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Kazaa Limewire Porn Please ID
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Chapter 13 Rachel had soaked my shirt, crying so hard. Joey had pulled it together, and he drove the limo like a sports car, maneuvering like he was on the road to win the gold cup. We found ourselves in a smoky neighborhood, the fire engines already parked. Firemen and EMT were running back and forth, but why, I couldn't ascertain. My house was already a big lump of coal.

Everything had collapsed into the dungeon, and there it smoldered&hellip. "Stay here," I told Rachel and Joey. I stepped out of the limo, and carefully made my way over to the pile of cinders that had once been my house. I saw a cop look at me and I quickly realized that if Tory had burned the house down with law enforcement help, then maybe they were on the lookout for Rachel and me. I sprinted back to the limo. "Get us the fuck out of here," I told Joey. He peeled out just as one of the cops pointed towards us, blabbering something unintelligible to two other officers.

"Where to?" Joey asked. I had my wallet out, was staring at my plastic not daring to trust it. I had ten grand in emergency money, but it was in fifties, which might be traced. It would be best to find someone on my side to take us in for the time being. Then it dawned on me that Lorne's estate was not more than fifty miles away. "How much gas do we have?" "I topped off before picking you up," Joey said.

Rachel was still crying. "Here," I said, giving him a slip of paper with our destination on it. He simply nodded and drove; Joey was a real pro. I took Rachel in my arms and whispered in her ear; "Trust me?" It took her a second and then she nodded. Soon, she was slumbering with her face in my lap. How I loved that girl. All of this was just too much, and as my mind was overwhelmed with thoughts of what I had just lost, I let myself lapse into a deep slumber.

I woke as we pulled into the graveled drive. Lorne's compound was large, fifty or so acres, with stables, two swimming pools, a pond, and some forest. Crowning this estate was his Tudor style mansion, which boasted no less than fifty rooms.

Lorne threw some intense parties. We made our way to the great oak doors that led into his massive house. The door was opened by sprite. she had red welts on her stomach and back, arms and legs. she had displeased someone the night before. her eyes were properly downcast, but I think they lit up a bit at the sight of Rachel; whom she had known as banshee. Everyone loved banshee. "Master J, banshee…" She greeted us, but didn't know Joey.

"Joey," I introduced Rachel's uncle. "Welcome. This unworthy slave will tell her Master that you are here." she indicated the chairs just past the entry hall, and we each took a seat as sprite went to summon Lorne. I looked over at Rachel, and she shot me a questioning look. I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"It might be better if you resume being my slave for the time being. I have a certain reputation to uphold&hellip." "Ohhhh, of course," she smiled at the thought, and stood to disrobe.

I could see the tent made by Joey's hardening cock in his slacks as she pulled off her blouse then taking off her high heels.

Finally, she seductively shimmied out of her tight Levi jeans and flower print panties. After folding her clothes, and putting them in a chair, she knelt down beside me, her eyes downcast. What a perfect maiden, I was so proud of her beautiful form; I'd never find a better slave. "Do you need to fuck her mouth, Joey?" I asked. "Noo, that's okay," but he couldn't take his eyes off of her. "Go relieve your Uncle, banshee" I instructed her, easily reassuming the mantle of Master.

"Yes, Master," she crawled over to Joey's chair. He acquiesced as she massaged his cock through his slacks with her right hand.


Her left hand she kept cradled near her hip because of the cut she had made two nights ago. She freed his thick cock from his clothes, and began deep throating it with loud slurping noises.

Joey's eyes rolled back in his head as she began moving her head faster and faster. Almost instinctively, he put his hands on the back of her head, snaking his fingers through her gorgeous black hair in order to drive her down onto his cock at his own pace.

His own pace was even faster than she had been bobbing, and he thrust his hips up to meet her with every thrust. He pulled her off, ready to cum on her face, but she reached out and stopped him from stroking his cock to climax. "Use my ass, Uncle Joe. Cum in my ass," I almost came at the thought of his cum mixing with mine inside her pretty ass.

I had unloaded inside her about two hours earlier. She didn't wait for him to answer; she just turned around and practically sat in his lap, taking his nine inch cock inside her ass with ease.

I had left her relaxed with our last session, and she just moaned as she wiggled his cock inside her butt. Lorne walked in at that moment.

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"Fucking in my house without me?" Rachel just stopped, acting demure as though she were just sitting in her Uncle's lap innocently. I stood up and shook Lorne's hand. "Sorry, man. We were just warming her up." I offered.

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"Well, I'll let her make it up to me." He walked up to Rachel and took her chin in his hand. "Open" She opened her mouth. Lorne spit on her tongue. "Swallow," he ordered.


