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Huge Boobs Spanish Milf Babe Bridgette B Fucks Lucky Guy
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Wi Fi Master Part 2 When the transmitter shut off Helen realized what she was doing, something she normally had no desire to do.

She said, "Oh my god"! She let go of Ronnie's cock and jumped back. What the hell is going on, she thought. Ronnie wasn't forcing her; his hands had been on his hips when the transmitter shut off. As she moved towards the bathroom she felt how juicy her pussy was. She still had no clue as to what had happened.

She cleaned herself up and headed to bed. Ronnie was already in bed asleep. She went down the hall to the closet and got a blanket and pillow and headed down stairs to the couch. The next morning Helena awoke and thought she had been dreaming, she foggily remembered the sex with Howard and could definitely feel her pussy had been fucked. But she just couldn't believe Howard would fuck her or that she would let him.

She didn't remember sucking her Dad off but the dried cum on her face and tits came from somewhere. It seemed that the frequency affects people differently. Sometimes they remember and sometimes they don't.

Howard wasn't aware of this yet. Everyone acted normally at breakfast except Ronnie seemed really happy. The women were exceptionally quite at the table and hardly looked up from their food. Howard said, "Hey Dad I brought a radio with me and it needs some work done on it, suppose you could help me with it"?

"Sure son, Ronnie said. "Bring it down to the shop and we'll see if we can get it working." Howard went to his room and got the Transmitters and all his stuff and headed to the basement. They discussed Howard's plan to get the frequency to be directed at just one person and worked on that for awhile and came up with some ideas for Howard to try.

Ronnie also asked Howard to make him a set up like Howard's so he could broadcast it throughout the house until he had Helen back in control. Howard said he would and that he'd bring it up next time he came back. Howard said, "Hey Dad I have something for you until I get back," and he pulled out the instant pictures he had taken last night. "Use these however you want, you should be able to get the women to see things your way with these as leverage." Ronnie took the pictures and looked at each one.

He saw himself doing Helen doggie style on their bed, Helen playing with herself, Helena with her mouth stuffed full of her Dad's cock, him shooting a load all over her tits and face, and Helen sucking and licking her pussy juice off Ronnie's stiff pole!

Ronnie now remembered all that had happened and was a bit stunned himself. He couldn't wait to show Helen what a slut she had been last night! "Thanks son, things around here should be interesting until you get back." They gathered all Howard's stuff and headed back up stairs.

Howard went upstairs and gathered his other suitcase and went to the front door. "Mom, Helena!" Howard shouted to the women. "I'm heading out now. Got to get home and get busy, lots of work to do." His Dad said, "Oh leaving so soon son"?

"When can you cum again," he said with a smile. "It'll be three weeks at least Dad." As the women came downstairs, Howard said, "Dad keep these women in line while I'm away." "Oh I plan on it son!" Ronnie said with a smile. Chapter 2 Howard loaded up and headed home.

A short while later Helena did too. Ronnie went downstairs opened his safe and pulled out the pictures and began studying them and formulating his plan for Helen. Helen went back upstairs and was finishing cleaning the rooms.

Ronnie took the picture of Helen working herself over on their bed and went up stairs to find her. When he got to their bedroom he heard her in there and walked in. He said, Helen I was wondering what your Ladies Auxiliary is going to think when they see this?" And he showed her the picture. Helen glanced at it at first not realizing what it was, and then gasped as she saw herself naked on their bed with one hand jammed in her pussy and the other one playing with her tits!

"Where did you get that?" "When was that?" Helen yelled. "Oh last night I had borrowed Howard's new camera and was bringing in here to show you and this is what I saw." Ronnie said. Helen tried to grab the picture away but Ronnie had been ready and waiting for that and jerked it out of her reach too quickly. "Helen you never answered my question. What will your Ladies Auxiliary think when they see this?" "Oh Ronnie you wouldn't dare show that to them, or anyone else." "Oh I don't know I might.

If you do what I say all week, without arguing or bitching, I'll give this to you at the end of the week." "Oh you Bastard," Helen spat. "Now honey, that's no way to talk to your Master!" Ronnie said as he slid his pants down to his knees. "Get busy sucking this dick or I'll show up with this at your next meeting Bitch!" Helen was pissed, but didn't feel she had a choice.

