Abriu a bundinha pra dah o cuzinho

Abriu a bundinha pra dah o cuzinho
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escape 3 Thursday had come and it was the last day of my vacation. On Saturday, I'd be packing up camp and hiking out, but the trip was far from over. Normally I went on vacation to get some solitude, but this time I found myself with lot's of company and I liked the change.

Melody, Stacy and Suzanne from the Charter Boarding School for girls had indicated that they had been watching me bathe and jack off for four years of summer camp.

Tuesday they came to get an education on the "male body" and left with a good hand job lesson. Of course, I just ended the night with a great hand job for a hot young woman. On Wednesday night they came wanting to know how to give a good Blow Job, so I provided Melody with a mouth-on training experience. I think she taught me a thing or two about what amazing is. It's been a good day, but it seems to drag on forever waiting for sunset and for my returning pupils.

I was so turned on all day, I spent most of the day naked in hopes that my students were watching through their telescope, but chose to put some shorts on before they got there. When sunset came I waited by my campfire for their return. As I watched the moon glisten across the cove I saw their canoe at a distance.

My cock plumped in anticipation for their arrival. As they drew close I waded out into the water and pulled their canoe to shore.

Unlike the other nights of the week, the sky was completely clear and the moon was so bright, that the campfire seemed dim. As the girls climbed out of the canoe the memories of the previous two nights flooded my mind. I could remember Suzanne's giant boobs and Melody's slim figure and pert breasts, but still my mind fixed on the sexy blonde, Stacy. She had touched me for a few seconds the night before and my whole body went nuts.

I greeted them as we moved onto the shore. "We have some new questions tonight", Melody chimed in. "I think we've had some pretty intense class sessions over the last couple of days", I said, taking them by surprise. "I think tonight should begin with some relaxation and recreation." All three of the girls looked at me with a puzzled look.

I had pretty much been their education slave for the last two nights and it was a very rewarding job, but I thought I would challenge them a little bit and see what happened. "What kind of relaxation and recreation are we talking about?", Suzanne said, clearly intrigued by my change in agenda.


I backed my way into the water up to my waste and slipped my trunks off. Holding them up in the air I said, "I'll reveal more of myself for each naked girl I see on the beach." The girls looked at each other and Melody instantly started stripping down. It took her about 30 seconds to be totally naked on the beach.

Her tall, thin body was beautiful. Her long slender legs lead up to a perfect little patch in the middle.

Her stomach was completely flat and her breasts were just as squeezable as I'd remembered. I moved up slightly revealing my pubic hair. "O, come on", Suzanne said and she began to remove her clothes. Her breasts dominated her figure which was very dainty. Now I had two of the three completely naked in front of me and realized that I had never had two naked women in my presence at once.

I stepped up revealing the top of my shaft but leaving half of my cock submerged. I was beginning stiffen up, so before long I would be completely visible. "Let's go, Stacy", Suzanne said impatiently. Stacy proceeded to lift her shirt off over her head. Her stomach was firm and her blonde hair flipped as it came out of the shirt.

Next she unbuttoned her shorts and lowered the zipper. Her shorts fell to the ground and she stood there in only tiny panties and a lace bra.

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She reached her arms behind her and unclasped her bra and dropped it to the sand revealing the most pristine breasts I have ever seen. They were perfectly rounded and proportional to her body. All I could think about was wrapping my lips around them. As she bent over to remove her panties, her breasts dangled like the forbidden fruit in front of me and then she stood their next to her friends. Completely nude and illuminated by the moonlight. Her curves were like the hills of Ireland and her body looked like a dessert that you would devour every bit of, even if it made you sick.

I was completely captivated by her. "Good job", Suzanne said, "he doesn't even have to step up." "He does really like you, Stacy", Melody added. That is when I realized that my cock was at full attention sticking out of the water and pointing right at her. It was like a hunting dog that had found it's prey.

"Everybody into the pool for question answering time", I said diving in.

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The three girls smiled and ran into the lake. "Ok, Melody said, "I've heard that the first time can hurt." "Yes", I answered, "but only if that membrane has never broken. If you'd ridden horses or motorcycles or sometimes even a bike it won't be there anymore" "Cool", Suzanne said.

