Awesome dude pounded brunette hottie

Awesome dude pounded brunette hottie
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Jenny is my neighbor of 6 years and over time we've become friends. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her. She is 30 and married with one 8 month old baby. It is her second pregnancy that brought us together.

It started one morning when I seen her on my daily walk.

She was in her seventh month and big as she was walking with the stroller. I asked Jenny if she wanted to stop by my house to rest and have a drink. Jenny sat on the couch with her feet up. I entered the room, sitting down in the chair opposite her and looking her over. Jenny is a attractive blonde. Her long hair is pulled up in a bun, which exposes the creamy, white skin of her neck. " I have cold lemonade to drink. " I said.

" Yes, some lemonade please." She said.


" Great, I'll get us some," and I went off to the kitchen to pour two glasses. I return and hand her a glass. I got comfortable in the chair again. Jenny isn't feeling talkative so I keep quiet. When the lemonade is gone from her glass, she shifts on the couch and sighs. I ask her what is bothering her.

" Okay, there is something that's bothering me. It's my husband." Jenny said. " What, is he having second thoughts about this baby ?" I ask. " Oh no, he's thrilled about the baby, it's me that he isn't thrilled about anymore." Jenny said. " What do you mean?" I ask.


" Before I got pregnant he was obsessed with my body. He used to have me walk around the house completely naked unless we had company just so he could look at me whenever he wanted. He was always all over me, we used to make love at least 3 times a week.

Now, with me being pregnant he hasn't done more than kiss me and give me a hug since we found out we were having a baby." Jenny said.

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" Three times a week to nothing for six months, no wonder you're so upset, you're in withdrawal. I'm sure that if you talk to him and tell him how you feel you can work things out. He's probably just worried about hurting the baby." I said moving over beside her and taking her hand in mine. " I've tried talking to him. He says he isn't worried about the baby, he says.he says." Jenny says as she begins to cry.

Offering her a tissue I ask, " What does he say?" " He says that he doesn't find pregnant women attractive, even if the pregnant woman is me." Jenny says crying. " Oh don't cry.

He is just a fool, I find you very attractive like this." I said gently placing my hand on her baby belly. " You do?" Jenny asks wiping the tears from her eyes.

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" Yes, as I've told you I had sex with my pregnant wives multiple times a day. You are at the peak of your natural beauty right now. All six of my ex-wives had natural beauty." I said. I help Jenny up from the couch and then I sat down as she begins unbuttoning her maternity blouse. She turns away from me letting the blouse fall revealing her back to me. She peels her pants down off of her belly stepping out of them and standing facing away from me in just her bra and panties.

The bra is one of those that hooks in the front so she unhooks it and lets it slide down her shoulders, down her back and to the floor. She then peels down her panties being careful not to give me a glimpse of anything as she did. She peels them down to her ankles and steps out of them standing there facing away from me her bare ass pointing right at me.

I hear her take a deep breath as she lifts up her left foot turning around to face me. My god she looks incredible. Her breasts are beginning to swell as they prepare to feed the baby, her belly is moderate in size, it looks like she has swallowed a basketball.

At the bottom of her belly is a thick mass of tangled pubic hair. My cock springs to life immediately. Jenny turns from side to side posing to show herself off for a few minutes then got concerned when I didn't say anything. " I knew it, you think I'm hideous." Jenny said beginning to cry and reaching for her clothes. " No, don't do that, let me soak in your beauty for a little while longer." I said in a lustful voice.

" So you do think I look sexy like this?" Jenny asks. " Does this answer your question?" I said as I stood up dropping my pants showing her my erection. " Oh my, you do think I look sexy. That's a big cock you've got there, my husband's isn't that big, your wife is very lucky." Jenny said.

I notice that her eyes are not leaving my cock as we stood there in silence her completely naked and me with my pants around my ankles with my rock hard cock standing at attention. I decide to see just how far our new relationship will go.

" You know, if you're in cock withdrawal there's a solution to your problem right over here." I said. " Do you mean it? You'd have us betray our vows just for sex?" Jenny asks.

" Not just sex, unlimited hot wild sex between an older man and his hot sexy young pregnant neighbor." I said. " When you put it that way it sounds too good to refuse. God I need fucked so bad." Jenny said. " Come over here to the couch where you will be more comfortable." I said. Jenny sat in a partially reclined position on the couch as I stood over her. She pushes her legs wide apart as I lower myself so my cock is at the entrance to her pussy.