She said, "Alright but come Friday you give me that damn picture!" "Nope Ronnie said, on Sunday! "You ol' prick you! Ok, she said and told him to get on the bed. Ronnie laid down on the bed and Helen got between his legs and started bringing his cock to her lips.

Ronnie laid back and put his hands behind his head and smiled. This is going to be a great week he thought to himself. Meanwhile, Howard got home and unloaded the car. Then pulled out his notes and began going over what him and his Dad had discussed about being able to direct the frequency to just one person. Ronnie had told him to look into the latest laser technology, that there might be a clue there.

Howard remembered an old College buddy from Stanford University who had done extensive research in that field and he thought his old friend had invented the first laser. Working in the Laboratory at Hughes Research Laboratory in California on May 16th, 1960 his old friend had produced the first laser. Howard contacted him the following day and after catching up a bit, told him he was looking for a way to send a frequency of sound through a laser beam.

Ted said it sounded interesting and thought it could be done. Explaining diode lasers had been around since 1962 that he knew of and that they are very weak but could be pointed at someone without danger as long as it wasn't in the eyes. These lasers typically emit a red beam of light that has a wavelength between 630 nm and 680 nm.

Introducing a certain frequency to the light beam would be simple depending on the Frequency. Howard asked him to send him a compact diode laser and send him the bill for it. Howard told Ted he was working on a way to send a frequency to a single person. Ted thought it could be done but didn't know why you would want to.

Howard wasn't about to tell him why but said it was still just a thought he had and wanted to experiment with it. Ted said, "No problem old friend, and I'll send along some notes that might help." Howard gave him his College Laboratory Address, thanked him and hung up quickly before Ted started asking too many questions, a week later Howard had the diode laser and was getting it ready for testing.

Chapter 3 Back at Ronnie and Helen's Saturday had rolled around too soon from Ronnie's perspective. Helen was ready for the picture to be in her possession. She was completely worn out from sucking Ronnie's cock every night. Ronnie thought it was great, as you can imagine. Having his uptight snob of a wife drinking his come every night was a blast! Evening was rolling around and Helen figured she was in for another round of sucking Ronnie off.

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But Ronnie had other plans. Ronnie called Helen up to the bedroom, the same bedroom she had been sucking him in all week. She thought to herself as she grudgingly climbed the stairs, "Here we go again." When she entered the room Ronnie was on the bed naked as usual, but he told Helen to go in the bathroom and shave her privates from asshole to clit.

Helen looked at him with a tilt of her head like she didn't hear him right and said, "What?" Ronnie said as calm and sweet as he could, "Helen I want you to shave your pussy!" "Hell no, Helen said." "I don't ever shave it bald, just a trim now and again." Ronnie said, "I don't give a shit what you normally do, I still have the picture of you playing with yourself.

I would love to see the looks on the Auxiliary Women's faces if they saw it!" Helen knew she was in a corner so she huffed off to the bathroom and began setting up the things she needed to shave her pussy. Ronnie decided he wanted to watch this, so he went into the bathroom after he heard the water in the sink shut off.

Helen looked up from her task and said, "How about a little privacy?" Ronnie said, "Remember what I said about no bitching or arguing all week?" "You're pushing it. How would you like a mouth full of cock for another week?" "No thanks." Helen said as she resumed her work. Ronnie watched her shave all around her inner thighs, her pubic mound, and then bringing the razor in close to her pussy lips.

Holding each one away from the razor and then placing a finger over her clit as she brought the razor in close there too. Ronnie had a hard on that a young man would be proud of, and said so. Helen finished up and took the warm wet was cloth to her newly shaved pussy. She looked at it in the wall mirror and was satisfied with what she saw. Ronnie looked at it and said, "Damn that's good looking pussy!

It's making me hungry, come to bed Helen." Ronnie went onto the bedroom and waited beside the bed for Helen. She came in with her bathrobe on and looked at Ronnie. She said, "What do you want, you horny ol' bastard?" "Lie on your back on the bed, and take off that robe!" Helen did as she was told and stripped off and laid down on the bed.