"So we've seen how you have orgasm, but how do we?" "Well, I've never been a woman", I responded, "but I know that if you put your finger inside your outside lips, you should find a little hard spot like a bb." Although I couldn't see their hands as we were in up to our necks, it seemed obvious that all three girls were searching.

"Where?", Melody asked, clearly probing herself with no luck. "Right.", I said reaching my hand over between her legs and feeling for the spot, "here", I said lightly massaging it.

"O yea", she said. "That feels different." "Hey don't hog the fun", Suzanne said jokingly as she splashed Melody. Melody splashed her back an the war was on. Soon they were practically wrestling in the water. There were fine boobs and butts flying everywhere.

Suddenly my full attention was turned from the playful girls. I felt a hand run up my leg and cradle my balls. It was Stacy. Her other hand wrapped around my very erect cock under the water. "Mr. teacher", she said in a innocent playful voice, "Can you show me that spot too?" She floated closer to me and gave me a deep kiss. I could feel her perfect breasts against me as her tongue entered my mouth. It seems that she had kissed before. My entire body shuttered and I moved my hand down her body to point out her sweet spot, but she grabbed my hand and said, "could you show it to me with this?", as she tugged my cock toward her pussy.

She proceeded to wrap her legs around me as I was standing in the lake. I guided my rock hard cock to her erogenous zone and massaged her with it gently.

"O my God!", she said as I messaged her. My cock slipped back slightly and hit the opening of her pussy. She instinctively tightened her legs pulling my cock completely inside of her. We both moaned in extreme pleasure. Her pussy was so tight I could feel my cock pulsating inside of her. We continued to kiss deeply and then she kicked her head back in pleasure and I lowered my mouth to her breasts. At long last I could taste her.

She continued to moan in pleasure and then cried out, "It's huge!", and then continued to moan. While devouring her breasts and kissing her neck I began to walk out of the water. Her legs were wrapped around me so tight that she didn't even slip when we departed the lake and my cock held her in place as it was hard enough to hang a building from.

I moved to the towel I had on the beach and slowly lowered both of us to the ground with out ever unlinking. Our lips embraced again as our tongues worked furiously in each other's mouth and I began to thrust into her. At the first thrust she stopped breathing and I thought, "Surely it won't be that easy". I thrusted again and she continued to hold her breath. Her hands held tightly to the side of my body and her face began to become flush. Looking down at her I could see her blonde hair spread across the towel and her breasts jiggle as I thrust.

Her nipples were as hard as rocks and her mouth and eyes were wide open. I pushed into her hard and deep. Her pussy wrapped my cock like a condom it was so tight and I didn't have much longer.

I thrust again and felt pleasure rising up inside of me, than out of nowhere I hear. "O GOD, YOU ARE A GOD!", as Stacy screamed at the top of her lungs. That was all I could handle I held deep inside of her and blew my load as she arched her back and continued to shout, i couldn't hear her over my own proclamations of joy. My cock pumped inside of her releasing wave after wave of cum.

Our bodies pulsated in a violent harmony as we peaked and after what seemed like an hour of ecstasy it grew quiet. There I was laying on top of one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen with my cock deep inside of her and she just laid there with her eyes closed saying, "yes, o yes", quietly under her breath.

I slowly withdrew from her and rolled over on the towel next to her. That when I saw Melody and Suzanne standing still naked in the water with looks of astonishment on their faces as they stared right at us.

"yes, o yes", was still whispered in the background as Stacy lay motionless. "So last night you said that you needed some time in between orgasms", Suzanne said, "how long do you need?" My mind was swimming with the experience I just had and I had another young lady basically asking when it was going to be her turn.

I leaned over and kissed Stacy on the neck as she continued to silently chant and then said, "I don't know, usually it just comes with the flow.

It partially depends on the overall circumstances and how hard the lady is willing to work" "I'm a hard worker", Suzanne said as she walked up onto the shore, "And I have had a really good teacher." "I could feel my cock hardening again and thought, "How is this possible?" Suzanne walked right by me and unzipped the door to the tent.