" Are you sure you want to do this, we can still walk away." I said. " Oh god, I need it bad, please fuck me." Jenny pleads. I ease forward until the head of my cock is against her hot pussy. I inch my way in slowly. I know my cock is big, nine inches and 3 inches thick.

As I'm entering her for the first time my cock grew another inch.

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Her pussy is so tight, I love stretching a woman's tight pussy, the smaller and tighter the pussy the hornier I become. So for me this is a special treat.

Number one I'm fucking my sexy 30 year old neighbor, number two I'm fucking a pregnant woman again, number three her pussy is so tight it is like taking a 16 year old virgin's virginity, and number four her husband wasn't likely to touch her until after the baby so it was possible she would be back for more. Jenny is so horny, she has her first orgasm after about one minute and then she has more as the minutes pass and I work my cock in and out of her sweet pussy.


When I'm close to cumming I ask her if she wants me to pull out. " What the hell for, it's not like I can get pregnant. Besides I want to feel your cum flowing deep inside me." Jenny said.

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The "deep inside me" line sends me over the edge as I slam into her hard and my balls empty what seems like an endless amount of cum into her pussy. I pull out of her and sat next to her on the couch as we caught our breaths. She leans over kissing me passionately. " You have no idea how much I needed that." Jenny said. " Hey, no problem, anytime, what are neighbors for?" I ask. " Anytime huh, how about we go again right now, I see your cock hasn't gone down." Jenny said.

" How could it? With a gorgeous naked pregnant woman wanting to use and abuse him he's gonna be up for a long time." I said. " Well tell him I want to use and abuse him by having him fuck me from behind this time." Jenny said. She got down on her knees and I got behind her and after the pounding I'd just given her pussy is still very tight as I push into her from the rear. Again she has an orgasm after orgasm as I build towards my own second climax.

This time I didn't need to ask, I knew where she wanted my cum and I blasted the farthest depths of her pussy with my sticky cum.

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I fell down onto her back and reaching under her to massage her baby belly as we caught our breaths. " Do you think it would be safe to 69 with this baby belly here?" I ask. " Yes, I asked my doctor and she said that all but the most rough sexual positions and techniques are perfectly safe for the baby." Jenny said. Now I have love eating my cum out of my ex-wive's pussy since the night where they let me do anal for the first time in exchange for eating their cum filled pussy.

I lay on my back as Jenny climbs on top of me so that her sloppy pussy is on my face and my cock is in her mouth. My ex-wives have a particular method of sucking cock that I'm used to and expect so it is both exciting as hell and a little annoying that Jenny is working my shaft. She did things that my ex-wives didn't but didn't do things that my ex- wives knew I loved. I'm not about to question her technique for fear of setting her off and ending the whole thing.

We lick and suck each other for nearly an hour she has many climaxes and I got close to one, but then I look at the clock. " Oh shit, it's almost five, I have a dinner to attend." I said.

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" My husband too. It's a shame to have to leave you half finished when you've made me cum so many times." Jenny said. " Bend over the sofa and I'll fire one off quick so you'll have some fresh cum boiling deep inside you to wear home." I said. She bent over the arm of the sofa and in no time I'm grunting as I fire one more load deep into her love canal. We both quickly got dressed, I walk her to the door feeling her incredible body the whole way.

At the door Jenny gives me a kiss. " Maybe I'll have to come over earlier tomorrow, my husband leaves by 8 every morning." Jenny said.

" I will be waiting at 7:30 everyday so whenever your husband leaves come over." I said. Every weekday after that she is at my house at 8 a.m.

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Quite often she will wear her robe over and nothing else. We will fuck all morning and then after stopping for lunch we'd fuck all afternoon. I'm happy I'm wealthy so I can fuck her at any time of day. My house staff never pay attention to the women coming and going. Jenny gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl.

She's been waited on hand and foot by her husband for the last three days so I haven't gotten a chance to talk to her about what the birth is going to do to our relationship.

If it's over I'll still have the memories of fucking that gorgeous young pregnant neighbor for hours at a time, if not I'll get to fuck her when she isn't slowed down by the baby belly. In the mean time many beautiful women have been reaping the rewards of my insatiable sex drive.

Since Jenny went into labor two of my lovers have gotten pregnant and I have made love to three other beautiful women 100 times in three days.