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Ronnie got on the bed on his hands and knees and lowered his head between Helen's thighs sniffing her aroma. Man she smelt good too! He started to lick his way up her thighs and all around her vagina, avoiding her clit. Helen began to moan and push her hips slightly off the bed. Damn she thought, that feels good.

"Ooh Ronnie that feels good." He kept it up till she was squirming around on the bed and grabbing his hair pulling his face into her cleanly shaved cunt. When Ronnie finally touched her clit with his tongue, Helen went wild. He began licking around it in small circles and then began to suck it softly with his lips. Helen kept getting into it more and more and finally grabbed Ronnie by the back of the head and shoved his face into her hot worked up pussy.

She came all over his face and Ronnie just lapped it up. His dick was as hard as stone as he worked his way down her crack until he was tonguing her ass hole. Helen was so sensitive after her orgasm she couldn't take it and forced his head away. "Come up here lover and kiss me," she said in a husky whisper.

Ronnie worked his way up her body kissing it lightly as he went. When he got to her tits he took the left one in his mouth as Helen began to tremble. While he sucked her nipple he was playing with her right tit. Finally he moved up and kissed her. It was deep and passionate, Helen was on fire.

He positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and rubbed his cock head against her wet throbbing pussy. When it bumped her clit she jumped and whispered, give me that cock now you old fart. Ronnie obliged and began his penetration of her slippery hot hole. Mmm, was all Helen could say. She couldn't believe it all felt so good. They fucked like teenagers till they were both worn out. After Ronnie and she came they fell asleep with his dick softening inside her.

The next morning Helen woke first with Ronnie lying beside her naked and felt his limp dick on her thigh. She moved down the bed and took his limp manhood into her mouth for the first time in years without being forced to do it or being under the influence of the transmitters.

Ronnie woke up the way every man enjoys waking up, with his dick in someone's mouth! He came fully awake with Helen sucking him off.

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Boy he thought Helen is really coming around now. She sucked him like days of old and he came in her mouth, then she pulled his cock out and licked it clean. "I had my breakfast, are you hungry you old stud? Chapter 4 Things between Helen and Ronnie were being worked out quickly as Helen became more like her old self. Three weeks went by and Howard was coming home today. Howard had been working feverishly on the transmitters and the laser.

He had built a laser/transmitter compact enough to hold in the palm of his hand and a main frequency transmitter that fit in his pocket. All battery powered and ready to test and he had also done as his father asked and built a duplicate set of transmitters for his dad to use at home. Howard arrived at the old family home at 8 am on that Saturday and had to use his key to get in. No one answered the door so when he came inside he was surprised to hear noises upstairs.

Loud grunts and shouts were coming from his parent's room as he went up the stairs. When he realized what they must be doing he crept slowly down to their room.

He looked in the open door and really got a surprise, there on the bed were the two of them bare ass naked in a 69 position just licking and sucking away. Howard thought, "Damn dad you sure you need a transmitter on in here." They came together noisily and Helen fell on top of Ronnie exhausted. "Ronnie you ate me to another mind shattering orgasm," you ready for coffee and breakfast?" Before Ronnie could answer Howard had the main transmitter in his pocket on and had the laser transmitter on and pointed right into Helen's ear.

Helen's facial expression went blank and Howard said, "Hi mom and dad!" Ronnie pushed Helen off him and grabbed the bed sheet to cover them up. Before Helen could think Howard said, "Mom I wish you would suck me like you were just sucking dad." Helen got off the bed and said, "Come here and lie down." Howard slid his pants and boxers down revealing his hard on, he laid the laser on top of his pants and walked over to the bed and sat down.

It wasn't on, but the main one was still on in his pocket. Helen got on the bed between his legs and began working his cock over with her hands and mouth. Ronnie was sitting up at this point with his mouth hanging open in disbelief. He knew Helen had come a long way in the past three weeks but couldn't believe what he was seeing. Howard looked at his father and said, "Oh don't worry dad the laser is working perfectly!" After a great blow job from his mother Howard got up and put his clothes back on and went down stairs to get his luggage.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs he reached in his pocket and switched off the transmitter. He shouted, "Mom, Dad, I'm home!" Carrying his luggage to his room he saw Ronnie coming out of their bedroom and said, "Hi son, I guess you got it working huh?" "Yes Sir I did, did she remember sucking me off?" Howard asked.

