with lust and desire.

When JaredMaster finished the paper he stood and picked up the whip that my eyes had meditated on, for what seemed to be an eternity.

He did not speak, it wasn't necessary. i know how i am to serve Him. The first lash was a hard and sound one across my fervent ass. The sun shone bright and fiery through the bay window and onto my naked and suspended body, but the warmth i felt inside far surpassed the beauty of nature.

My Master was granting my wish. This time. it was my release. my pleasure that He was seeking. The second lash was low across the backs of my calves. The sting was not severe. In fact, i found it to be quite the opposite. The next was a bit higher and exactly what my body longed for in the heat of what was taking place. The back of my knees was next and.

Mmm! Oh Yes! Oh, i apologize again.

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JaredMaster is enjoying my cunt tonight. As i was saying.


the third lash across the backs of my knees brought the first of the tears to my eyes but I did not make a sound for i wanted many more! He continued in the slow controlled way that i rejoiced in. He whipped me with sweet abandon and i received his lashes with an equally peaceful heart. Having my Master whip me for pleasure, releases me to a realm of paradise that i can't explain.

There is a synthesis of emotions that elevates my awareness of my place in this life and transforms my heart and body. Without my Master and my service to Him, I am simply a woman like any other, only.

less. For to be like any other, i would have to believe that i am complete as i am and that my life alone has purpose. But i am not like other women, for i know that i was put here to find my other half and to serve Him with every fiber of my being.

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W/we are only complete when W/we are together. O/our measure is equal in each purpose but the balance, to be harmonious, is in His Dominance and my submission. The grunt from my Master's throat as a result of his exertions when He brought the whip across my body, drew my nipples to rigid attention. By the time JaredMaster reached my shoulders the sweat was running off His beautiful body as freely as that on the outside of the water glass on the table or the tears from my eyes.

i have come to the understanding when i am whipped for pleasure, be it mine or His, that i may cum as i desire unless otherwise instructed. He had not forbid me but i restrained. i didn't want to release the flood of bliss inside until JaredMaster's beautiful cock was deep in my pussy. When He moved in front of me He smiled and kissed the tears from my face. He told me how beautiful i am in submission, and how completely happy i make Him when i offer myself to Him.

Then He dipped His head to my breasts and bit, first one and then the other of my very large and engorged nipples until i screamed in ecstasy. Oh, how He knows this body that belongs to Him. The nipples are the most sensitive part of His possession; as though they are directly connected to the clit, i can cum from their stimulation alone.

JaredMaster knew that i was restraining my orgasms and He teased me to make it more difficult to hold back. Finally, He drew back the whip again tattooed my skin with bright red stripes that overlapped and crisscrossed my torso. Nothing was spared. no part of me was untouched by the leather tongues that lapped at my flesh. JaredMaster dropped the whip at last, and wrapped His long fingers around my throat while He kissed me deeply and licked the tears from my cheeks.

He stared at me for the longest time then and as always, i wondered what was going through His brilliant mind. He leaned in very close to me and bit my bottom lip between His teeth hard enough cause me to whimper but not to break the skin and when He released it He asked me, "Tell Me my lovely jenna.

My sweet jennaslave who serves Me so well. tell Me what you want." Now, i don't know how much you may or may not understand about M/s relationships, but this is a rare occurrence indeed. It was all i could do not to scream those three tiny words that escaped my lips but i managed somehow to simply whisper. "Fuck me, PLEASE!" Mater Jared is nothing, if not generous. He pushed the elastic band of his bathing suit down low on His hips and released the exquisite object of my devout worship, then He raised my left leg and wrapped it around his hip while he forced His long hard cock between the folds of my pussy.

It was divine to feel Him part my thick lips and claim the cunt that is already His. My Master is also quite devoted to the ever persistent query of the depth of my desire.

Once fully sheathed in me He whispered softly in my ear, "If My sweet jennaslave wants to be fucked. she will have to do it herself." Just thinking of what those words did to me, makes me want to cum!


Not to mention that Master has surely noticed the desire in my cunny from the way his fingers are fucking it! JaredMaster did not help me. He didn't move or hold me; He simply stood there with His long hard cock buried deep in my slit. Then, with no warning, He kicked the stool out from under my other foot.

i threw my arms around His shoulders as my other leg wrapped around his hip; the weight of my predicament sinking as far into me as His glorious cock. i used my legs and arms as much as i was able, to lift myself up and down on his rigid rod but my strength didn't last long and soon i was finding it harder to get up and much too easy to go down. Each drop of my hips drove His long cock harder against the limit of my womb.

Straining to keep myself from sliding down Master's body simply worsened my plight. i was perspiring from my struggles which made it harder to grip His hips with my thighs. i dug my fingers into his shoulders but my own weight worked against me.

i was quickly tired and still had not managed to cum though my cunt throbbed hard with desire. With one last great effort I managed to get high on His hips and roll my pelvis into His a few times before i could not hold on a moment longer. i slid so low that i thought His cock would burst through my throat at any moment and when i couldn't hold on a any more i screamed out, "Help me, Master, please!" Jared grabbed me around my waist with one hand and the chain with the other.

He unhooked the chain and turned around and dropped me on the breakfast table. He pounded into my little pussy with a ferocity that drove me and the table across the floor until finally the window facing gave him a brace for his thrusts.

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He fucked me the way i want it. With wild abandon.nothing restrained. He sucked and bit at my flesh while he fucked my cunt until i begged Him to cum. When His hot juices flowed into my tender tush my own orgasm exploded within me and i writhed beneath Him with my hips wriggling in simultaneous defense and desire. i lay there panting in the frigid water of the overturned glass and the warm mingling of our cum and i thought myself the very luckiest wife, slave, and soulmate in the entire world.

He knows what i need and how and when i need it and He gives it without restraint. holding nothing back. When our pants and cries were hushed there were new sounds in the quiet peace of our love. My whispered "thank You's" and his gentle "I love you's" floated melodically on the air.

What W/we did after that was something i won't be sharing with you for it is mine and mine alone. i'm sorry for leaving You so abruptly, but it appears that i have cum without permission and my Master is anxious to begin my punishment. i don't know when or if you'll hear from me again, but Zoie will always keep you informed of us and how we continue to be the other half of each of our souls.

Until then i wish you well in your journey. jennaslave