"Are you coming big boy?", she asked while looking down at my dripping wet cock and doing a pretty good job of sounding seductive. I ran my hand down Stacy's body one more time and she opened her eyes, coming out of her trance. She smiled at me with a dreamy look in her eyes and mouthes the words, "thank you".


"Baby, the pleasure was all mine.", I responded and she closed her eyes as if she were going to sleep. I moved toward the tent and when I climbed in, Suzanne was there in all of her big bosomed glory.

"Let's see what we can do about this", she said while reaching for my semi erect cock. Her hands were electrifying and I couldn't believe how responsive my body was. She then proceeded to push me over on my back and get on her knees between my legs. "I didn't get to do this last night", she said as she lowered her mouth on to my cock. It was already covered with cum and Stacy's juices, now Suzanne was adding to it.

"Wow, this is good", Suzanne said while momentarily removing her mouth, but then instantly went back down on me. I could feel my cock hardening in her mouth as she played with my balls with her right hand and caressed my chest with her left.

Her mouth felt absolutely amazing but I recognized a unique opportunity. I had never actually been with a woman this well endowed before. "O that's good", I said, "Did you know that you have a unique sexual ability?" She pulled her head up, "and what would that be", she said and then engulfed me again.

I gulped and then found words, "Your breasts are extremely large and there's a thing you can do where you put my cock in between them and massage with them." She pulled her head up and smiled and then leaned in. I could feel her nipples as the slid across my legs and then she pressed my cock firmly between her D cups and begin to rock back and forth. "Like this?", she inquired.

"Yes, just like that", I answered struggling to speak amidst the pleasure. As she continued I could feel an orgasm welling up inside of me. How could that even be possible, it hadn't even been thirty minutes. I grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her up and set her onto my cock as I slowly inserted into her.

I instantly felt resistance and realized this was going to hurt her. "Are you sure?", I asked her. "God just do it, I've got to have it", she almost shouted out. At that point I forced myself into her popping her cherry. She flinched and straightened up sitting right on top of me and I just held still.

After a second she started bouncing on me pushing my cock deep inside of her. I reached forward with my finger and began to massage the sweet spot I had taught her about and she began to bounce higher and harder. My cock was pulled tight inside of her and when I looked up all I could see was her breasts bouncing like jello.

I could no longer hold the orgasm back and blew inside of her, pushing her head against the top of the tent as I thrusted. I held still as I filled her tight pussy with cum. As my orgasm subsided I continued to hold her there and massage her with me still deep inside of her and within two minutes she grew very, very quiet and still.

She grabbed my hand to hold it still as she forced herself down as hard as she could on my still erect cock.

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In silent ecstasy she had her first full orgasm and then fell to my side. "Stacy's right", she said, "you are a god." I didn't even know how to take that statement. in my everyday life I was just a normal guy, but on vacation I must really be something. "I've got to go tell them about this", Suzanne said as she quickly exited the tent.

I could hear the three girls speaking outside.

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Suzanne would say one thing and then Stacy another about their pleasurable experience. I just laid there exhausted and incredibly fulfilled. I had never had sex that close together before and never had sex with more than one woman in a night, much less extremely hot virgins.

I just laid there in my tent listening to the girls ramble on and unintentionally slipped off to sleep. "Hey baby", I heard a voice close to me. "You fell asleep on us." I squinted my eyes open to see Melody laying next to me in my tent. I could actually feel her still naked body against me. Her skin was as soft as silk and her deep brown eyes were comforting as she ran her fingers through my hair. "Do you have anymore left for me?", she asked as she slid her hand down my chest until her fingers ran across my now limp cock.

"I've never done three times in one night before.", I responded to her, "I just don't know if I'm capable.", I said trying not to disappoint.

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She continued to lightly fondle my cock and it felt so good. Melody leaned in close to my ear. i could feel her plump breasts pressing against me as she wrapped her long fingers around my cock. She whispered heavily into my ear, "You can be my first, first time and I can be your first third time.", and then she started kissing my neck.


The feeling of her fingers around my cock was exhilarating and the sensation of her firm body against me was arousing. Suddenly I had the sensation that I was getting hard again, but how. Melody proceeded to kiss and lick down my chest and stomach until she got to my semi-hard cock.