"No she didn't, she acted like nothing happened after I made her cum. She went to the bathroom after you left and got in the shower." Ronnie said, still in disbelief.

Well it seemed like people wouldn't remember being under the influence. Howard had seen Nikki around campus a few times and she acted like nothing was wrong, then after hearing about Helen's reaction Howard figured nobody remembered. Helen came down stairs about 45 minutes later and Ronnie already had breakfast ready. "Oh honey I was going to do that for you." Helen said. Howard couldn't believe the way she was acting; he was so puzzled he checked the transmitter in his pocket to make sure it wasn't still on.

It wasn't so he just ate his breakfast with his parents and mom left after cleaning up the dishes. She said she was going to Helena's and pick her up for some girl time.

They would bring supper home around 5:30pm. The men said, "Fine" in unison and Helen was out the door. "What happen to her," Howard asked. "Well son after I blackmailed her she began enjoying sex again. I don't know if I understand completely but she sure has been a sweet thing lately. Doing the cooking again, and cleaning and fucking like a Banshee!

I'm not about to complain." Howard was as puzzled as his father.

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Then remembering his great grandfather's notes he realized maybe that was what Galton studied about psychological phenomena and their subsequent measurement. Howard said, as much to his father about it and they decided to take notes and document the changes the transmitter made in people when it wasn't on. Howard realized he needed to hang around with his first test subject more to see how she had changed. Good ol' Nikki he thought of her and his dick began to stir in his jeans.

Howard told his father about all the changes he had made, where he got the laser and how he got the Frequency to ride the laser beam. Ronnie was thrilled that at last what his father and his father before him had dreamed of was finally becoming a reality.

Ronnie talked with Howard about the changes in Helen and that he was questioning himself if he really needed the transmitter on in the house now. Howard told him that he'd have it here just in case, but if he didn't think he needed it then just leave it in the case, Howard had made a special carrying case for Ronnie's transmitter and hidden instructions for its use under the inside panel.

Howard wasn't sure what would happen if something were to happen to him and his father both at the same time. This equipment could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Howard made Ronnie promise not to tell anyone about this thing and to never under any circumstance let anyone see it or let it out of his sight. Ronnie thought Howard was being a little paranoid and said as much. Howard said, "Oh you think so, let me give you an example of what could happen if the wrong person got a hold of this thing.

Let's go for a ride." Howard had the transmitters in his pocket as they went out and got in Howard's car. Howard drove downtown. They pulled up across the street from Ronnie's bank. Howard and Ronnie got out of the car and sat on a nearby bench. Howard saw a man walk up to the intersection near them and Howard switched the main transmitter on, pointed the laser at the man 25 feet away and pushed the button.

The man stood still with that blank look on his face as Howard step up to him. Howard asked, "Sir is that your bank across the street?" "Yes it is." He said. "How much money is in your account?" Howard asked. The man answered, "About $43,000.00." Howard said, "You should go over and withdrawal $10,000.00 and give it to the man sitting on the bench over there." "Ok, be right back." The man said as he went across the street and entered the bank.

There was a young man sitting on the bench eating his lunch from a brown paper bag. Howard said to Ronnie, "Watch this Dad and you'll see why we have to keep the Transmitters a secret, a much guarded secret." The man came out of the bank a few minutes later and walked back across the street to the man sitting on the bench.

Handed him a sack and then walked away none the wiser. The young man on the bench took the bag, opened it and was shocked to see it was full of $50.00 dollar bills. He looked up to look for the man who handed it to him, but he was gone. Chapter 5 Then Ronnie understood what could happen if the Transmitters fell into the wrong hands. "I guess your right son, but I bet the young man on the bench was happy!" They left the area and headed to a Coffee shop nearby.

They ordered coffee and took a seat. Howard had the transmitter in his pocket and turned it back on. As he held the other one in his hand he waited for the Coffee Shop attendant to turn her head and pointed the laser right at her left ear.