She did so. "Don't stop fucking him," Lorne ordered, and Rachel began bouncing up and down on her Uncle's lap, stroking his hard cock with her tight ass. Lorne pulled out his cock, which was slimmer than Joey's, but nearly as long. Rachel dutifully took it in her mouth and began sucking him.

I hardly realized that sprite was in the room until she had my pants down around my ankles. "Can this lowly slave suck your cock, Master J?" she asked. I nodded, and she began suckling on my cock like a baby sucks on a bottle of warm milk. Joey yelled out as he sprayed his cum inside of Rachel. Rachel had her good hand on Lorne's ass, pulling him into her face as he got his cock down her throat.

She gagged a bit, but never stopped sucking him. "I want your ass, too," Lorne said, and Rachel let off of him, and prostrate herself over the back of an empty chair, offering up her asshole for his use. Some of Joey's spunk leaked down the inside of her thigh. Lorne speared her, and within fifteen strokes, he was unloading in her as well.

As Lorne pulled out, I pulled my cock out of sprite's mouth, and walked over to my fianc? Before she could get off of the chair, I thrust my cock into her well lubed ass to add even more cum to what was already inside her. "Lorne, I think sprite might be thirsty," I suggested as I got close to cumming.

I grabbed her hips, she was moaning in pleasure, and came in her again. "Ohhh, yesssss…" I hissed. "sprite, clean banshee's asshole," Lorne said. I pulled out, and even as the head of my cock left Rachel's ass, sprite had her mouth there, licking at the gooey cum that was leaking from it.

I whispered in Rachel's ear, "Give it to her, squeeze it out." Rachel nodded, moaning with pleasure, her eyes closed, and then I saw her following my instructions.

Her asshole closed around sprites tongue, and then a fountain of cum came out with a spurting sound. sprite managed to catch most of the spunk in her mouth as Rachel spewed out another few ounces, until sprites mouth was brimming with sperm. Rachel didn't have to be told. She got off the chair, and kneeling beneath sprite, she opened her mouth.

sprite let the mouthful of cum leak down her chin and into Rachel's waiting mouth. Getting half a mouthful, Rachel moved her face so that she caught some of the juice in her eyes. When sprite's mouth was empty, she began licking Rachel's face, sucking the cum off of her cheeks and swallowing it.

As they shared a sloppy cum kiss, Lorne and I began showering them with piss. Joey looked confused, but then I guess he decided when in Rome, so he joined us and soon the girls were getting peed on by three cocks. The cum was gone, they had swallowed it all, and now they each got pee in their mouths, mixing all three streams, swallowing it down like good slaves.

Soon, we were empty. Rachel kept on kissing sprite, and she was fingering sprites pussy.


Rachel had masterfully managed to keep fingers and cocks out of her virgin pussy, but despite being assfucked to at least one good orgasm, she was still on fire.

Lorne grabbed sprites hair and shoved the slave's face down between Rachel's legs. "Make her come," he said. In order to keep sprite's hands away from Rachel's pussy, I grabbed her hands and pulled her arms together behind her back. My cock was already hard again, despite having cum twice already, and I shoved it in sprites wet pussy.

she was nice and tight, and as I fucked her, she licked Rachel's clit, quickly bringing my girl to a thunderous orgasm. This set off sprite, she came as I fucked her pussy harder and harder.

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I pulled out and stood. Rachel was already there, kneeling before me, her pleading gaze telling me that she wanted this orgasm to be between the two of us. "Open your eyes for me, slut," I said to her and the smile that flashed on her face told me that I would never need a more perfect slave, a more perfect wife. There wasn't much of it, but I came in each of her eyes. sprite had wandered off to get us wet warm wash cloths, but Rachel refused to clean up her face.

"Master, can I feel your cum dry on my cheeks? I want to feel it there all day." "Yes, slave, you may," I offered.

Rachel smiled, blinking the cum out of her eyes. It rolled down her cheeks and she licked some of it off her lips. Lorne took us to his dining room where another slave served us a light lunch of watercress sandwiches and cherry lime spritzers. Rachel and sprite knelt on the floor, Rachel next to me, sprite next to Lorne. They ate their meals off of the floor.

"Lorne, thanks for seeing us," I said, as though we just hadn't had an impromptu orgy in his den. "No problem, J. Fucking before making introductions makes for easy company and fast friends." He smiled. I laughed. "This is Joey." Joey shook Lorne's hand. "Lorne, I'm going to cut to the chase. banshee's father burnt down my house. We need a place to stay for a little while." I said. "Has he been arrested?" Lorne asked. "He's a cop," I said.

"That makes the situation a bit more complicated." Lorne observed. "So what do you plan on doing?" "With banshee's permission; I'm going to kill him." To be continued&hellip.

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