She then began to suck and pump me like she did the night before.

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The sensation was as mind-blowing as it had been just about 24 hours before. i don't know what it was about her mouth, but it was the perfect shape and size for my cock. I slowly began to harden up and she pulled her mouth away from me slightly looking me right in the eyes with a string of juices coming from her mouth to my cock and said, "I think you're capable of more than you thought", She sucked me so hard again, like only she could do and in no time I was rock hard.

How could this be. "Let's get you inside of me", she said as she shifted around in the tent. I sat up and pulled her toward me.

As I sat her down straddling my lap I guided my incredibly firm cock into her fresh pussy. She was dripping wet just like Tuesday night, but now she could know why.

As she slid down on me I felt no resistance and she seemed to feel no pain as she said, "O yea, that's really good". Just as I had hoped, she was the perfect height.

Her breasts were right at the level of my mouth as she sat in my lap. I began to suck her nipples. They were as hard as stone and she yelped a little and then moaned in pleasure. With my hands I began to raise and lower her. She followed my lead and would rise until I was almost out of her and then slowly lower back down all while I sucked her pert breasts.

My hands couldn't find an inch of lose skin. I probed her body only to find it tight in every way except her pussy. She was wet and wide open. I was deep inside of her and she began to breath shallow and say, "Oooooo", under her breath.

It was already coming for her, but she had just witnessed a lot of sexual activity to prepare her. I sucked hard on her right nipple and her sound became louder and higher. I placed my hands on the ground and began to lift up my entire body, inserting my cock as far as it could possibly go. She continued to get louder and higher and her, "oooooo", turned into and "oooooh".

I released her breasts from my mouth and lifted myself off the ground leaning back and bowing my back and she exploded. Her cum started running down my body as her pussy contracted and released around my hard cock. The massage my cock was receiving gave me that feeling again. Was I really about to. and bang, out of nowhere I launched inside of her adding to the mess of fluids running all over the place.

I'm not sure when she stopped, because I was still going and she bounced on me to provide me with extra pleasure. Finally I lowered back down and she fell down on top of me. Her hair across my face and my cock still inside of her. "I knew you had it in you, but I had no idea what it was", She said as she breathed hard. "If that was your leftovers than I wonder what Stacy got?" "That wasn't leftovers sweetheart, you guys just must have given me enough sleep to rejuvenate.", I responded.

"Rejuvenate?", Melody questioned, "you were only asleep for five minutes. I heard you snoring and decided to pay you a visit." I couldn't believe it. In less than one hour I great sex three times with three different unbelievably hot women and all three of them had orgasms as well as myself.

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Suddenly I was a lot more tired. "Well, Zeus", Melody stated sarcastically, "we'd probably better go and let you get your rest for tomorrow night." She kissed me on the lips and licked all the way down my body ending at the tip of my cock and then exited the tent.

As soon as Melody was out, Suzanne was in. As she crawled on top of me her breasts rubbed the length of my body. She said, "You're not tired are you? Can the teacher not keep up with the students?", and she squeezed my soaking wet cock and then pulled her hand away.

"You need a bath, but I guess that's what started this whole thing. See you tomorrow.", and she slipped out of the tent. Finally Stacy crawled in. She was still completely naked and her pristine body surprised me even though I had just fully experienced it less than an hour before.

She didn't say anything. She just snuggled up next to me and put her head on my shoulder. I could feel her pubes against my hip as she wrapped her leg over my left leg and pressed it lightly against my balls. Neither one of us spoke as we lay together in silence. It was the most comfortable I'd ever been. It was arousing but not sexual, just complete. "Stace, we gotta go", Melody's voice rang out. Stacy lifted up allowing me to see her beautiful blue eyes. "Please do that to me again, soon.", she said and then wrapped one hand around my cock and kissed me deeply.

My hold body was filled with pleasure and she slowly slipped away. I would have followed her out, but my legs had lost all ability to function. I heard their voices fade away as they paddled off and lay in disbelief about what had just happened.

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It was the most amazing sexual night of my life. Unable to stay awake, I slept.