He could see the red laser beam right on target and hit the Frequency button. She stopped what she was doing immediately and had the blank look on her face. Howard looked at Ronnie and said, "Watch this Dad." Howard walked over and told her to take off her blouse and bra and serve the customers topless.

She had nice sized tits and they looked to be firm and round. She began undoing the buttons on her blouse and took it off. Then reaching behind her she unclasped her bra and let it drop to the floor. Yes they were in fact lovely tits, about 36c in size and had light brown areolas with pink nipples that were beginning to stiffen. There were two other people in the Coffee Shop but both were reading the Newspaper so they hadn't noticed yet.

Howard told her to forget everything that had happened since they walked in and to continue to serve the next two customers topless. Then put her clothes back on and to do this same thing for the next two days precisely at 11am. Then he went and sat down with Ronnie. Now the girl began to finish her tasks of making their coffees and when she finished she called to Howard. "Sir your order is ready." Howard looked at Ronnie and said, "Go get our order Dad." Ronnie jumped out of his chair and approached the counter.

As Ronnie approached looking directly at her tits as he came within reach of them and the coffee. He said, "Thank You." He returned to their seats as father and son watched to see what would happen next. The customer seated to their left put the newspaper down and as he glanced towards the counter he gasped and about dropped his newspaper. He got a big smile on his face and set the paper down on the table beside his coffee.

He got up and went to the counter and asked the topless girl if he could touch her perfect tits. She said sure and stepped up closer. He reached out and grabbed both tits with both hands and began to work the nipples around between his thumbs and forefingers. "Oh she said, that feels good." The man released her tits and went back to his seat thanking her on the way.

The door opened and two young women walked in, talking among themselves they didn't notice the topless attendant until they were at the counter.

"Oh my gosh!" The one girl said. The other one just stood there with her mouth hanging open. They turned and looked around the shop. All the customers were men and all had big smiles on their faces. The two women turned and ran out of the Coffee Shop. Howard and Ronnie sat there watching the customer who hadn't noticed until the two women came in and he got up and went to the counter. He ordered another coffee and waited on the attendant to make it.

As soon as she was done the girl put her clothes back on and began cleaning the machines. The man went back to his seat with a smile. Just then a Patrol car pulled up out front, an Officer got out and rushed inside looking at the attendant and then at the customers. His shoulders kinda slumped and he ordered a coffee and two donuts to go. Howard and Ronnie left the Coffee Shop after the Policeman left and headed for home.

They went down to the Shop in the basement and talked about the morning's events. Ronnie said it would be nice if you didn't have to hit the subject directly in the ear. Howard thought about it and they played around with it some using Ronnie as the test subject. Howard took the laser/transmitter apart and boosted the volume of the Frequency. He put it back together and tried it on Ronnie just pointing it in the general direction of him.

Then Howard suggested to Ronnie that he pull his pecker out and lay it on the bench. Ronnie had the blank look alright and did as Howard had suggested. Howard was convinced it worked and then told Ronnie to put his thing away and sit down. Again Ronnie did as directed and when he was seated Howard turned off the main transmitter.


Ronnie looked at him and said, "Well you going to try it or what?" Howard said, "I already did and it works fine." "Oh ok." Ronnie said. They talked some more and decided to try it on Ronnie's neighbor. The wife next door was in her late thirties and had two teenage daughters.

The husband was around the same age and often sat out back enjoying a cigar and a glass of Brandy. The wife Joanne was 5' 3' tall had red hair and freckles, though her skin tone was a bit darker than most redheads she wasn't too bad looking. A little belly on her but otherwise she had good sized tits and a plump juicy looking ass.

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Ronnie had seen her sunbathing last summer and was impressed with her figure. Howard said, "How are we going to get her within range Dad?" Ronnie thought for a minute and remembered they had borrowed a measuring cup from her last week and hadn't returned it.

He said, "We can return the cup we borrowed last week and I'll introduce you." So they went and got the cup from the kitchen and headed next door. Ronnie rang the door bell and soon Joanne answered the door. Howard was ready with the transmitters and when she opened the door he shot her with the laser beam. He could see the red dot on her chest and the blank look came immediately to her face.

"Hello Joanne I was just returning your measuring cup and wanted to introduce you to my son Howard." Ronnie said.


They made introductions and asked her who else was home. No one was so they asked her to come over to Ronnie's for refreshments. She followed them back to Ronnie's and entered the house. They went straight up stairs to Howard's room.

Ronnie said, "Strip for us Joanne nice and slow, and make it sexy!" Joanne did as suggested and was soon standing in front of the Golispi men buck naked.

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Man she was a sight to behold. Her tits were better than Ronnie had imagined, they must have measured 38" or 40"s. For their size they stood up with just the right amount of sag to be sexy as hell.

Her belly was her worst feature but only stuck out a little. At least there were no stretch marks. Her skin tone still looked good from last summer's tan and the lines were heavenly. But her hips and ass were amazingly firm. Howard was hard instantly and asked her suck him off. She walked up to him and smiled as she undid his belt, button and his zipper tugging hard pulling jeans and boxers off in one fluid move.

Howard's 6.5 in long thick rod bounced free hitting her in the face. She dove on his cock immediately and began sucking and jacking him off. Ronnie moved around behind her to marvel at that luscious ass. Damn it was nice, big and firm. He just couldn't get over its shape and firmness. Howard instructed her to follow him to his bed and he lied down on his back and shook his cock at her. "Come and get it you hot big assed bitch!" He shouted. Once she was in position between his legs with her ass in the air Ronnie dove into her crack like a starved pup and began licking her crack from top to bottom.


She was beginning to push back onto his tongue every time it went into her hole. Joanne was working Howard's tool over wonderfully using a combination of lips, teeth, hands and fingering his ass hole. He was just lying back enjoying the feelings as she worked him over expertly. He was about to come when Ronnie shoved his hard dick into her juicy snatch clear to the root in one hard plunge. Joanne bucked back into Ronnie almost slipping Howard's cock from her mouth.

She regained her composure and finished Howard off with two fingers up his ass. She had learned about prostate massaging from her husband and knew Howard would like it too. Howard shot the biggest load of hot cum right down her throat as she swallowed rope after rope of the sticky sauce.

Howard rolled his head to the side as he was coming down from one of the greatest orgasms ever and saw the clock read 5:20pm. Ronnie was vigorously plowing her pussy watching that hot ass jiggle each time he thrust forward. Howard jumped and rolled out from under Joanne as he realized his mom and sister would be there any minute. He said, "Dad you better finish up quick Mom and Helena will be here any minute." Between thrusts and pants Ronnie said, "This would be a great time to turn on my new unit." "Oh ok." Howard said and went to get it from its case in the basement.

Ronnie came hard in Joanne's over heated pussy and rolled off her and sat up. He said, "My goodness Joanne that was great! Get dressed go to the kitchen get your measuring cup off the counter and head on home. You just came over to get it and are returning home." As she was heading out the front door as the Golispi women were coming up the walk. "Oh hi Joanne I'm sorry I forgot to return your cup." Helen said .

"Oh no problem Helen, see you later." Ronnie was in the shower and Howard was in the kitchen when they walked in. Immediately the transmitter took hold as Howard slipped his ear plugs in. The women both had the blank look and Howard told them to put their stuff down there and get their clothes off. They did as he said and were soon making dinner in the nude. Ronnie was a bit taken back by it all when he entered the kitchen but was under the transmitters influence as well so he went right over to Helena and grabbed her ass as she was bent over getting a sauce pan from bottom cabinet.

Old Ronnie got on his tired old knees and buried his face in her crack. "Don't move" he instructed his daughter, as he began to lick her crack just like he had Joanne's less than an hour ago. After he had her nice and juicy he stood her up and leaned her over the kitchen table. He dropped his pants and took his now hard dick and pounded her tight hole for all he was worth. She came before he did, but when he came she had a smaller one with him too. Ronnie looked across the room to see Howard buried balls deep in his mother's ass as he pounded her hard.

Telling her he was glad she wasn't such a frigid stuck up bitch any more. They all had at least one orgasm and Howard sent the ladies to the Master Bath to clean themselves and each other up. He waited until they were in the shower together for about 5 minutes and then turned the transmitters off.